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The Worm Turns


One from me that I hope you enjoy. In this one a suburban housewife hears a tale of debauchery from her friend, and then wonders what it would be like to watch her husband with her friend ...

Feedback of the constructive criticism kind welcome; either in public comments section below, PM on Lit, or email. If you want a response, then email is best.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but reread and 'corrected' this morning. If there are errors, forgive me, please.

GA - Antigua, Guatemala. 9th May 2012.


Melanie paused with the coffee pot half tilted, and turned an incredulous face towards Loraine. 'You did what?' she blurted. A smirk, embarrassed yet defiant, lifted one corner of Loraine's mouth. 'You did what?' Melanie repeated as the coffee pot thunked, suddenly impossibly heavy in her nerveless fingers, onto its stand.

Loraine, examining her shoes, unable to meet Melanie's eye, replied. 'I went ...' she swallowed, throat dry with the confession while her eyes flicked around the kitchen, landing everywhere but her friend's shocked countenance, '... to that club,' she finished. Her chin came up, green eyes flashing defiance.

Melanie's mouth remained open as she took in the details of her friend, the woman she thought she knew; she saw the outer shell -- firm, fit and forty -- and had thought she'd known the inner woman. How well did she really know Loraine? Not that well it seemed. Loraine had surprised her, shocked her beyond her sheltered, monogamous, suburban experience.

She'd seen her friend's body countless times in the changing room at the gym. Loraine would certainly be able to hold her own, naked, in a swingers' club, no doubt about it, after all. Loraine wasn't shy about showing off her round boobs, her great legs, and plump vulva. Melanie had long ago realised that Loraine was an exhibitionist -- and good for her, Melanie had thought. Loraine had the looks and the body, and if it gave her a thrill to show a bit of cleavage and a lot of leg, if she enjoyed teasing men, then why shouldn't she enjoy herself? But Melanie had never dreamt that her friend would go to that club.

Despite her astonishment, Melanie experienced a flicker of curiosity, a tiny, nearly imperceptible throb of interest between her legs, an infinitesimal heartbeat. Her loins warmed.

'Oh, God, Loraine ...' Melanie gasped, collapsing onto one of three stork-legged stools adjacent to the breakfast bar. 'I ... You didn't ... Tell me you're making it up.'

Loraine reached for the coffee pot and poured two cups. Her voice came, thick and treacly with the memory of what she'd done. 'I'm not making it up, Mel.' She paused and lit a cigarette. 'I went and I got fucked.'

The succinct disclosure quickened the pulse in that place between Melanie's thighs. She experienced, with vivid clarity, a flash of an image of Loraine on her hands and knees, an expression of lust twisting her face while a man, indeterminate in features, a vague, amorphous shape, knelt behind Loraine and fed his long, hard cock into her body.

Melanie closed her eyes, suppressing a gasp, forcing the lewd picture from her mind. To her horror her clitoris pulsed to life, its cadence in syncopation with the clenching her insides. Warmth flooded her vulva; she knew her labia would be swelling, flushing pink with her own desire. 'Shit,' she cursed. 'Loraine ... You ...' Melanie's fingers scrabbled for the pack of Marlboro Lights on the counter.

Loraine laughed. 'Since when do you smoke?'

'Since you started to go out and fuck strangers.' She cursed again, spluttering and coughing at the vile taste in her mouth, the raw burn in her lungs. 'Shit ...' Melanie's head buzzed with shock and nicotine; she felt dizzy and a little sick, and crushed the unsmoked cigarette into the ashtray. 'How can you use those things?' she croaked, disgusted with herself and the vile taste in her mouth. She sipped coffee, black and unsweetened, anything to get rid of that taste.

Loraine laughed. 'You're so ... normal,' she said, not unkindly. That was why she liked Melanie, chose her as a best friend; Mel was solid and secure, so dependable. So normal.

Miffed at the perceived slight, Melanie said, haughtily: 'I don't go to ... to ... swingers' clubs and prostitute myself.' She sniffed, avoiding Loraine's eyes, attempting to ignore the commotion between her legs.

Loraine's eyes rolled. 'I didn't prostitute myself,' she countered, drawing on the cigarette. 'Nobody paid me. I went for myself. I really wanted the experience. It was such a turn on, Mel, men lusting after me. Every bloke there wanted to fuck me ...' Her eyes came up to study her friend's reaction as she added, '... some of the women too.' Loraine's grin confronted Melanie head-on, a clash of moral ideals. She struck a pose reminiscent of a pin-up painted on a World War Two bomber. 'Me being such a hottie,' she finished.

The grin and her friend's humour forced a reluctant smirk from Melanie. 'Oh, shit, Loz,' she sighed, sipping coffee again. 'I ...' Melanie shook her head. 'I don't know. I thought I knew you and ...'

'I said I wanted to go,' Loraine responded. She stubbed out the half-smoked cigarette, discarding it beside the corpse of its near virginal twin. 'It's been weeks since I had a good shag. Anyway,' she pouted, 'why shouldn't I go to a club like that? I'm young—' Loraine paused, grinned again and rephrased. '—I'm forty, free, and single, and sometimes I just need a good, hard fuck.'

Melanie interpreted Loraine's look as and what's wrong with that? You've got a husband to fuck. Who do I have?

'Oh, Loz ...' Melanie sighed. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to judge.' The picture of Loraine flickered to life again. This time Melanie heard the long, drawn out moan draw from her friend's throat as the man, still indistinct, thrust into her body roughly. She saw the man's fingers dig white welts into the flesh of Loraine's hips, heard the slapping tempo of his thrusts. 'What ...' Melanie croaked, her voice hoarse. She coughed to clear her throat. 'Tell me,' she whispered. 'What was it really like?'

'Oh, Mel ...' Loraine's eyes glistened. 'It was just so sexy. I was really nervous, but that just made it better. My pussy was soaking all day before I went.'

As the story unfolded Melanie began to appreciate the sensations that had driven Loraine to visit the club. She listened agog, mouth unhinged, the pulse inside her quickening when her friend revealed the details.

'I wanted to play with myself all day but forced myself not to.' A blush crept up the narrator's throat. 'I really wanted to touch myself, just to take the edge off, but I forced myself to leave it alone.' Her rump squirmed against the seat as her reminiscing reignited the flame of lust. What a night it had been. All day she'd wanted to rub herself. To masturbate until the burning itch between her legs cooled. 'When I got to the place I was trembling. I was so anxious, so nervous, but it was all mixed in with being desperate to fuck. I coulda jumped the first bloke I saw, Mel. Any cock would've done. The woman who showed me around was really good; she knew how nervous I was. It was funny but we just chatted about general things at first, had a drink at the bar all normal ... except I was in a bar wearing a huge, fluffy dressing gown, most of the people in there were wearing the gowns, but there were a few who were naked. Then ...' Loraine squirmed again. 'Do you mind if we sit in your living room, Mel?'

Melanie blinked, confused by the tangential request. 'Yes. Sure. Why not.' She eased herself from the stool and, after pouring two fresh cups of coffee, followed Loraine.

'That's better,' Loraine sighed, settling into the embrace of a comfortable chair. 'Now, where was I?'

Similarly seated, cup in hand, Melanie prompted: 'Fluffy dressing gown. Naked people. Nice woman chatting to you.'

Loraine's face lit. 'Oh yeah ... Well ... I had a drink to help me relax. Then Linda, the woman who was looking after me, sort of gave me this weird look. It turned me on to have her look at me like that too, Mel. It was a very ... hungry look, like she wanted me all to herself. But she just eyed me, up and down, and said I'd be perfect.'

'Perfect for what?' Melanie asked, eager for more despite her outraged moral code.

Loraine laughed. 'Don't spill your coffee,' she remarked, pointing at the cup in Melanie's hand. Her eyes narrowed and she smirked. 'Perfect for her husband.' Loraine heard her friend gasp. 'It was fucking amazing,' she continued quickly. 'I never thought I'd have the guts to do it, but I did. I got fucked by this gorgeous man with a lovely cock. Not ridiculously huge, just a long, thick cock. Linda just wanted to watch me taking it, she likes to watch. OK, the bloke's her husband but she loves to see other women going mental when he fucks them. She watched while I did it ... and so did half a dozen others ...'

'My God ... Loraine ...' Melanie's eyes bulged, her jaw worked as she tried to articulate her thoughts. 'That's ...' Melanie wasn't sure how she felt at that moment. The suburban, domestic ... married part of her was appalled, but there was something deeper, a dark, ancient feeling curdling insidiously inside her body. The pulsing of her clitoris lubbed more insistently; her nipples tightened. Her insides clenched around a fantasy cock.

Loraine chuckled. 'Shocked you now, eh, Mel?'

'I don't know what to say, Loraine,' Melanie confessed her confusion. 'I'm shocked, yes, but ...'

'But, what? Mel,' she asked quietly, leaning forward to place the coffee cup on the low table between the two chairs.

Hot blood suffused Melanie's face. 'Nothing,' she blustered. 'I'm just so confused and surprised. Stop grinning at me like that.'

'You want me to tell you more?'

A silence grew protracted. Melanie wondered at the normality of her living room, the cosy nest she'd built for her and Pete. She thought about people outside, people going about their normal lives, everyday stuff. And then she imagined Loraine with a group of onlookers, all of them staring, watching as she took some other woman's husband into her body. How would she feel if she saw Pete, steady Pete, her husband of fifteen years fucking another woman?

'Linda sucked her husband's cock,' Loraine continued. 'She was really working hard at it. Really overdoing the slobbering and slurping, playing up to her audience. She kept up with this dirty talk too, when her mouth wasn't full ...' Loraine giggled. 'She was telling me how good he tasted. How good he was going to feel. How she loved to see his dick splitting another woman's cunt ...' Melanie gasped again. 'That's what she said, Mel,' Loraine snickered and deliberately rolled the word out again, savouring the look on Melanie's face. 'My CUNT, Mel; she was looking forward to seeing him split me in two. And she was right,' Loraine continued, her voice low and dangerous, her eyes on her friend's face. 'When he put that thing into me, when he filled me up ... I was so stuffed with him I almost came straight away. I was so fucking horny, Mel.'

'Stop it,' Melanie croaked. 'I ...'

'Do you want to touch yourself?' Loraine asked, feeling the desire herself. It was just like the day before her visit to the club, and Loraine wanted to play with her pussy, this time in front of her friend. Why not indulge herself? Who knew where it might lead? She eased her legs open slowly, no sudden movements in case she broke the spell. 'Shall we both just sit here and play with ourselves? Would you like to watch me while I finger myself, Mel? I'm so fucking hot right now, just remembering that bloke's cock is making me wet. You should have seen Linda's face as I fucked her hubby. Please, Mel, let's just do it. My pussy is all hot and juicy.'

'Oh, God, Loraine ... I couldn't. I can't do something like that in front of you.' Melanie wanted to though. Her cunt burned, her body craving attention. She wanted to rub her clitoris, squeeze her breasts, pinch her own nipples until the long teats burned. What would it be like to just give in, to let everything slide? It would be so easy to just sit there and open her legs, like Loraine was doing now. She could see Loraine's pussy. 'I want to, Loz,' she croaked. 'I want to watch you.'

Loraine wriggled her rump until her skirt rode high around her hips. She flung her legs over the chair arms, the backs of her knees against the soft padding. Knickerless, her vulva pouted, thick and inflamed, soaked with yearning. She gulped and muttered an obscenity as her fingers slid between the sticky folds of her labia.

'He fucked me,' Mel,' Loraine purred, back arching, eyes closed. 'Linda watched while her husband stuck that big thing right in here. Loraine slid a forefinger into her opening.

What would it be like to watch Pete, her husband, fucking Loraine? Melanie moaned, her hand moving slowly towards her lap, with her eyes locked on that scarlet place where Loraine's fingers delved.

'Loz, I'm going to finger myself. Let me watch you too, while I do it—'

A noise from the front of the house widened Melanie's eyes into panicked full moons.

In her indelicate pose, legs splayed, cunt exposed and gaping, with two fingers probing knuckle deep into her own body, Loraine blurted an oath. There was a pause while both women, expressions frozen, aghast, swivelled their faces towards the sound like sunflowers.

'Pete,' Melanie blurted, unnecessarily adding, 'my husband.'

His voice, the shout of: 'Only me; I got away early,' from the front door galvanised a scrabbling of limbs and hastily adjusted clothing.

Red-faced and unable to meet Loraine's eye, hysterical laughter at their close call bubbling in her chest, Melanie sprang to her feet. In a voice that sounded, to her ears, warbling, high-pitched and oh-so-guilty, she called: 'We're just having coffee.'

An hour later, after being almost bundled bodily out of the house by an agitated Melanie, Loraine pressed the dial key on her mobile phone. 'Can I see you tomorrow?'

'I don't know, Loz,' Melanie's replied, her nervousness apparent through the device's speaker. 'I don't know what came over me ... And almost getting caught ... Pete could've just walked right in on us ... I couldn't have an affair. I couldn't betray my husband like that. Not even just ...' she paused. '... Not even just doing what we were doing. That would be bad enough.' Melanie was sure Loraine could feel the heat flaming her cheeks. There was another pause, but just as Loraine opened her mouth to speak Melanie continued. 'What would he think if he'd caught us, Loz?'

'He might have wanted to join in, Mel.' The comment, intended as a joke, to lighten the mood, effected Melanie profoundly. Again she imagined her husband and her friend together.

Could she stand to watch?

She wondered at what might have been if Pete hadn't left work early, what she and Loraine might have done together. An illicit thrill tickled Melanie between her legs. Would Pete have merely shrugged and joined in? Would he have silently watched, perhaps masturbating? She saw in her mind, the three of them, masturbating and watching each other. Where would Pete deliver his load? If her husband was complicit in the act, then Melanie would morally be in the clear.

'Oh, God ...,' she groaned into the phone when she pictured her husband's spunk spattering across Loraine's breasts.

'What?' Loraine's voice brought Melanie back to the present. 'Are you OK, Mel? Can I see you tomorrow?'

Distracted, Melanie mumbled: 'Tomorrow's Saturday, Pete will be at home. Maybe we could meet somewhere else but I ... I don't know, Loz ...' A pulse still throbbed between her legs. This was all so confusing, such a conflict of morality and sexual desire. The beat in her sex grew insistent. Melanie decided to finish what she'd started earlier. 'I have to go now. Bye.' She heard a squawk of objection from the phone. Melanie dropped the instrument onto the carpet and slumped into a chair, the one Loraine had occupied earlier. Adopting a similar pose, swollen vulva exposed, she began to squelch her fingers against the sodden folds. 'Pete!' she called. 'Come here. I've got a job for you.'


'Do you fancy Loraine?'

Peter Hart's tongue ceased its lazy slide around his wife's taut, pink clitoris. He looked up at her face as she regarded him along the front of her body. Feeling vulnerable, for this was dangerous territory, he cautiously replied, 'She's kind of sexy.' One ill-phrased response and things could get very bad very quick. His hard-on had been swift and savage when he saw his wife's lewd exhibition after walking into the room at her call -- skirt round her waist, pouting pussy hot and swollen, that feline look of desire on her face. 'She keeps herself fit,' he concluded neutrally.

'But do you fancy her?' Melanie's tone was insistent. She held her husband's face between her palms, eyes imploring. 'Would you fuck her?'

'I'll fuck you,' Pete growled, forcing his mouth against his wife's body again.

Melanie sighed, her back arching as she thrust her sex onto Pete's wriggling, invasive tongue. 'Lick me, Pete,' she moaned. 'Lick me right there. Right where it itches, baby.'

Even as he probed and laved and slobbered, Pete wondered at his usually reserved wife's phrasing. Something had turned her on. She wasn't normally this lewd. Maybe after a couple of drinks she would really let go. But this, on a Friday evening? It wasn't the demure Melanie he'd have expected. What the hell had those two been talking about before he got home?

'You want me to lick your nasty cunt?' he asked, playing along.

'Till I come, Pete,' Melanie gasped. 'Make me come. Then fuck me. I want to fuck so much, baby.'

Pete went to it. He licked and sucked and nibbled. He slid a finger into his wife's opening, heard her groan when a second finger slid in and he curled both digits inside her.

'That's right where it is,' Melanie squealed, writhing against her husband's hand. 'Rub me right there, right inside,' she gurgled, her voice breaking.

'What the hell were you two talking about today?' Pete ventured recklessly as his wife's climax cooled. Melanie stared up at him as he stood up, her eyes wide, scarlet-faced and panting.

Melanie's bald response shocked him. 'Fucking.' Her eyes narrowed. 'And I wondered what I would feel like if I watched you fucking Loraine.'

His wife thought about watching him fuck Loraine? His ardour burned white hot. Having Loraine, tight, toned ... slutty Loraine wrapped around his cock? Yes please! He'd thought about his wife's friend, of course he had. Who wouldn't? She was such a confident, sexy woman. He could tell just by looking at her that she'd be fantastic in bed. It was the way she moved, the roll of her hips, the way her breasts, often braless, were packed into tight tee-shirts -- high and tight and round. And those nipples ... She had that couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude about her when she smoked her cigarettes, and she'd stare down a challenge from anyone.

Would he do it to Loraine? The married man said no, but the caveman part of him would do her in an instant.

Pete's voice curdled when he responded. 'Where did that come from, Mel?' 'Do you,' he croaked, 'want to watch me fuck Loraine?'

His wife's fingers slid languidly through the folds of her sex. 'Watching you, my husband and my friend, together, watching your face as you do it to her ... What would you say to her, Pete? Would you be all tender like you are with me, or would it just be raw animal fucking?'

'Mel ... I ... Jesus!'

'Come on,' Melanie purred, smiling. She held herself open for him. 'Get on this chair with me. I know it'll be awkward and uncomfortable for you, but just pretend I'm Loraine laying here with her cunt all hot for you.'

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