tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 08

The Twins Take Over Ch. 08


The sound of the door slamming reverberated through the house. Halle stopped and listened. They hackles on the back of her neck were up when she heard the voice calling out. She looked at the other Omegas in the kitchen.

As if on command, they closed the doors between the many hallways and their little sanctuary. The Alpha never came here. They hoped to keep it that way.

"VIKTOR." The Alpha's voice echoed through the seemingly empty house. "VIKTOR." Rolf's loud impatient yells were heard by every Were hiding in their rooms. No one wanted to come out and speak with the Alpha. Not when he was like this.

Rolf's feet pounded the floor as he stomped his way through the halls. The stump of his arm seemed to have healed over, or at least it wasn't dripping blood anymore. Rolf scanned the rooms as he passed each one. Why didn't he see any members of his pack? Where were they? He muttered to himself as he made his way up the staircase towards his quarters.

He was more than glad now that he hadn't taken Gary's advice to turn any of his Betas into Dire Wolves. They didn't deserve to be Dire Wolves. His entire pack was made up of weaklings. Maybe he should just kill them all and begin anew with the Vlkolak females.

He stopped as he reached his door. All he could do was stare at the broken frame and shattered door. He could smell Viktor. He must have decided to "rescue" his mate. Fine, they would both die. Maybe skinning alive would be a fit end for Viktor. He would die slowly and painfully as he watched Rolf do unspeakable things to his precious Delilah.

Rolf would try every heinous idea he'd ever had. Her tender flesh would be fileted off her bones by the time he was done. That was one advantage to not interfering with healing, the suffering would be splendid as he watched each atrocity he performed heal.

He did enjoy making others suffer. Rolf's eyes were closed as he pictured the scene, and his body shook with pleasure as he thought about the pain he would inflict on his enemies and traitors to his pack.

Rolf spun around and started towards the Doctor's room as the stump of his arm hit the door jam, but he didn't feel any pain. The stump was more of an annoyance than anything. Maybe he'd have the doctor remove the rest of it.

He could hear the movement of the little mice he used to call his pack. They scurried through the hallways and staircases to avoid him. He could hear them whispering. They would all die soon. He would have no need for them. He'd use them like cannon fodder against the traitors and the males who took his Vlkolak mates. He would slaughter any survivors after the battle.

Of course maybe he could save one of them. Yes, his little Omega with the bright blue eyes. What was her name again? It didn't matter. But he did remember she was Axel's sister. Ah, he would relish letting Axel know that his sister would belong to the Alpha and no other.

If Axel survived the battle, he would make him watch as his sister lost her innocence. Yes, that would please him immensely. He could just imagine the look on Axel's face as his precious little sister begged the Alpha for his cock. Rolf had a sick smile on his face as he strode swiftly through the house.

He stopped in front of the doctor's door and sniffed the air. The doctor was still inside. Rolf unlocked the door and opened it slowly. He was surprised to see the doctor quietly sitting at the desk, writing in a journal. "Doctor, good, you're up. I have a task for you. I seem to have lost something."

Jordan looked up and gasped when he saw what was left of the Alpha's arm. Evil or not, the Alpha was a living being that deserved his attention. He leapt up and ran to the Alpha, guiding him to sit on the edge of the bed. "Alpha, what happened?" He carefully examined the healing edges of the strange wound. He could see there was some degeneration of the tissues. How could something like this happen?

Rolf watched the doctor out of the corner of his eye. "I was bitten by some kind of Werecat. I don't know what it was, or how it did it, but it has some sort of venom I guess. And then Axel turned on me and tore my injured arm from my body." He watched the doctor's surprised expression. Should he trust him to care for his injuries.

"Axel? He would never turn on you Alpha. He's the most loyal Beta I've ever known." The doctor thought whatever made Rolf as evil as he'd become was making him paranoid as well. Axel was an honorable wolf. He could never betray his Alpha. "There must have been some misunderstanding." Axel had always been someone the doctor could turn to for help and guidance since he'd joined the pack.

Jordan continued his examination. "Alpha, I think the remainder of this arm should come off immediately. I don't know if there's any of that venom running through the veins. It could cause damage to the rest of your body. We should go to the hospital wing and do surgery right now." Jordan stood and moved towards the door, trying to bring Rolf along with him.

"That can wait until later Doctor. For now please wrap it so I can concentrate on how to save what's left of my pack. I have much to do in the next few hours. Now hurry." Rolf glared into the doctor's eyes and smiled when the doctor showed his submission by looking down at the floor. "We will be having visitors soon and we must be ready to greet them appropriately."

Jordan didn't like the sound of that. He had a sinking feeling "greet" meant "kill". Jordan had never been one for fights. That was one of the reasons he'd become a doctor. He'd never understood the werewolf lust for territory. He'd been in one battle after reaching adulthood and left for medical school immediately after.

It just wasn't in him to kill another Were. He'd much rather save them. Although he was beginning to rethink that as he listened to the rants of the Alpha. He listened with disgust as he finally understood the Alpha's true nature. He had to do something.


Carr tried to find the hidden entrance to the cave system that led to the main house in the compound. But he couldn't find it on his own. "OK, I give up. Where is it?"

Anneke quickly found the latch and opened the door, stepping aside to allow the Alpha to inspect the entrance.

"And your brother has no idea this exists?"

Anneke shook her head. "He never paid any attention to father's teachings about the secrets of the pack. He was only interested in his books and experiments."

"Trey and Troy will let us know when their group is in position at the front of the compound. We'll wait in the passage way for their signal and then move. And you're sure your pack's Betas will stick with us and not turn to defend the Alpha?" Carr studied her carefully. She didn't seem capable of lying. He'd been impressed with her from the moment they first met after she'd escaped from her brother.

"Axel will, and the rest will follow him. They know our only hope is to kill Rolf. We didn't have a prayer before you came to help us. Now we have a a fighting chance. And if we die, at least we die trying to save our pack." Anneke was prepared to die if she had to. Her pack was worth it to her. It had been worth it for her father and brothers. She felt honored to have the chance to follow their examples instead of continuing to cower in fear of her brother.

"Then let's move our way into position and wait." Carr waited for Anneke to enter and followed, the rest of his pack close behind. Hopefully this would work. He didn't think Rolf was even aware that his pack was on its way, much less here. And it looked like the Jensen pack was disintegrating quickly. There might not be much of a fight after all. He hoped.

Rebecca and Danielle had been disappointed to be separated from their mates for this part of their journey. But they understood the reasons. Rolf wanted them and it was best that they were as far from his as possible. Although, if needed, they'd take advantage of Rebecca's panther's secret weapon against the Dire Wolf. Secretly, Rebecca wondered how much damage she could do to the Alpha. But would it affect a regular Werewolf the same way? She didn't think so. She'd bitten Trey and he'd been fine.

She and Danielle moved up to the front to walk with Anneke. Rebecca took hold of Anneke's arm on one side as Danielle took the other one. They both leaned in close so the males behind them wouldn't hear. Danielle was giggling as she spoke. "I guess when all this is over you and Axel will have to find time to be alone together, huh?" She grinned ear to ear.

"What? Axel? What are you talking about?" Anneke looked to her left and then to her right. She didn't understand the knowing looks from the two newly turned females. Was there something they knew that she didn't? "Why would we need to be alone?"

"To mate of course." Rebecca was very matter of fact like it was obvious to everyone, except Anneke apparently.

"Mate?" Anneke stopped so fast the males behind them almost crashed into their backs. Anneke looked behind her with a sheepish grin. "Sorry Alpha, didn't mean to stop like that." She began walking again and whispered with her two friends. "I've known Axel for years and we've never had the inclination to mate."

"Well that was then and this is now. Troy told me when Weres have known each other for years that one day it comes on slow, not the way it does for a Were who finds a mate outside their own pack." Danielle didn't understand the why's of it all, but she had a mate, so it really didn't matter to her.

"Carr knew his mate since they were cubs. Trey said one day he just started acting weird around her. He got jealous when she'd hang out with other males, he was moody whenever she was around. And apparently she didn't realize it either. And then one day, his father told him he'd better mate with her before her parents sent her away to find a male.

Anneke was dumbfounded. She walked in a daze as she looked at her friends who couldn't keep from grinning. Axel? He had been looking at her strangely since he'd found them at the caves. She'd missed it. They hadn't really seen much of each other in the last several decades. She'd been busy with her nursing, he'd been busy with the pack. She used to hope but had given up long ago. Axel, huh.


"Axel." Kent was walking next to his friend as they approached the front of the compound. "Axel, you better tell her as soon as we get done with this." He watched his friend's reaction out of the corner of his eye.

Axel turned his head and looked at Kent with a raised eyebrow. "Tell who what?" Kent kept alluding to something that Axel was clueless about. "Never mind that for now, tell me later." He turned to Trey and Troy. "If we want to get past the surveillance we need to take the path to the right."

"We don't want to get past the surveillance. We want him to know we're coming." Trey grinned at the Beta. "We aren't the ones that need the element of surprise. You really don't think anyone will back him up?"

Axel shook his head. "No, if they think about it, they'll change their minds when they see all of us on your side."

Kent piped up. "You mean when they see you on their side Axel. The other Betas trust you a lot more than they trust Rolf." Kent clapped his friend on the shoulder.

Trey and Troy didn't have to have dreams like the Vlkolak to have a glimpse at the future.

The twins and the Jensen Betas confidently made their way into the compound. Trey and Troy had the feeling they were being watched, but this time they didn't see anyone. They stopped in front of the entrance to the house. When the door opened and they saw Rolf standing on the porch, Trey sent a message to Carr.

Carr nodded to Anneke and she opened the door that led from the passage to Doctor Majors' office. Carr walked through first, surprising the Were that sat at the desk.

The Doctor was startled and jumped to his feet. When Anneke slipped past the large brown haired Were in the front he relaxed. "Anneke, you're all right. I trust these are friends?" He gestured towards the many Weres who were walking into the room. They quickly had it filled, and there were still more in the secret passage that he'd never known existed behind his office wall.

"Jordan." Logan spotted his friend and came forward. "You should have warned me." He had a serious look on his face. He really didn't think his friend had betrayed him on purpose. At least he hoped so.

"Logan, I'm so very sorry. I really had no idea. Please, I hope you can forgive me." He put a hand out, waiting to see if his friend would ever trust him again. He watched as Logan glanced at whom he assumed was the Baxter Alpha. He knew there was a quick conversation going on through their bond. For a brief second he thought about how his wolf longed to have a bond with an Alpha again.

Logan grasped his hand tightly and shook it. "Of course Jordan. I trust you. And more importantly, Anneke does. We've come to trust her very quickly. Jordan, this is my new Alpha, Carr Baxter."

"Doctor, do you know what's happened in the last few hours?"

"Yes Alpha, a little bit of it anyway. He said a Werecat bit him. Whatever the type of reaction, it isn't stopping even though the limb is gone. I suggested amputation of what was left of the limb, but I'm not sure that will even stop the progression of the tissue degeneration. And I think he's become much more paranoid in the last few hours as well."

"Do you know how many Betas are at the compound now?"

"No more than a handful Alpha. And with the numbers you have with you, I don't think they'll fight." Jordan felt a sense of relief come over him as he saw the large Weres with the Alpha. They should be able to easily overpower Rolf. Maybe his time would finally be over. Jordan would be spending the rest of his long life rethinking his blindness to what had been happening around him. He swore to never allow it to happen again.

"And are there any other Dire Wolves Doctor?" Carr saw the doctor's eyes widen. "You didn't know he'd been genetically altered?" Carr seemed skeptical. From Trey's description of Rolf he didn't sound like a normal looking Werewolf.

"I didn't know Rolf before, so no, I wasn't aware of any alteration. Dire Wolf. Really? No, I don't think there are any others."

Carr looked at his group of warriors. "Anneke, lead the way. Rebecca, Danielle, stay to the rear unless we need your panthers." The females nodded.

"Panthers? Oh my, that explains the Werecat. I hope to meet your panthers later, at a more opportune moment of course." The doctor had heard of Werepanthers but had never seen one.

"Logan, why don't you and Dr. Majors prepare his hospital for casualties. We'll hope for only one." Carr didn't wait for a response before walking out of the room with his Betas and the Council close behind.

As they made their way through the house Carr was getting constant updates from Trey and Troy. Rolf was alone at the entrance to the house. No sign of any Betas with him.


Rolf called out to the approaching group of his former pack along with those meddling Baxter Betas. "Where are my females? Have you brought them back to me? I don't see them." He scanned the group. The Vloklak were nowhere to be seen. "Well Axel, then if you aren't going to bring me those females, and Anneke is gone, and Viktor left with Delilah, you leave me no choice."

Rolf reached behind him and pulled the young Omega out of the house and onto the porch in full view of the Betas. He smiled when he saw Axel's look of recognition. He held tightly to Halle's arm, not letting her move away from him.

Her body trembled as the Alpha slowly sniffed her neck. Halle called to her brother through their tight family bond and begged him not to do anything. She saw his jaw clench and his teeth start their familiar grinding, his sign of stress and anxiety.

She tried to force her own fear down. She knew if Axel lost control he'd die. If she could keep check of her own emotions it would go a long way towards helping him. She didn't understand the full implication of the pack's Betas standing up to the Alpha, but she knew this was the most dangerous position she and Axel had ever been in.

Kent could hear the sound of Axel's gnashing teeth and knew how much strength it took for his friend to hold back and not attack now. But Rolf could kill Halle in an instant. Kent snuck a look at his other pack mates. They were scared, but would stand up to the Alpha, for Axel, for Anneke, for Halle, and for the survival of their pack, or at least what was left of it.

Trey and Troy hadn't been sure of how the Jensen Betas would respond when they first saw their Alpha. They could have turned tail and run, or cowered and returned to his side. But they were standing shoulder to shoulder, facing their fears and the Dire Wolf.

And they both noted the determination on Axel's face. They didn't know who the female with Rolf was but figured pretty quickly she must be special to Axel. They let Carr know what was happening and promised each other they would do their best to protect the innocent young female who was Rolf's latest pawn.

Carr and his group came around a corner and were in sight of the front door. They could see the hulking frame of the Dire Wolf and the diminutive figure of the little blond Omega. Carr had to think about this quickly. He didn't want the poor girl harmed if he could help it.

Rolf took a hold of Halle's hair, entwining his hand in the long silky tresses, and pulled hard to the side, forcibly baring her neck to him. He leaned down and inhaled slowly, taking her scent in. One thing about being a Dire Wolf, he could sense the scent of any female, not just a supposed true mate. It was intoxicating. And her scent, lovely, so fresh, so pure. His tongue flicked forward and slid along Halle's flawless pale skin. He glanced up to see the look of rage on Axel's face and smiled.

"Rolf, let the girl go and we'll give you one Vlkolak female. If you don't, we'll kill them both and you'll get nothing!" Trey figured it wouldn't work, but he had to give it a try.

"I get them both or I snap her neck, after I fuck her in front of her precious brother. What do you think Axel? Would you like to see her enjoy her first and only cock? Oh the pleasure she would have before I killed her. And the memory of it would sear your brain for the rest of your days. This is your fault Axel. She would have been safe if you hadn't turned on me."

Axel's nostrils flared as he tried to contain his anger. He knew that Rolf would rape and kill her regardless of what he'd done before or what he may do now. But how could he save her? If anyone made a move, he'd kill her in less time than it took to cover the ground to the house. Even with one arm he could do it.

Rebecca let Trey hear her conversation with Carr. Trey wasn't happy about her idea, but it was probably the only thing that could work right now. She looked at Carr who sighed deeply before nodding his head.

Anneke and the two panthers made their way through the halls to a side door and slipped out of the house without a sound. They made their way around the yard until they could see the Betas lined up in front of the entrance. Rebecca took the lead and the three females approached the group.

"Alright Alpha, we'll turn ourselves over to you, but you have to let the child go!" As scared as Rebecca was, she was doing a wonderful job at sounding authoritative. She walked past her mate, feeling his strength as if it were her own. She drew on it as best she could.

Danielle stared at her in awe. There was no way she could even croak out a sound right now she was so scared. She could feel Troy's eyes on her as they moved towards the front of the house.

The two Werepanthers walked together towards the front porch but stopped midway between the house and the Betas. "Let her go and we'll join you. Hurt her and we wouldn't be able to stop these Betas from killing you if we wanted to." Rebecca tried to look defiant. She wasn't sure if she was succeeding but she gave it her best.

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