The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 04


My palms definitely remembered Evie's big tits, and setting her onto the bed beside Marissa, I began to kiss my way down her body. Finally, after tugging her thong out of the way, I found Evie's bare shaved lips waiting for me, wet in anticipation.

Evie and Daniela had been quite instrumental in teaching me how to properly perform cunnilingus, and I was eager to show off how much I remembered.

Meanwhile, Daniela had similarly stripped Marissa, and had two fingers already embedded in Marissa's quim while she continued her tongue-war inside of Marissa's face. I listened to the familiar moans of Marissa mingling with Evie's newer ones, and together Daniela and I thrashed our lovers until they cried out for mercy after receiving an excessive amount of pleasure.

At last, I slid myself up onto the bed, and with Evie's panting body beneath me, I planted my hands onto her round tits and thrust my pecker into Evie's pussy. She was incredibly tight, and only a few inches went in on that first thrust despite her multiple recent orgasms. She must have had very few, if any, male lovers since me.

And so wriggling my hips and applying a steady pressure, I pushed lower and lower until at last I was embedded deeply inside of her. Having achieved my goal of full penetration, I did the first thing that came to mind. I pulled all the way out.

And then I went all the way back in.

And then all the way out. And Evie was screaming at me to stop playing with her and just FUCK her. So I did just that.

Marissa by now had taken charge of her own situation and finally gotten Daniela fully naked, leaving all four of us fully nude. And they were now in a happy sixty- nine, lying side by side on the bed and curved together while they showed off their individual expertise to each other. I could not explain how thrilling it was to see my girlfriend and the first college girl I'd ever lusted after now tonguing each other to screaming orgasms.

Evie was tossing her head side to side, lost in the sensations I was producing in her while my mental effect was focused down right into the pleasure centers of her brain. I was determined to make her remember this fuck for the rest of her life.

And so putting in just enough focus to stimulate her, but not so much to give myself a headache, I slammed my dick into her and set off a series of fireworks in Evie's brain. Her eyes flew open wider than I'd ever seen them before, and her entire upper body vaulted off the bed as she howled at the ceiling and climaxed HARD.

I couldn't hold myself any longer while the hot brunette thrashed around on the bed beneath me, and then I was blasting load after load of sperm into Evie's quivering insides. I kept firing away as I got tossed around, riding out her bucking motions until at last she collapsed. Her eyes fluttered as she teetered on the edge of consciousness. Evie rarely ever swore, but now she muttered, "Holy fucking SHIT..."

Daniela popped her head up, looking at what I'd done to her girlfriend. "I gotta get a piece of that." Her vocabulary was American, but the European accent was still there and still intoxicating.

I was still embedded in Evie's pussy, and turned a pained expression to the blonde beauty. "It's gonna take a minute to get recharged again. I'm not as young as I used to be."

"Then let me take care of it," came Daniela's immediate reply.

I pulled out and flipped onto my back across the bed, and Daniela quickly pounced, taking my cock deep into her mouth and sucking powerfully. And I was still on my back when a new sight caught my attention. Just past Daniela's bobbing head in my lap, I saw Kaia leaning against the doorway, one hand obviously buried under her skirt. It was such an erotic pose, like a Michelangelo painting of a half naked goddess brought to vivid reality.

Kaia saw me for a moment, and then she was looking rather more hungrily at the white jizz oozing out of Evie's worn pussy. And then she began to step across the room to the bed.

Marissa caught my gaze as well and then gasped when she noticed Kaia joining the party. And then Kaia's perfectly sculpted face and dark ringlets of hair disappeared into Evie's crotch to be followed by loud noises of Kaia slurping out mine and Evie's juices.

Evie was still half-conscious, and without even looking to see who it was, she reached a hand down and rested it on top of Kaia's head to press Kaia's tongue deeper into her slit.

I turned my attention back to my girlfriend, and Marissa came to me at once to swap a tender kiss. But that tender kiss became rather more urgent when Daniela gave me a particularly pleasurable lick. And then after a rather more passionate liplock, I tugged at Marissa until she was straddling my head so I could get my mouth on Marissa's other set of lips.

All five of us writhed in pleasure, both giving and receiving until both Marissa and Evie cried out in orgasm. Daniela, now satisfied with my hardness, clambered onto the bed and pulling my dick upright, sank herself down onto it. Marissa was still glowing in post-orgasmic bliss when Daniela reached out and hugged her, letting her tongue trail across the back of Marissa's neck. Daniela's arms folded around my girlfriend to caress titflesh and other sensitive nerves while she lightly gyrated herself around my pole.

But then Marissa couldn't keep herself upright any more and collapsed onto the bed next to Evie and Kaia. She lay there, watching Daniela fuck herself upon me and panted to catch her breath.

Kaia sucked Evie to another climax, but then before Evie could reach out to thank her, Kaia silently moved up to a nearby La-Z-Boy, and settled in for a new voyeuristic thrill.

Instead, Evie and Marissa curled up together, partly to take a short break from the non-stop orgasms and partly to get to know each other a little more intimately. I grinned at the two satisfied brunettes, Evie's more generous curves built atop a model's body and Marissa's slender elfin features. They kissed gently, almost in that nervous affection of meeting new people for the first time.

"So you're the one who's captured his heart," Evie mumbled to Marissa.

But then Daniela's inner muscles brought my rapt attention straight back to her. She pumped herself upon me athletically, reaching both hands up to play with her hair and pull the blonde locks back into a mock ponytail. This thrust her bosom out towards me, and her wobbly tits bounced enticingly with every up and down motion of her body.

And now that she had my attention, I decided to give her even more attention. My hands shifted to Daniela's hips, and I began to hammer her down against me and drive my cock deeper and deeper up into her body. She gasped, a wonderfully breathy sound, and I kept up my faster assault.

In the meantime, my mental energies directed themselves to a new target, zeroing in on Daniela's pleasure centers and immediately I was rewarded with some loud, involuntary moans of intense arousal while we kept up our fucking.

Now there was bound to be some leakage in the effect, and soon Kaia was out of her chair, straddling my legs right behind Daniela and cupping the bouncing tits from behind. Then one of Kaia's hands snaked down Daniela's stomach until she reached the wet pussy being split in half by my rod. Kaia's hands began to rub away at Daniela's clit, and several sultry whimpers came flying out of the hot blonde's mouth.

I watched as Kaia reached her head around and captured Daniela's lips with her own, and then Daniela was moaning right into Kaia's open mouth as she was attacked from both sides by myself and Kaia. There was only so much Daniela could take, and with her clit in Kaia's fingers and my shaft burying itself within her inner folds, not to mention my brain inside her nerve centers, Daniela's body went rigidly still and then she shook violently with the force of a powerful orgasm.

Daniela was suddenly coming so hard and so much that her box was absolutely flooded with her orgasmic juices. I felt like I was fucking in a washing machine. And her wailing climax was enough to make Evie and Marissa now stop to watch and gape at us.

Per usual, the setting off of mental fireworks in a girl was enough to shred every last ounce of control I had, and I grunted with a desperate, "Gawd, I'm gonna cum!"

Daniela nodded, but then Kaia looked deep into her and begged, "Please, let me taste?"

Daniela nodded again, still too lost in her own pleasure haze to seriously care. But she had enough sense to dismount me, and I had just barely enough time before shooting off right into Kaia's gorgeous face.

The first spurt splattered her nose before she got her lips around me. And then I actually could see her throat contracting over and again as she swallowed each successive burst of semen that coated the inside of her mouth..

When I was finished, I could have melted right into the bed then and there. Every muscle in me went limp, and deflated I sank myself into the bedcovers. But there were others who still had a lot more lust in them.

Kaia just grinned, then opened her mouth to show off the pool of cum she still had there. She still had her mouth open when a body hurtled past me, and then Marissa had tackled Kaia, kissing her sloppily and fishing out as much of my white juice as she could. Kaia for her part just played tonsil hockey with my girlfriend, and all I could do was groan and watch my favorite lovers all playing together.

This had been a GREAT party.


My eyes opened, my body nearly half-awake, feeling like I was in heaven.

I was warm, and pressed up against the naked back of a gorgeous woman. My left arm was snaked beneath her neck so I could spoon myself tightly against her in our sleep, my right arm draped over with the palm cupping a very firm breast. My morning wood was neatly folded in the cleft of her asscheeks. And she smelled absolutely wonderful.

I gazed down at the dark hair of my girlfriend, watching the rhythm of her body rising and falling in her sleep. The comfortable familiarity soothed me like a nice bubble bath, and I leaned down to nuzzle at her neck and shoulders. It was still in the dead of night, and I felt like we were the only people in existence.

She began to stir at my gentle touch, and her eyes were still closed when she rotated in my arms and leaned up to kiss me. I happily gave her my lips, and we kissed each other a welcoming hello. The love I felt for this woman floated me away, and the half-remembrance of pleasant dreams stirred my blood.

Our kiss built in intensity, until with heated exchanges our tongues duelled and we rotated our bodies until she was flat on her back and we were pressed chest to chest. Her hard nipples grazed against my pecs. I could feel the lust in me come alive to join the love beating through my heart, and she moaned quietly in her own arousal as well.

It took only a few more moments before we suddenly found ourselves joined together, my penis fully embedded in her vagina. And I rested deep inside of her, pleasantly enjoying the feeling for a long while. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the pillow beside her while she kissed my cheek. We were both still half- conscious but wonderfully happy at our quiet lovemaking.

And then my girlfriend began to squeeze her inner muscles, and we set into a comfortable rhythm. Just the two of us were encapsulated in a bubble, the world beyond ceasing to exist so that there was nothing left but the passion between us. This wasn't frantic sex and pumping to search out and find our own release. We took our time, and felt so fantastic that I wished my orgasm would never come so that I might have this feeling forever.

Alas, male bodies don't work that way, and so the pleasure built up and up and up until neither of us could bear it any longer. I leaned down to kiss her, and we passionately made love with our mouths before I lifted my head and grunted, feeling the built-up pressure leaving my body as I spewed out jet after jet into the willing folds of this woman I adored.

She came at the same time, back arching and emerald green eyes blazing at me to meet me with one of the longest, happiest climaxes of her life.

Ultimately, it was those green eyes that brought me back to the world of the living once we were done. I realized where I was, and the entirety of who I was with.

Daniela and Evie were cuddled close together off to my left, still asleep. It was Kaia, my ex-girlfriend, who lay beneath me awash in the glow of post-coital bliss. And Marissa, my sweet Marissa, lay to my right, still blissfully unaware that her man had just fucked his ex-girlfriend two feet away.

It wasn't that I was embarrassed or felt like I had done anything wrong. After all, Kaia had fully been a part of last night's orgy, and Marissa herself had tongued Kaia to several nice climaxes. But it was the way I had felt about Kaia while we were doing it that bothered me a little. I had remembered the love and the girlfriend, Marissa not even entering my mind. It was as if we'd been transported back in time when Kaia was my everything. And I knew then that there were still some lingering feelings left behind.

And for her part, Kaia looked up at me with tenderness and love. It was an expression she had always reserved for only me. The Ice Queen persona was her daily life, but here she lay, basking in the radiance of our lovemaking, looking upon me as if we were madly in love once again.

I'd screwed dozens of women in my life, but only Kaia had ever captured my memory like that. If her job had not taken her away, I would never have wanted to break up with her. And I didn't know if I could let her go again now that she was within reach.



The time after the party returned to a semblance of normality. The only obvious difference was that I got a lot more waves of hello from the neighbors when I drove by. We went about our daily routines of aimlessly enjoying my money and seeking out new thrills to entertain us. Neither Marissa nor I had serious jobs but the money kept pouring in.

And of course, Marissa and I made love every chance we got. I still had my playboy edge, and every now and again I'd seduce some aspiring actress/waitress or pick up a bisexual hottie at the gym. And Marissa delighted in the variety of flavors I brought her as well.

I reveled in my perfect existence, not a care in the world except to find the next bit of entertainment. The body spray was still tremendous, the cash flow guaranteed. I'd already sprung for a fancy Italian sportcar and fine jewelry for my loving girlfriend. What more could a man want?

I figured out the answer very quickly. Marissa and I would meet up with Jamie and Kaia every few weeks. Usually it was a light dinner and a fun round of jokes. We were all very healthy, active people who enjoyed a little fun from time to time. And every so often all four of us would find ourselves sharing a bed and sharing in each other's pleasure. It was just sex, and everyone was an eager participant without expectations.

I would have thought that the repeated sexual encounters with Kaia would quench my thirst for her. I'd assumed that my initial infatuation with Kaia from the housewarming party was based on nostalgia. And after getting used to her presence my desire would wane and my brain would stop spinning to let me just enjoy the affections of Marissa.

But every time we fucked I wanted her more, and more. I was quickly becoming addicted to her. I'd always had strong feelings for her, a powerful lust that drove me to her when we first started dating and made me desire her ever more, even when Kaia just wanted to watch as I fucked some other pretty young thing she'd offered me.

For years I'd felt like I could never have sex with her enough to sate my addiction. And now that she was back in my life, I was driven insane by having to wait for weeks at a time without being able to taste her skin.

Perhaps now I knew what it was like for a girl to be aroused by me. To feel the uncontrollable lust roaring in your loins, stressing you out and never letting you rest until you give in to those feelings.

One time Kaia called me while Marissa was out for a few hours at the salon and running a few errands. Jamie had just broken up with her boyfriend, and Kaia wanted me to come down and cheer Jamie up.

I explained that Marissa was out, but that once she got back we'd be happy to come by. But Kaia was insistent, urging me to come over right away as Jamie was feeling distraught. I already knew that such a meeting would immediately lead into a fantastic threesome with Jamie and Kaia. I could picture myself seizing Kaia's body and fucking her with abandon, ignoring restraint and free to let loose without worrying whether Marissa could see me and detect my wavering loyalty. And the temptation was almost more than I could bear.

But the little twitch of guilt in the back of my mind was enough, just barely, to remember the honesty of my girlfriend, the love I had with Marissa. And so I waited for Marissa to come home before we visited and of course fell into a passionate four-way tryst, most of our combined attentions on pleasuring Jamie.

Sometimes I would picture Kaia's magnificent body beneath me as I ravaged Marissa. I dreamed it was Kaia I was subjecting beneath me, fucking Marissa perhaps harder than she really enjoyed, taking revenge for the hold Kaia had always had over me.

Now I am not a person who is very good at hiding his emotions. I wear them on my sleeve for all the world to see. And I could see the fear creeping into Marissa's eyes as the weeks passed by and my focus on Kaia wasn't going away. She was still good friends with her older sorority sisters, and Kaia at least did not outwardly seem interested in taking me away from her. But the wavering resolve of her boyfriend's interest was enough to give Marissa pause.

And all the emotions and irrational decisions came pouring out one fateful evening.


Kaia and Jamie were visiting our mansion. We were on the second floor deck, enjoying the sunset over dinner while looking out across the expansive view. Marissa played the perfect hostess, keeping the serving staff alert and attentive to us.

Usually, we'd all get a little tipsy and our jokes would take a turn for the sexual. And since we only met up with the girls every few weeks or so, they remained blissfully vulnerable to my effect. So when I got really aroused, so did they, and the four of us would retire to a bedroom or some other convenient place to get our groove on. But the suggestions were always made by me or Marissa. We were inviting them to join us as always.

This time, however, Kaia locked her gaze right onto me and stated that she'd had enough chit-chat. "When can I get that cock in me?"

"Well, right away if the lady so demands it," I replied.

She got up, fixing me with a smoldering hot gaze, her eyes a deep, dark forest green but still luminous in their beauty. And she held out a hand to me for me to join her. Without even glancing at Jamie or Marissa, I took the hand and then followed as she began to walk away.

I heard behind me the rustle of Jamie and Marissa trailing after us. Then Kaia led us all down to the pool, stepping us past the waterfall and into the secluded grotto built in and hidden away.

She turned on the ambient lights, perfect for a seduction, and then began to shed her clothing. Fully naked, I could only watch as this goddess stepped down into the warm waters of this oversized hot-tub, ducked down, and then resurfaced with her hair sleek and straight back against her scalp.

My eyes were only on Kaia, my heart racing and the lust overwhelming even to me. I felt Jamie's hands working off my clothes, and only belatedly did I realize that Marissa was standing off to the side.

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