The Visitor


I reached my hand down to feel the softest tit's I'd ever felt, rubbing my left palm over her left nipple so lightly it was hardly even touching. Liz's whole body convulsed, thrashing like a rag doll, as she just went bonkers on my knob. I hadn't needed the extra attention to cum, but the extra effort she made was pushing me over the edge. I was deep in her throat when I joined Liz in her climax. Lee's tight little ass started humping up and down, as she whimpered into Liz's snatch. All of us were grunting fuck noises nobody can pronounce, as Liz yanked my cock almost all the way out, catching the third, fourth, and fifth squirts of cum in her sweet cock-sucking mouth.

After a few moments, Lee suggested huskily "If you can keep him fully hard, or suck him back to full vigor, I'll let you eat me while he fucks you, Ms. Property."

Liz retorted "If you kiss me now, I'll share his jizz with you. If not, I'll just keep it for myself...", as she giggled, opening her mouth to show the pearly blobs of jizz on her tongue. I felt strangely drawn to her, as Lee joined me, and we shared a threesome kiss, tongues wriggling together like snakes, as the flavor of Liz's cunt was shared from both my lips and my wife's. I tasted my cum in Liz's hot mouth, as Lee pulled her fingers out of her own snatch, to add her own personal favor to our cum buffet. Liz was busy stroking my shaft with her hand, as Lee fingered her out with her left hand, and I teased my own wife's cooze with mine, and my right hand wrapped around Liz's back to tease the nipple of her right breast. The level of excitement just climbed and climbed, beyond anything I'd ever thought possible.

Liz pushed me down roughly onto the couch, my ass on her skirt, mounting me with urgent passion, rubbing her Brillo pad back and forth with thrusts of her hips as she fucked me. Lee placed her knees on either side of my head, like she was going to have me eat her, but Liz swooped in, turning her head to the side to reach her tongue in and nibble on her nub. I was watching my wife's pussy being eaten out by another woman, mere inches from my face, seeing every exquisite detail, every stroke, every lick. I pushed my head up to lick at the entrance to Lee's cunt-hole, which was about to drip all over everywhere. Yeah, I only did it to save the couch, right? Lee moved her hand down to finger out Liz's snatch, making Liz arch her back and groan, as she thrust those massive yabos into the ceiling for all she was worth, her soft, luxurious pussy transmuting into a vicious animal, savagely squeezing the life out of my steel hard cock like a jungle cat pouncing on its' prey. Lee decided that interrupted the rhythm too much and went on to squeezing and teasing Liz's mammoth jugs, just as her own climax hit and her lube flowed out of her like we'd struck oil.

We lasted like that for a long time - at least a half and hour, maybe more. Liz is a fun girl to fuck, and she was doing most of the work, rubbing her nubbin into my crotch with my cock stuffed up her twat, snacking on my wife's snatch like we'd never get anything to eat ever again. Lee came about once per minute, Liz every two or so, as Lee finally decided it was time for something new.

"Fuck her doggy style!" Lee demanded, getting off and going around to the other end of the couch, to come up behind Liz and grope her boobs, then sliding her hand down to grab her by the cunt and lift her off of me. "When I say fuck, you fuck. Right then, not another minute or another cum later, capisce?" Lee stated firmly as she tweaked Liz's left nipple - hard - with her other hand.

"Ouch! Yeah, I get it!" Liz complained.

"No, but you are going to! Fuck her hard my dear - her soft butt cushions the blow." Lee said as she sat on the wide armrest of the couch, legs spread wide, grabbing Liz by the hair and pushing her face roughly into her cunt, holding onto the hair to control every facet of every lick, every stroke. I climbed behind Liz's wider backside, sliding my stiff shaft into her, while she squeezed down as hard as she could, making it an effort. She knew that I couldn't take too much of this, then she'd have Lee's muff all to herself. I grabbed her hips firmly and started stroking into her, as her right hand snuck between her legs to finger her own doorbell. Cum in!, her body said as she climaxed, her channel spasming, going all jungle cat killing the snake, as I used the extra looseness to pick up the pace. I was fucking her really fast now, as Lee's head fell back, grunting to the sky in the senseless words of a massive orgasm, while Liz's whole body spasmed, her left arm giving out, changing the angle of her body, now face down in the sofa. The change in angle is what did it. My cock went wild, jet after jet of jizz erupting into Liz's soft snatch as she shook underneath me.

Lee quickly pulled me out, cleaning off the mixture of cum from Liz and my cock, but the snake had been killed by the jungle cat, and there was no resurrecting it. Liz was snoring face buried in the crack of the sofa, her own snatch displayed with her knees folded underneath. "Lick her clean with me?" Lee proposed with a grin.

I instantly said "Yes!", as we joined our faces at her slit, but even that intense attention failed to rouse Liz. Lee fucked her twat with her tongue, just to spoon out more cum to share in kisses, until we had enough. We pulled Liz up to a groggy jello knees stance, tossed the skirt over the back of the couch, and helped her get to the bedroom by holding her up between us.

We took Liz into our bed, to sleep this time, unaware of her plans, her schemes, her wild ideas, and her Machiavellian ways of making what she wanted happen. But those stories are for another day. Remember what Ben Franklin said - visitors begin to stink like fish after three days!

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