tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Ultimate Social Director-V

The Ultimate Social Director-V


Two down one to go. Lance and Glenda are well on the way to each of their sexual well being. In walked Richard. Husband of Glenda, who is the Prime Minister of Grand Aulitia.

"What about me Doc, or whatever they call you around here." Richard started hollering. "Isn't my money good enough?" he continued. I sat him down to my right, and offered him some wine that seemed to have a calming effect on him. I called Robin and Shari and asked them to join us in my office. "Now Richard tell me what is it that you want to accomplish this weekend?" I quietly asked. He said that he wants to get blown, laid, but most important to him was to have sex for over thirty minutes. He then told me of his 4 ½ inch dick, and that he was so ashamed of it that he just wanted to get the sex act over as fast as possible. I then told Richard that I'm quite familiar with a Kama Sutra method that can actually increase his pecker size, and would he trust me and my staff to teach it to him, and to apply our technique. He said that he is at his wit's end and would be willing to try anything, providing it's straight. He is through with gay experiences. I reassured him that there is nothing gay about the treatment, and that it will be applied by two of my best hostesses. He agreed, and said the he would like to surprise Glenda with it and screw her brains out on their final day here. I told him that it would be no problem, in fact I'd be willing to discount both their rooms by one full day.

Shari and Robin walked into my office, and they were a site to behold. Shari our best looking brunette hostess, was wearing a red halter that accentuated her large boobs, and protruding nipples. She also wore very tight jeans, with obviously no panties, and 3-inch red heels. Robin our beautiful blonde wore a plaid miniskirt, and a cream-colored silk see-through blouse, revealing tits that were just screaming to be sucked. Wearing no underwear completed her ensemble, and also sporting 3 inch tan heels. Both ladies gave me a peck on the cheek and sat opposite me, waiting and listening to Richard and myself. I told Richard that the treatment involved him to lie on top of the 'dick-surf-board', which has a hole in it for his dick to go through. He needs to maintain an erection, and the girls will take care of that, and a small two-ounce weight will be attached to his crown by a soft yarn. This process needs to be performed every four hours for one hour. As a reward, after each session Robin and Shari will get him to climax. The trick here is to prolong it to over 30 minutes. I then asked Shari and Robin to get the aphrodisiac fruit and the prolonging ointment we had in the fridge, and to join us in the men's locker room, which was next door to my enormous office.

Richard and I went into the locker room, and Robin and Shari soon joined us. I asked the girls to help Richard out of his clothes, and winked at them, suggesting that they may also want to get more comfortable. I then pushed three buttons; one for music, two for getting the 'dick-surf-board' out, and three to close the door. I then retreated to my favorite couch, behind the one-way mirror. The girls had Richard buck naked in no time. Then first Shari and the Robin entertained Richard by seductively undressing for him. Richard was standing in front of the board stark naked, sort of shy for his pecker was only 4 ½ inches. They took Richard over to the Jacuzzi, and all three climbed in. What a thrill from my prospective, as the hot tub was made of thick glass, and I was able to see the entire 'show' and hear their conversations as well. The girls washed him well, especially his dick and anal area. They also let him wash each of them, as they giggled when he caressed their boobs and playfully fingered their pussies. They all dried each other off and Shari gave Richard a piece of the aphrodisiac, and asked him to lie on the board. Richard got on the board, and he carefully threaded his cock through the hole. Robin gently tied the yarn to his crown and on the other end, about three feet below Shari tied a 2-ounce weight. Richard didn't seem to mind the weight, especially as Shari was licking the slit of his dick, and Robin was fingering his anus. Every now and then Robin would hand the tube of cream to Shari who would apply it to Richard's dick's slit. They would switch and Shari would lick his anus, and Robin would lick the length of his cock. This went on for an entire hour, the girls being extra careful of maintaining his erection, but not letting him come. The hour seemed to last forever, so it seemed to Richard.

As promised when the hour was up the girls untied the yarn, turned Richard over, and Shari sat on his face, as Robin engulfed his dick with her mouth. Three strokes and Richard was done. He never had a chance as he exploded into Robin's waiting mouth. Shari also came from the expert tongue-lashing applied to her clit by Richard. Robin seemed to be the odd one out, shrugged her shoulders, and started helping Richard to get dressed. As she instructed him to return in four hours Richard, feeling grateful, he grabbed both of her tits, and asked her to just lie down and to enjoy, for this part he was considered to be a master at. Robin was never one to look at a gift horse in the mouth, she followed his lead and waited. Lying on her back, Richard started around her knee, and worked his way up to her shaven pussy. While he was busy kissing, and licking, Shari worked her head between Richard's legs and began to suck on his balls. Richard now landed on his object of desire, and locked in on Robin's clit. Shari meanwhile had Richard erect again, and started to lick the length of his cock. Robin was really enjoying his talented tongue and every now and then would squeeze her thighs around his head, forcing his tongue further into her aching cunt.

Shari now was sucking on his pecker, expecting juice, but it seemed to take much longer than the first time. Richard playfully bit Robin's clit, which seemed to put her over the edge, as she trembled and flooded her juices into Richard's waiting mouth. Robin got off the table and took his balls into her mouth as Shari's mouth was milking his cock for whatever Richard had left. Robin placed a finger into his bunghole, and found his prostate, and Richard could hold back no more, as he came in three waves into Shari's waiting mouth. They all went into the hot tub after, washed and agreed to meet again in four hours.

After three sessions, Richard was measured, and his cock now measured 5 ¼ inches. After six sessions Richard's cock was nearly 6 inches. He started planning his escapade with Glenda. The final day for this duo would be in the woman's locker room, and Glenda agreed to meet Richard to check out his surprise. The two went into the room and Richard quickly got undressed and helped Glenda out of her outfit as well. He then showed Glenda his new and improved pecker. I was stationed on my leather couch just outside, hearing all and seeing all behind the one-way mirror. Glenda lovingly smiled, touched it gently at first, but soon dropped onto her knees, and started sucking it like a lollipop. He stopped her and asked her to lie down so that they can mutually enjoy each other. He lied down with his toes to her face and he commenced to suck her juices like it was his last supper, and she resumed sucking on his cock. They went through many different positions. They soon got into the doggy style position as he rammed her from behind, with love and force. He cupped her boobs, tweaked her aching nipples. She reached back to cup his dangling balls. I don't know how long it took, but it was over twenty minutes, as they both came with a fury.

They both smiled, hugged, and on the way out of the woman's locker room, Glenda threw me a kiss, Richard gave me the high sign, and hollered almost in unison; "thanks Doc for a great job!"

I can't wait for our next client. All this fun and I get paid too...WOW!

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