tagLesbian SexThe Willing Accomplices

The Willing Accomplices


The rain beat upon the tin roof of the abandoned warehouse as Tara and Jen paced back and forth awaiting the "package" as instructed. The sound of a car door closing and approaching steps signaled that their wait was over.

They watched in nervous anticipation as a bound female was led in their direction. Her hands tied securely behind her back, and duct tape covering her mouth. She was also blindfolded. The goons who abducted her said nothing as they shoved the helpless girl forward then turned and left, locking the door behind them.

Tara was the only daughter of the head of a powerful crime family. While no stranger to talk of violence and crime, this was the first time she had actually participated in the family business and she was beyond herself with excitement.

The two friends were to guard the bound girl until her father arranged the money for her release. She was unsure of all the details, but was sure it had something to do with the victims father owing her father money.

Their instructions was to keep the girl captive and as uncomfortable as possible. They could do as they please to amuse themselves, but no physical harm could come to her.

They slowly circled the trembling girl surveying her from top to bottom. Her father stated she was 18 and an only child. Her name was Carla. She was dressed in a white sleeveless blouse with buttons down the front. The rain had soaked her blouse making the low cut bra she was wearing clearly visible. A pleaded skirt came a few inches above the knees. She also wore tennis shoes and white socks that were cut just above the ankles.

"Well bitch, you are ours for awhile so let's get the ground rules straight," Tara remarked in a sadistic tone.

"You do exactly as we say and no harm will come to you, otherwise it could be a long and painful couple of days sweetie," She remarked as her and Jen stared at the helpless captive.

"What do you want to do first,?" Jen asked as she looked at the spectacle before them.

Both girls were brimming with excitement and anxious to see how much power they could exert over their victim.

"Let's strip her!," Tara remarked sadistically. "A naked captive will be easier to control."

While Tara removed the ropes binding the girls hand, Jen began loosening the buttons on the girls blouse. The victim moaned through her gag and tried in vain to free herself from her tormentors grip.

Soon the blouse fell to the floor and Carla could feel Tara's arm getting tighter around her neck. She felt Tara's breath on her neck as well.

"Take off her bra!," "Let's get a good look at those tits," Tara ordered.

Carla's ample breasts were soon freed from their confines and a wave of cool air caused an involuntary reaction from her nipples.

Jen crossed her arms and smiled wickedly as she took in Carla's' exposed breasts.

Tara leaned over and stared at the sight while her left arm still had Carla in neck choke.

"Look at that will you, her nipples are getting hard." Tara teased as Carla turned bright red from embarrassment.

"Twist those babies," Tara told Jen who was more than eager to comply.

Jen began twisting with no mercy despite the passionate plea coming from squirming captive. While Jen tormented the poor girls sensitive nipples Tara kept a tight grip on her neck. Using her body to brace Carla's back, she was able to force Carla to lean backwards giving Jen full access to her tits.

Soon Tara released her grip and shoved the sobbing girl into Jen. The duct tape had been removed and she was grateful to have her hands free from those awful ropes. Carla's first gut reaction was to cover her tits.

"Get your hands down to your side right now!," Tara yelled.

"Now let's see if you can obey orders," Tara remarked as she paced back and forth in front of Carla.

"Take off the rest of your clothes and throw them to Jen."

"Please don't make me do this," a sobbing Carla remarked.

"Strip or be stripped!" "It makes no difference to me," came the harsh reply from Tara.

Both girls stood back and watched as the humiliated Carla began undoing her skirt. Once it fell to the floor she stepped out of her shoes and socks. The only trace of dignity left now was the white cotton panties she was wearing.

"Get em off!" Jen snorted.

Carla swallowed hard as she slid her hands along the elastic bands tugging the panties downward until she was able to step out of them completely. Carla now stood naked before two total strangers. She was scared and trembling. Her shapely body on crude display.

"Turn around," Tara ordered.

Carla slowly turned around giving the two girls the total view of her naked back and ass.

"You have a really nice ass Carla." 'I bet your boyfriend enjoys fucking it" Tara remarked as Jen snickered.

"Bend over and touch your toes!" Jen commanded.

Carla's heart sunk at the words but having no choice she slowly bent over. She was keenly aware that her most private parts were now rudely on display much to the delight of Tara and Jen.

Jen and Tara looked at each other in amusement before Tara walked over to a locker her father had told her about containing various items that could be used for such occasions. Tara giggled to herself as she surveyed the items. It was obvious that this building had been used for kidnappings and interrogations before. She reached in and pulled out a thick black wooden paddle and began smacking it against the palm of her hands as she walked back towards Carla who was still bent over.

"While we wait on your father to buy your precious little ass out of this mess, we may as well see if you are up to the challenge it presents," Tara stated as she stopped within inches of Carla.

"Jen and myself will be giving you five smacks each on your ass with this wooden paddle." "You are to remain bent and touching your toes the entire time." "If you fail to maintain your position we will start over."

Carla felt sick at her stomach from fear and humiliation as Tara's words sunk into her ears. She waited for what seemed an eternity before the first strike landed on her bare ass sending a fiery pain shooting through her entire body.

Tara continued her five blows leaving Carla's ass a deep red. Carla could feel her ass on fire as the tears streamed down her face and dripped onto the floor beneath her. To her surprise she had been able to stay bent over and touching her toes during the entire assault.

Jen took the paddle from Tara and positioned herself behind Carla.

"Please, no more, I can't take it!" Pleaded a sobbing Carla.

"These are love taps." A ten year old could take this punishment." Jen replied teasingly.

Jen delivered her five blows during which Carla screamed and pleaded for mercy. When finished Carla's ass was a deep crimson color and the heat from the spankings could be felt rising from her tormented ass cheeks.

Tara walked over to her purse and returned with a cell phone. Aiming the small lens directly towards Carla's punished ass she snapped a few pictures.

"In exactly fifteen minutes I will be sending these pictures to your father's iPhone, Tara said in a triumphant tone.

"Imagine what he will think when he sees his daughter's bare ass greeting him, all red and bruised," She hissed.

"That should motivate him to get the money over here," Jen stated.

Carla was forced to stand and put her hands on her head while the two girls discussed the situation and waited for the reply from the girl's father.

After some time the two girls walked over to Carla and led her to a metal table. They forced her to lie down on her back. The coldness of the metal against her naked skin sent shivers up and down her body. Once she was securely tied to the table her mouth was again gagged. The girls then produced two large feathers.

"You ticklish Carla?" Jen asked with a wicked grin.

Carla's eyes widened in sheer terror. She was indeed ticklish. She hated to be tickled, it was her worse nightmare. The two girls sensed her reaction and grinned as they began taking the feathers over her naked body. Spread out as she was, there was no part of her body that was not accessible to the twisted torment. She screamed and pleaded as her body writhed in anguish from the tickling hell. Tara ran the feather along the girls lower abdomen while Jen ran hers along the girls inner thighs, taking the time to cleverly tease the pussy lips and clit.

Sweat popped out on Carla's forehead as she screamed into the gag for the torment to stop. To make matters even worse she could feel herself about to lose control of her bladder and had no way to tell them to stop. With every agonizing moment Carla was getting closer to losing complete control of herself.

The dreaded moment came as a steady stream of piss arched outward and began flowing onto the table and forming a puddle beneath her spread legs.

"Oh my god she's peeing!" Tara shouted out as she quickly stepped back from the table.

Jen began laughing hysterically as the two watched the humiliated girl empty her bladder onto the metal table.

"Damn!, you are ticklish aren't you girl," a bemused Tara remarked.

They untied Carla and lifted her to her feet. Throwing her some rags they instructed her to clean the table off then they forced her into a shower that was still functional in the abandoned building. Both girls watched as Carla cleaned herself, refusing to give her any privacy.

Just as they returned from the shower a message came over Tara's cell phone that stated the ransom money would be delivered in one hour and that the courier would knock on the door three times.

Exited that it had taken much less time than expected to raise the money the girls busied themselves preparing for the arrival. They threw Carla her clothes but told her she could not leave until they had counted the money.

What neither of them knew was that the FBI had traced the location using a GPS device that traced Carla's phone signal. The girls heard the required three knocks and rushed to the door only to met by the authorities with guns drawn.

The lead detective informed them that since they had no prior records they could possibly avoid jail term as long as the agreed to the terms of their release. They were informed that Carla had been an undercover agent posing as the man's daughter. The girls would be required to spend 48 hours with Carla in the warehouse undergoing intense analysis and interrogation. If they received a favorable report the girls would be released, but if not, they would be going to prison.

With that the agent left the building leaving just the two girls and Carla.

"Well imagine the irony now, huh girls," Carla said with a sly grin as she crossed her arms.

"Strip! And I do mean everything," Carla ordered.

Tara and Jen looked at each other in total disbelief as they began taking their clothes off.

The End.

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