The Train


I love trains, everything about them; old, new, steam, diesel or electric, I just have a thing about trains. They excite me and today I am making a trip and I'm not quite sure where or how it will end. I am thrilled at the thought of getting on a train though; journeying through our beautiful countryside and passing the arse end of old northern towns, watching the myriad of folk embarking and disembarking along the way. I like to people watch, so many look so miserable and I think to myself, how sad that they cannot be I the moment and just enjoy the thrill of the journey. Then a young child, taking his first train trip will get on board, his face aglow with excitement and I remember how I felt the first time and smile. I love seeing into people's gardens and houses, a glimpse of their lives as we whizz past at 125 mph. I'm in awe of the men that work on the tracks in their day glow orange vests; how they nonchalantly step back as the train charges by only to recommence their hard work before the next one interrupts them.

I sit, smiling, as I feel my pussy twitching and my nipples tingling and begging for some attention. I am getting quite hot at the thought what I will be doing on the next train I join. I have to change at Preston and we have just passed Chorley so only another ten minutes or so. I check around, the trains are quiet at this time of day and there are only a handful of men in my carriage; two on mobile phones, in a world of their own. The others have their heads buried in books or newspapers. My hands reach up and caress my breasts through the silky material of my blouse. I have on my sexiest underwear, a black lacy quarter cup bra and matching briefs. I circle my fingers around my areola and squeeze my nipples. Hey are now rock hard and so deliciously sensitive. I feel so fucking sexy and I love how I have made my nipples stand proud through my blouse. Anyone would have a job not too notice them, and the thought of that makes me squirm in my seat.

We are only five minutes out of Preston now so I get ready to leave the train. I can feel a damp patch forming in my panties as I stand to reach my small case down from the overhead rack and the cool air swirls around my legs. I am wearing stockings today and I am sure the man a few seats down just caught an eyeful of my stocking tops as I stretched to reach my case. I am aware of him watching me intently so I decide to exit the train by walking past him instead of the other way. He is treated to a full view of my erect nipples straining against my flimsy blouse and I am feeling so naughty. I purposefully let slip the water bottle I am carrying just as I get near to his seat. He hasn't taken his eyes off me. I turn slightly away from him and bend to pick up the bottle affording him another glimpse of my stocking clad thighs as I reach for the bottle. Then I gasp as I feel his hand sliding up the inside of my thigh and into my panties. He feels how moist I am and knows I am horny as hell. He pushes a finger into my wet hole and a groan escapes my lips. He rolls his finger around soliciting yet more moans from me, and then just as quickly as he entered me, he withdraws. I quickly stand and straighten my skirt as I hear him sucking his finger and making a low growling noise. I don't look back at him but proceed to the exit as the train pulls into the platform. I cannot resist glancing at the man as I walk past his window and he is standing, watching me, as he strokes his bulging cock through his trousers. He blows me a kiss with his other hand and I can't help smiling. I love trains.

I board my second train and make my way to my pre-booked seat which is an easy task as it's the only one with the piece of paper wedged in the little holder atop the seat. That's a good sign. I've done my homework and I know which carriages are the emptiest at this time of the day. I have also ensured I am in the end carriage so that I won't be disturbed by people passing to and fro as they seek out over priced refreshments. However I am rather disappointed to see another chap sat up the other end of the carriage. This doesn't bode well for my afternoon of sexy fun. I console myself with the thought that he might be leaving the train soon as he didn't board here. With that I settle myself down and start thinking of my plan. I busy myself watching the people on the platforms rushing about imagining where they're going and what they are up to. There's the announcement and I feel the engine building up power as the train prepares to pull out of the station.

As we make our way northwards my mind wanders back to my plan and I begin to feel very sexy again. I find my hands, once again, playing with my breasts and tweaking my hardening nipples. A low moan escapes my lips. I need to touch my pussy so stand up and unobtrusively begin pulling my briefs down from my waist and over my hips. I then lift my skirt and roll them down my thighs finally stepping out of them before picking them up and hiding them in my handbag. I sit back down but with my skirt still hitched a little way up my thighs and showing a hint of the lacy tops of the black stockings I am wearing. This allows me to open my legs and get my hand to my smooth and wet pussy lips. The thought of what I am doing coupled with being in a public place has me feeling so horny. I desperately want to feel my fingers in my pussy but I wait and content myself with just teasing my inner thighs and my soft and silky outer lips, already damp with my juices. I feel so naughty. I hear a door and withdraw my hand as the conductor reaches my seat and, his attention on his ticketing machine, asks me for my ticket. He then looks up and sees me. His eyes travel over the length of my body clocking first my erect nipples protruding through my blouse before feasting on the stocking tops. I open my handbag to find my ticket and my panties fall out. He sees them and he knows. I can see his cock bulging in his uniform trousers and my tummy ripples with the thrill of knowing I am doing this to him. I look him in the eye and suggestively lick my lips as I pass him my ticket. He punches the little cream and orange card before passing it back to me, stroking my hand as he does. He gives me the most beautiful smile and a quick wink of his sparkling eyes as he makes his way down the carriage.

My heart is racing and I can feel the heat rising in my body as my chest and neck redden with arousal. I am so damned horny and once again, spreading my legs a little wider this time, start to play with my pussy. I close my eyes and briefly forget where I am as I let the glorious feelings and growing sexual tension take over my body. God, I am so wet and my pussy aches to feel a big hard cock inside her. My breathing falters as my expert fingers find the hooded nub at the cleft of my lips and I start to slowly circle my finger around. My breathing is quickening when I become aware of voices getting closer. I quickly straighten myself up and try to look normal as the conductor passes my seat closely followed by the other passenger. I gather from the snippets I hear that the conductor has upgraded this passenger's ticket to first class. Now that is a result. I smile and catch the conductor's wink as he passes and exits the carriage.

I am now alone and relax a little. I am so horny and eager for an orgasm I can wait no longer. I loosen the top buttons of my blouse, which uncovers my breasts with my nipples on full show over the quarter cup bra. I start to caress them, at first, avoiding my aching nipples. I look out of the window and my excitement increases as I realise we are passing a lightly built up area. I know we're travelling too fast for anyone to see me but I like the idea that they might. I am now pulling on my nipples and turn slightly, leaning my back against the window, as I lift one leg to rest it on the adjoining seat. My breathing is by now quite heavy and my pussy is dripping but still I tease and torture myself before allowing myself any kind of climax. My hand snakes down to my inner thigh that is now on full display and I stroke myself slowly finishing each stroke with a brush against my hungry pussy lips. My eyes are still closed and I am so intent on what I am doing that I fail to hear the door open and close. I feel a hand on my inner thigh and freeze, opening my eyes as I see the conductor standing in front of me.

"God you look so fuckin' horny like that, I want to taste you."

I melt. I feel my pussy contract in anticipation of what this man is about to do. He leans down and tongues my pussy in a long and slow lick. He then parts my lips with his thumbs and proceeds to kiss my inner lips, sucking them into his mouth. I feel his finger slide into my lady, swiftly followed by another while his tongue continues its assault on the outside. My hips buck to allow him access and he touches my clit, fleetingly, with the tip of his tongue. I let out a long low and very horny moan. He stops what he is doing and I open my eyes to look at him wondering why he has stopped when I am so close. He stands up and takes my hand, pulling me up out of my seat. He half drags me to the table a couple of rows down, hikes my skirt over my arse and pushes me over the table. Oh God. I hear him unzip his trousers and feel his eager manhood bounce against my bum cheeks as it's released from the confines of his underwear. He spreads my legs and lewdly rubs his steel hard cock up and down my wet crack, bumping my exposed and highly aroused clit with each stroke. I moan and say,

"Fuck me, please, fuck me hard, so hard that you make me scream."

He doesn't need telling twice and his throbbing and steel hard shaft nudges at the entrance to my dark, wet and tight pussy. We both moan as he pushes into her, and my eager, red hot pussy grips him as he slides in and out. This is so dirty and so fucking horny, he really is rock hard and his big cock nudges my special spot on its way past making me even wetter. He grabs hold of my hips and increases his speed as he fucks me harder. His balls are slapping against my clit and bringing me closer to my orgasm. I am so wet that our fucking makes real squelching noises and even that is horny. I look out of the window in front of me and see we are passing a group of railway engineers in their orange jackets. They see us, and a couple raise their fists in salute. I squeeze hard, making my hole so tight for him and that feeling does it for me. I scream out.

"Oh God, I'm coming, harder, I'm coming!"

I feel the shock of my orgasm squeeze him so hard and as I whimper he jerks and pushes into me as he empties his load of hot, horny cum into my convulsing pussy. I collapse onto the table, breathless and he strokes my hips as my lady sucks every last drop of his sticky white fluid from his balls.

I can hardly speak but manage to say, in between breaths,

"Oh God, hun, that was so good. You were so good."

We quickly pull ourselves together and tidy up as best we can and he turns to me, and smiling, says,

"You're a naughty, horny girl. You didn't tell me you were travelling up today; I wasn't expecting you until weekend!"

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