tagLoving WivesThe True Cost of a Piece of Ass

The True Cost of a Piece of Ass


I want to thank Wolf Vixen for her help in catching the error I never seem to see. I could of made a two-chapter story out of this but I wanted to cut it off cleanly, so tell me what you think.

Right now I am so mad I'm shaking. I think if my wife, Sandy, were to walk through the door I'd put my hands around her throat and choke the life out of her damn body. Thank God I'm in Denver, finishing up a project, or tonight could have gotten pretty ugly because I know she's out there cheating on me again.

At least I confirmed my suspicions tonight on who it is, and it really doesn't make any difference how long, because Sandy has killed our marriage like you'd crush a bug beneath your shoe.

My first thought was that I should have seen it coming, but after eight years of marriage it's not something you look for, because it's something I wouldn't have expected. I thought about getting drunk and confronting them, but why waste my time. My marriage is over, he could probably kick my ass and with his connections, he could make my life hell, even more than sleeping with my wife.

So here I sit. No one can know how I feel unless they've gone through what I have to deal with right now. I don't want to hear all the bull shit that, "I'm divorced, I know what you're going through man," or "I'm here for you if you want to talk." I don't want to hear any of their crap, so I'm not telling a soul, not yet anyway.

I need a plan, but I've got to get my head straight first and that's going to take a little time. I don't plan on ever making love with my wife ever again because the thought of her rutting around on the bed with him still makes me sick to my stomach. At least she had the courtesy of doing it in hotels instead of in our fucking bed. So with a pad of paper in my hand, I am thinking about what I'm going to do next.

If Sandy were this hot sexy woman, I might have seen it coming or at least been looking for signs. She doesn't have a set of 36DD, doesn't have long blonde hair and isn't a hot looking, tall Amazon type of woman. Don't get me wrong, Sandy's good looking, about 5'6", short brown hair with a hard lean body. You could probably crack a 2x4 across her small ass, but that's about it. Compared to his wife, Sandy would rate about a five at best. So why's he screwing around with my wife, probably because he can.

Sandy went to work for Logan Industries about two years ago, just after the birth of our son Danny. I made enough money to cover all our expenses, but she wanted all the things our friends had.

"Steve, with me working, it'll take some of the pressure off you and you won't have to work so much over time; it'll be nice to have you home more often," she tried to reasoned with me. "My parents say they would love to watch Danny for us and that way I could at least work part time."

She was right, but I felt that Danny needed her home at least for another couple of months. I never suspected she'd already been looking.

I or should I say we met Richard Logan at a charity auction. My boss gave us his tickets because he said he hated functions like that, and I thought it would be a nice evening out with my bride. When he walked in the room, with his wife on his arm, everyone took notice. He was tall, good looking and had money. People like that have almost rock star appeal. He worked the room and had most women swooning over him, even my wife.

"That's Richard Logan and his wife Connie," my wife told me. "He owns three companies in town and his wife used to be a runway model. Hell, the dress she's got on tonight probably cost more than all the clothes I've got in my closet," she said in a hushed voice.

"But they're probably not nearly as happy as we are," I replied kissing my wife on the cheek.

"Yeah, right. Wouldn't it would be nice to have that kind of money if just for a little while?" she asked me.

Some time during the night we were introduced. How we got on the subject of what we did or that Sandy wanted to get back into the work force I haven't a clue, but I forgot about it until weeks later when Sandy brought it up again.

Richard flaunted his money that night by out bidding everyone for the top five items. When I called him a show off, my wife gave me a stern look and said he was doing it for charity. Bull shit, he'd wanted to make sure everyone knew he could do what he wanted. People like that need to be the center of attention. The one thing I did notice was that his wife kept one eye on her husband and the other on every good-looking woman in the place. Looks like she didn't trust hubby completely, or so it seemed.

None the less, three weeks later I came home to the news that Sandy had gotten a part time job, and guess where; Logan Industries.

"They've just opened up a new department and even though it's only part time now, it'll probably turn into a full time position within six months," she told me beaming. "Isn't it wonderful?"

I wanted to say hell no, but I didn't want to rain on her parade, so I sucked it up, smiled and told her I was proud of her.

"How did you hear about the position?" I asked.

"My friend Debby works there, and Richard asked her if she knew of anyone looking for a job. She told him I was looking and I e-mailed him my resume. I didn't want to say anything to you until after I had the job. Last week I went in for my interview and was offered the job the next day. Isn't it wonderful?" she said for the second time tonight.

"So you'll be working for Richard?" I inquired.

"He and I will be starting a new department that will handle all the charity work his corporation does."

"That doesn't sound like a much of a job."

"Well, I'll be responsible for looking at all the charitable requests his companies receives and help in selecting the companies chosen for donations. It'll be a lot of responsibility," she said.

"Well, I know you'll be able to handle it, Babes. Maybe we should be going out to dinner to celebrate?" I asked.

"We don't have the money right now, but soon; very soon we will."

So that is how it all started. After that, it was Mr. Logan this or Richard that, and what a good man he was, it about made me ill. Maybe once a month she'd have to travel with him to look at this company or that location but it was never over night; after all we had Danny to think of.

"Steve, I'm going to have to be gone Tuesday night next week," she said over dinner the following week. "Richard is looking at donating a wing to a small hospital in Alabama. We'll view the hospital and then have dinner with their board that night. I'll be home in time Wednesday to pick Danny up from mom's house," she told me.

"Why don't you guys just fly back after dinner? I know you'll probably be taking his private plane," I asked.

"Mr. Logan said he didn't want to rush the trip and if something else comes up at dinner, we'll need to take care of it the following morning before we leave. It'll only be one night," she said smiling at me.

I didn't like it at all, but I trusted my wife. Richard would have to be a total idiot to hit on Sandy with what he had waiting for him at home. I told her to have a good time and I'd see her Wednesday night.

"I'll probably need some extra loving Monday night so I won't go through withdrawal Tuesday night when you're not here," I told her, and Monday night she gave me about a weeks worth.

She came back Wednesday night and gave me another dose and I was dumb and happy. Our sex life was still good and so was my marriage, or so I thought. Life went on, we had extra money but Sandy went out of town about every other month and the holidays were creeping up on us.

Silly me, I almost forgot to explain what I do for a living, because it is going to have a major impact on what I ended up doing. I work for a company that tests security systems and computer firewalls. We're the go to company if you want to see if a hacker can get in. I've got an accounting and computer background, so I work in the division that deals primarily with banks. A typical scenario is a member of the board asks us to try to hack into or disrupt a particular division. We try to hack into their computer system, go into particular accounts and basically create a white-collar crime. About sixty-five percent of the time we are successful and the bank usually hires us to fix their problems.

The most fun I ever had was four months ago. I was supplied a fake passport, from Panama, and went to a local Bank of America Bank branch office to open up an account. I met with the bank president and he took great care to show me around since I'd be depositing twenty million into his bank.

I told him I was concerned with security and he said that I had nothing to worry as he explained, in too much detail, his banks security system. He finally told me that I had nothing to worry about that his bank was one hundred percent secure. God I love a challenge. I took all the bank information for transferring funds and told him the following week it would happen.

Between my partner, Kenny, and myself, it didn't take more than two days to hack in and disrupt their computer files. I took money from four random accounts and put it all into the new account I'd opened under my alias company name. I notified the person who'd hired us and told him in great detail, what and how we'd done it. Needless to say they were impressed and hired us on the spot to correct their problems. The bank president wasn't too happy when it all went down, but at least he still had his job. This is what I do for a living, and like I said, I was very good at it.

Over the last six years, I'd had about eight aliases along with all the support documents to go along with them. To the untrained, which was about ninety five percent of the people looking at the documents, you couldn't tell them from the originals. These documents were going to be more than useful coming up.

About three weeks before Christmas, list in hand I went shopping for presents. I'd gotten a pretty good bonus and was planning on buying everyone a little extra this year. I got my wife a new I-Pod and was passing Victoria Secrets when I decided to get something for me, I mean for her from the store. With help, I picked out two tiny outfits and with my hands full of presents I headed for home. With Sandy working today, I was able to wrap most of them and find places to hide them.

Sandy had come home earlier that morning from an overnight trip with Richard and hadn't even had the time to unpack her suitcase yet. I was all finished so I figure I'd help her out by putting all her stuff away. I threw it on the bed, opened it up and started to sort her items.

All right, I don't know all my wife's lingerie, but this outfit I would remember, I thought to myself as I held it up. Fire engine red with lace-trimmed crotch less panties, a dead man would remember that outfit. The worst thing about it was that the panties were crusty and it wasn't just pussy juice coating the inside. Besides that outfit, there wasn't anything else incriminating in the suite case so I put everything back and closed it up. You've heard the term smoking gun, that outfit was mine. I pretty much knew who, it's the why I couldn't understand. It's not like we didn't have a pretty damn good life, but it looks like Sandy wanted it all. That was the start of our downfall. If I hadn't been the nice guy or if Sandy had put everything away when she got home, she might have gotten away with it and I still would have been the dumb loving husband.

That night after dinner she wanted to make love but I put her off, I just couldn't do it. I just said I wasn't in the mood because I had a lot on my mind. I needed more proof than a crusty pair of panties, not for myself, but to burn Mr. Fucking Logan.

Being in the business I called a friend of mine who had done work for our company in the past. It was a simple job in that I was going out of town next week to finish up my Denver project and I wanted him to follow Sandy.

"Bob, I just want to know where she goes and with whom," I asked. "I know she cheating on me, but I need some type of proof."

"Damn Steve, I'm sorry to hear it. Don't worry, if there's anything going on, I'll find out," he told me. With my help, he bugged the house, her car and even put one in the lining of her purse.

"Sandy, I should only be gone two nights at the most. I want to finish this job before Christmas so we'll have the whole two week holiday period to ourselves," I told her. "Besides, while I'm out of town, you can shop for my Christmas present. It better be something good for all the nights you've been away this year," I said hoping to get a rise out of her. She just looked at me and said nothing.

Wednesday I boarded my flight for Denver and gave Bob the green light. Kenny was already there and we'd finished everything by 6:30 that night.

"Come on Steve, let's grab a brew or two and have dinner. There's a great seafood restaurant two blocks down from the hotel and the waitresses are more than easy on the eyes," he told me.

"Give me twenty minutes and pick me up out front," I told him. I called Sandy's cell and told her I was going to dinner and would probably turn in early so I wanted to catch her. "What are you planning tonight?" I asked.

"All I want to do tonight is take a hot bath after I put Danny to bed and them I'll probably just read a bit in bed," she told me. "Love you," Sandy said just before hanging up, but I never said it back. She'd killed that, now all I felt was regret.

Dinner was good and Ken was right, they did look hot. We had one last drink in the hotel bar and I headed back up to my room. The message light was blinking on my phone. Call me was all it said.

"Steve you didn't have your cell on," was the first words out of Bob's mouth.

"Left it off for a reason, I wanted to have at last one more good meal before you called. So, what do you got?" I asked.

"She got a sitter and had dinner with a Richard Logan. After dinner they went up to room #312 at the Ramada Inn. I couldn't get any inside pictures, but I've got them going in and will take another set of them coming out. I however, did get a bit of audio, but I don't think you'll want to hear it though. He only rented the room for one night so I'll monitor what goes on from your home tomorrow. Sorry about this Steve, they'll be no charge for this," he told me.

"Bitch, she's going to wish she'd never met that asshole," I said to myself.

So now I sit in my hotel room making plans. I don't plan on divorcing Sandy that would be way too easy. I need to hit her where she'll feel it the most and I knew just what to do. This is one Christmas she'll never forget.

By Thursday morning I had my list of things to do. Most of it couldn't take place until the twenty-third because the following two days, everything would be closed.

With one of my fake passports and my son's birth certificate in hand, I made airline reservations under my assumed name. I planned on taking a round about way so it would be difficult to figure out exactly where I ended up. Traveling during the holidays is nuts, and most of the people just wanted to book the flights and go to the next person. I'd gotten a cash advance against my credit card and was now using that money so there would be no paper trail.

I cashed in all four of our CD's in our safety deposit box and took all our available cash. I wasn't planning on taking more than an outfit or two in a carry on bag so I'd need money to purchase clothing when we got there. The final item took me all of three days.

Logan Industries dealt with two local banks, one of which I had an account with. All I needed to do was find a way to hack into the bank's mainframe, then into Logan's account and finally transfer all those funds to our joint savings account. Simple right? Wrong, and I needed Kenny's help.

I didn't want to get anyone else in trouble so if I had problems, I needed him on call to answer my questions. I figured my best bet would be to do a trial run before I actually did anything.

It wasn't like we'd never done this before, but each bank was different so there wasn't any set procedures to follow. The first day I got stopped by the firewall and couldn't get any further. The second day, with suggestions from Kenny, I got in and spent the next two hours surfing the accounts until I got all the numbers I needed. My plan was to do the first transfer late in the afternoon of Friday the 24th from Logan's account to mine and then electronically transfer those funds to the first of eight overseas accounts right after that; timing was the key.

I kept a low profile that final week. I got all the information from Bob, made copies for Sandy, her parents, my parents and Richard's wife Connie. I paid extra to have all of them, excluding my parents, delivered Christmas Eve night.

Danny and I trimmed the tree and put all the presents under it. I'd been cold, as ice to Sandy, since I found out she'd made me a cuckold with her dick head boss. I figured by now she either suspected that I knew about her little affair or at least had a good idea something was going on. I had packed a small bag with clothing, stored it and a copy of Bob's report in the trunk of my car. I was all ready for the twenty forth.

"Steve, you've been avoiding me all week. Are you ok? Is there something on your mind you want to talk about?" she asked. It was time to set the hook.

"Yes Sandy, there is something I want to discuss with you, but I don't want to ruin Christmas for Danny. Why don't we wait until after the holidays," I told her.

"Well at least you and I could have a little fun tonight, it's been a long time," she said unbuttoning her top.

That's when I thought screw it, and put down the hammer so to speak.

"What's the matter, Richard busy tonight?" I said before turning around and walking upstairs to the spare room. I shut the door, locked it and waited.

I heard the faint knock at the door but ignored it.

"Steve, we need to talk. Please open the door will you?" she pleaded.

I'd sooner be gang raped by a group of Hells Angles I thought to myself as I tried to sleep. I guess I finally fell asleep at some point but found myself wide-awake just after 7:00 the following morning.

I dragged my ass out of bed and took a shower, shaved and got ready for one hell of a busy day. I needed coffee and lots of it if I was to make it through the next twenty-four hours. By 9:00 Danny was up watching cartoons and Sandy was making her way towards the kitchen.

Her eyes were red and it looked like she hadn't slept a wink all night. I was done caring and just needed to make it until 2:00 in the afternoon before I started it all.

"How long have you know?" she finally asked.

"Does it really make a difference Sandy?"

"I guess not. Is there anything I can say?" she asked.

"What could you possibly say? That it was just sex, you don't love him only me and that it was a horrible mistake. I guess you could say that and more, if it would make a difference to me, but it doesn't anymore. I'm taking Danny over to my parents this afternoon and I don't want you with us because you are no longer a part of us. I hope he was worth it Sandy, but from where I stand right now I don't think he was. So if you'll excuse me, I've got to load up my parents gifts and get Danny dressed so we can leave," I said in my most cutting tone.

With the gifts in the car and Danny dressed, I told him to give his mother a kiss goodbye. She didn't have a clue what was going to happen in the next few hours and I wasn't about to show my hand either.

"When will you be back?" she asked.

"When we get back," I replied. "You plan on going somewhere?"

"No, I'll be here when you get back," she sobbed out as I shut the door.

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