tagLesbian SexThere's a First Time for Everything

There's a First Time for Everything


I waited anxiously while Julie put her hair back into a ponytail. This was of course a maneuver I had employed myself on several occasions while in the midst of performing oral sex and my hair was getting in the way. The difference here of course was that it was the first time somebody else had paused for such a reason with me and with Julie having already helped me to pull down my favorite pink panties off my body I had never felt more naked than that moment. I was feeling uneasy suddenly which was odd because everything up to that moment had gone more or less according to plan.

Julie and I had met through a mutual friend during an all-girls get together. I was quite straight or at least in nearly complete denial of my bi-sexual curiosities at that point in my life. Julie had a way with people to get them to open up though and the more we talked about everything including her bi-sexuality the more I became aware that I may have had some of it in my blood. We had shared a wonderful kiss the third time that we were alone together.

I honestly thought that the two of us were just becoming female friends although part of me felt a pretty strong attraction to her both as a person and as a sexual being. Before the kiss, we had shared a few hugs that felt great as I am definitely a "hugger" of friends, but by the time we stood in my driveway as she got out of my car to take hers home we had a moment where we paused and then I realized that it suddenly felt like that part of the date where you wonder if the other person is going to kiss you.

We smiled somewhat awkwardly and then she leaned in and kissed me. It was a wonderful kiss, full of passion and softness and warmth. My body surged with good feelings, sexual feelings even. While I might usually be alarmed by feeling these with somebody new it felt totally natural and wonderful and I did not try to break up the kiss. It was the most I'd ever let a new person kiss me for the first time and by the time her tongue started to make its way out into my mouth I was ready for her and let her inside. I felt her passion turn much more sexual at that point and had a guy done that to me I can't promise I would have let him keep going but I just wouldn't stop Julie from having as much of me as she wanted at that moment.

When her hand slid down my back and squeezed my ass I was shocked but in a great way. Julie had the "hots" for me and I loved the feeling of having a woman show me this so directly. If my stupid phone hadn't rung at that moment I think I might have asked her to continue inside with me as I didn't need any of my neighbors knowing I kissed girls even though that was my first time ever. As it was, it was my mother on the phone who had been ill lately so I'm glad I answered it. Julie left to let me take the call and I couldn't help but feel as if I had awakened something inside of me that needed to get out.

After I got off the phone with my mom my mind went back to what had just happened with Julie. I'm not stupid, that woman wanted to have sex with me which was surprising enough, but even more shocking was that I wanted to let her have me. As I lay in my bed, I reached down between my legs and touched myself through my pj's and decided that maybe I was going to be one of those girls that has had it both ways. I suddenly fancied myself as a bi-sexual object of desire for men and women and realized that my pj's were in the way. I pulled them down and spread open my legs and really started to massage my pussy. I slid my hand down into the hair and started to work towards my slit that was getting wetter by the second.

Julie wanted to touch this I realized, and probably even would lick it for me. That's when I got a truly wicked idea. I pulled out my purple vibe and it slid in so wonderfully easily while I fucked myself into a fantastic orgasm. I was going to have to get to work the next day on my plan. I called Julie minutes after I'd cum, and asked if she wanted to get together the next night for drinks and maybe dinner somewhere. I wasn't sure if it sounded like a date to her and was worried I might be too pushy but she agreed right away. We talked about our kiss right before we hung up and the fact that she told me it was ok that I answered the phone because there would be plenty of time to continue what we'd been doing. She totally wanted me and I knew what I had to do.

The next day down on all fours on the table, my body tingled and felt a little stunned from what was going on. I had never let another person see so much of me naked other than a sex partner so to have this complete stranger waxing the hair off my pussy and now my ass was a pretty awkward concept. I purposefully left some in front but wanted the rest of me looking perfectly pretty and smooth. With the insanity of the waxing done and over, I made my way to the tanning salon and tanned every part of my body. I looked fucking hot when I got home and stripped naked before getting the shower. I felt down my body and loved the sexy trimmed patch of hair that was left and how smooth the rest of me was, albeit a bit sore. I turned halfway around and checked out my ass in the mirror.

I had never had no tans lines before. I almost didn't recognize the body in the mirror. The thought kept returning to my head that I was going to be having sex with a girl tonight if all went well. I showered, slipped on my sexiest panties (pink thong with a thick lace band), found my mega cleavage bra, slipped on a summer dress, heeled sandals and got my hair and make-up on. I took one more look in the mirror and I figured I was looking pretty fuckable to just about anyone.

Julie was just ahead of me when I arrived at the bar as I noticed her ordering us both drinks. It was boozy and deliciously girly and we chatted about what we did all day. She noticed my tan of course and I was very happy she did. I didn't really mention that I'd visited another salon before it to have my pussy waxed but of course if all went well, she was going to be discovering the fruits of that labor a little later. Two drinks in and I couldn't help but notice I was spending a lot of time looking at how sexy Julie's glossy lips looked.

Every time she opened her mouth I thought about how my tongue had been in there a little last night and nobody except me and her knew it! I'm sure I noticed her looking down at my chest and knew that my bra/dress combo were working their magic. I didn't show off my 34C boobs too often but tonight was the right kind of night to do it. Julie's lacy top and tight jeans didn't exactly hide her sexy body too well either. She was leaner than me but wore her curves really well in comparison to her skinny waist and thin arms. Her hair was up and that made me think about sucking on her sexy neck later. God I wanted to be with her.

At one point she took my hand in hers as she checked out the ring I wore on my right hand. It was a very pretty ring I thought also but she had taken my hand to touch me and I was totally fine with that. As we headed out of the bar to go a few doors down for our dinner, I turned away from her and I swear she purposefully squeezed my ass briefly guiding me away from my bar stood. The shock waves of her subtle yet extremely naughty public move reverberated in my booze filled body as we headed out the door. My ass tingled for minutes afterward. We stood outside and tried to decide on a restaurant.

There were several choices and I realized that I was having a hard time focusing on a decision. I just wanted her to come home with me. We chatted but my body was telling me food could wait. Finally I just felt the nerve to tell her that I really wanted her to come back to my place and see my house. I think she knew what I meant by that because she smiled very wide and agreed immediately.

We left both cars downtown because we'd had a few drinks and the last thing I wanted was a DUI to ruin this night. The cab ride was perfect anyway because we held hands and smiled with each other from the first turn until we got to my driveway. When we got to my door I let her inside and not sure how I planned to start things off I was almost relieved when she pushed me back against the door and immediately kissed me the way we had ended things the night before. It was as if all of the things that had happened since we broke our kiss never occurred. The heat from her mouth, her lips, that sexy tongue filled me and got my engines running.

I ran my hands around her back and this time it was me doing the ass squeezing. She had such a tight sexy butt. She moaned while I grabbed those cute ass cheeks firmly and the taste of our boozy breaths combined between our mouths. We kissed like that for a while, playing quite dirty for two seemingly normal girls. She grabbed a handful of my left breast and squeezed it hungrily while she attacked my neck. I had just remembered that her neck begged for my attention so when she let up a little on me, I leaned in and sucked on the sexiest neck I'd ever experienced. She groaned in pure delight while my tongue and lips attacked her. It was time to get her into my bed my body told me. Just as I was forming the words to ask a woman to join me in my bed for the first time she whispered in my ear that we should go somewhere where I would be comfortable while she gets me naked.

We got to the bedroom and she took off my dress very fast. She helped me out of my bra and my nipples gave away the state of my excitement. She loved my breasts kissing and sucking each one while massaging the other in her hand. I realized I was a lot more naked than her so I helped her out of her jeans and her shirt. She had on about the cutest bra I'd ever seen, but I didn't have time to admire it because she had me back on my bed and was literally pulling my panties off soon thereafter.

So there I lay, my freshly waxed and tanned body exposed to my new lover. She undid her bra moments after doing her hair in a ponytail and then lowered her head to my body. She kissed my hip, my stomach, and my chest. Those kisses only made my pussy yearn for her that much more. She then slowly started to back down my body and I couldn't help but notice how pointed her own nipples were hanging down from her very perky breasts. My legs were parted as she kissed down onto the top of my neatly trimmed hairdo. She licked up either side of it and then gave me the compliment I was not sure I'd ever hear telling me that I had the prettiest pussy she'd ever seen.

I was quite proud of my morning's work on my own but to have this sexy girl actually tell me that was so hot. I still can't believe I heard myself taunt her slightly asking if she wanted to stare at it all night or if she wanted to touch it. She leaned down into me and looked up at me with a wicked smile - she enjoyed the taunt. She told me that no, she didn't want to stare or touch it, she wanted to taste it. With that she took a long lick right up my perfectly smooth slit right up past my clit. My body practically shuddered at the rawness of what just happened. She licked up my lips several times and then returned to my slit. I was already wet but the feeling of her tongue on me just made me want her that much more.

Finally after several teasing licks, she pushed her mouth into me fully and started to lick right inside of me. I loved the way her tongue pleasured me. By the time she started to lick my engorged clit and had slid a finger inside of me I was halfway gone into O-land. I had never cum so fast in my life with the exception of the first time I tried my old vibrator. I had cum from guys going down on me before but there was no question that having a sexy nearly naked girl eating me out was what drove me over the edge.

She kept going though and I let her. I had had some success with multiple orgasms in the past and tonight seemed like one of those nights. I noticed that I was being stretch more and could only assume she had a second finger inside me. She licked and sucked on my clit expertly which I guess wasn't a surprise but the way she found and locked onto my g-spot was earth-shattering. I knew I was going to cum again and after maybe a minute I moaned out my second orgasm. Still she persisted on me and I wasn't about to let her leave me until she wanted to.

She went back to licking inside of me and that was a good thing as my clit had become super sensitive particularly since the second orgasm. She reached up and played with my breasts, pinching one of my nipples between her index and middle finger of her right hand. My nipples were so excited to be included in the sex. I had never seen them so hard in my life before. I suddenly was aware of all of the moaning I was doing and also of the wet licking sounds coming from down between my legs. My pussy was tingling so when Julie slid in her fingers again and went back to my clit it was so satisfying. She was extremely gentle on my clit now with very light touches that seemed to understand that she had already brought me over the edge and needed to carefully bring me back.

The fingers inside of me were doing quite the opposite now. Instead of massaging my g-spot she was quite specifically fucking me with her fingers, going in deep and taking slightly out and going in deep again. I wanted to feel more of her inside of me and was quite happy when I felt her pause fingering me only to resume with more pressure applied to me. At that point and only at that point did I wish that Julie had a nice thick long cock between her legs hiding under her tiny panties. I knew that was probably not the case though and I longed to feel a stiff cock stretching and pleasuring me.

Then it happened. It was so subtle at first I wasn't sure it was intentional. Moments later though it happened again and it was much more prolonged. Julie had put one of her fingers near my ass. Now I wasn't one to shy away from ass play and had enjoyed full on anal sex a couple of times among my various experiences but it was still quite surprising how this sweet sexy girl was starting to play with my ass. Then I felt the finger start to work towards the entrance and it felt so sexy that I sort of bore down onto it. She seemed to get the hint and started to slide it inside.

Between all the fingers in her pussy, her mouth gently pleasuring my clit and now her finger inside my ass I was in pleasure heaven. When she squeezed my breast with her free hand again I marveled at how much pleasure one person could provide for me. I groaned and writhed in pure delight. I wanted all she could give me and ground my body down onto her finger feeling her fingers in my pussy fill me completely and the one in my ass slide all of the way in. Suddenly she told me she wanted me to flip over to make me cum one more time. I really wasn't in a position to argue but didn't really feel like moving out of my zone of ecstasy.

I flipped over onto my stomach and she guided my hips up so that I was on elbows and knees, my body full exposed to her similar to how it was several hours earlier to my waxing specialist. I waited like that for an instant hearing the audible sounds of a girl's panties being slid off smooth legs and off onto the floor. She didn't hesitate after that point and got right to what she wanted.

I felt her tongue back on my pussy and she was eating me out fully now. Gone was the gentle lovemaking she started with, the teasing was definitely over. I had never had somebody's mouth on me like that, including the most horny guys I'd been with. I could hear her muffled moans from between my legs and I was aware around that moment that my ass was empty for the first time in a few minutes and felt a little neglected. I did not need to worry though because soon I felt her sexy little tongue slide right up between my ass cheeks and lick right across the opening.

Oh it felt so dirty and so sexy. Her fingers returned to fuck my very wet pussy while she used her tongue to give me my first ever all-female rimjob. It wasn't satisfying enough for me and I guess it was not for her either because soon I felt her free hand pulling me open and then felt her tongue start to make its way inside of my ass. This was only the second time somebody had dared do that to me and secretly I loved the wrongness and the dirtiness of it all. I reached back to make her job easier and to make sure she understood I was hers for the taking as much as she wanted. I spread open my ass for her and she attacked it with her mouth.

After several amazing minutes of this I heard her start to really moan and groan and that started to drive me over the edge. My final orgasm of the night started moments after Julie's had ended. I found out later that when I reached back to hold myself open, she was able to use her free hand on herself and got off while getting me off. We both collapsed on the bed after our nearly simultaneous orgasms and we held each others warm bodies close for a while.

I asked her if there was anything I could do for her and that's when she explained she had already got there and was perfectly fine with that for now. She suggested we go out and get our cars and some dinner and we both got dressed shooting each other wide grins from our totally raunchy behavior. I noticed she didn't bother putting her panties back on under her jeans so I decided my pretty pink pair could stay on the floor also. It was the start of a beautiful friendship!

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