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The Virgin Slave


Shannon struggled through the door with the groceries. It had been a long day at work and then the grocery store had been jam-packed with working wives and mothers getting dinner for their families. She sighed to herself. She was only 19, fresh out of secretarial school and she should be out there, dating guys so that she'd have a chance to become a wife and mother. But unfortunately she was stuck taking care of her dad and older brother after her mother had passed away the previous summer.

She'd never really liked her father or her brother. Her dad was lazy and had used to hit her mom. Her brother had taken after their dad and despite being 25 years old now he'd never managed to hold down a job for more than two consecutive months.

She heard laughter from the dining room and she assumed that it was her dad and brother's poker buddies who were there. That usually meant that she didn't need to fix them any dinner as they'd be stuffing their faces with snacks. Anytime soon they'd come and demand that she go to the liquor store for more beer. Her friends kept telling her to move out to her own apartment to get away from her father and brother. But how could she? They were her only family and she knew that if she didn't look after them, nobody would.

The voices in the dining room grew louder. There seemed to be some sort of dispute. She heard her brother's voice. "That's ridiculous. You can't do that! I don't owe you that much."

"I'll settle your debt and give you $1,000 credit," said a voice she didn't recognize.

"I can't do it, it's not right," protested her brother.

"You don't have a choice, buddy. It's either that or we'll take you to Vinnie's right this minute and you can rest assured that he'll have some nice concrete shoes fitted out for you."

Shannon's brother stormed into the kitchen. His face was red with anger and she could tell that he'd been drinking a lot. "Shannon, come with me," he demanded and grabbed her arm. He walked her into the dining room where her dad was passed out in a corner and there were three men she'd never seen before.

"What's going on?" she asked nervously.

"Your brother has a debt he can't pay," said one of the men.

"Sean? Is that right? How much do you owe these men?" she turned to her brother.

"He owes us $4,000 and he's overdue," continued the man who'd spoken before.

Shannon knew none of them had that kind of money and the house was already fully mortgaged. "How about if he gets a new job? My company is hiring. I work with the payroll, I can make sure he pays you a percentage of his wage every week."

"That's too late, we're not a bank. We're getting paid tonight."

Before she had a chance to react the other two men put a blindfold over her eyes and gagged her. They tied her hands behind her back and started leading her outside. She could hear Sean whimpering. "I'm sorry Shannon, they were going to kill me otherwise."

The last thing she heard as she was being led out of the house was the man who'd been doing the talking asking Sean if he wanted the remaining £1,000 for her in cash or as credit. Sean mumbled that he'd take the cash.

Shannon felt herself being manoeuvred into the backseat of a car and her captors sat on either side of her. They drove for about half an hour and it didn't take her long to lose her bearings completely. The car wasn't moving very fast and it kept turning, so she assumed she was still in the city. It finally came to a stop and she was pulled out of the car and made to walk with her captors. They opened a door and went inside, but it wasn't much warmer.

"Hey Vinnie!" one of her captors called out. "We've got the girl."

Steps approached and she could feel a foul breath against her face. "This is Sean's sister? I think we've struck a good deal here. She's worth a lot more than $5,000. Put her away until Jimmy gets here tomorrow morning."

Again she was pushed and made to walk up some stairs. She was pushed into a room and heard a door lock behind her. She was still bound, gagged and blindfolded and she started crying. She was lying on the cold floor and she still didn't understand what was going on. Why had her brother sold her like that? Who were Vinnie and Jimmy? And what were they going to do with her now? She could only pray that Sean would come to his senses or her dad would wake up and they'd go to the police.

She started investigating her cell. It wasn't easy since her hands were bound behind her back and she couldn't see anything. There was nothing to be found though. Nothing for her to lie down on, nowhere for her to go to the toilet. She'd been bursting to go when she came home from work and now she was getting desperate. She tried to call out, but the gag muffled her cries. She tried to think what time it was. It had been close to eight when she got home and it must be at least nine now, probably close to ten. That Jimmy was supposed to get here in the morning. Maybe she could hold herself until then and ask him to let her use a toilet.

She was trying to sleep but her bladder was starting to hurt her. She cried with shame when she finally lost control of herself and started urinating, soiling her favourite pant suit. She didn't get much sleep during the night. The room was cold, the floor was freezing, she was hungry and thirsty and her legs were itching where her urine was starting to dry. After an eternity she heard steps approaching and the door was opened.

"Oh fuck, she's pissed herself," it was the voice of the guys from last night as he entered her cell.

"What do you expect?" said another voice. "You didn't take her to the toilet. Would it be so difficult to think once in a while? Clean her off and take her to my office."

"Sure Jimmy," said the first voice and Shannon heard the second guy walk away. She felt humiliated that she'd wet herself, but she was looking forward to the prospect of a shower and some fresh clothes. She soon discovered that a shower was not what Jimmy had meant.

The guy ripped off her clothes and she was stood naked and shivering, still blinded and gagged, in the cold room when he walked off and soon came back. With no warning she was hit by a cold jet of water. The guy was hosing her down like an animal in the zoo. She tried to cower in a corner but he just laughed and continued spraying her, making sure the water got in between her legs. The hosing down stopped as unexpectedly as it had started and without being dried off she was pulled away and made to walk. The tears were pouring out and soaking her blindfold. She'd never felt more humiliated in her life. She was cold and wet and missing her warm bed at home immensely. She was supposed to be at work now, surely someone there would grow suspicious and call the police?

They soon entered a new room that was a bit warmer than where she came from. Yet another strange voice started talking. "This is her? You've outdone yourself this time Vinnie."

Shannon was pushed against a cold metallic surface and made to lie down on it. Her hands were untied so that she could lie on her back, and fastened to the sides of the surface she was lying on. She struggled when her legs were pulled to either side, but the hands doing the pulling were much stronger than her and she soon found her legs bent and her ankles fastened. The strong hands pressed her knees down to each side, exposing to everybody in the room what she'd never let anyone see before.

Cold fingers started squeezing her nipples and feeling her breasts. They then inspected her most private parts and she closed her eyes, wanting to die. Then someone inserted some metallic instrument inside of her and pulled her wide open. She felt some instruments poke around inside of her and then she heard a voice she recognized as Jimmy's.

"How much did you say you wanted for her Vinnie?" he asked.

"A good looker like that? At least $10,000." Vinnie replied.

"Well, this is your lucky day," Jimmy continued. "This bitch is still a virgin, we ain't selling her for anything less than twice that amount.

"A virgin? That's perfect. I'll take her for $20,000," it was the voice from earlier.

Jimmy and Vinnie whispered with each other and replied. "$25,000 and you can take her now."

"$25,000, a minute ago you wanted 10!" the man was getting annoyed.

"We know what she's worth to you and we're pretty sure that we can get $25,000 if we show her to Al or Tom."

"OK, $25,000 it is," the voice sounded upset at how much money he was made to pay, but there was a streak of satisfaction there as well. Shannon was sure that he was pleased with the deal.

Shannon was untied from the table and wrapped inside a worn cotton robe. Her hands were then tied in front of her and she was taken outside and into another car. Her new captor released the gag and she drew a couple of quick breaths.

"Please take me home," she begged. "25 Coast Road, I won't tell anybody and I'll work real hard and pay you back. Pleeeeeease."

The man slapped her face. "Shut up bitch. You have no home. You belong to me now. You're better off forgetting your previous life cause you're never going to see it again."

Shannon started crying again.

"I told you to shut up or I'll gag you again."

She bit her lip and cowered as far away from his voice as she could.

After a short ride Shannon could hear the sound of planes taking off and landing. The car pulled up and the doors were opened. She was taken up stairs and realised that she must be in a private plane. She was taken to a seat and buckled up and within minutes they were taking off. Once they were airborne she could hear a couple of people getting out of their seats.

"So this is the girl? Let us see!"

She was pulled out of her seat, her hands untied and the robe ripped off her body.

"Very nice. And a virgin too? I guess I'll just have to wait then."

Several men laughed as they walked around her, again poking at her, putting their fingers between her legs and on her breasts. The flight didn't last long and she was soon pressed down in her seat again to get ready for landing, without the robe that she'd been wearing.

"Their tits look so fuckable when they cower like that," one man remarked and the others agreed.

"Well, at the moment they're just for looking, no for fucking," said the man who'd bought her from Jimmy and Vinnie. "Unless you want to pay me a lot of money."

Nothing more was said and the plane landed smoothly. Shannon was unbuckled and taken down some steps and into yet another car. They must have gone south because the air was definitely warmer there than it had been at home. She could feel someone sit next to her but not a lot was happening as they drove for what she thought was about half an hour. Rough hands pulled her out of the car and made her run with them into a cool building. They opened a door, untied her blindfold and pushed her inside. By the time her eyes got used to the light she was alone. Alone and naked in a small cell. She took in her surroundings. It was all concrete with a soiled mattress stuck in one corner and a bucket in another corner. At least she'd be able to go to the toilet now. There was a hose coming through a hole next to the door and she ran up to it, hoping to be able to drink from it, but it must be controlled from outside.

There was a tiny little window high up on one wall. She put the bucket upside down, but despite being 5'10" she couldn't see much. There were bars outside and there appeared to be a lot of bushes. There was no way of pulling the window open and it was so solid that she could feel that her tapping wasn't making any difference.

The hours passed and she was getting thirstier and weaker. She collapsed on the mattress in her cell and curled up to get warm. She cried like she'd never cried before. The tears she'd shed for her mother were nothing compared with what she was feeling now. She was all alone in the world and it was only a matter of time before she was used and abused.

When she woke up again it was dark. It must be night time. Her tongue felt swollen and like sandpaper in her mouth. How long had it been since she'd last eaten. She'd had lunch at work yesterday. Or was it the day before yesterday? Time was starting to drift away from her. She cried out for water, but if anybody could hear her they didn't acknowledge it.

She fell asleep again and woke up from the noise of two bowls being shoved inside her cell. She rushed over and fell on her knees. There was water in one bowl and some crackers in the other. She was so hungry and thirsty she didn't bother taking the bowls over to her mattress, but she lay on her hands and knees, lapping up the food, which there was nowhere near enough of. She licked up the last of the crumbs and the last few drops of water and then she crawled back into her corner. Later on she felt her stomach rumble and soon she was having cramps. She wondered what had been in the crackers that was making her feel so sick. She only made it to the bucket before she released her bowels. She was desperate for something to wipe herself off with, but there was nothing and she went back to the mattress and cried herself to sleep. The next time she woke up it was dark again and again she had to use the bucket.

The routine went on for what Shannon believed to be five days. Every morning she would wake up from the sound of two bowls being shoved into her cell. She never heard them remove the bowls. She'd hungrily devour what she was given, and every day she'd get stomach cramps from it. The bucket was filling up and the cell was filled with a foul stench. She was losing weight too. She'd always wanted to be a few pounds lighter, but her sweet tooth had always failed her. Now she had achieved her dream body, but she didn't care anymore. She was dirty and smelly and hoping that whatever it was that was making her sick would take her life soon too.

The next morning Shannon was surprised to wake up before her bowls of food arrived. She soon heard steps and got ready to fill her rumbling tummy. But there were no bowls. Instead a jet of cold water started streaming from the hose. She ran up to it and put her mouth to it and started drinking. The hose was pulled out of her hands and she heard a voice.

"The water is not for drinking. Clean yourself now. You're filthy." A bar of soap was slid into her cell and she started cleaning herself. The water was freezing, but she was beyond caring. It felt so good to clean away days of dried up feces and dirt. She used the soap on her hair as well. It wouldn't do as good a job on her long blonde hair as her salon shampoo, but at least it should make her feel slightly better to have clean hair. When she was done cleaning herself she dared to spray some more water inside her mouth, but whoever was out there was watching her and he immediately pulled the hose away from her and turned off the water. Next a leather mask was pushed through to her and she was instructed to put it on her head. It covered her eyes but had holes for her nose and mouth so that she could breathe. When she'd done as instructed the door opened and someone came inside and fastened the mask on her head. She then felt some leather contraptions being fitted to her wrists and ankles. Her wrists were chained together and the chain was then yanked, making her walk away in darkness.

She stumbled up some steps and then continued on a cool, smooth surface. She finally reached a warmer room and a door was closed behind her. Someone walked up to her and started talking to her.

"You've not enjoyed these last few days, have you?" he wheezed at her and she shook her head, not daring to speak.
"Well, they've been nothing compared to what you'll go through if you don't do what I say. If you don't do what I say you'll soon be praying to go back to that cell. Do you understand?"

Shannon nodded but this didn't seem to be enough for the man.

"Do you understand?" he shouted at her.

"Yes!" she screamed back and he laughed.

"Good, now that's settled, listen very carefully to me. I'm soon going to take you into another room where there's a gentleman waiting for you. He has paid me a lot of money to spend the next couple of hours in your company so you'll do exactly what he says. For the next couple of hours he is your god. If you do anything to displease him he'll report it to me and I'll make you wish you'd never been born."

Shannon then felt a yank in the chains tying up her arms and she was made to move. They went into another room and Shannon felt her hands being pulled up as though they'd fastened her chains to a hook on the ceiling. The door closed, but opened again soon and two people were in the room with her. She felt a pair of hands cupping her firm 34C breasts, tweaking her nipples and stroking the rest of her body.

"She's perfect, my friend. Now leave us alone." The strange voice spoke and she heard the other man walk out and close the door behind him.

Shannon was trembling, waiting for what was coming next. She didn't have to wait long. Out of nowhere she heard the sound of a whip and then there was pain and a burning feeling on her ass. Before she had time to understand what was going on there was a second whip and a third whip. Just as she was expecting a third whip on her ass she felt it across her breasts. Later it moved down her stomach and to her pussy. She cried out with each whip but it only seemed to make the man more determined.

After what seemed like a lifetime the whipping stopped and Shannon was sobbing. Her entire body was burning with pain. Her hands were let down two feet from the ceiling and for a second she had a chance to rest her tired arms. The respite was only temporary as she soon felt herself being forced down on her knees.

"Open your mouth," the voice commanded and she did. A huge piece of meat was shoved inside her mouth and she soon realised that he was fucking her mouth. She wanted to cry as her mouth was being raped but she had no more tears. All of a sudden he whipped her ass. "No teeth or I'll knock them out of you!"

She lost track of time as he fucked her mouth. He kept gagging her, forcing himself deep into her throat. He then grabbed hold of her head and held it in place as he slammed inside her mouth really hard, his balls slamming against her chin. With a big satisfied roar he shot his load down her throat, forcing her to swallow it all by grabbing hold of her chin.

Shannon's hopes that her ordeal would be over were soon dashed. Her arms were chained in front of her and her ankles were chained to the floor. There was more whipping. Then she felt a finger penetrate her pussy and rubbing her clit, the way she'd done so many times herself in the privacy of her own bedroom. Against her will she felt herself go wet. Her lips were parted and a big head entered her tight virgin pussy. The man moaned out loud.

"Oh you are real tight, this is definitely worth the money."

He didn't say more but shoved himself deep inside her, making her scream with pain as he ruptured her hymen. Her scream seemed to encourage him to go harder and faster while pulling her nipples and squeezing her breasts so hard it hurt. He was ramming deep inside her and pulling out, in and out, harder and harder and harder. She tried to relax but her cunt was so tight around his big fat dick that every push felt like he was ripping her apart. He squeezed and pulled her tits more and more. She cried out in pain, but every time he pulled more and laughed and moaned. After an eternity he grabbed hold of her hips and pushed as deep inside her as he could get and shot his load straight up her womb. He shot several times until he finally pulled out with a big sigh.

As he pulled out she felt a hot and sticky mess run down her thighs but she couldn't care anymore. Her body was beaten down and she was in pain inside and out. Before she knew it his cock was shoved at her mouth again.

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