tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Wilde Side Ch. 01

The Wilde Side Ch. 01


Wade Wilde had opened his little shop back in the early eighties just as the gay sexual revolution was raging across the nation, the hub of which was in New York City. Wade had seen it coming for years. He didn't know if he was a genius or it was just dumb luck; he really didn't care much either way. He'd named the shop "The Wilde Side" and it had taken off immediately. Wade had read up on the life and times of Oscar Wilde and knew that the name could very well turn his little sex shop venture into an overnight success. Wade's hunch proved to be correct.

As far as sexual preferences go, he was bi himself: always had been. Overall, he had a penchant for women though and ultimately wanted to end up with one who'd let him fuck guys occasionally. Hell, ideally, he wanted one who'd fuck the guys with him! But, back in the day, when the gay guys started to really flex their muscles and push their weight around, he banged a lot more guys than women. Who wouldn't have? They were everywhere and were willing to do it with anyone, anyplace, anytime.

For guys, Wade liked them on the smaller, slighter side. He didn't go for the big, macho type; they were a dime a dozen. His tastes were a bit more refined and therefore harder to come by. And one thing Wade liked was the hunt. He was patient and discriminating and was willing to wait it out until he got exactly what he wanted. He had a hankering for the guys who were almost pretty; lean, athletic build, tight, hard ass and deep, thoughtful eyes. He knew he was kind of different that way. Purely gay guys didn't think a lot about the eyes, that's for sure. They focused on the size of the cock.

But for Wade, the way into a person was through the eyes. Wade liked to kiss long and hard, suck nipples, finger fuck ass and go down on cock and pussy for hours. Whether he was fucking a man or a woman, Wade liked to take his time and savor every available inch of flesh. He was naturally curious and consequently found the landscape of the human body irresistibly alluring.

Wade took special pride in his physical appearance and, to this day, had kept his body in excellent shape. Many claim to be in the same shape they were in high school. In Wade's case, it was true; he still wore a size 33/36 pair of blue jeans. He knew he was attractive in a non-threatening sort of way. He could hold his own when he was out and he'd had girls and guys alike hitting on him his entire life.

So now, some 25 years later, Wade, in his mid-fifties, was still pushing sex toys and the sex that went along with them. He enjoyed the trade of it as much as he ever had; truth be told, he liked it more now than ever. He'd noticed over the years that his clientele was changing; they were more mature, discerning and distinguished than they had been in the previous years. He also noticed that at least half of his customer base were women which was an enormous turn on for him. The women were, for the most part, extremely classy and well groomed. There was a confident air about them that Wade admired and respected; they personified just the type of woman that interested him.

Physically, Wade preferred his women with a little extra meat on their bones; he liked real tits (any size), a hairy bush, straight, white teeth, big hands and natural hair color. He wasn't real big on fingernail polish, although he had a thing for painted toenails. He also loved a nice, wide ass, one that bounced when he rode it from behind, and he liked a strong back on a woman.

He wanted her to look like she could share the load; a woman who was able to survive any disaster with him without depleting his resources. She needed to be able to basically make it on her own. He liked to think of his coupling with a woman in these terms: they were two very strong, capable people who were quite simply better being with each other than they were apart. Synergy was what he thought he'd heard it called. And when they fucked, there was nothing that even came close to it and both of them knew that, so why even bother looking elsewhere. You already had it. Keep doing it a lot and always be willing to try new things and it'll get even more satisfying; simple, basic logic that had proven to be correct time and time again.

That said, he also wanted her giggly and serious and sexy as hell. He wanted her to be quiet, to be smart and to be patient with him. He wanted her to be completely his and to be willing to be somebody else's if it made him horny. He was conventionally unconventional and he expected her to both accept that and to be willing to be the same way. He was very clear about this and was pretty sure that trying to find this kind of woman was like trying to find a grain of sand in the desert.

But again, Wade liked the hunt; he knew she was out there. He thought he'd snagged her a time or two; even married one who'd convinced him (in a weak moment) that she was the real McCoy. Now, Wade was in no hurry; he was willing to wait for as long as it took, and then some. After all, there was a lot of pussy and ass to fuck between now and when she was going to show up and he intended to have his fill until that moment presented itself.

How Wade had ended up on Christopher Street in New York City selling sex toys and custom made leather goods for a living, he had no idea. He was just a regular guy from Jersey with some slightly twisted sexual preferences. After the first few years in the business, Wade had recognized a need to provide additional space for sampling the goods he was selling. Some of the queer guys would come in so hot and horny and hard, they were literally fucking each other in the dressing rooms. Wade knew an opportunity when he saw one. What these guys needed was immediate release. Wade figured that for a few extra bucks he could offer his overly eager customers the additional bonus of instant gratification.

So what started out as a hunch, turned into the most profitable sales gimmick in the Village. Word spread fast among the gay community; cash and carry, so to speak. The guys didn't have to worry about where to go get laid in the middle of the day or who from their office would find out they were queer or any of the other mundane problems that can easily get in the way of having immediate and impromptu sex with strangers. He named this new annexed space, "The Wilder Side", then sat back and enjoyed the show.

Wade felt it was his duty as a conscientious business owner to install a two-way mirror between his office and the "The Wilder Side". The guests knew about it and were willing to sign off in advance, giving him permission to monitor their actions and make sure nothing got out of hand. He charged each guest fifty dollars for the first half hour and an additional forty dollars for every half hour thereafter. He imposed a time limit per session of two hours, however, and allowed no more than four people in the room at one time. That way, things could get plenty steamed up without having some big orgy like they were doing in many of the clubs and saunas all over New York City.

Wade wanted to keep a low profile and set up something special and exclusive. He figured four people having sex together was the magic number; sort of like the four seasons or the four directions. What they didn't realize was that there was always a fifth person in the mix and that person was Wade. Sometimes he'd invite a guest of his own to watch from his office too.

Because "The Wilder Side" was doing such a "bang up" business, Wade eventually had to hire extra help to take care of the brisk flow of customers. He was making more money on the room than on the goods he'd originally sold. And as time went on, Wade discovered that he had a voyeurism fetish. Unknowingly, he'd created the perfect poison and spent more and more of his time watching. He got his rocks off several times a day watching guys suck each other's cocks and ride each other's asses.

For the first ten years or so "The Wilder Side" catered to male guests only. This was purely happenstance; Wade would have been more than happy to provide this service to his female customers. He had a few regular female clients who were always giving him new ideas about what to order and what they liked. As his inventory broadened to include sexual paraphernalia specifically for women, so his clientele blossomed and before he knew it, he had as many girl clients as guys. For a charged bisexual particularly keen on women, this was as close to nirvana as it gets.

Now Wade's days were filled with a mixture of observing men on men, women on women, men on women or any combination thereof. Being the owner, he'd never joined in on the action believing that it was unprofessional to mix business and pleasure. But that line, as time went by, was getting harder and harder to tow. He took delight in watching his clients engaged in carnal pleasure while decked out in New York's finest custom made leather goods including blindfolds, collars, gags, hoods and leashes, whips, restraints, slings and much more

Since opening "The Wilder Side", Wade had doubled his rental rates and had also expanded the space to allow larger groups to play. He had moved beyond his self-imposed limitation of groups of four. Sometimes they all went at it together; other times they split off into small groups or couples. No matter what the arrangement though, Wade had the ability to see it all from his office. He'd recently added a digital audio component which amplified the sound from "The Wilder Side" into his office, thus enhancing his personal experience tenfold. The shows were now "wired for sound", so to speak and Wade really got off on it. There was nothing he liked better than to have some guy's cock buried up his ass, a girl on her knees sucking him off and the speakers cranked up loud listening to the cacophony of the others as they attained varying stages of sexual bliss.

From his private office Wade too was able to listen and watch the storefront from his series of hidden cameras and microphones. He had gotten to where he got really turned on by watching customers come in the store and browse. Invariably, they started to heat up looking at the stuff as they touched and felt the goods. If they'd come in with a partner, Wade would watch as their eyes darted from the object of their mutual desire back to each other's eyes.

Eventually, somebody's hand would start to rub an ass or the girl's nipples would get all hard under her blouse. He'd watched countless limp dicks swell to full measure while browsing his aisles. Wade's arousal would often match theirs, stroke for stroke. He loved to try to figure out which guy liked to get reamed up his ass by his girlfriend with her 9" strap-on or what girl liked to have her tits bound and spanked.

Over the years Wade had become somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert at determining the particular twisted bends of people's sexual desires. So it came as a total surprise the day this particular couple came strolling into the shop.

The guy looked as regular as regular can get; short, brownish hair cut with no particular styling to it, pleated khaki pants with a hard seam running down the legs, a plaid button-down shirt and sueded hush-puppy like shoes. Not exactly the portrait of a kinky, aberrant male. Yet there was something about him that captured Wade's attention immediately. The guy had his hands in his pockets, his shoulders sort of hunched up and his eyes were mostly looking down at his feet. All of these characteristics were quite common among the straight guys that came into the shop. Not so with the fags; they bounced in and went straight for the foot-long dildo without so much as a bat of an eye.

What Wade noticed about this guy was his overwhelming sense of restrained longing; he could almost taste his harnessed desires and it made Wade hard instantly. It wasn't often that the guy looked up to give Wade a chance to see his face, but when he did, Wade responded immediately to the intensity of his eyes. Though brown and essentially impenetrable, Wade felt an urge to dive in deep. He definitely wanted to sink his cock into this guy's tight, hard ass and Wade had made it a practice to usually get what he wanted.

Shaking his head briskly from side to side, Wade tried to clear his mind of the trance-like state that had consumed him. He'd been so fixated on the guy he'd barely noticed the girl that was with him. As Wade turned his attentions to her, he flicked the switch that amplified the sound from the front of the store into his office.

"I think we can find something here that's just the right size for you, baby. A cock that's not too long or thick, but one that will stretch your sweet hole just enough to make you beg me for more, Dallas," she said through a radiant smile that made Wade's hard cock twitch inside his pants. As she leaned into the guy and nestled her face into his neck, Wade saw the breadth of her ample ass and he groaned out loud. Shit, she was as fine as he was. He watched her run her tongue across his neck and, unconsciously, began to rub the heel of his hand against his now throbbing boner.

"I just don't want it too big, Eve. I mean, so far, your finger has felt good to me. The idea of a cock is appealing; I just don't know if I'm going to find the reality of one equally so. You pick out what you want, but just don't make it too big, OK?" Wade stared transfixed as he watched this guy, Dallas, implore her to consider his entreaty while, simultaneously, beg her to fuck his ass with the biggest cock she could possibly find. Bingo! That was the perpetual allure of this guy and Wade knew if she played her cards right and always gave him the perfect measure of both his desire and his fear, she'd have him hooked always. Because Dallas wanted and needed that type of tension forever and Wade wanted in on the action.

All of a sudden, another younger couple squeezed by Eve and Dallas and bee-lined straight for the wall lined floor to ceiling with dildos. Wade watched Dallas watch the couple; Wade watched Dallas' dick begin to swell in his khaki's as the girl reached for a big, black double-headed dong saying, "Why don't we start out with this one and see?" The guy with the girl looked sheepish and embarrassed as she held it up to him. "Or, we could try out on of these," she said as she waved her hand in front of the row of dildos especially outfitted for serious strap-on use.

Without thinking, Dallas began to press his fingers against his hard-on as Wade, watching him from his office, began to unzip his pants and stroke his rock hard rod.

"Well, look at you," Eve whispered when she looked down and saw Dallas' huge bulge. "God baby, I love when you get so fucking hard like that so fast. You make me so stiff and wet. I just want to take one of these off the wall and bend you over and fuck you right here, right now." Her voice grew thick with lust as she spoke to him and as Wade listened to her, he cradled his smooth balls with his other hand and pulled down hard.

"What is it baby? Do you see a cock you want? Somebody we should fuck together? What?" Eve asked.

"It makes me hot to watch that other couple over there with that double-headed dildo. She looks like some school teacher and he looks totally square. I get off on thinking of them later on at home fucking each other with it; one end up her nice pussy, the other end buried up his ass," Dallas whispered hoarsely as his hand continued to rub his hard cock through his pants.

Wade was about to blow his wad watching these two. He didn't really know what it was about them; physically they each personified his ideal and the enormous sexual charge that existed between them had somehow crossed over to include him. He quickly stuffed his stiff dick back in his pants and zipped up. Just as he was turning toward the door, he glimpsed Eve brush her hand over her breast and tweak her hardening nipple. "That's it," he thought, "I'm about to break my cardinal rule."

Dallas smiled at Eve and nodded as she reached up and brought down a perfectly sized cock to fuck him with. He knew it was a little bigger than he would have chosen, but that's precisely why he'd let her make the selection. He savored the conflicting desires within himself and tallied the rising number that was his craving for her. It was at an all-time high and rising; she totally turned him on.

"Perhaps you'd like to see our patent-pending design for the harness that goes with the cock that you've just picked out," Wade heard himself say as he strode toward Dallas and Eve, smiling. "I designed it myself after years of investigative research. It was indeed your exact body type that I'd envisioned as I created it."

Dallas and Eve jumped at the enthusiastic intrusion and were both rendered speechless as the man reached for the clear latex harness that neither of them had noticed hanging on the wall next to them.

"Also, may I offer a slight modification to your choice and suggest this dildo instead of the one you chose? My reason for the change is simple; I've had these specifically designed to appear completely realistic and my color choice is a perfect match with your skin color. Combined with the clear harness once it's on you, from a distance, it will be virtually impossible for us to tell that it isn't real. And frankly, even from close up, we'll have a hard time discerning that this cock isn't actually yours," Wade stammered as he proffered the other cock. "Don't worry; the size is just about exactly the same. Well, maybe slightly shorter and slightly thicker, a combination which we'll find more pleasurable in the end."

Wade chuckled at his pun and wondered what had come over him. Since when did he talk in such a formal way and what was the deal with dropping the "we" and "us" pronouns? He wondered if they'd caught his slip-ups. Or were they? As his eyes moved back and forth between Dallas and Eve, his cock began to stir again inside his pants. He had a real bad itch for these two; he'd waited a long time and he was absolutely ecstatic that they were standing right in front of him.

"Please, allow me to personally welcome you. I'm Wade Wilde. Are you two new to my store? I don't think I've seen either of you before and I'm pretty damn sure if I had, I would've remembered you both," Wade blurted out again, this time his voice lower and filled with breath. Christ, he was practically panting!

Eve couldn't take her eyes off of Wade; she found his intense interest very arousing and she thought he was extremely attractive. "No, we've never been here," she said holding out her hand to shake Wade's. "I'm Eve Adams and this is my boyfriend, Wade Norman. We're from out of town and found out about your place on the internet."

Wade held out his left hand and opened it; with his right hand he took Eve's outstretched hand and gently laid it in his upturned palm. He then placed his right hand over hers and felt the extreme heat and softness of her skin. She had big, strong hands and he instantly envisioned them wrapped around his hard cock. "So, welcome to both of you. Listen, could I get you a glass of wine to enjoy perhaps while you try on the harness?" Wade inquired smoothly. He was beginning to relax into the idea now and fully intended to seduce both of them. He had all afternoon and night; he was completely committed to making this happen now.

Dallas cleared his throat and while staring at Wade's hands holding Eve's, he extended his hand, placing it on top of Wade's and said, "Sure. We'd love a glass of wine. Red, if you have it and uh, Wade, where should Eve go to try this rig on?"

Eve swung her head around and gawked at Dallas. Just what, exactly, was he doing? There'd been no lead-in to this; it felt fast and hot and a little out-of-control. Dallas was looking at Wade now with his head slightly tilted and a tight smile began to loosen and spread across his beautiful face.

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