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The Teacher's Valentine


In all outward appearances Nicole Frost was a model student, a christian youth, and everything a father could want in a daughter. She was very pretty, with long blond hair that came down to the top of her pert little ass, and big blue eyes that you could easily lose yourself in. Nicole was an excellent listener, and was certainly the kind of girl that people found themselves opening up to when life had them down. While she always dressed in skirts and dresses, it was assumed by most people that it was not to show off her beautifully long and well toned legs but that because of her southern baptist upbringing she believed that women should never wear pants. Anyone who spoke to her for longer than five minutes saw that Nicole was a moral and kind hearted girl who never gave a thought to any need so base and low as lust.

First impressions can be misleading. From an early age Nicole enjoyed bullying her sister Laura, and had a knack for making Laura look like a liar and a troublemaker whenever Laura tried to tell on her. More recently, Nicole once convinced her friend's brother to take advantage of a shy and sexually repressed girl from her church that Nicole had been angry with, and then later used that trauma to seduce the girl into being her own personal submissive. In short, Nicole was evil in her own way, and did not care in the least who got hurt as long as she got what she wanted, and her reputation remained unharmed.

This story is about something Nicole wanted, and how she went about getting it..

Nicole had a big crush on her high school geology teacher, Mr Lynn, and had spent all semester trying to find effective little ways to wrap the man around her finger. She had known Mr. Lynn and his wife for years from church, but she never realized she had a crush on him until she caught him peeking at her legs in class. What started as a little casual flirting with a little "accidental" show and tell of what she was wearing under her skirt, Nicole noticed from time to time a hint of a large piece of equipment that hid beneath Mr. Lynn's slacks as he taught the class. She had always thought he was an attractive man, but add to that a nice cock and a secret attraction for Nicole and suddenly seducing him went from an idle fantasy to an immediate goal. The major problem was how to go about it. Mr Lynn's wife was absolutely stunning, so a straight-out seduction was probably out of the question. Not that Nicole was unattractive by any means. She was pretty in her own right, a tall and willowy blond with legs that certainly drew the eye, but it would take a lot of luck to seduce a man who was sleeping with a woman as hot as Mrs. Lynn, and Nicole did not like to rely on luck.

Conversely, Ryan Lynn was hardly a happily married man. He loved his wife and thought her incredibly beautiful, but she was devoutly religious and her beliefs had a serious affect on their love life. Amanda Lynn only believed in missionary sex, thought that all oral sex was filthy, and felt sex should only be performed on special occasions such as holidays or when attempting to produce children. Since they had decided against having kids, this left the holidays. And no, Martin Luther King day and Arbor day did not count. There could be Christmas sex, and Valentines day sex, and Anniversary sex, and even on those days sex happened only if the mood took her. At most Ryan got to make love to his beautiful wife three times a year, and the rest of the time he spent trying really hard not to think about sex with anyone else.

It was important for Ryan Lynn to keep a firm hand on his fantasies. He was a high school teacher at Rock Bridge High, and not only was sex with a student inappropriate, but he knew that if he gave in and even slept with a senior from his school, even an eighteen year old consenting adult, he could loose his job and make national television as a disgrace as a teacher, a husband, and as a man. He had to remind himself of these things constantly.

As such, he was all the more grateful when Nicole took an active role in his class. Having known her through church, he had watched the girl grow up to be a stunningly attractive young eighteen year old girl. Having the pretty young girl around helped him keep a clear head, because on the nights that he did fantasize about a student he could fantasize about Nicole safely, knowing that he could never pursue it. The girl went to his church for crying out loud, knew his wife, her brother... This all made the taboo fantasy hotter while at the same time made her safe to fantasize about. Actually doing anything with her carried far too much risk.

Nicole was in his final period class, and she quickly developed the habit of staying after school to chat. The conversations always came easily, whether they were about other students he had problems with or other teachers she had taken classes from, people they knew from church or problems or successes they had experienced during their lives. Ryan was uncomfortable the first time another teacher walked in on them talking, but Nicole's reputation of being a strong christian and Ryan's explanation that they went to the same church quickly took the suspicion out of the other teacher's eyes.

Ryan was a little uncomfortable with how often he found himself thinking of the young girl sexually. Nicole's long blond hair came all the way down to a perfectly tight little ass, and the way she always stood with her back straight and proper only drew that much more attention to her backside or her small but hardly unappealing chest. Ryan preferred small-chested girls anyway, and her modest loose-fitting garments often hung just far enough out when she bent over to give Ryan a quick glimpse at her bra. Nicole always wore dresses or skirts, and her legs were perfectly smooth and taut. Ryan often found himself locking the classroom door and masturbating as soon as she left, remembering the look of her smaller boobs swaying in their white bra as she retied her shoes for the hundredth time, or the feeling of her hand on his slacks as she patted his leg and laughed at his jokes. It hadn't been unusual at all for her lean over or sit on his desk as they talked, and lucky for him she spent a lot of time looking around the room when she spoke, which meant as she crossed or uncrossed her slim legs she gave Ryan ample opportunity to check them out from less than a foot away, often even giving him a chance to sneak a peak at her panties.

Thinking about sex as often as he did around her, and being as comfortable as he was talking to her, the slip he made on Valentines day was only natural. Nicole had asked the simple question. "Mr. Lynn" she had insisted on calling him that even when they were alone, "what are you planning on doing for your wife on Valentine's day?" Nicole was just one of those people who was extremely easy to open up to. He had even felt grateful she had asked, as frustrated as he was, he really did want to complain a little to someone he could trust.

"Not a thing." He answered sourly. "I do not have a single thing planned, because there is just not any point in trying anymore." Even Ryan could hear the frustration in his voice, and it only served to upset him even more. He wasn't depressed per se, at that moment all he felt was anger.

"What do you mean?" Nicole asked, innocently placing her hand on his leg reassuringly, and leaning in just enough so that her top hung a little open. Ryan noticed, and quickly locked eyes with her again.. It wasn't often that he had let himself get caught stealing a peak, and Nicole could see him berate himself internally by the expressions on his face. She suppressed a teasing smile.

Temporarily distracted from monitoring his verbal filter by getting caught taking a quick peek at her tits, Ryan let slip something he should not have said as he quickly busied himself with staring at a spot on the wall. "The bitch and I have not had sex since our Aniversary in October, and she has already told me not to waste my time tonight." Nicole looked shocked at what he had said, but nowhere near as shocked at Ryan was after he said it. What in the world did I just say to an eighteen year old girl?

Nicole could have done back flips. She knew exactly what she was doing with her hand on Mr. Lynn's leg and her her top hanging open putting her tits on display. She was throwing Mr. Lynn off balance. She had had plans with her boyfriend after school for Valentine's Day, but earlier when she saw that Mr. Lynn was upset about something she decided to blow her boyfriend off for an hour or so and tease some information out of the attractive young teacher, hopefully even cheer him up. She had assumed he would be going home and having sex with his beautiful wife, and had thought at the very least some last minute flirting would make him think of Nicole as he fucked Mrs. Lynn. To think of all of the time she had wasted playing the long game with Mr Lynn, and she had never realized that his sex life was non-existent. That changed everything, and it put the ball more firmly in her court. "I assumed you all had sex all the time?" Nicole asked as she all but innocently sank to her knees on the ground, looking up at her teacher with nothing but concern on her face and her wide, blue, compassionate eyes. Squatting as she was, he would have a hard time not looking up her skirt.

Nicole sank to the floor in front of Ryan, with nothing but concern on her angelic face. She could not have considered the affect that would have on Ryan, and he had already stepped too far across the line to explain it to her. He tried to ignore the two hands she had resting on his closest knee as he tried to play off what he had said as confidential. "I went too far and I shouldn't have said that. Can I trust you not to tell anyone that I had said such a thing?"

Nicole met his gaze seriously. "As long as you explain what you meant. I am old enough to talk about this kind of thing. Is this why you always seem so frustrated?" Had Ryan seemed frustrated to his students? Or had Nicole picked up on something since she knew him... He decided that he really did need to vent to someone or he was going to explode. So, being as vague as he could manage, Ryan complained to his student how unfulfilling his marriage had become and how infrequently the two actually spent time enjoying the more carnal side of marriage. He told her about the huge fight they had gotten into about it when Ryan had told her how much he was looking forward to Valentine's Day, and how to him it seemed his wife had started the fight specifically to get out of sex the next day. "You mean you are not even going to get a blowjob on Valentine's day?"

Ryan hadn't even remotely expected such a comment from the young christian girl, so again he forgot his filter and admitted "I've never had a blowjob from that woman since the day she said I do." Ryan laughed at his own honesty. He was really saying too much, but Nicole didn't seem uncomfortable at all and he truly did trust her not to repeat what he said to her to others. Having known her from church, she had even been circumspect when asking the pastor to pray for friends of hers, not giving hints about who the prayer was for, just that she felt one was needed. Plus, talking to the blond about blowjobs as she knelt between his legs was a little hot. He already started working out different ways the conversation could go, not hoping to seduce his student but just creating fantasies for after she left.

"I give my boyfriend a blowjob pretty much every time we are alone together." Nicole lied easily. Ryan looked shocked, which had been exactly why she said it of course. "I can't imagine being married to a man and not sucking him off weekly, at the very least on holidays."

Ryan could not believe what his student had just said to him. She must have embarrassed herself, because she was no longer looking directly at Ryan but looking off to the side, deep in thought. Ryan's jaw dropped a little in shock and his eyes dropped a little as well, using the opportunity to sneak another peek down Nicole's top, a glance at her panties, and a longer look at her slightly parted lips. As he watched her tongue darted out and wet them slowly.

Clearing his throat, Ryan said "I am surprised to hear that you are sexually active at all Nicole." He was suddenly again uncomfortable with where she was crouching, but he still did not have a good reason to state his discomfort aside from being turned on, which he would not admit. She had knelt by him many times before by this point, why should talking about blowjobs make it anymore weird if he was not into her physically? She wasn't one to look at a man's crotch, but he was grateful his cock wasn't obviously pressed against his slacks, instead it had grown had trapped against his leg by his boxers.

"Oh I am not sexually active, I am a virgin." Nicole lied again, "I just really enjoy sucking cock. We even had a President of the United States say sucking a man's cock was not the same thing as letting him fuck you. As long as we are being open, I am kind of addicted to it. Sucking cock I mean." Nicole squeezed her teacher's leg in a way that made him shiver, and his cock slipped free from where it must have been stuck and it made a silent slap as it hit against his slacks. Nicole pretended ot to notice. He was definitely turned on. If she was going to get into her teacher's pants, it was going to be today or never, and Nicole steeled herself to go all or nothing with the conversation.

Ryan cleared his throat again, using the cough as an excuse to reposition himself and pull his knee out from beneath her hands. This unfortunately brought his other leg out from behind the desk, and Nicole placed one hand on both of his knees to steady herself from falling. Trying to keep her face from ending up just inches from his growing and now noticeable erection, Ryan closed his legs. In response Nicole leaned heavily against them, one hand still on each, looking up at Ryan and waiting for him to say something. Ryan desperately seized on to the topic of a boyfriend to try and change the subject. "In all of our talks you have never mentioned having a boyfriend. What is his name?"

"Oh I never kiss and tell Mr. Lynn. If we were really dating it would be one thing, but it really is just physical between us. Maybe my generation is just more open with oral sex than yours Mr. Lynn. I really can't imagine not wanting to suck your cock, especially if I was your wife I mean. I would suck your cock all the time. Have you ever thought about having an affair?"

Okay that was way too far. Ryan's cock desperately wanted to be shoved between the blond's lips. Nicole actually stating a willingness to blow him, even if it was just an unfortunately worded hypothetical thought, was too much when the girl was on her knees and her arms wrapped around his legs. This conversation needed to be wrapped up and Nicole shown the door so Ryan could take care of his growing problem in peace. Still, Ryan couldn't bee too rude about sending her away. He didn't want her to bring up the details of the conversation to someone else while trying to reason out why her married teacher had been so uncomfortable. "No I have never tried to have an affair. Look, I have a lot of work to do tonight and..."

Nicole was not about to let her teacher finish that sentence. "Mr. Lynn, maybe you should let someone else suck your cock from time to time. I am sure you could pick someone up very easily as attractive as you are, and it isn't like oral sex is really cheating. It isn't even really sex. You are wound way too tight, and if you don't change something it can only hurt your relationship in the long run." Nicole advised confidently.

Yeah that sounded reasonable, Ryan joked with himself. At least she had taken herself out of the scenario. Still, he needed to masturbate and get home and he couldn't get started until he got rid of the girl. "I appreciate the thought, but meeting people when you are married really isn't that simple. Now, if you could just excuse... "

It was now or never. "I mean," Nicole interrupted again hastily, "I would be more than willing to suck your cock if you would let me Mr. Lynn. Especially since it is Valentine's Day. I've thought about sucking your cock all year, and you know you can trust me not to tell anyone if you'll let me. I have never told anyone I have a boyfriend until just now, and I didn't even tell you his name." Nicole slid her hands along the outside of his legs, and Mr. Lynn quickly grabbed hands, holding them in place. His cock throbbed against the tight material of his slacks. At some point when Nicole was not looking it had grown even harder, so it's outline was even harder to pretend not to notice. This time Nicole didn't hide that she was looking at his cock, and she licked her lips for his benefit.

"Holy shit Nicole, you need to get out of here right now, and we need to never tell anyone about this conversation." Ryan Lynn tried to stand and push the girl away, but she held on tight to his slacks and as he stood she rose up and actually bit his cock through his pants! "What the fuck Nicole?" Ryan tried to keep his tone down in case some one in the hallway heard him. He let go of her hands to pull her face away and she grabbed his cock with both hands as soon as they were free. Ryan fell back down into his chair fending the girl off.

Once he was seated, Nicole rose up to her knees between his legs and made eye contact with him. "Listen Mr. Lynn, letting me suck your cock really is in your best interest." she said, digging her nails into his legs. "I bet a lot of the frustration you are experiencing is sexual, and if letting me swallow your cum once or twice a week keeps you from fighting with your wife then that is what you should let me do for you."

When Ryan fumbled with the words of another protest, Nicole suddenly went from looking sweet and helpful to angry. "Don't even pretend like you have the option of turning me down either." Nicole stopped struggling to grab his cock and let Ryan capture her hands, spinning them around so that she held his hands as much as he held hers. "If you hurt my feelings," she warned him, "who is to say I don't run down the hallway in tears and tell them about how you tried to come on to me? If I, little miss perfect, said you forced me down onto my knees and told me how your wife never sucks your cock, who do you think they would believe? Your wife would have to believe me when I share all the details about how infrequently you have sex." Ryan's heart stopped, or at least to Nicole it looked like it did. "Just let me suck your cock Mr. Lynn. Trust me when I say it is in everyone's best interest."

Ryan had no idea how to respond. Nicole pulled her hands free of his and slid hers up the length of his pants, gripping the zipper when she reached it and sliding it down for him. Was the little blond girl he had watched growing up really blackmailing him just for the chance to suck his cock? Numbly, Ryan watched as Nicole pulled down his fly and slid her hand into through the hole. He felt her hands, cold from having crouched on the floor for so long, wrap around his cock and pull it roughly out into the open air. Her eyes lit up when she saw how large he was. She slowly pumped his shaft with her much smaller fist while he looked on, too shocked to even lift a hand to stop her. Swallowing, he was almost ready to protest when the head of his cock disappeared between her lips. Her tongue worked swiftly over the top of his head and the underside of his shaft as her lips slowly sank down his length, and her teeth lightly teased his meat as she slowly lifted her head back off of his cock. Nicole wasn't even looking at him, her eyes were closed as she legitimately seemed to enjoy the sensation of his cock slipping in and out of her mouth.

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