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Rick had been reading stories on an Internet site for several weeks. He had never really considered writing one himself, let alone submit it for others to read. All of that changed about two weeks ago.

While Rick was browsing the stories, Rita came up behind him and read something on the screen that Rick had always pretty much ignored. "Toys and Videos." After a few quick clicks, Rick and Rita were browsing a wide variety of toys. Rita already owned a small assortment of vibrators, but she thought she'd like to try something different.

After several minutes of looking and making comments such as, "Where would you put that thing?" and "Not in this lifetime!" they finally hit upon something new to them; a remote control vibrator. This particular model had thin straps that held it in contact with the clitoris, could be worn under panties, and had a range of about 30 feet. With absolutely no idea how they would use such a thing, Rick ordered it.

Rick and Rita are both 45 years old, been married 26 years and have four kids. By all appearances, they are very much the family next door. They both work hard at staying in shape. Rick is an avid jogger, and Rita frequents a fitness club several times a week. Other than Rick's salt and pepper hair, neither look nor act their age. Rick is tall and slim, Rita is around 5' 4" and about 130. Rick has always loved Rita's small but perky breasts. Even at 45 they are still firm and proud, not to mention sensitive.

Rick and Rita have a very strong relationship, being deeply in love. They had dabbled in swinging, but never really became the hardcore, every weekend, types. They had met a few really great people with whom they had enjoyed a few romps. They had never played with strangers, always insisting that they get to know the couples first. They had had one male/female/male threesome. The wife from a couple that they had met with a few times asked them to entertain her husband while she was out of town. Rita really enjoyed the experience and mentions doing it again from time to time. By the way, that incident would probably make another very good story. It all happened in Rick's boat while anchored near an island. The threesome was caught by passersby's in another boat, who cheered on the action.

The plain wrapper package arrived in the mail after only a week. Rita opened it while Rick was at work, inserted the batteries, strapped it on, turned it on, and almost immediately came. All she was planning on doing at that moment was to check how noisy the vibration was. She had very serious doubts about wearing the device in public while Rick was controlling the remote. She knew she would simply die if an innocent bystander heard the vibration and looked her way. To her amazement the vibrator was almost inaudible if she tightened her thighs together. She took it off, changed her panties, and locked the vibrator away with her others.

When Rick got home, Rita did not say a word about the arrival of the new toy. They were planning a couple days away the following weekend and she decided to surprise him with it when they were away from town in a hotel room.

They had decided to spend the weekend at a popular theme park, without the kids. They arrived at their hotel room too late Friday night to go out so they decided to go to bed and get started early the next day at the theme park. They had gone to the theme park before and played around with some fairly daring public sex acts. This time Rita wore a short denim dress that zipped the entire length down the front. She did not wear a bra, but did wear panties. She normally didn't wear panties on weekends like this so Rick would have easier access. She wore them this time, because, unknown to Rick, she was wearing the new remote controlled vibrator. As a matter of fact, it was not until they bought the tickets and went through the entrance that Rita slid the remote into Rick's hand. Rick stared at the device for several seconds before he realized what it was.

It was a very small box with a single round dial. The dial turned it on and increased the vibration the further you turned it. Without thinking of the consequences, Rick turned the knob full to the right. Rita's huge smile immediately vanished. Her first reaction was to reach down and pull the vibrator from her clit, and then she realized that that was a bad plan while standing in the middle of dozens of people. She tightly squeezed her legs together to try and reduce the vibration, grabbed the remote out of Rick's hand and turned it off. The realization of what happened, and the pure shock on Rita's face, made Rick burst out laughing. He lost all control and had to find a bench to sit on to regain his composure. Rita, on the other hand, was in complete control, and had no intentions of giving it up again.

Rick finally got his breath, and after several apologies asked for the remote back. Rita wasn't about to give it up again without some rules agreed upon. She told Rick that she would give it back only if Rick agreed to not use it without giving her fair warning, and to increase the speed gradually. Also, if she said to turn it off, he had to turn it off. She did not want to have a massive orgasm while standing in a crowd of people. Rick agreed to the rules and Rita slowly handed him the remote.

Both were sitting on the bench and Rick held the remote in clear view so Rita could see as he turned the remote on, and gradually turned it up to about one third. Again, Rita's facial expression changed as she closed her eyes, crossed her legs and without much thought started to slowly rock back and forth. After a few minutes Rita looked over at Rick with almost pleading eyes. Rick thought he had messed up again and started to turn it off. Rita silently mouthed for Rick to turn it up. Rick gradually turned it to about half way. Rita could already feel an orgasm building and she knew it was going to be a big one. She could not believe that she was about to have a huge orgasm while sitting on a park bench in a crowded theme park. On the other hand she would have probably killed Rick if he shut it off before she did. Slowly, gradually, it built, and then she came, and came big. It took all of her energy to not scream out. She made several muffled moans and squirmed on the bench. She felt her juices flowing and her panties getting wetter and wetter. She couldn't be sure, but it was close to the best orgasm she had ever had. As soon as the last spasm subsided she immediately motioned for Rick to turn it off.

It was several minutes before Rita said anything. She felt hot, sexy, exhausted, relaxed, nasty and great! She explained all of that to Rick, and said she didn't know if she would ever take the vibrator off again.

For the next few hours Rick and Rita enjoyed the park. Rick turned the vibrator on a few times while they were winding their way around in the lines, and once while she was standing talking to cashier when buying lunch. Rita was extremely turned on by looking in the face of a stranger and talking while the vibrator was running. She knew Rick was watching her closely and getting turned on himself. She had fondled Rick several times while in lines, and each time he was totally hard at her first touch. She knew he would be blue balled for sure by the end of the day.

About seven in the evening the sun started going down and Rick and Rita were standing against a rail watching some white tigers pace on their island. As they talked, the vibrator came on and Rita held tightly to the rail. For the second time she could feel a strong orgasm building. After several minutes the vibration stopped and she nudged Rick, and said, "turn it back on!" Rick told her that he couldn't. She told him that she was about to cum and wanted to finish it. Rick explained that he couldn't turn it back on because he did not have the remote. Just as he finished talking the vibrator came back on. To say that Rita was very confused would be a gross understatement. She could see Rick's hands on the rail and he had nothing in them. The vibration increased and for a few moments the building orgasm washed away her concern for the whereabouts of the remote. When the orgasm came her knees nearly gave out. If it had not been for the railing she would have probably collapsed. Almost immediately after, what she again thought was the best orgasm of her life, had stopped the vibrator stopped.

The question of the remote came back into her head in a flash. Afraid to look around, she turned her head slightly toward Rick and in almost inaudible tone asked where the remote was. Rick looked down at her, smiled, and said, "I loaned it to someone." Rita's mouth flew open, "you what!" Rick explained that on his last trip to the bathroom a man approached him and asked if he could ask Rick a personal question. Rick told him to ask and the man asked if Rick and Rita were having a fun day. Rick told him yes and asked why he asked? The man said that he was watching Rick and Rita when they sat on the park bench early in the day. He said he could not help but watch as Rita was obviously distracted from reality for several minutes. The man noticed the remote in Rick's hand and put two and two together. The man said that it was one of the hottest things he had ever seen and that he had been hard all day thinking about it. He also had followed Rick and Rita around for a while and noticed that they could not keep their hands off of each other. The stranger had ditched the three other semi-pro football players that he had come with in order to follow and watch Rick and Rita for a while.

Rick and the stranger hit it off and talked for several minutes. The man had told Rick that while his wife was not a total prude, there is no way she would do anything like this. Rick then asked the man if he wanted to control the remote for awhile. It turned out to be a rather stupid question. Rick explained to the man not to turn it up all the way too fast, and that he should not do it while they were in a group of people where they might get caught.

To her surprise, as Rick explained the meeting to Rita, she got even more excited. The thought of a stranger controlling the remote while she had such a strong orgasm was very exciting to her. Although she did not consider herself a slut, she didn't even like the word, she now felt nastier than she ever had, and she liked it.

As her mind cleared a bit she realized that the man with the remote had to be very close to her. She started looking around and it was not hard to figure it out. There was a man standing near them leaning on a light post, something in his hand, and a broad smile on his face staring straight at Rick and Rita. Rita, without a word to Rick, walked straight over to the stranger and said, "okay, you've had your fun, give me back the remote." The man said, "you are right, it has been a lot of fun, but I wonder if we can make a deal?" Rita started to get a bit nervous, but knew Rick was nearby and could probably hear most of the conversation. She asked the man what the deal would be? He explained that he would give her the remote back if she allowed him to feel just how wet she was. He knew that she had just had a big orgasm and was probably soaked. She turned towards Rick who had moved a bit closer and looked him straight in the eye. Rick gave a gentle smile and nodded his head.

Rita immediately felt a warmth flow right through her and thought she could feel her pussy lips swell even more than they were. She turned back to the man and said, "where?" The stranger suggested that Rick and Rita get in the line of the spook house ride. The line was darkened for effect and with it now being dark, there should be plenty of opportunity for the man to stand behind Rita and reach under her dress without anyone seeing. After he was able to feel how wet she was, he would give her the remote and leave the line. Rita agreed. She at first thought that she had agreed to eagerly, that she should have put up at least a small argument, but the nastiness of the situation was taking over. She actually wanted the man to finger her in the line, and even found herself wanting more.

The three of them got into the line and started slowly winding toward the hooded cars that would take them through the spook house. It was not long before she felt the man's hand gently rubbing her ass on the outside of her dress. She pushed back toward his hand to let him know that this was probably a good time. The man reached slowly under her dress and gently caressed her ass and slowly ran his fingers under her panties. He felt the straps of the vibrator and followed them down her ass to her pussy lips. She was soaked. Her panties were wet half way up her ass.

Rita spread her legs slightly to allow the man better access. He continued probing and easily inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy. Rita let out an audible sigh as the man slowly fingered her. He let his fingers slide out of her pussy and he gently inserted one wet finger into her ass. Rita felt dizzy. Never had she thought of doing something like this and she loved every minute off it. The man removed his hand from under her dress, as they had to move forward in line. After several minutes Rita turned around to encourage him to do more, but he was gone.

Her first reaction was to be upset that he was not going to play with her anymore and then she realized that he did not give her back the remote control. She asked Rick if he could see where the man went, but Rick could not see him either. Rick and Rita continued through the line and got on the ride. The ride was about 20 minutes long and through the entire ride Rick and Rita played with each other. Rick had never felt Rita so wet and swollen. It was obvious that she had really enjoyed the events so far. Rick was a bit worried that he had messed up and lost the remote forever, but it was fun while it lasted.

Rick and Rita got off the ride and started walking down the exit ramp. Just as they rounded the corner onto the main walkway Rita suddenly stopped and started looking frantically around her. Rick asked what was wrong and Rita said that the vibrator had started and was turned all the way up.

The stranger that last had the remote was nowhere to be seen. What Rick and Rita did see was three men playfully pushing and pulling at each other trying to gain control of what was obviously the remote control. Rita immediately started right for them, not so much to get the remote as to get them to turn it down! The three men saw her coming their way and one of them grabbed the remote and put it behind his back. Rick stayed back to watch the fun. The way the men were laughing and playing around, and the fact there were dozens of people very near, Rick did not feel like Rita was in risk of any danger.

The largest of the three men stood to Rita's right. He was large in height and muscle. He dwarfed the other two men, and Rita looked liked she barely came above his waist. The obvious leader of the group stood in the middle and had the remote. He was large himself, but you would have to see him away from the mountain on his left to see just how big he was. He stood about 6' 3" and was in what appeared to be near perfect physical condition. He also had that cocky stance and demeanor that let you know he knew he was in great shape. The third man was the real looker. Smaller in size, he had wavy dark hair and deep brown eyes that seemed to look deep into Rita's every thought. Although she would have preferred to approach him, there was no doubt the man in the middle would have to be dealt with.

Rita walked squarely up to the leader and held her hand out with as much confidence as she could muster considering the vibrator was still on its full setting between her legs. She said, "give it to me!" The leader simply smiled and said, "Soon, you will be asking for me to give you more! Besides, I'm the one with the remote, and therefore the one that will give the orders." If it hadn't been for the man's broad smile Rita would probably felt a bit of fear.

Rita asked the leader to at least turn the vibrator off so she could talk to them about it. The man said that he did not think it was working because he could not hear anything buzzing. She assured him it was working, and driving her crazy because it was on high. The leader told her to prove to him it was working and he would turn it off to talk. She asked how he wanted her to prove it and he told her to come over and hug him and to press her crotch against his leg so he could feel. Rita looked around for Rick and saw him standing a short distance away trying to look nonchalant while also trying to hide a huge bulge. Rita turned back to the leader and slowly pressed against him in a somewhat insincere hug. The leader put his hand on the back of Rita's head under her hair and pulled her firmly up to his mouth. Pulling her to him brought Rita up on her toes and the short cotton dress raised to just barely expose her butt cheeks. The leader immediately brought his mouth to Rita's and without hesitation slid his tongue deep into her mouth. Rita slightly spread her legs and pressed her pussy hard against the leader's thigh. For the third time that day she melted into an orgasm that left her all but totally limp. She moaned into the leader's mouth with every spasm between her legs. For several seconds the situation of being in a large crowd, a stranger's tongue deep in her mouth, her ass cheeks partially exposed to anyone brave enough to look her way, a remote control vibrator turned to full stimulating her clit, her pelvis slowly grinding on a stranger's thigh, and her husband standing nearby and watching, was far from her consciousness.

The leader looked down at her and told her that he now believed that the vibrator was working fine, and he turned it off. He then told her in a quite voice, while staring straight into her eyes about an inch away from his, that she had a choice. She could take the vibrator off, and he would give her back the remote, but if she left it on then she was saying that he was indeed in charge of the remote, and her. Rita realized instantly, that she could not, and would not take it off. She told him as much and he smiled even broader than he had before. Rita had come this far and loved every minute of it in ways she didn't dream possible. She realized she had decided when the first man slid his finger into her that she would play the day out to the end. That thought alone made her literally dizzy. She was hot, hotter than she had ever been or imagined. Her panties had reached their capacity; she could feel her juices slowly coming down her inner thighs. She had no thought of trying to hide it. The only thought she had was of what the leader may tell her to do, and she wanted it to be as nasty and daring as it possibly could be. She was not disappointed.

The leader let go completely of Rita and although still shaking slightly, she had regained control of her legs enough to stand. The leader nodded towards the handsome one on his right and told Rita to ask him real nice and maybe he would let her suck him. So far it was easy, Rita really wanted to suck him. She stepped over and stood close enough that passerby's would not hear and asked the handsome one if she could suck his cock. He replied, "I don't know? Do you swallow?" Rita smiled and said, "I do it any way you want it."

The handsome one blushed slightly and told her that she could suck him off and swallow every drop. Rita took the handsome one's hand into hers and then turned toward the leader and asked where she should do it. The leader told her to go on the ride that she had just got off of. He added that she was to let him do anything he wanted to her while in line and on the ride, but she was to finish by sucking him off. She also had to prove that she sucked him off when she got back. She asked how she was to prove it and the leader told her that it was up to her.

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