The Vicar's Wife Ch. 04


He climbed back on the bed, lying between her open thighs, propped up on his stiff arms. Looking down between their bodies, Peter positioned his stiff cock at the entrance of her delicate folds of coral-coloured flesh, pressing it gently into the folds. The head found the entrance to her mysterious passage, pausing for a few seconds in the damp warmth, whilst he relished the sheer bliss of being about to discover once more, the unfamiliar shrine of a young woman.

The anticipation of entering a woman never failed to touch him. But this was extra special. It was heavenly. Deliberately and slowly, the penis was thrust into the eager folds of the vagina, stretching the inner walls clutching at the shaft, until their hairy groins met, and the cock was fully engulfed. The penis head was pressing against the cervix, the very altar of her sex.

It was time to pay homage by slowly thrusting in and out, exploring every fold and crevice of the inner passage, plunging at the shrine. He closed his mind to everything except the perfect ecstacy of experiencing his cock sliding in and out, against the sound of a woman's whimpers and moans of agonised joy.

He was being encouraged to fuck her completely. This was no longer his daughter, or even a person, but a female body hungering to be fucked - and fucked hard and long. Time stood still. Only his loins moved up and down like a well-oiled piston stimulating the nerves beneath the skin of his cock. It was wondrously exciting.

How long this went on until his loins started to twitch and jerk, he had no idea. Nor did he care. He was in seventh heaven. Worshipping at the vaginal shrine. Plundering her treasure. She was squirming beneath him. Then, finally, he felt his own tension starting to rise. The old familiar feeling of his excitement coming to the boil, his legs tightening, his hips flexing.

The rhythm of his strokes became more urgent. Control over his body was a losing battle. Peter's body was becoming a mass of quivering nerves as his loins became taught. He couldn't control it any longer. His whole body clutched at the sensation, trying to trigger the ejaculation he so desperately needed.

Flexing his muscles, his mind reached deep down to engage the trigger which would eventually let loose the jets of semen. It was reluctant to come to the climax. Still he thrust hard and erratically, searching for the trigger. Please! Please, he cried to himself!

Then it came! Ahh! His whole body stiffened, every muscle at full stretch for a tantalising moment. Peter's face screwed up as he lunged hard to the very depths of Emily's vagina. His seed surged up his quivering shaft to discharge deep inside her. Then the spasms struck! The third coming was not too copious, just three spurts to anoint her delicious vagina. But it was wonderful! Rapturous!

As for Emily, as her father slid off the bed after their sixty-nine episode, she removed her nightie and stretched her body along the bed, with arms behind her head, looking at her father. Although in his forties, he had a good slim figure, without being skinny, with a flat belly and a shock of pubic hair. In fact, he was quite am attractive, handsome man.

Looking at him, she had always suspected that he was a sexy sort and, indeed, had heard rumours of his escapades with one or two of the parishioners. But he really was a good lover. As he turned to face her, she saw the penis, still half erect. And that's what it's all about, she thought. Pushing that tube inside a woman. But what a truly heavenly sensation! She loved it.

Mother was fortunate to have that penis at her beck and call. Or perhaps she was over familiar with it by this time, and yearned for something different. She smiled at him again, with great affection. In fact, her eyes were distinctly moist. As hers met his, she could see that he was still full of lust.

This opportunity is unlikely to arise again, she thought - and he knows it. She turned her attention once again to his penis. It was almost fully erect again. Goodness! What stamina. Emily wondered if he was contemplating another fuck. He was certainly staring down at her with lust in his greedy eyes.

It would be rather nice, she thought, to have a third session. So, she slowly opened her legs until they were as wide apart as they would stretch, exposing the delights of her furry treasure. The portals of her heaven were open wide for him. Her shrine was ready to be plundered again. It certainly had its effect, for her father's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the vision. Poor thing. A smiling Emily opened her arms as wide as her legs in an invitation for him to join her on the bed. He did.

As he settled between her parted thighs, stiff penis rearing before him, Emily closed her eyes in delightful anticipation of being penetrated once more by that thick shaft. And there it was! The hard cock nudged at her vulva. She caught her breath. Her body tensed during the few moments of stillness. That delightful moment just before the vagina welcomes the invader. Such a delectable thing.

Then the shaft started it's exploration of her warm, slippery passage of mystery and joy. Emily gave herself entirely to the awareness of the stimulation of her whole nervous system, wallowing in the erotic nature of it. Her muscles fluttered as her loins churned. It was magical. Sex was always magical.

There's no other experience to match it. It's heavenly. Bending her knees, raising the buttocks, gave fuller access to her passage. She voiced her enjoyment, whispering words of encouragement. 'Oh, daddy. Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Fuck me. Give me every inch of that superb cock. It's gorgeous - it's wonderful. Mmm! Fill me with your holy spirit.'

Lost in the mental erotic thrill, Emily had no awareness of time pasing. But the inevitable result of the stimulation within her began to surface. The orgasm was there all right. Down there. It was begging to be released. Her loins rose and fell to batter against his groins, matching his rhythm.

She reached her hand between their thudding bodies, clawing at her clitoris. Stiffened fingers made urgent circular rubbing over it. Her eyes were screwed up. Her head started to roll from side to side. Moans escaped her throat. My God! She was coming. Loud grunts of effort escaped her father as he thudded into her mercilessly.

She desperately needed to climax. Her body was arching from the bed. Suddenly she realised the cock was ejaculating into her. The sperm of her brothers and sisters! It was out of this world! It was agony. She started to scream. The orgasm slammed into her like an electric shock. Whilst one hand was rapidly rubbing her clit, her other fist beat down on her father's shoulders as the spasms racked her body. Bloody hell! This was the greatest! Ecstatic pain. It seemed to go on and on.

The elation was too much for her. Emily collapsed into a brief blackout before rolling over to sink into a deep sleep. Peter eventually slid off the bed, looked down on his daughter before planting a soft kiss on the ravished vulva and going into the shower. His penis was finally pacified. His mind was at peace.

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