tagLoving WivesThe Workout

The Workout


(This is the conclusion to Personal Trainer)

I had encouraged my wife, Rachel, to experiment with other men. She resisted the idea, but then I found out from her personal trainer, Mike, that she was fucking him behind my back. When I got a text saying she was comforting a coworker, Petra. Mike had told me they planned to have a threesome, so I knew she was fucking both of them.

I was angry, and after jerking off a few times, I decided I had to do something about it. I tracked her phone using the "find my phone feature," and drove to Petra's apartment. She lived in a pretty big complex downtown, so I waited outside for someone to let me into the lobby.

While I was waiting for someone to help me sneak in, I checked my iPhone. The internet was really slow, and I realized it was trying to download some huge files. Rachel must have forgotten that she was sharing her photostream with me. There were about 100 new photos, and more were downloading. The first set was about 3 dozen photos of Mike and my wife's receptionist, Petra, making out. Then there was a series of Mike fucking Petra with Rachel coaching them on, and taking detailed shots of their coupling.

After the cumshot from that series, there were a ton of shaky shots of my shy, prudish little wife making out with her hot receptionist, Petra. Rachel had never hinted about being bi, but she seemed to be doing pretty good for her first outing. She licked Petra clean of Mike's cum, and then they fingered each other, apparently to orgasm.

Mike must have gotten hard again and given the camera to Petra. I saw my wife getting her pussy pounded by her 6'5" personal trainer. The last half dozen were taken from in front, so I could see my wife's pretty little mouth pressed against Petra's tight young pussy.

There were a few shots of Mike and my wife in the shower. She still seemed fascinated by his cock and his sculpted muscles. She couldn't keep her hands him. There were a dozen or so shots of Mike posing nude. First he was wet, then Petra was drying him off. His cock was flaccid at first, but then there was helpful Petra blowing him to get him hard. The rest were clinical close-ups of Mike's wet, hard cock. A few had a ruler for scale. (He's 9 and 1/4 inches long, in case you were wondering.)

I looked down at my own cock. It was rigid hard and my pants were wet with precum. I was lucky there wasn't anyone around, because I would have been arrested for public indecency. My phone kept downloading photos in batches. The next set was a few photos of the three of them eating pizza naked. I wondered who the hell took those until the last few uploaded. My wife was blowing some guy in a pizza delivery jacket, while Petra took turns photographing them and selfies of her sucking Mike off at the same time. Judging from the cum drenched smile on my wife's face, and the shots of Petra feigning defeat, they were having a contest and my shy little wife won.

The photostream had stopped updating, just as I heard someone coming through the lobby. A smiling, young pizza boy was happy to hold the door open for me.

* * * * *

I found Petra's apartment and got ready to ring the doorbell. I wondered what I would say, and how. I thought about it for a minute and the door suddenly opened. Mike was in a robe and throwing out the pizza boxes.

"Dude? What the fuck?!? Are you stalking me?"

I had not thought this part through all that clearly. I forgot that Mike knew me, but didn't know that I was Rachel's husband. I explained what had happened. At first he was worried I might be there to kick his ass (not likely, since he could bench press me) or shoot him. I told him I was pissed at my wife and wanted to confront her.

"I've got a better idea," he said. He told me that my wife, Rachel, had been talking up Petra for a few days. He said she seemed a bit hesitant, because she didn't want Mike running off with Petra and leaving her empty handed (or empty-twatted, for that matter). He said we could play off of her jealousy and teach her a little lesson about honesty.

We quickly worked out a plan while Petra and Rachel were making out in the bedroom. Just as we were finishing, Rachel called from the back room, "Miiiike, where are you? Petra and I are horny and need your big cock."

Mike smiled a bit awkwardly, as if to say, "sorry dude, your wife really likes my cock." He went off to lay the ground work.

In the bedroom, he told Petra and Rachel that he had a surprise for them both, but they had to be good little girls. He tied my wife's hands to the headboard and her legs to the foot of the bed. Then he blindfolded Rachel and Petra separately. He had Petra put her face between my wife's outspread legs, and then silently waived me into the room.

There was something unbearably erotic about being in the room, with my wife spread eagle, her hot receptionist positioned between her naked legs, and my wife's well hung personal trainer standing over the two of them, naked.

Petra couldn't resist, and kept licking at my wife's pussy. To tease them both, every time Petra did, Mike would smack her ass as punishment for starting without being told. When she wouldn't stop, he improvised and said, "Petra, for every lick you give Rachel, she has to spend another minute without her surprise."

Petra frowned playfully, then grinned deviously and started furiously eating out my wife. My wife squealed in delight and protest. Mike kept slapping Petra ass, which made her squeal. My cock was aching for release, and the squealing and spanking was not helping.

I quietly dropped my pants and removed my shirt. Now all four of us were naked. I looked over to see Mike sporting a hardon as well.

When the girls quieted down a bit, Mike told them that his surprise was another cock. They both cooed excitedly. Mike said that a friend of his from the gym had shown up and wanted a piece of them both. Petra moaned seductively and wiggled her tight little ass in front of me.

I watched my wife carefully for any signs of reluctance. If she was hesitant at all, she wasn't showing it. Mike noticed my studying her and must have read my thoughts. "Rachel, are you okay taking on another big stud?"

"Mmm hmm," she answered excitedly. "I can't wait to get both of you in me at the same time!" My stomach sank a little, but I knew she was going to get her comeuppance soon.

Mike pointed towards Petra's waiting pussy and indicated we should start with our plan. I walked up behind the young receptionist and grabbed her hips. She fluttered with excitement, and I glanced at my wife who was still waiting expectantly. Petra was slowing in her strokes, as she waited to see what I would do.

I teasingly brought my mouth towards Petra's pussy lips, stopping short so she could feel the warmth of my breath without my touching her. I rubbed my hands over her hips and thighs, enjoying the sensation of her young smooth body. She began to respond to my touch, moving her pussy towards me, trying to get me to touch her aching sex. She was focused on the sensations I was giving her, and had all but stopped licking and fingering my wife.

Petra moaned and protested as I touched every inch of her tight young body, except her dripping wet pussy and her rock hard nipples. I caressed the small of her back with one hand and pulled her hair gently but firmly with the other, pulling her further from my wife's neglected pussy. Mike then moved in, stroking her face and caressing her upper body, while I moved back to her beautiful young ass, legs and feet. We tormented her for what seemed like hours as she begged for us to touch her breasts or her clit. All the while, my wife moaned and twitched, trying to glean what was going on, as she lay untouched by either of the three of us.

Finally, I nodded to Mike, and he withdrew his hands from Petra. I pulled my mouth and tongue away from her body, leaving just one finger tantalizing close to her skin, tickling and teasing her. When everything had been taken away from her but that one finger, we hesitated for a moment. She quivered slightly, unsure of what would happen. I watch Rachel bite her lip in anticipation, begging for any hint of a touch.

Keeping a few fingers dancing, but not touching, around her hips and the small of her back, I lined myself up. I quickly moved by hands so that both of them danced, hovering over her hips as my cockhead approached her dripping pussy. I hesitated for a beat, and then roughly grabbed her hips as I pressed my cock onto her pussy.

"Oh GOD!" She exclaimed as my cock slipped under her wetness, grazing her clit. My hips met her tight young buttocks, and she eagerly pushed against me, desperate for penetration. "Please, please, just fuck me...please." Petra was slamming herself against me and wiggling her ass, trying to line up with my cock.

I watched as my wife twisted and turned her head, struggling against the restraints. She was desperate to find some hint of what was going on, but other than Petra, no one was talking. I pulled Petra back toward the foot of the bed and stood behind her, lining up again. My wife was now twisting and turning, completely abandoned and tied to the bed.

I again grabbed Petra's hips forcefully and pressed my cockhead firmly against the opening of her vagina. She let out a long, desperate moan as I teased her for a moment longer, finally, I eased my cock into Petra and slowly pushed myself deep into her. When my hips were pressed into her tight flesh, I held it there for a moment as we both enjoyed each other's intimate sensations. "Oh god, that feels so good, mmm."

I pulled my cock out slowly, feeling her walls press around me, adjusting to my girth. I left just the tip of my cockhead inside of her as she again cooed at my teasing. I repeated my long, slow thrust into her hot, young pussy and withdrew equally as slow, over and over again. Petra's words has devolved into exasperated grunts and hums as my teasing had the desired effect.

My wife was beside herself. She pleaded with Mike to fuck her as Petra approached her orgasm. "Sorry Rachel, you're being punished for letting Petra lick you, remember?" Mike then climbed onto the bed between Rachel and Petra, careful not to touch my wife in a meaningful way.

My wife continued to complain and beg. "Please! I want to take both of you inside me. Don't let Petra do that—not yet." Watching my wife be teased and tortured helped me avoid shooting my load into Petra too soon. It also didn't hurt that I had spent so much precum watching their escaped on my iPhone earlier.

I continued my slow thrusts in and out of Petra, gradually increasing my speed. I would stop periodically with my cock buried deep inside of this young nymph, holding her thin waist tightly against my hips. This was party to tease Petra, but mostly to settle myself down and not cum too soon.

Mike slowly jerked his cock rigid in front of Petra. She was blindfolded, but had a sense of what was about to happen. She licked her lips and searched in vain for a cock she knew was out there. Mike slipped his thumb into her pretty lips and she sucked it eagerly as I quickened my pace. The sounds of her licking his thumb convinced my wife that Petra was getting the double team treatment ahead of her and it drove her wild.

"Noo! Please, I'll do anything, please, I need your cock, anyone...please!"

Mike knew I couldn't talk, so he spoke for me. "Just for that, Petra gets the second session, too."

"Please, no—"

Rachel's words were lost as Petra began begging for her own orgasm, "Please, yes fuck me. Harder, please, let me cum, please." She was pushing herself violently into my cock, arching her back and bucking.

"Naughty girl," said Mike teasing her. He then grabbed both sides of her pretty face and pressed her willing mouth onto her monster cock.

Her muffled scream sent me into overdrive. I pumped my hips furiously into her wet pussy as her head bobbed up and down over Mike's tool. The sensation was too much for her to bear, and she quickly came. As her body tensed and relaxed, I kept driving deeply into her until my sperm shot out of my aching cock and filled her now spasming cunt.

Mike, of course, was still hard, but Petra's orgasm had left her only able to gently kiss his shaft as she tried to recover. Mike and I lifted her up and laid her on the floor. Mike took position behind her, and propped her up on her knees. My wife, still tied down, continued to protest from the bed. "What's going on?!? What are you doing—come on, please," she begged in vain.

My cum was beginning to drip out of Petra, and she was moaning her way towards a recovery when Mike grabbed her hips impaled her on his cock.

"Oh GOD!" she cried out. I sat down in front of her and began stroking my cock back to hardness.

Her blindfold was starting to slip, so I reached out and rearranged it. As I did, I whispered in her ear "not yet, Petra." I kissed her cheek, but she turned quickly and grabbed my face for a french kiss. Her tongue searched mine, as I held her cheeks. I suddenly realized this was the first woman I had kissed this passionately since I met my wife. I enjoyed the softness of her lips and the feeling of her body sway with Mike's thrusting.

I was hard again, so I broke off the kiss and positioned my cock in front of the pretty young Petra. She eagerly engulfed my length and began to move her mouth over my cock in a rhythm with Mike's thrusting. She found my balls with her elegant French manicured fingers and teased and pinched them.

Mike was thrusting away and Petra's next orgasm was building. Her moans and hums felt amazing on my cock. As Mike and I had agreed, I reached out and slowly slipped the blindfold off of Petra.

Her eyes lit up as she recognized me. "Oh my god, it's you!" I gently held Petra's head onto my cock with one hand while I pressed my other hand's finger to my lips.

My wife, desperate for any morsel of information, began to beg Petra for more. "Who? Who is it? Petra? Mike? Please!"

A devious smile crept across Petra's face as she continued to service my cock. Her surprise had slowed her orgasm, but it hadn't slowed Mike. He was on the edge and kept going, burying himself into Petra as he came. She moaned on my tool and winced and then smiled as he filled her. After he pulled out, she continued her expert oral treatment.

Realizing our plan, she began to egg us on. "Oh wow, this is such a wonderful surprise," she said between mouthfuls. "I've always had a little crush on you," she added, looking at my blindfolded wife with a devious grin. "I'm so glad it's you. I've wanted to do this for so long."

Petra's one hand slipped between her legs and began rubbing her clit. "I can't believe you were inside me before, oh god, it gets me so hot thinking of that again. And your cock—it's a lot bigger than I expected!"

That last taunt sent my wife into hysterics, thrashing about impotently on the bed.

"Please, can you fuck me again?" Petra was asking for effect, but she also nodded at me questioningly. Who was I to say no, so I merely nodded back. Petra then stood up and walked over to the bed, laying on her back with her head on my wife's bare breasts. "I want you to fuck me here, while I tell her what she's missing." My wife only whimpered.

Petra raised and spread her legs, still fingering her clit. "Come here and fuck me again, baby." I slipped into her easily this time. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply, passionately as we rocked the bed and my wife's trapped body. I let my hands roam down to her young, tight buttocks and pulled her onto my cock. Her hands left my back and began teasing my wife's face and shoulders. My wife reached out with her lips and tongue in vain.

I felt the ecstasy of Petra's pert breasts pressing into my bare chest as her tight young pussy, still wet and filled with Mike's cum eagerly accepted my cock again. We embraced over my wife, enjoying the sinful torture we made her endure. Petra kissed me again and then gently pressed against me.

I lifted her slender frame off my wife and felt the torture of my cock momentarily slipping out of her. She straddled my wife, facing her and presented her pussy to me again from behind. "Maybe you want a little taste of my new lover," she teased my wife.

"Yes, yes please."

As I entered Petra again from behind, she gently, almost lovingly, pulled my wife's face toward her and kissed her as deeply as she had me. My lips, my cock and even Mike's cock mingled between them as my wife probed Petra's mouth with her tongue, desperate for any erotic contact. Petra held Rachel's face in a kiss as quickened my pace. The gleeful enthusiasm with which Petra tormented her boss, my wife, pushed me quickly to orgasm. Once more I filled Petra with my seed.

Petra broke off her passionate French kiss with Rachel, and leaned forward as I pulled out. She kissed me passionately again and whispered in my ear, "You're a lot better lover than I thought, mister. We'll have to do this again. Soon."

Petra winked at me and gave me another peck on the lips for good measure. She then swung her legs around onto the bed. She leaned in close to Rachel and grabbed a handful of her hair, firmly pulling her head back. Petra leaned in aggressively and said "let's see if you like the taste of my new lover's cum."

"Yes, yes, please," my wife begged. Petra stood over her, holder Rachel's face in her hands and guiding it to her pussy, which was just now dripping with my cum. Petra ground her pussy into her boss's mouth, forcing her juices and my cum into her mouth. Rachel eagerly licked, slurped and inhaled everything Petra gave her. Petra watched me, smiling, as she rubbed her pussy in my wife's face.

Petra began to cum, furiously grinding against my wife, who was gasping for air, but still gleefully servicing her receptionist. My cock was starting to get hard again, and Mike was already ahead of me. He stepped behind Petra and rubbed her nipples and smacked her ass, driving her further towards another orgasm. When she came, squirting into Rachel's cum drenched and gasping mouth, Mike quickly slipped in front of her, with his hard cock pointed directly at the still blindfolded Rachel.

I heard Rachel moan and try to speak as Mike forced himself into her mouth. I could tell she was wondering if this was the cock of the mystery man or Mikes. She must have worked that out as her familiarity with Mike's cock, and what he liked being done to it, became evident.

I helped a still woozy and glowing Petra down from the bed. She collapsed into my arms and smiled at me. We kissed, and her slender fingers again found my cock, stroking it to fully hard.

I watched as Mike again emptied his cum into my slutwife's willing mouth. She swallowed most of it, but sperm and saliva still dripped down her chin and onto her naked tits. "You're a greedy little whore, aren't you," Mike said as my wife nodded lustily.

"Please," she begged again. She was desparate to have another cock, the stranger's cock that she still did not realize was her husband's. Petra put my cock in her mouth again, making sure I was as hard as possible. Mike unstraddled my wife and I took her place in front of my tied and blindfolded wife.

I grazed her cheek with my cock, teasing her with it. I smacked it against her lips and tongue, then drew it back. She reached out with her lips and tongue, trying to connect. I grabbed the back of her head firmly and pressed my cock deeply into her mouth.

Rachel moaned in surprise and pleasure. She began doing to my cock what she had learned by doing to Mike's over the past month. I abused her with my tool, testing her gag reflexes, making her lick my balls and under my shaft. I pumped my cock down into her throat, honestly impressed with her deepthroating skills.

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