The Twins Take Over Ch. 01


"Since plans are underway for the celebration of the Wolf Moon, I would suggest that the four of you stay in here. I hope you don't mind. But I wouldn't want any...unfortunate altercations." He smiled at the women and closed the door behind him.

Trey stared at the door. Something just wasn't right with that Doctor. It was really gnawing at him, but he was the only one that could help Rebecca. It really didn't matter to him if she could have cubs, but now it mattered to her. He turned to face her. "You know, if you want to forget about this, we can turn around and go home. I wouldn't be upset about it." He looked into her hazel eyes and wanted to lose himself in them.

"Don't be silly, we've come all this way. I never thought I'd want to be a mother, but now I know how important it is to the wolf half of a Were and I don't want to let you or my future other half down. So we're staying." Rebecca had her hands on her hips and wasn't going to budge. Rebecca was used to getting her way, and she wasn't going to change now. "Don't you want to hear the pitter patter of four little feet running through the house? Besides, as fertile as my cousins are supposed to be, I don't want to be the only one without any cubs. I'd feel left out and so would you." She looked up into Trey's handsome face and brought her hand up to play in his hair, she loved running her hands through it. "Please?"

He smiled as he looked down into her face. How could he ever say no to her? "We'll stay." He buried his face in her neck and inhaled deeply. He needed the calm that came with her scent.

At three thirty the nurse returned with an Omega. "How are our patients doing? Time to put in some IV catheters, and get you all ready for the sedation. I don't understand why, but mine is not to reason why. I'm just the nurse." She smiled at the two females and turned to wink at the males.

Troy and Trey exchanged confused looks and and thoughts. What was up with this nurse? She seemed to be flirting with them, but they were as good as mated. What kind of Were female flirted with mated males?

The Omega was finishing taping in the catheters and smiled at her two patients. As the brothers stepped back towards the beds, the Omega jumped back, like she was expecting to be attacked. "I'm sorry, I'll get out of your way." She scurried out of the room like a mouse being chased by a cat.

"OK, that was just downright weird. What is up with this pack?" Troy looked at his brother.

"Oh she just seems like the nervous type. You guys are way too over-protective. Let it go. Maybe you don't realize how strange your pack was for us to get used to." Danielle was trying to make a point but it seemed lost on the twins.

"My phone still doesn't have a signal." Troy gave his phone a disgusted look. "Yours?"

Trey shook his head. "Nothing."

"OK, let's get this show on the road, shall we?" The Doctor breezed into the room, his nurse close behind. They both were smiling and seemed more animated than earlier. "The Wolf Moon is on it's way. I feel it already." He looked from one woman to the other, "We need to make sure the two of you don't." He stood between their beds and patted the closest hand of each. "Delilah, do you have the IV solutions all set?"

"Yes Jordan, all ready to go. I hope you girls have some nice juicy dreams all ready to go. No point in wasting all that time asleep." She busied herself with setting up the pumps and keying in the fluid rates.

Trey and Troy were trading thoughts quickly. Neither of them felt comfortable with this but they were out of time. If they stopped it now, they'd be mating with Panthers and that was not supposed to happen. They nodded to each other, they would have to make the best of it. At least they knew they'd be watching over them through the night. That made them feel a slight bit better.

The brothers moved to their mates' sides and held their free hands as the fluids started to flow. They could see the white Propofol being pumped through the clear IV fluids.

Trey bent down to whisper in Rebecca's ear, "I love you, and I'll be here waiting for you in the morning."

Rebecca silently mouthed the words "I love you too." She couldn't believe how lucky she was that she'd met Trey. With everything that had happened with Gary, who could have imagined it would all turn out so amazingly well?

He kissed her lightly on the lips and stroked her cheek, watching her intently as her eyes slowly closed.

Troy held tightly to Danielle's hand, stroking her brown hair and breathing in her scent of vanilla and strawberry. He traced her eyebrows and down her nose as the sedative made it's way into her veins. She giggled sleepily when his finger followed the curve of her lips and shortly afterwards, she was asleep.

The brothers pulled the chairs up and sat next to their mates. It would be a long night. Their wolves felt the moon close.

"Anneke, set up the monitors." The nurse snapped at the Omega as she checked the settings on the pumps and checked the women's vital signs. "Looks good." She turned and smiled at the two worried males. "Now, what are we going to do with the two of you, hmm?" She slowly licked her lips as she looked at first one, and then the other. "I have some ideas you know." She reached up and let out the tight bun on top of her head, her jet black hair falling over her shoulders. She shook her head and fluffed her hair out a bit and looked at the males expectantly.

The Omega looked nervous as she went about her business trying to ignore Delilah.

Trey gritted his teeth. This was beyond anything he'd ever seen, even Cheryl. At least she had the small excuse that she and Cole had been lovers. This was way over the top. "We'll be just fine here with our mates." He put emphasis on the last word.

"I know the two of you are almost mated, but it's the almost that's the important part. You don't have to indulge, but the offer is there for both of you. Our pack is more progressive than most. Even mates need a little variety every now and then." She heard a howl in the distance and looked towards the window. "The moon is starting to rise. Don't tell me your wolves don't feel it."

She walked to the window and looked down to see the pack starting to assemble in the clearing. "My mate likes to take a taste of something different once in a while." She quickly turned to face them, "And so do I. It just makes life more interesting. Don't you think so Anneke?" She gave the little Omega a forced smile as she waited for her answer.

The Omega kept her head down as she watched the monitors, but looked up briefly as she was addressed. "Yes ma'am, more interesting." She immediately dropped her head again, frantically taking down the readings of the sleeping women's vitals.

Delilah walked slowly from the window, stopping immediately behind Trey. She leaned down and whispered "I'm sure I could take your mind off your worry for a time."

When her tongue flicked across his ear he jumped up and turned, growling fiercely, his eyes swirling. "We aren't interested." His voice was low, the wolf ready to show himself if needed. His body was tense, his wolf was already on edge and now ready to attack this bitch that dared to touch him.

The Doctor had been standing at the door listening. "Delilah, they don't want to play with you. You may go now." He watched her sauntering out of the room, swinging her hips from side to side. He shook his head and turned to the two shocked Weres. "I'm sorry, Delilah is always overtly sexual, and even more so during a full moon. And you know how much more amplified a Werewolf's appetite is during a Wolf Moon. Now, Anneke will be monitoring vital signs during the sedation. She's an excellent nurse, she'll alert me if there are any problems. I'll be with the pack. The Alpha is expecting me."

Trey thought the Doctor didn't look overly excited about the fact he was expected.

"I think it best if you lock the door behind me. We don't want any stray wolves finding their way here. You are certainly more protective with your mates here, and the pack males are, well, how shall I put it, randier than usual. That makes for a very bad situation for all, don't you think? I think you'll find everything you need here. The fridge is stocked if you get hungry or thirsty. And of course, Anneke will help you all she can." He gave the timid Omega a friendly smile which she returned gratefully.

Trey and Troy stared at the door as the Doctor closed it behind him. Anneke quickly locked the door and slid the bolts on the upper and lower portions of the door. They hadn't noticed at first, but the door was thicker than usual, it looked ready to withstand much more force than a normal door. Anneke noticed their attention. "This room was built to withstand an assault. That's why the Doctor chose it for your mates." As soon as she said it, she wished she'd been silent. She quickly made her way back to the monitors and tried to ignore the twins who were obviously having an internal conversation. She recognized the looks, she was a twin as well.

"Anneke, we haven't been introduced. My name is Trey, this is my brother, Troy. And the women you are treating are our mates, Rebecca and Danielle. I have a feeling you know a lot more that you aren't telling us." Trey tried to remain as calm as he could even though inside he was seething. There was so much going on here that they needed to know. "What is going on in this pack?"

Anneke seemed to shrink under his gaze. She was shaking as she sat down, wringing her hands and trying to keep from breaking out in tears.


"Danielle? Danielle, where are you?" Rebecca stood in the middle of a strange garden. A light brown panther padded it's way towards her. She was too frightened to run, she just stood there, frozen. And then she saw the hazel eyes. "Danielle?" She looked closely.

"Of course it's me, who did you think it was?" The panther/Danielle stopped in front of Rebecca and flopped onto the ground, curling a huge paw and licking each individual claw.

"Y-y-you're a panther." Rebecca could barely get the words out.

"Of course silly, so are you."

Rebecca looked down and saw her own feet were paws, with long, curved, deadly claws. "No, it can't be, we're going to be wolves, not panthers." She looked around the unfamiliar place, rolling hills east of her, cattle grazing everywhere she looked.

"Well we're not wolves are we? We're panthers, and we'll just have to deal with it." Danielle seemed incredibly calm about the whole thing.

"Where are Trey and Troy?" She strained to see the two identical black wolves but they were nowhere to be found.

"Oh they're out hunting. They'll be back. And we'll be fine. It's all as it should be, really." She continue to groom herself, her rough tongue cleaning every inch of her coat she could get to. Her long tail flicked back and forth in the grass.

"Danielle, what happened? I don't remember, I don't remember mating. I don't remember waking up in the hospital." Rebecca felt on the verge of panic. There were only supposed to be two panthers, right?

"Nope, actually, five. But who's counting? Great great great grandpa Guillame got it wrong. He misinterpreted his mate's dreams. But he'll have it figured out before we get back home." Danielle was completely unconcerned about all of this.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" Rebecca was about ready to lose it. Now Danielle could read minds?

"We're panthers, of course we can read each other's minds. We really don't have to talk at all, in fact we aren't. We're speaking through our bond, just like we have with our mates, and the Alphas. Rebecca you need to get a grip. The boys need us at our best right now. We can't freak out or everything we went through with Gary and his followers will have been for nothing." Danielle continued to groom, ignoring her friend's climbing stress level.

Rebecca was startled when something swished past her side. She jumped away and looked at Danielle as she heard her laughing. Danielle was rolling onto her back, kicking out her legs and hysterical.

"Now that was funny, afraid of your own tail. C'mon, you're made of stronger stuff than that Rebecca. We went on dates with Gary and lived to tell the tale. No pun intended." The huge brown panther slowly got up, stretched, and slid alongside her friend's long body. "C'mon, let's find the boys."

The light brown panther walked in step with her friend, the panther with the coat the color of corn silk. They walked towards the two far away black dots in the hills, their mates.


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