The Trap


In all the years I have known my partner Zoey the only bad thing I could really say about her was that she's a troll. Not the ugly demonic type of troll, but an internet troll. The pleasure she got from invoking flame wars, and getting posters in forums continually off topic by baiting them is something I never really understood. She'd bully people on their facebook page or twitter accounts, and then sit back and enjoy the carnage that resulted. Her darkest pleasure it seemed was to indulge in a bit of 'shadenfruede'.

In most other respects she seemed like a perfectly average young woman. She's in her late twenties, and has been my partner for about five years, having known her for ten. We were going to get married next year as a matter of fact. Her job was a check-out girl at a supermarket, and while it was a dead end job, she seemed to like it.

Some would say she was average looking too, pretty in an everyday way but not like a model. She's a skinny thing with smallish breasts (a B cup I think), long black hair, brown eyes, and a nice face. In real life I always found her to be friendly and kind towards people. I guess that's why her double life as an internet troll often puzzled me.

I sometimes teased her that deep down she was nothing but a bully, and she'd laugh telling me that these people were stupid and they deserved everything they got. I don't think she even considered that these were real people she was tormenting. She assured me it was harmless fun and I shouldn't worry. One of her favourite forms of trolling was one-bombing stories on Literotica.

One-bombing is manipulating the software of the site so you can give a story a vote of 'one' over and over, driving the score for the story into the cellar. This would then give other readers a false impression of the quality of the story. She'd laugh as the scores for her victims would fall from high fours to sometimes well below two, due to her incessant one-bombing.

If the story was eventually deleted then that was her ultimate victory, proving the author had given up and had their story removed in frustration. To be honest I don't think she even read the stories she attacked apart from skimming through the first few paragraphs. It was like a holy mission for her to bring down the perverted authors that write such vile things and post them on Literotica.


I came home from work one evening to find her laying naked on the floor beside the computer in our home office. She was completely out of it, and I started panicking thinking she'd been raped or something and was about to call the cops when she opened her eyes and stared blankly up at me.

"Zoey what the fuck is going on?" I said falling to her side to help her sit up.

She looked around the room like she barely recognised it and then said, "I'm back?"

"Back? You're home.... what happened to you?" She wanted to stand and so I helped her up really noting how dirty she was and that she smelt terrible like she had been running naked through a knackery. Then she sat on the office chair and stared at the computer screen for a moment with her mouth open.

I stood there shuffling about waiting for her to say something. "Come on stop fucking with me and tell me what you're up to?" I said with a frown. She took a deep breath and then turned to face me. Then she told me.

Apparently she had gone to a story on Literotica called 'The Magic Pen' that she had just discovered a few days ago. This was her sixth visit since she she first seen this new work, and once again she clicked the 'one star' in the voting section. However this time once the vote was tallied, a bright light burst forth from the computer monitor throwing her off her chair and onto the floor.

When she opened her eyes she found she was tied down on some wooden bench. Her arms stretched above her head and mancled, her feet similarly manacled. The chains that held the manacles were pulled tight enough to make her limbs ache and cramp. Looking around she could see she was in what looked like a large cave, the walls were black volcanic rock with rivulets of lava seeping down through numerous cracks. It was hot. The cave smelled of rotting flesh which made her feel sick.

Around her she could hear horrible sounds of men and women screaming, laughter, strange animalistic roars, chains rattling and whips cracking. The cacophony of sound, smell, and sight created a gloom around her the likes of which she had never known before in her life.

After a while she heard loud foot falls coming towards her. As it got louder the ground seemed to shake with each step making her tremble so hard she wet herself. Then standing beside her was a humanoid creature over seven feet tall, his skin was jet black like tar. On his body were red markings that looked like they had been carved into its flesh with a knife. The markings appeared like some weird occult pattern that glowed like burning embers, not unlike how the lava glowed on the black walls of this cave.

The man creature was all muscle though, hard and defined. He stood over her, red eyes glowering at her. His nakedness compelling in its dark beauty and its erect large penis accenting his power. He had red hair that was long and hung loosely, falling past his shoulders. His pubic area was also covered in bushy red hair with fine streaks of it running along his arms legs and torso.

Zoey met his gaze for a moment but it was too much for her, and so she turned her head away sacred by his malevolence. "So we meet at last," he said followed by a grin of pointy yellow teeth.

He leaned over her getting close and sniffing her making her yell out and tremble violently. "Ahhhhh Please, God help me," she prayed.

"God?" the creature laughed, "I'm sorry my little troll, but God is no friend of yours."

She looked back at the demon barely able to control her shaking, "What do you want with me?"

"I'm here to give you a warning. Your first chance. After this you have two more chances, and if you use those up... then you will belong here forever."

Then she felt her legs begin to pull apart at the sound of chains being wound. Her head popped up to see a smallish figure at a wheel at the far end of the cave. It was like a child compared to the demon that stood beside her running his fingers over her body now. The other creature was greenish, with a long nose and big pointy ears. It also was naked with a very tiny soft penis between its legs.

Her legs grew wider and wider and then the demon grabbed her sweat pants and pulled them off her, panties and all in one foul swoop. Lifting her up off wooden bench she was on as he did, pulling until they tore off her body. She screamed out writhing on the table trying to get free but the manacles held firm. The Demon laughed, a terrible noise that made her turn her head away again, and clench her eyes tightly shut.

Then the other creature started pulling on some chains hanging down and the head of her rack rose up so that she now eye to eye with the ghastly demon. It's face came close breathing its stinking breath on her face making her turn aside again and gasp for air. It cackled as a long pink forked tongue shot out and licked her cheek.

It's fingers started to play with her pussy, sliding in and out and flicking her clit with an expert administration and although she struggled the warmth down below was growing. She began panting as the smell of the creature at first making her want to be sick, began to play on her senses too. The musky odour of its sex filled her like a fine wine making her head spin, and once she was intoxicated enough she accepted the tongue in her mouth. He kissed her and she kissed back.

She found herself humping against the fingers of the demon as intense pleasure erupted inside her. Then that mighty cock which looked impossibly large was pushing at her entrance, teasing her. She pushed her waist towards it and he pulled his cock back laughing at her. Then his eyes narrowed and with a firm thrust he pushed his cock deep inside her. She looked down amazed that her body could even take a cock that big.

It began fucking her with animalistic grunts echoing around the cave. His cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy, now stretched so large. The friction of its thick shaft on her pussy walls making her knees go weak and her stomach tighten. To her amazement as the demon became more and more filled with the lust of the moment, his cock began to feel hot inside her. The red glow of his markings were brighter too.

The demons cock continued to grow hotter like some fire poker inside her that gave her a mixture of pleasure and pain. Despite herself she could feel her orgasm growing inside her as the demon fucked her so hard its balls slapped her ass as he did. It pinched her nipples through her top driving her wilder with lust.

As her pussy clamped down on the the tool she screamed, "Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Orgasms rippled through her body but the Demon was not done. His hands clasped on her shoulder and his head shot up and it screamed a guttural roar that made the cave shake. Red light shone from his mouth casting deep shadows on the roof of the cave.

Inside her cunt its cum hit her like hot lava, and she screamed again only this time it was not in pleasure but in pain. The demon pulled its dick out of her but the pain of its seed was too much for her and she passed out. The next time she woke up I was kneeling beside her shaking her.


That's the reason she gave me for finding her passed out naked in our home office. I didn't believe her of course and we had a huge fight over it. We didn't really talk to each other for a week after that. To be honest I thought maybe I caught her in the act of cheating on me with another guy, or maybe she'd been masturbating on webcam for strange guys. Either way I didn't believe her bullshit cover story.

Initially she didn't go near the computer again for a few weeks after that incident, but eventually she started to get back into her old habits. First it was the forums, it was just too easy for her to set people up and watch them lose it. This seemed to fill her with enough courage to end up back on Literotica one-bombing. Eventually she was back at that story 'The Magic Pen' again and after agonising over it for a while she one-bombed it to see what would happen.

Nothing happened apart from the story getting another low score to add to its tally. She laughed at herself thinking it was all just some weird dream. It wasn't real after all. It was the happiest I've seen her in weeks and I began to think that maybe things would finally get back to normal again.


One night I went to bed early as I had to leave for work early the next day, and after kissing her goodnight I left her watching TV. When I awoke to my alarm at five AM I discovered she hadn't come to bed at all that night. I arose and went to our home office where the light was on. Inside the computer was on but there was no sign of Zoey. I walked over to the computer and seen the web browser was open. It was showing a Literotica story she had voted one for. The golden star lit up with the message: 'Thank you for voting' under it.

I walked through the house but she wasn't in any room. "Zoey?" I called out wondering where she could be at five AM in the morning. The back door was open so I walked out and turned the outside light on. There she was in back yard completely naked, her pale body spread out and covered in filth. "Zoey?" I yelled to her as I ran to her side. I slapped her face lightly and she groaned, so I scooped her up and carried her inside putting her on the bed.

In the light she looked a mess covered in black slimy soot, and she smelt awful like the knackery yard again. My heart raced as I held her hands in mine. She began moving her head from side to side a little and moaning. Then all of a sudden she sat bolt upright with wide eyes and mouth agape. "Zoey? Zoey? Are you OK?" I asked my body shaking.

She looked at me for a moment blinking, like she didn't even recognise me. Then she mumbled, "Robbie?"

"It's me, I'm right here," I said taking her hand and holding it to my chest.

Tears burst from her eyes and she sobbed, "Oh Robbie...Robbie," burying her head into my chest.

"What the fuck is going on here Zo?" I asked holding her close.

She looked up at me about to speak but she stopped. Her eyes searching my face hopefully, but she pushed me away saying, "You wont believe me."

I stood exhaling loudly, stamping my foot, and crossing my arms saying, "Don't give me that demon crap again. Who is he? Who is the bastard you're fucking behind my back?"


"Don't try and deny it. I could feel you were looser down there the last time we had sex. Some big dick freak off the internet is it? Is that your thing now?"

"No... please you don't understand!" she pleaded.

"What am I meant to think when I find my fucking fiancée sleeping naked in the backyard in the middle of the night with cum leaking from her pussy? You were either raped or you're cheating on me. Now fucking tell me the truth!"

She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and locked herself inside. I banged on the door for a while but she told me to go away. I had to go to work anyway so I left her alone. We didn't really talk for ages after that but eventually she told me it was the demon again. So I sat quietly as she recounted what she claimed had happened to her.


After I had kissed her good night and gone to bed she adjourned to the home office and had spent a few hours doing her usual activities online. Eventually came back to that story again (one of many she has been one-bombing on Literotica) called The Magic Pen. This just happened to be the sixth time since that first incident she had that she'd been back to this story, and was pleased to see it's score was getting close to a score of two. So feeling confident nothing would happen she voted one on it yet again.

Leaning back in the office chair she began to laugh at the anonymous power of her trolling, when suddenly hairy claw like hands came out of the chair grabbing her and holding her tightly to it. She tried to scream to get my attention but a hand clasped over her mouth. Nails painfully dug into her soft flesh. The hands then lifted her into the air and began carrying her through the house.

Wildly she looked from side to side and struggled against these unseen foes, but it was useless. Then looking up the back door opened, and so they took her outside but once she crossed the threshold it was no longer our backyard she was in. She found herself soaring through an enormous dark cavern, over a series of ditches that formed a large circle underneath her.

The hands took her down towards a particular ditch and threw her into it with force. She hit the ground hard, her body rolling uncontrollably over the ground. Sharp rocks digging into her, and smashing her head. Eventually she stopped and lay there breathless and panting trying to suck air into her lungs. Blood dripped from her nose and cheek.

As she regained herself the sounds of screaming and shouting began to become too much for her to ignore. It sounded like a panicking mob. She sat up feeling her head spin and promptly threw up. Looking around it was dark with a red light that shone down from above. It was hot, very hot inside this hole. The noise reached her again and she decided to walk towards it to investigate. Then as she climbed a small bank she emerged onto a scene of carnage like she had never seen the likes of before.

Below her were thousands and thousands of humans all dressed in rags, and filthy from head to toe. In the middle of them was a large creature that took her breath away and made her duck back. The creature was twenty foot tall at least, and resembled a dragon. It's body was silver and shone a murky off-white light making it appear even larger in the gloominess of the pit. In one of its hands was a giant sword that dripped red with blood.

As she watched the dragon suddenly raked its sword across the crowd tearing people apart limb from limb as they tried to flee from it. It's long tail sweeping behind it doing the same thing. Hundreds of people dismembered by the cruel actions of the dragon.

She drew her arms tight across her chest and shivered looking out at the carnage. The dragon raising its sword and striking again. She wanted to yell out to these people to run, they were sitting ducks. Didn't they understand that? Then to utter amazement the bodies of those just slain started to together again. Organs, limbs, blood, everything joined up the victim became whole once again.

They would slowly climb to their feet and rejoin the crowd, only to be cut apart soon after in another horrifying collision of sword and flesh. This just went on and on, so she fell to her knees and began to pray. A familiar voice said behind her, "He wont hear you all the way down here."

She turned to see the black demon once again, the occult markings carved into his body glowing bright red. His eyes red pits of fire that burned right through her soul. She stumbled backwards up the embankment in a panic, but as she neared the top she slipped and fell down it again over the rough and jagged rocks coming to stop at the bottom dazed and aching all over. She looked up from the ground and he was standing there shaking his head at her.

Her mouth was dry and cracked already but she said in a croak, "Where am I?"

The black demon looked around with a smile like he was admiring this foul place with a fondness that a person may look upon their former childhood home. Then he looked down at her saying, "A fitting place for the likes of you. This, my little troll, is the eighth circle of hell. This particular pocket belongs to the 'Sowers of Discord'. That fine demon hacks at these evil people, dividing their bodies with its blade, just as in life they divided others with their words and deeds. A fitting punishment don't you think?"

"Hell? Am I dead?" she looked at the sword wielding dragon again cut a bloody swathe through the people around it. It was relentless in its work and the suffering these souls endured was beyond anything she had ever seen or imagined possible.

The black demon laughed loudly. That same malevolent laugh she heard in the cave and just like then she shook all over. "I told you the last time you have chances. Maybe choices is the right word," it shrugged. "I'm pleased to see you again though, as after our first encounter I thought I'd not see you again. But like they say, 'A dog always returns to its vomit'.

She ignored his obvious contempt for her. "Choices? What choices?" Zoey asked.

The black demon waved its finger at her like she was a naughty child, "Tch. Tch. No spoilers now. You're the one who has to figure it out. But I can tell you that you have only one chance left. After that your soul belongs here when you die..." when he said 'here' his big arm swept out gesturing towards the silver dragon and its bloody work, "...regardless of anything you try to do to make amends for your sins while you still have life."

"Please all I want to do is to go home. I promise I wont do anything bad ever again...please!" she begged tears flowing down her dirty face.

"You can go home all you need do is please me like you did before and I'll send you home."

She knew what it wanted and had been trying to ignore the large boner that had been pointing at her the whole time they had been speaking. A small globule of thick precum now formed on the end of it. Looking up at the smiling demon she asked, "How the hell can you want sex in place like this?"

"This place is beautiful. All those suffering souls screaming out make me so randy, it isn't funny," he replied grabbing his cock and stroking it. "Now take your garments off or I'll rip them off your body again."

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