tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's diary

this gardener's diary


Seven days in December

Late Friday evening~
Here has been good, with You i am fine
together with Your strength & because i've heard "you
are Mine"
this time has not been easy yet
those thoughts carry me through~~

i will hold my dreams close along w/ You inside of me
i wish for a response yet i won't expect! .... i go again to read about The Olive Tree~~

i nearly cried at the base, my hand-turned soil dry~~ my eyes caught sun's rays, seeing them i sighed~~ i am cherished, it shows in Your leaves of green, shielding me from sun's damage, shading me from sun's heat~~ when i feel unworthy, when i feel unloved all i need to see is what W/we are doing for O/our LOVE~~

Late Saturday evening~
Thick clouds hide bright nights
& her path she needs to see
To get back to her garden
To the solace beneath her tree
She is in despair, she sends message on the wind
Knowing He will respond, restoring her confidence within

Sometime in the night/early morning hours~
her tears kept her awake
for most of the night
besides what actually caused her pain
did He mean deny His love? did He mean to make her cry?
why did He not call? His care is always there
she dials His number He is home, in bed asleep~~no cares
shock, disbelief~how can this be? i need You so, can You talk to me?
No, not now.. Night night, goodbye.......

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