The Touch Ch. 22


The bathroom was enormous and the kidney shaped, half sunken bath was big enough to accommodate two people comfortably. The room was completely tiled with a pale green marble and had large mirrors over the wash basin and the whole length of the wall above the bath. By the time that I joined her, the bath was filled and foamy, she had obviously added some sort of herbal bubble bath, and the room was warm and damp and she had put out all of the lamps except for the shaving light over the basin, bathing the room in a green tinged, steamy haze like a hot tropical pool.

As I slid into the deep warm water I noticed her watching my body her eyes running over my chest and stomach and coming to rest on my rock hard erection quivering in front of me, until it disappeared, submerged beneath the water. We were sitting opposite each other both with our knees a bit raised mine between hers and pressing her thighs apart and I could just faintly see the shadow of her pussy beneath the water. We grasped hands and pulled, each drawing the other closer, sliding smoothly along the floor of the bath until we were close enough to lean in and kiss, her wet breasts against my chest and her thighs over my hips so that she was almost straddling my lap. I felt the tip of my erection wetly brushing across her belly and then everything else became subsidiary to the red haze of passion as our lips met and our tongues began to thrust and twist in a mad frenzy of renewed ardour. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and I could feel the tips of her manicured fingers pushing into my hair pulling my face even harder against hers. The kiss ended after a long, long time and as usual left both of us panting and almost breathless.

Our bodies parted just enough for me to be able to slip my hands between us and cup her breasts, then gently roll and tweak her hard little nipples until I felt them stiffen between my fingers and could feel the roughness of her aureolas as they became engorged and pimpled with lusty stimulation. Her hand slipped down and closed around my erection, and started to slide slowly up and down the length both her palm and my prick slick with the bubbly water the glans rubbing against the smooth skin of her belly on each downward stoke.

Our eyes were locked together and our mouths just an inch apart, close enough for our tongues to reach out and touch the tips, gently caressing and probing.

"Oh my God, this is so incredible," she sighed. "I can't believe that I am sitting here in a bath holding my beautiful son's cock, and that we are lovers." She leaned forward slightly to kiss me once on the lips, "How can something that is so wrong, feel so right?"

"It is right. It is right for US!" I told her. She was smiling and her eyes were bright and sparkly, I had been afraid that something had made her sad, but she wasn't. "Anyway," I laughed, "This the first time that I have had my mother bath me since I was seven, it's very remiss of you .... Think of all those bath nights we have missed out on ..... we seriously need to make up for lost time."

"Oh my darling, Jamie," she whispered hoarsely, "these last few weeks with you have more than made up for everything that I have missed out on for so long." We kissed lightly again, "But you are not doing your part," she scolded, then squeezed my prick hard, just below the glans, I felt that it was going to burst, "It's so incredible, I just need to have you inside me ALL THE TIME!"

"It's your turn to choose what to do next," I chuckled.

"Yes, it is. Put this where it belongs," she gave my prick another firm squeeze, "Make love to me, FUCK ME!"

I was a little bit shocked, it was the first time that she had ever used the F word when talking about our love making, and she must have noticed something in my eyes.

"I'm not just your mother now, and you are not just my son, we are lovers ... " she grasped my prick hard again as if to remind me of our new relationship, "You really don't have to treat me as if I were made of porcelain, I won't break, and don't you dare treat me as less of a woman, than those skinny arsed little bimbos you are probably screwing!"

"Mum .... Gwen ..." I started. She sounded angry but I knew that she wasn't; her eyes were laughing and the corners of her mouth were twitching as she tried not to smile.

"We are grown up people, doing very grown up things," she chuckled. "Sometimes we are going to need to use grown up language to get the message across .... now, are you going to put this thing into me before I die of frustration?"

I slid my hands beneath her buttocks and raised her up so that her pussy was poised above my prick, I felt her legs slip around my waist and then the soapy water and the slippery bath took over. The minute that she moved her legs we both started to slide in a splashing giggling turmoil of thrashing arms and legs.

Aaaaaaah! Oh God, YES!" She howled, as the unexpected movement impaled her violently onto my erection.

Somehow we managed to stabilize ourselves until we were sitting laughing and panting with her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and my erection rammed as far into her as it would go. I was so near to release, I wanted it and tried thrusting into her but only succeeded in sliding along the bottom of the slick bath.

"Stay still, let me do it." We were both giggling and water was splashing everywhere.

Very carefully she unwound her legs from my waist and braced her feet against the wall of the deep bath and using my neck as a fulcrum began to slowly ease her pussy up and down over my rigid prick.

I was lost in the sensations caused by her tight moist heat and the warm wetness of being beneath the water.

"Oh, that is so good, I feel so deep inside you ... like we are melded together," I panted.

She responded by raising and lowering herself faster, a deep gasp being torn from each of us with every downward stroke until suddenly she slowed and then thrust down hard twice, I thought that my glans was about to burst with the pressure and couldn't hold back any longer. I felt like a volcano erupting as I pumped my jiz deep inside her, once, twice and then on the final draining ejaculation she let out a sharp scream and collapsed against me her whole body jerking and quivering as she climaxed, her pussy pulsing around my still swollen prick. I pressed my lips against hers and we touched our tongues and suddenly she was cumming again and I held her tightly to me until the quaking of her body subsided and her deep panting returned to normal breathing against my neck.

I started to move. "No! Stay there inside me ... lets just sit like this for a moment." We sat there in that huge bath gently kissing, my half limp dick still inside her pussy, our hips just barely moving in a ghost dance of our love making.

By the time we got out of the water it was starting to really cool down, what was left in the bath that is, somehow we had managed to splash a very considerable amount of water on to the floor, the walls and even the ceiling. I guessed that the floor seams were watertight; I hoped so for the sake of who ever had the room below us.

We found a massive pile of thick fluffy white towels and dried each other then spread the towels on the floor to mop up the spilt bath water.

"The chamber maid will think we have taken a dozen baths," I laughed as I threw the six or eight wet towels into the empty bath to be removed when the maid came to turn down our bed.

I stood at the wash basin stark naked and shaved whilst watching the reflection of Gwen equally nude drying her hair with the electric hairdryer behind me both of us now comfortable with each others bodies and feeling no need for false modesty.

I was changed into my dinner jacket and black tie whilst Gwen was still in the dressing room and so sat in an arm chair smoking and browsing one of the books that I had bought that afternoon. We had eaten a reasonable lunch and had afternoon tea and so had chosen to have supper after the ballet rather than dinner before and so there was no real hurry to leave.

When she came out of the dressing room, she took my breath away. Naturally I had seen her gown when we bought it at Selfridges and had handled it earlier when I hung our clothes in the wardrobes but that night in that dress she looked absolutely stunning. The dress was a full length, figure hugging design in black velvet, strapless with a low back and a black chiffon bolero style top and a knee high slit at the side giving a glimpse of a black embroidered stocking. She was wearing plain black patent heeled court shoes with a matching black patent evening clutch bag and had brought a lightweight black evening shoulder cape. Her make-up was flawless but very simple just a pale carmine lipstick and a light brushing of eye shadow, and her honey blonde hair was twisted up to expose her smooth white neck, the black outfit off-setting her hair and skin perfectly. She looked beautiful.

The evening was dry and mild and so we walked the short stroll to Covent Garden and the Royal Opera House, we were not conspicuous in evening dress as Mercer Street and Floral Street were busy with pedestrians in dinner jackets and evening gowns heading for Bow Street and the ballet.

I was never an ardent fan of the ballet, although I always enjoyed the music, but the Royal Ballet performance of Giselle that night was really excellent, the lead dancer was a young Brazilian named Carlos Acosta making his first appearance with the Royal Ballet. Gwen was absolutely thrilled with the performance, the whole evening in fact. She was happy and therefore I was happy as well.

The only small incident was during the interval, we had gone into the bar and I had just collected two flutes of champagne and was returning to Gwen, when I felt a hand lightly touch my sleeve.

"Hello again, Mr. Riley," I looked round and came face to face with Georgia Craven. She looked quite attractive in a long gold sequined evening dress that hugged her small figure and her dark brown hair was twisted into the usual large bun but that night was encased in a gold mesh net. "You are turning out to be quite the culture hound," she smiled "Are you escorting you aunt again?" She nodded towards Mum who was standing with her back to us.

"Good evening, er ... Georgia," I was never sure of my footing with this sometimes very formal woman, the first time that we met I was convinced that she heartily disliked me, but each time we had met since she had been polite and courteous. I honesty, I found her a little frightening... as very, very intelligent or clever older women can sometimes be. "No, that is my mother, Maggie's twin sister, Gwen, they are easy to confuse, aren't they."

We were joined by a rather effete looking young man in his early twenties who I recognised from Maggie's Christmas party as being Georgia's son Charles. He recognised me also and we shook hands very formally.

"You had better take your mother that drink before the bell goes for end of interval," Georgia said. "Try to catch me at the house sometime soon, there are some details of the garden work that I would like to discuss with you," she added. We said our good byes and I went over to Gwen with the drinks.

"Who was that?"

"That, was Georgia Craven ... you know I told you about the landscaping job at Craven Manor ....she is the senior partner in the Olsen's law chambers."

"I can't even let you off the leash to fetch drinks without you picking up some woman, can I?" she chuckled. I had turned back to watch Georgia and her son departing the bar. "And stop staring at her arse!" She poked me hard in the ribs with her finger.

"I wasn't, really I wasn't," I grinned, but in truth, I had been.

We returned to the bar after the performance for another drink, but mainly to let the crowd clear away from the front of the theatre before going out onto the street.

"Are you ready for some supper now?" I asked.

"Mmmmm, yes, that would be lovely, darling."

We strolled around the corner into Russell Street and the Garden Brasserie and were pleasantly surprised when the maitre d', found us a table immediately. The restaurant had a reputation for being one of the best steak houses in the West End and so we both ordered a medium rare, Porterhouse steak, with potato escallops, stir fried French beans and sugar snap peas, to be washed down with a bottle of Mouton Cadet.

The food and wine were excellent and by the time that we had sat over our coffee and liqueurs we were both happy, well fed and probably just a little bit tipsy. The evening had turned a little chill but we were happy just to stroll back to the hotel, arms around each others waists, not saying much, just quietly smoking our cigarettes, and basking in the warmth of being together.

Back in our hotel suite, I went into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes and put on one of the complimentary dressing gowns provided by the hotel, then got out my new electric shaver and ran it over my face until I was satisfied with the smoothness of the skin, then returned to the bedroom. Gwen was still in the dressing room and so I lit a cigarette and sat down to wait for her.

When she emerged the sight of her left me speechless. She flowed across the room in an ankle length silk negligee of translucent cream, almost totally plain with just a hint of lace at the neck line and held by string straps tied at the shoulders with little bows. Laughing, she put her hands above her head and pirouetted like a ballerina, the bottom hem of the light material rising and flowing in a rippling wave.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, my God ... it's beautiful .... You are beautiful!" I gasped. She must have instinctively known just what my tastes were, she could not have picked anything better, it was exactly what I would have picked out for her to wear.

"I just wanted to wear it for you ... just for a little while ... I know you won't let me keep it on for very long," she giggled.

She picked up my hand and led me to the bed, then as we reached it, turned and tugged at the belt holding my robe together. It fell open revealing my erect prick. She touched it lightly with her finger tips and I felt it jerk and become even more rigid.

"OK, I'm convinced. You really do like it." She chuckled mischievously, then lowered herself onto the bed, sliding into the middle of the mattress, the silk of her nightdress making her seem to just glide over the surface. "You can stroke it if you want to ... but be careful, the silk is very delicate, you must stroke it very gently, all over ..... and ..... for a VERY long time."

I crawled onto the bed until I lay beside her and pressed my lips lightly to her exposed shoulder, planting tiny kisses down her arm until I reached her hand, then gently sucking her fingers, one at a time, then pressing gently at the very tips with my tongue. I turned her hand and kissed the palm, dragging my tongue firmly and wetly down her life line and then up over her wrist, attacking her sensitive inner arm with little nibbly kisses.

"Oh, my God ... you've made my whole arm tingle and go weak." She gasped.

I moved so that I could lay my face against her silk clad breast. Thank God I had shaved, I thought, the sheer silk was like a delicate membrane. My hand gently covered the other breast just lightly squeezing, the thumb finding and caressing the nipple a small hard point against a darker shadow made by the aureola beneath the silk. The slippery softness of the silk between my fingers and her breast gave a whole new dimension to the tactile pleasure that touching her breasts always brought. I moved my hand down in slow gentle circular strokes, caressing her ribs, and stomach and firm round belly, moving my face to lay my cheek on her belly whilst my hand stroked smoothly down her silk clad thigh and returned back up the other to rest laying lightly over the cleft of her pussy.

"Oh ... that is soooooo good, you are making my whole body tingle, my darling." She relaxed her legs allowing her thighs to fall apart creating a silk clad valley with the clearly visible indentation of her pussy lips at the top. I rested my hand on that soft warm junction one finger pressed lightly between the lips which I could feel were warm and moist beneath the silk, not hard enough to penetrate but enough to part them very slightly.
Just that light touch to her pussy dragged a deep moan from her throat and her hips gave a little jerk pressing her slit against my finger. I could feel moisture starting to seep through the silk and moved my finger until I could feel the little button of her clit.

Gwen's hands came down to clasp my head, finger tips pushing into my hair and pulling me up until our faces were level and only an inch apart.

"Oh darling, stop now ... I don't want to play any more, I want you to make love to me, I want you to make me cum ... I want ...!" She cut off her own words by pulling my face to hers and clamping our mouths together her tongue thrusting hard into my mouth a parody of her sexual desires.

My own wanting was just as desperate; my rigid cock was pressed hard against the mattress and was throbbing with the desire to be inside her and the need for release. I moved closer to her and slid my hand down her silk covered thigh and leg until I found the hem of the delicate silk and gently raised it up until it was above her knees and I could slide my hand up her smooth naked thigh until the tips of my fingers found her hot moist pussy.

She gave a deep moan and arched her back thrusting against my hand which was now over her pussy two fingers softly caressing the lips whilst the tip of another found and pressed against the tight entrance to her vagina and the thumb rolled over her clit massaging it into a hard hot ball. My finger pressed slowly deeper into her tunnel flexing and caressing, searching for the elusive G spot and then she was moaning, and arching her back, thrusting her pussy hard against my hand which was suddenly wet with her juices.

"Ooooooooh!" she moaned, "Oh, yes .... Oh God yes ....Oh my darling...!" She clutched me to her as her body spasmed and bucked through a series of shallow orgasms which seemed to last forever.

We lay clasping each other for several minutes until her breathing turned from deep panting to normal.

"Oh, Jamie, my darling," she breathed against my ear, "You made me orgasm, you made me cum.... And.... You weren't inside me.... you beast!" She let out a half suppressed giggle, "Now you are going to have to do it again ... properly, this time." She sat up and slid the negligee up over her head and dropped it onto the floor beside the bed and then began tugging at my robe until it joined her nightdress.

"I want to feel you against me .... I want to feel you inside me ..... I want you to make me cum again, even if it takes all night. No... I WANT it to take all night!"

I rolled over to slide across her, but she pushed me down onto my back and then straddled my belly with her thighs. I could feel the warm moisture of her pussy pressing against my belly and my jutting erection was parked tightly in the cleft of her buttocks. She bent forward to touch her lips to mine her nipples brushing across my chest. I felt her rise up on her knees and then her hand was grasping my prick and guiding it between her legs until she found her vagina with the swollen pulsing cap. With a single slow downward thrust she impaled herself onto me, easing her pussy over me with the whole weight of her body until my length was totally inside her and could go no further. She lowered her body full length onto mine until her face was laid on my shoulder. I felt the breath forced out of me, my hips were making little involuntary jerks and my prick felt as though it had been drawn through a tunnel of warm honey into penis paradise.

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