The Tour


Ellen adjusted her dress. She never really liked the dresses she had to wear when showing a prospective student around the college. Mrs. Carmichael called out several other young women before calling out Ellen's name.

"Here Ellen, you have someone from Alabama," she said. Ellen looked around shyly. Everyone was smirking. Another redneck from the South, she thought bitterly to herself.

Ellen took the paper from Mrs. Carmichael and hurried out before anyone could tease her. Ellen read the sheet... David was an A-B student who was in the band and debate. Ellen shook her head, just what this school needed, more nerds, she laughed to herself. And his father is a dentist, another nerd, she thought. Ellen hurried to the meeting place to meet her student. There she saw two men standing next to the wall. The younger man, the incoming freshman was better looking than Ellen had expected. She even thought that he might be someone with whom she could become friendly. The older man, definitely his father was in his late thirties, to early forties. He was tall, nice looking and in good shape. Both were casually dressed, unlike most of the people who came wearing ties and jackets.

'Hi, I'm Ellen," Ellen said, extending her hand to the father. He smiled, grasping her hand gently.

"Hello, I'm Jake, and this is David. Nice to meet you, Ellen," he replied, his eyes locked with hers. Ellen smiled, looking deeply back into his. They talked for a few minutes to become aquatinted, then Ellen took them around the school, showing David and Jake the finer points of attending college there. Ellen felt very relaxed with them and felt herself becoming more and more attracted to the father, even though the son was only a couple of years younger than herself. Ellen watched as he walked past, his shirt showing off his firm chest.

Jake was noticing Ellen, too. Her dress, though not very flattering, was not able to hide her sexy, trim body. Her dress hugged her hips, revealing a firm ass and shapely legs. Jake discovered that Ellen used to swim and do gymnastics in high school, but had to quit due to her school work. She still swam and practiced, but just to stay fit.

"I could tell you did something like gymnastics, Ellen, the way you carry yourself," Jake said, looking up and down her body. Ellen felt his eyes undress her but she didn't care. She was flattered that he liked her figure. Ellen blushed slightly.

"Thank you DR..." Ellen was about to say.

"Jake, Ellen, just call me Jake," he said smiling. Ellen smiled back, saying that she had to call him by his last name because of the rules of her job. Ellen, Jake and David continued talking and looking around the campus. While on the tour, Ellen felt Jake's hand brush against hers on several occasions. She also leaned against him more than once, letting her breasts press lightly against his arm and back. She could see a bulge forming in his jeans. Towards the end of the tour, Ellen told David that there was a rush party with all of the fraternities that night and that he was invited.

"I take it, I'm not invited," Jake laughed. Ellen stumbled on her answer, but Jake's laugh lightened the situation. "Where is a nice place to eat around here, Ellen? I would like a mid to upper range restaurant. I may as well have a nice meal while David is enjoying himself."

Ellen thought a moment and told Jake of this restaurant where the local professionals go. The dress was anywhere from slacks to a tux. "Thank you Ellen for the wonderful afternoon," Jake said, "I hope we can see you again before we leave."

Ellen smiled, "You might, it's a small campus," she replied. Jake held her hand gently as they spoke. She could feel a rush of electricity through her body as he gently caressed her hand.

"Until then," Jake said, letting her hand loose slowly. Ellen smiled and walked away, turning back per see them talking. Right at that moment, Jake turned, catching Ellen's eyes. She smiled and waved, walking back to the administration building.

"You aren't wearing that to the party, are you, Ellen?" Mary asked, looking at Ellen in a tight, black dress. Ellen's roommate was wearing a casual skirt and a tight blouse.

"I'm not going tonight," Ellen said, concentrating on her mascara. Mary looked at Ellen. The dress was tight around her hips, accentuating Ellen's firm ass. It also had a low-cut square neckline that showed off her cleavage.

"Then where are you going, girl?"

Ellen smiled, "I'm going to Martineau’s, I'm meeting some people there tonight." Mary looked at Ellen curiously. She had always though of Ellen as a studious person, but she had always known that her roommate could enjoy herself at times.

"Well, you have fun with your friends," Mary laughed. "I'll probably be at the party with Danny and I will probably spend the night at his apartment." Mary saw a slight smile come across Ellen's face, but she wasn't sure as to what to make of it.

Ellen walked into the bar area of Martineau’s. Most of the men turned to follow her with their eyes as she walked to the bar. A couple of men offered her their seats, but she refused, telling them that she was waiting for someone. A few minutes later, Jake walked into the restaurant. Ellen looked at him closely. He was wearing a nice pair of slacks and designer pull over shirt that fitted him perfectly. After looking around for a moment, Jake headed to the bar for a drink before dinner. Jake immediately saw Ellen. She was younger than most of the women there, but she was dressed very elegantly, not like a co-ed. Jake caught her eye and smiled, walking up to her.

"I didn't expect to see you here, Ellen... and you can now call me Jake," he said smiling.

"I was expecting to meet some friends here, but I may have gotten the days mixed up," she replied, looking down at the ground, embarrassed.

"Well, since you are here, lets not make this night a total loss... how about joining me for dinner?"

Ellen protested, saying that she couldn't impose on him like that, but Jake would have none of it.

"I don't want to eat alone, anyway," he said, resting his hand on hers. She glanced down at his hand in hers, letting her hand stay still. She finally agreed. Jake bought a drink and they talked about the school and her classes. All through dinner, Jake kept touching her hand while Ellen would lean forward, giving Jake a glimpse of her firm supple breasts. She could feel his eyes on her, touching her flesh. As the dinner progressed and the drinks flowed, the sexual tension grew. Jake felt his cock grow hard in his pants. Ellen was beautiful, sexy and intelligent. His desires for her grew each moment. Ellen could feel his passion increasing. His eyes would be on hers, then slip down to her breasts. She leaned forward, showing him more of her cleavage, breathing deeply to press them out more. She felt her pussy become slightly wet, thinking about being with him that night, his hands touching her body, cupping her breasts, his mouth taking her hard nipple.

By the end of the meal, they were both ready to go, ready to rip each other's clothes off. Yet both were still playing the game. Once outside, the warm night air stirred them both. They decided to walk around the area which had been revitalized into a night spot with several restaurants and bars. Jake took Ellen's hand in his, holding it softly. A bolt of electricity raced through her body. A cool breeze blew across the couple. Ellen shivered slightly, her nipples hardening from the coolness. Jake wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her to him. Ellen slipped her arm around Jake's waist, moaning softly as she rested her head on him as they walked. They found themselves at Jake's car. Leaning Ellen against the car, Jake, pulled her hair away from her face, looking longingly into her wanting eyes. He smiled slightly, then leaned towards her, hoping she would respond favorably.

Ellen closed her eyes as Jake pressed his lips to hers, parting her mouth just enough to let his warm tongue slip into her waiting mouth. They kissed gently, allowing their tongues to discover the pleasures of the other person. They kissed again, but this time with a little more urgency. Jake took Ellen into his arms tightly, holding her firmly in his grasp. She moaned louder, feeling his strong arms encasing her body, feeling his body pressed hard against hers. Spreading her legs slightly apart, Ellen let Jake's thigh slip between her legs, pressing against her mound. She could feel his cock against her thigh, hard and thick.

Ellen's moans became louder as she pressed against his rocking thigh. She could feel her thin satin panties rubbing against her lips. Jake slid his hand down her side, feeling the tender side of her heaving breast. Sliding his thumb over her nipple, Jake pressed harder against pussy, already wet with her juices. Jake broke their embrace, pushing her soft hair from her beautiful, young face.

Ellen looked up into his dark eyes, her breathing deep and heavy. "I want to be with you tonight, Jake. Please, take me home and stay with me," Ellen whispered, her voice deep with desire. Jake smiled, wanting to be with her as much as she with him.

"I want to be with you, too, Ellen, more than anything," he replied, kissing her again, their tongues darting in and out of their mouths. Jake led her to the other side of the car. Only a few minutes away, they were at her apartment quickly. As soon as Ellen closed the door, Jake had her in his arms, her back against the wall.

"Ooohhhh Ggdddd, Jake...I want you so badly," Ellen cried, wrapping her arms around his neck. Jake's hands were sliding over her tight body, wanting to touch every part of her. Their passionate kiss betrayed their desires. Ellen parted her legs, inviting his thigh back where they were at the car. Jake slid slightly to the side, his hard cock rubbing against her as his thigh rocked up and down against her thrusting pussy. Ellen sucked on his lower lip, nearly biting him from her passion.

Jake moaned, feeling her breasts crushed against his chest. His cock became harder, trapped between him and her hips. Ellen slid her hands down his sides, holding him tight against her trembling body. Grabbing her hands, Jake pinned her arms against the wall, his thigh rocking hard against her mound. Ellen squirmed against him, her body twisting. Ellen already could feel her juices flowing, trickling out of her tunnel. Jake slid her arms up above her head, holding them with one hand, kissing her deeply, their tongues whirling together. He slid his other hand down her face, between her breasts and into her cleavage. Ellen's body was twisting and contorting uncontrollably. He cupped her breast, squeezing her firm, young flesh in his fingers, caressing her tenderly. The softness of his hand on her breast, coupled with the roughness of his thigh against her aching pussy drove Ellen wild with lust. She thrust her hips against his thigh, adding to the friction against her lips. Her panties were soaked, chilling her hot labia. Jake slipped his hand onto her back, finding the zipper to her sexy, black dress. Ellen let out a long breath as he slid the zipper down, his hand coming to a rest on her ass.

"Take me Jake, please... I want to feel you inside me," Ellen moaned, kissing, biting his neck.

"I want you too, Ellen, to feel you around me, squeezing me," Jake groaned, kissing down her neck. He slid her dress off her soft shoulders, exposing her firm breasts. He buried his face into her cleavage, sucking and biting her flesh. Ellen held his head to her, loving the feel of his tongue on her skin. Unclasping her bra, Jake freed her breasts, his tongue circling each of her nipples in turn.

"Oooohhhhh Gggdddddddd," Ellen moaned, pulling his head hard to her tits, "ooohhh yyeeeesssss, suck my nipples, Jake." He sucked her tits, biting gently on her erect nipples. Jake slid down her body, his tongue wreaking havoc on her body. He pulled her dress down to the floor as he fell to his knees, his face nuzzling against her wet panties. Jake toyed with her pussy, rubbing his face and nose against her lips.

"Fuuuck, Jake... do it... please... eat me!" Ellen screamed, grabbing his head, pulling it hard against her wet cunt. Jake pulled her panties to the side, plunging his tongue deep into her quivering cunt. Ellen's body jerked from the sensation, bending her over as his tongue dug deeper and deeper into her. Her trimmed pussy tasted wonderful to Jake. He attacked her pussy hard, curling his tongue into her. Sucking on her clit, he grabbed her firm ass, his fingers squeezing her cheeks as he pulled her hard to his mouth. Ellen threw her head back against the wall as he sent wave after wave of electricity throughout her shaking body. Jake could feel her juices running down his chin. His tongue lashed at her, plunging deep into her wet cunt, then flicking up and down against her clit. Ellen was squirming and twisting against the wall and his mouth, her orgasm reaching a crescendo.

She grabbed his head, holding it hard to her cunt, "Ooohhhhhh Gggddddddddd, I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggggg!!!" she screamed, her body becoming rigid, then limp as the massive orgasm exploded throughout her shaking body. Her pussy flooded Jake's mouth with her sweet juices. He licked and sucked all he could. Jake flicked his tongue over her clit and into her pussy, tasting her cum. His fingers squeezed her ass, holding her tight to his hungry mouth.

Ellen leaned against the wall, unable to move, her body shaking and trembling. She slid onto the floor, almost laughing from the pleasure. "Ooohh Jake, that was incredible," she smiled, "no one has done that to me before." Jake smiled, knowing that in his youth, he was probably like the other college boys, not as well versed in the art as he was now. Ellen kissed Jake deeply, tasting her juices on his tongue. She stood up, leading Jake to her bedroom.

Ellen sat on the end of the bed with Jake in front of her, her fingers tugging at his pants. He pulled his shirt off as she unzipped his pants. His hard cock sprung out, freed from the confines of his pants and briefs. Ellen stroked his thick cock, studying the shape and hardness. She had been with several guys before, but no one much older than her. Jake was thicker than the other guys she had been with, his cock hard and slightly curved like a scimitar, ready to impale her body. She had never been fond of sucking, always thinking of it as sort of nasty, something that the guys liked but not the girls. This time, however, she wanted to give Jake as much pleasure as he had given her.

Jake looked down at this young, sexy woman, holding his hard cock in her long fingers. He could feel her warm breath on the head of his cock, making it jump and twitch in her hand. Ellen watched the head grow thicker, harder in her fingers, wanting to feel it in her mouth. She wanted to taste him, as he had tasted her. Ellen flicked her tongue over the tip of the cock, circling the thick head. She licked the ooze that seeped out, tasting the salty cream. This time, she liked the taste, wanting to taste more. She dropped her head onto him, engulfing his thick cock.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhh Ggggddddddd," Jake groaned, feeling Ellen's small mouth surrounding his cock. "That feels soooo great, Ellen." Jake watched as his thick cock disappeared into Ellen's mouth, her lips pursed around the shaft. Ellen could feel his cock grow harder in her mouth, adding to her wanton desires. She grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into her mouth. The head rubbed against the back of her throat, filling her mouth. For the first time, she wanted to suck a cock, to feel the hardness inside her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth, trying to take it all. Jake thrust his hips, fucking her mouth. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, to taste his essence, but she wanted him inside her too. She let his cock slip out of her mouth, rubbing the thick head on her face. Leaning up, Ellen wrapped her breasts around the shaft, sliding up and down, letting the head bump against her chin. She opened her mouth, trying to catch what flesh she could. Jake loved watching her titty fucking him, her tits and fingers gripping his cock. He felt his cock throbbing, growing harder and thicker to her touch.

"I want you, Jake... I want to feel you inside me," Ellen said softly, looking up at him. Jake looked deeply into her eyes, feeling the same desire, the same need. Ellen slid further onto the bed as Jake crawled towards her. They lay side by side, gazing into the other's eyes, their hands caressing their bodies. Jake slowly rolled onto her, his cock pressed between his and her belly. Ellen felt the weight of him on her, encompassing her. She pressed her hips up, rubbing her belly against his hardness.

"Ooohhh Ggddd, Jake, please... take me now," Ellen cried, rocking her hips. Jake adjusted his hips, letting the head slip between her legs. The head pressed against her lips. Jake thrust slowly, back and forth. His cock forced its way into her tight cunt, sliding deeper and deeper with each push. Wrapping her arms around him tightly, Ellen lifted her hips, allowing his cock to plunge all the way into her tight pussy. She screamed with pleasure as he rammed his hard shaft deep into her.

"Oh, Oh, Oh... yes, yees , yyesssss," Ellen screamed, meeting his thrust with her own. His cock filled her cunt, stretching the walls of her womanhood. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist as she tried to hold him inside her. Ellen closed her eyes tight, pulling her lover deeper into her wanting tunnel. Jake reached under her, his hands grabbing at her firm ass. Together they pulled on each other, meeting each thrust in time.

"Oooohhhhh Gggddd, fuck me Jake... fuck me hard!!!" she cried, scratching down his back. Jake pounded her cunt, driving his thick tool deeper and deeper into her tight hole. Ellen could feel her cunt squeezing his cock, grabbing it as to hold it inside her. Her juices flooded her cunt, squishing as he stabbed her with his cock. Ellen's body began to shake as another orgasm started growing deep within.

Jake rolled over onto his back, carrying Ellen with him. She was now sitting on him, riding his manhood. Jake looked up at her, the light casting shadows across her beautiful, young face and body. Thrusting upward, Jake drove his cock ever deeper into her, filling her as never before. Ellen leaned forward, her hands supporting her on his shoulders. Jake leaned up, taking her hard nipple into his mouth. Ellen moaned, holding his head to her tits. She had always had extremely sensitive breasts, sometimes cumming just from them. Jake sucked and bit her nipple, sucking her breast into his mouth. Ellen's body was electrified, shaking uncontrollably. Bolts of pleasure shot through her body, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. She loved the feel of hands roughly groping, grabbing her tits, squeezing her flesh and pinching her nipples.

Ellen rocked back and forth hard, her cunt trying to swallow his thick cock. He grew harder and thicker inside her, filling her, pounding her. Jake's hips slammed against her ass, driving his hard tool deeper and deeper into her. Jake grabbed her by the waist, lifting Ellen, then slamming her down onto his stabbing rod.

"Oooohhhhh Ggggdddddd, yyyeeessssss!!" Ellen screamed, her cunt being impaled again and again. She grabbed her breasts, pulling at her hard nipples, adding to the fire that was burning in her body. Jake lifted, then slammed her again and again, thrusting his hips up to meet her downward fall. Her ass pounded against his hips. Jake could feel her cunt squeezing his cock, gripping it with her tight muscles.

Ellen fell onto Jake, rocking her hips hard, fucking his wonderful cock. Her body became rigid then jerked violently as she climaxed again and again. Jake continued fucking her, thrusting his cock deep into her quivering cunt. She had a series of orgasms, one after another. Her juices exploded from her cunt, flooding her tunnel and covering Jake's cock. Her cum ran out of her, onto Jake, warming his balls and hips. Ellen held onto Jake, her head buried on his chest as her hips bucked hard, fucking him as she came again and again. Her cunt was burning, aching from the pounding she was taking.

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