tagLesbian SexThe Trucker with a Surprise Package

The Trucker with a Surprise Package


Note from the Authoress: For any one who has read the Julie Journals will know I always mention that my stories are a mixture of fact and fantasy. This story is not part of the Julies Journals and whilst the content is fantasy the characters are fact. This story is dedicated to a very lovely lady I have chatted to who gave me this idea.


"Bloody piece of shit," Julie cursed as steam began to curl out of the bonnet (hood) of the rented car. Just as Julie thought she was going to have spend the night in the desert she spotted signs for a roadside café in the distance. Nursing the car through the last few miles Julie limped into the truck stop and the car shuddered to a halt amongst the large trucks parked up.

Julie couldn't resist kicking the car as she got out into the burning midday sun and picking her battered leather valise from the boot (trunk) she walked into the truck stop. Although she felt dirty and scruffy Julie was conscious of the eyes that followed her to the bar and she knew that the thin cotton summer dress she was wearing left little to the imagination. After collected a handful of change from the cashier Julie proceeded to have a frustrating conversation with the car rental company who advised her that there was nothing they could do until the following day. Slamming the phone down Julie muttered out loud, "Marvellous and I have a flight to catch in Vegas at midday tomorrow."

Returning to the bar to order a coke Julie became aware of a looming shape by her shoulder. "Can I help you ma'am?" the American drawled and looking up Julie saw a large overweight man in a cowboy hat leering at her. He was surrounded by his friends, most of who were trying to stare down her top at her 40c breasts.

Julie signed softly and decided that discretion was the better part of valour and put on her best girlie voice. "Gee" she drawled in an almost sarcastic way, "My car has broken down and I so need to get to Vegas by midday tomorrow," as she fluttered her eyelids and allowed her breasts to heave under the flimsy material.

As Las Vegas was some 9 hours driving away the group of truck drivers were reluctant to take her although many were offering a ride for a ride and other ideas to pass the time. None wanted to seem to disperse but as the banter continued Julie realised with a sinking feeling that the likelihood of getting to Vegas was rapidly diminishing. Just as she was about to give up hope a voice from the back of the crowd said, "I'll take ya."

The crowd parted to reveal a woman dressed in a low cut pair of jeans and a t-shirt with cut off arms. Julie looked at her and saw a fresh-faced woman of about 30 whose happy open face was framed by her short brown hair. Although not as tall as Julie her muscles were well defined and her small breasts poked against the t-shirt. Sticking out her hand the woman announced "Lisa" and returning the shake Julie replied "Julie." "Great" Lisa laughed, "lets get out of here before you are devoured by these sharks."

Stepping out into the heat the two women walked toward a giant rig and Julie was amazed when Lisa began to climb up into the cab. "What did you expect" Lisa laughed, "I am a trucker after all."

Julie climbed up and sat in the cab and was pleasantly surprised to find the cab roomy and nicely furbished. Jabbing a thumb over her shoulder and a curtained partition Lisa said, " the sleeping quarters are back there, a little cosy but we should be OK."

Julie looked at Lisa's profile and decided she had a face you could trust and started to relax a little. Looking above the windscreen Julie noticed various pictures of women with messages scrawled on them like 'to Lisa with love Mandy' and 'thanks for the ride Sally.'

Noticing Julie's gaze Lisa announced in an open and even tone, "some of my girlfriends," before adding, "I am a lesbian in case you hadn't worked it out." Julie smiled as although she lived with a guy she had also had more than one fling with another woman. Not revealing her thoughts at this stage Julie smiled as she said, "at the moment you are an angel taking me to the airport."

As the miles unwound Julie sat and listened to Lisa tell her life story, and how after a troubled childhood decided that she would get herself a truck and make a life for herself on the open road. When questioned about her life Julie was deliberately vague with the details and steered the conversation back to Lisa's life. Lisa was proud of her conquests over the years and sometimes went into graphic detail. Julie noticed at those points in the conversation Lisa was watching her to gauge her reaction. Julie kept her face blank but inside could feel that familiar tingling feeling in her pussy.

As night began to fall Lisa sighed and said, "Listen hon I am bushed, we need to pull off so I can get some sleep. Don't worry you will still catch your plane." Pulling the big rig off the road Lisa turned off the engine and jumped down into the silence of the desert. Moving beside the big truck Lisa unzipped her jeans as Julie stepped down from the cab. "Gotta pee" Lisa laughed and Julie was startled to see a large bulge in Lisa's boxers. Wondered for a second what was happening Julie was relieved to see that beneath the boxers was a large red strapon that sprung into view as Lisa dropped her pants. ""Always wear it" Lisa said holding the strap aside and watching Julie's gaze as she squatted and let forth a stream on the sand.

Julie knew that her nipples were rock hard and pressing against the material of her dress and her crotch was wet and not from wanting to pee. Julie said nothing and reached under her dress and pulled off her tiny briefs before lifting the dress over her head.

Squatting naked Julie began to pee in the sand meeting Lisa's eyes that was gazing at her with barley concealed lust. "Stay like that hon and I am gonna have to rape ya," Lisa muttered in a husky voice.

"Who says it will be rape?" Julie replied and still squatting having finished peeing began to rub herself. Sliding 2 fingers deep into her own pussy Julie huskily replied, "Nope not rape at all."

Lisa kicked off her pants and walked over to Julie and stood wit the red dildo jutting into Julie's face. Leering down at her, "Suck it baby, make it good and wet and then Lisa will fuck you to heaven and back." The plastic tasted strange in Julie's mouth but the fact of her being naked and Lisa being semi-naked in the open air made Julie feel so sexy she started to suck it like it was a real cock.

Julie stood and kissed Lisa on the lips. At first their kiss was gentle with tongues dancing but as the heat between them increased the kiss became harder and more insistent. Lisa broke the kiss and spun Julie round until she faced the truck. Julie leant forward and braced herself opening her legs wide to receive Lisa's cock. Julie gasped as Lisa thrust it into her will flesh and pushed back to receive more. Lisa began to pump into Julie's body, slowly at first but faster as Julie's juices coated the dildo. "Do you like big red in ya?" Lisa panted as she kept up her steady thrusts, "Oh God yes" Julie moaned as she moved her back even more towards the horizontal.

Julie's head was spinning and her body trembling with pleasure as Lisa varied the depth and speed f her thrusts and every so often twisting her hips to cause the dildo to jab against a different part of the inside of her pussy. As the orgasm began to build Julie heard a low-pitched rumble in the distance and twisting her head could see a large truck racing down the road. By this time Julie was so far gone there was no way she was stopping and started to rock back to meet Lisa's thrusts. "Don't stop fucking me'" Julie groaned.

"Ain't ever gonna stop," Lisa replied keeping up the intense fucking. The two women were bathed in the headlights of the truck as it roared towards them. The driver could clearly see the two of them and sounded his horn in approval. As the truck flashed past them and they were plunged into darkness Julie's orgasm burst and she screamed with pleasure.

Lisa didn't stop and grabbing Julie's hips began to thrust harder and deeper into her. Grunting with each thrust Lisa shouted, "Gonna fuck you to heaven and back girl." Julie felt orgasm after orgasm rock through her body and even when her legs began to buckle Lisa held her upright and kept thrusting up and into her. "Enough please." Julie begged and Lisa slowed her trusting and then pulled slowly out of Julie's ravaged pussy. Lisa spun Julie back to face her and put her hands on Julie's shoulders. Knowing what was required of her Julie sank to her knees and opened her mouth. Lisa thrust the plastic cock into her mouth like it was real and Julie tasted her juices covering the plastic cock.

Head bobbing Julie sucked on the cock and licked her juices off. "Yeah baby get big red clean," Lisa moaned as she fucked Julie's face feeling the base of the strapon grind against her clit. As she sucked Julie worked her fingers under the straps and into Lisa soaking pussy. Lisa moaned with pleasure as Julies fingers worked inside her. Julie moved the cock away from Lisa's body and began to nibble and lick at Lisa's clit as her fingers worked in and out. "Fuckkkkkkkkkk I am cumming" she yelled, gripping Julie's hair and grinding Julie face to her pussy.

Brushing the sand from their bodies where they had touched the ground and collecting their clothes from where they had thrown them, the two women climbed into the cab and then into the sleeping area. As it was designed for one occupant the only way to sleep was cuddled close together. Julie lay on her side and felt Lisa snuggle into her back.

A few hours later Julie felt the dildo nudge against her buttocks and laughingly said, "Don't you ever take that thing off?" "Nope" Lisa giggled in response and began jabbing in more earnest trying to find a home for the dildo. From the angle and their positions the dildo wouldn't reach Julie's pussy.

Julie felt Lisa's hands moving behind and her guesses about what she was doing were clarified when she felt the cold gel on Lisa's fingers against her anal opening. "Oh god" Julie moaned as she felt a finger slide in her ass which was quickly joined by another.

"You like it in the ass baby?" Lisa murmured in Julie's ear as her fingers twisted and turned in Julie's ass as she nibbled at her neck. Julie's response was to arch her back forward causing her ass to thrust back towards Lisa's groin.

Lisa removed her fingers and holding the base of the gel covered cock pushed the head into Julie's anal opening. "Oh yessssssssss" moaned Julie as she felt it invade her, "Fuck me good," Lisa worked the red cock deeper into Julie's ass until the whole of it was embedded. Julie felt Lisa's breasts pressed against her back and as space was limited her thrusts were slow and steady. Lisa's hands moved round to cup Julie's breasts and her fingers tweaked at Julie's nipples as she pumped slowly in and out.

After a while Julie rolled onto her tummy with the cock still embedded in her. Lisa pushed up on her hands until her head was nearly touching the low roof of the cab. This new position allowed Lisa to thrust more vigorously into Julie. "Take it baby" Lisa moaned as she pumped her hips, "Yes yes fuck my ass" Julie moaned in response to each thrust, her ass burning. Forcing her hand under her body Julie worked her way towards her clit and began to rub herself as Lisa fucked her ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Julie screamed as the orgasm burst through her and Lisa screamed in response "Fucking take it," and rammed so hard Julie thought she must be pushed through the thin mattress. "Ohh ohh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Lisa screamed as the rubbing of the base against her clit caused a massive orgasm.

Lisa collapsed onto Julie' back and all that could be heard was the two women's breathing as they recovered from their frenzied lovemaking. Staying like that they drifted off into sleep.

The following morning they woke and although they had rolled onto their sides Lisa dildo was still embedded in Julie's ass. Easing herself off the dildo Julie gingerly rubbed her ass that she knew would be sore for a few days but the pain would remind her of this night with Lisa. Lisa woke with Julie's movements and smiling at her asked, "You OK baby?" Julie turned and melted into Lisa's open arms and they lay like that kissing and touching each other gently.

Lisa swatted Julie gently on her ass and said, "You have a plane to catch" and lifted herself over Julie to exit the cab's sleeping area. The red dildo swayed obscenely above Julie's face and although she had no desire to suck it until it was clean she had other ideas. As Lisa was poised with one leg either side Julie reached up and held Lisa tight and pulled her downwards. Unclipping the harness Julie let it fall to the floor and pulled Lisa's pussy towards her mouth. Lisa moaned with pleasure as Julie's tongue darted in and out of her pussy. Lisa's head was pressed against the roof and she felt like she would burst through it as Julie worked her tongue deeper and deeper into Lisa's body.

"I am cumming baby," Lisa murmured and Julie intensified her licking and sucking. Feeling Lisa thrash as she flooded Julie tasted her juices flood down her throat and onto her face.

After Lisa's thrashing had subsided Julie gently swatted Lisa on her ass and said, "Now you can drive." Lisa looked down at Julie's face framed between her thighs and smiled at her.

The two women had dressed themselves and they tried to make themselves look reasonably respectable but it was pretty clear that they both had that freshly fucked look about them. The big truck shuddered to a halt near the airport and as Julie started to climb out Lisa said, "If you're ever this way again." Julie cut of her talking by kissing her gently on the lips before replying. "Ssssh lets just both enjoy the memories without any false promises." With that she jumped from the cab and walked away into the early morning sun, towards the airport terminal.

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