tagRomanceThoroughly Loving Nina Ch. 08

Thoroughly Loving Nina Ch. 08

byEgmont Grigor©

THE STORY SO FAR: Twice divorced, unemployed computer technician Victor Haig is searching for a real soul mate when he rescues Nina Raymond from two louts who either mistook her for a hooker or an easy opportunity. Nina (20) admits to 37-year old Vic she's sexually inexperienced. He learns the young woman has been abused sexually by the few men in her life including her father. They leave town, taking to the road in Nina's SUV with no destination in mind. They work on a dude guest ranch and a year later help the proprietor rebuild his computer and video business. They leave the coast and head east into traditional cattle land and look for a run-down ranch to buy and build it up. The purchase of a run-down privately owned ranch of 63,800 acres becomes possible when Nina reveals she's the daughter of an heiress and inherited her mother's wealth. Their adventures continue while waiting to 'hand-over' day of the property. In this episode the couple sort out friend Kate's conception problem and make a return visit to the guest ranch of the 'legendary' Joe Black and his wife Hannah.

* * *

Kate Levett's premonition that it would be embarrassing talking to Vic about using him to impregnate her was correct. Nina, Vic and Kate has ridden out to look at horses when they stopped under shelter of trees for coffee and Nina opened the subject delicately, Kate nodding approvingly, when Vic removed his Stetson, swept his hair back and said, "What, the two of you at once?"

The two horrified women looked and then took the only sensible way out: they burst into laughter, shaking their heads and attempting not to hurt his feelings.

"If that's a no, what then?"

Nina proceeded carefully. "You go off with Kate once a month at her prime time for a couple of nights, treat her gently with loving care and returned her home safely."

"What, without Shaun's knowledge?"

"No, if we secure your agreement, Kate then talks to Shaun."

"And if we all agreed, then Kate and I can rut into exhaustion."

"Darling, I think you two will have to establish rules of engagement and to approach the entire encounter with dignity – as a medical assignment I should think Kate?"

"I should think so."

Vic fiddled with his hat. "How many times a day?"

Nina colored and asked, "Kate?"

"Whatever it takes, I should think. We'd need to seek advice Nina."

"Nah, you read up about it on the internet guys," Vic suggested. "Those consultants will give you a thermometer and temperature chart and as she nears the peak of ovulation they'll require me to spread a white sheet over her midriff and insert as she counts down. I'll be so nervous I won't be able shoot until Kate pulls me out of her, too late."


"Leave him Nina; he's doing his best. From what he's just said I've gotten the image of men in white coats circling us with stop-watches and leading Vic up to me by a head halter."

"Oh, how ghastly," Nina said, unable to giggle like Kate. "We're not serious about that, are we?"

"No, Kate laughed nervously and the three of them almost scared the horses off with their laughter. "What do you suggest, Vic – be serious."

"Act like a couple aiming for conception."

"Yes," Kate cried excitedly but then lost her smile. "W-w-what if we fall in love?"

Vic quickly doused that concern. "Do you have a small pussy?"

"I think so."

"Think so? Oh, okay. Then it won't be a problem. You'll be practically legless after I've finished with you that you'll be glad to see the last of me."


"He could be right; I believe you two are not too competitive to fall in love. Rather being cooped up with him for three or four days you'll sort him out – probably reducing him to visiting hours."

"Should we conduct a trial now?" Kate suggested.

"What, the three of us?"

"Yes Nina, I'll feel happier with you here."

Nina looked at Vic who shrugged; he was no help at all.

"All right," she said unbuttoning her shirt, "This could be fun."

Kate's radio hanging from her saddle horn burst into life.

It was Dean. "Kate, Lorna Macdonald is here for you to fit her saddle properly."

"Right, coming. I'm ten minutes away."

"Understood. Bye."

"But sadly I'm not coming here," Kate giggled. "Perhaps we were not meant to experiment."

"Perhaps so," Nina sighed. "You go. I best help my man with this lump he's developed."

That night in bed Nina and Vic could hear the low tones of Shaun and Kate talking, no words distinguishable. They were drifting off to sleep when there was a knock.

"Come in."

Shaun entered and turned on the light.

"Shake my hand Vic, what a hero," Shaun said, wiping his eyes. Vic sat up and the men hugged, slapping each other on the back.

Shaun leaned over and kissed Nina, saying her consent was greatly appreciated.

"I think it's wonderfully brave of you to allow this to happen, Shaun," she said supportively. "You may not be aware of it but you are the real hero."

Shaun was standing at the end of the bed wiping his eyes when Kate came into the room, looking very concerned. "Oh baby, what's the matter," she cooed, running to him.

"It's Vic and Nina, they have been so nice to me. Nina just told me my action is heroic."

"Oh, and so it is, darling. I told you what a wonderful woman she is; our county is already being enriched by her presence and she'd only just started."

"Hey, what about me?"

"Oh, and you too Vic," Kate said, running around the end of the bed to hug and kiss Nina.

"Is what we are intending to do legal?" Kate asked.

None of them knew. Nina took charge. "Perhaps it's best that we don't enquire. There could be complications over the legal claims to any offspring and over the offspring's biological status legally, but we have no intention of making any sort of parental claim now or into the future, have we Vic; we'd agreed on this."

"Yes, absolutely," said Vic. "Our involvement is plutonic – that's the word you used, Nina. We do it and if we succeed we keep our mouths shut, forever. We did suggest continuing involvement by being named godparents."

"Oh yes, oh I'm sorry, guys. Shaun, that was mentioned before you came into discussions."

"I think that would be a great idea. It really has me excited to hear you guys talking so positively about this."

"Okay, here's a biggie and think carefully before you answer Shaun," Kate said. "Would you think any less of me having been with Vic and then knowing Vic was the father of any child from that union?"

"I've already thought hard and the answer is no, at least not as far as I can tell. My attitude is Vic with Nina's support is giving us a great opportunity to enhance our lives. I wish you guys every success. This is what I think; instead of going off somewhere you and Vic could stay here and do it. Kate you will be happier being in proximity to your horses – you're never one to leave home overnight if you can help it."

"That makes sense, where will you stay?"

"With me," Nina giggled.

"Thanks Nina but one of the hotels in town will be fine."

* * *

The Twill's arrived in their 'town' car – a stretched Jaguar. Kate had warned the visitors would be dressed formally and was correct, justifying everyone including Gabby to look tidy.

"A couple of bottles of French champagne for the table my dear," Trinity said, kissing Kate. "Good gracious – your hair, your dress. Is someone looking after you? And that make-up. If you don't mind me saying so, you don't smell the slightest big horsy."

"No Trinity, anyone else but you saying that to me would have been bopped, hard into the tits."

"Oh dear, dear Kate – looking such a lady but retaining the common touch. Alan, please hand across the stuffed chickens, fruits and cheeses. As you know Kate, it is our family tradition never to go anywhere empty handed."

"Thank you darling, I under-catered expecting your generosity."

"Oh darling, kiss-kiss," murmured Trinity moving in and kissing Kate again. If only I had a daughter-in-law like you instead of those two cold-faced bitches back east."


"Sorry Alan, I must not defame family. Oh look at your father, with a tie on! What a sight. Come and kiss me Gabby. Hi, Shaun, we love the house and look here – it's the fine bodied man, Mr Haig I believe, I've temporarily forgotten you name, a difficult one I seem to remember."


"Oh indeed. Difficult did I say? And where is this lovely lady of yours?"

"Nina, time to make your entrance," Kate shouted.

"Why, why should she do that? Ohmigod. Look Alan."

Even Vic was startled. He'd never seen Nina with her hair pulled almost her right eye like that. She was wearing a dress that wasn't hers, split up the left leg almost to the waist and the front plunged almost down to her belly button and held more or less together with black lacing. Obviously by the bulging breast she had some kind of under bra thingy on but there was no sign of it. Her olive skin seemed more olive that usual and her lip coating looked painted in shiny red. Vic decided it was the closest woman to a film star he'd ever seen.

Gabby began clapping and the others joined in, causing much merriment.

A hairdresser and beautician came down the stairs, looked at their creation and departed, calling "Bye Kate, good-afternoon Mrs Twill."

"Kate, how do your know Rebecca and Chrissie – I believe you never have set a foot in their premises?"

"True, but their families buy their horses from me. Wink, wink."

Trinity laughed and looked fondly at Kate. She turned to the stranger.

"Oh, it's Nina, isn't it? The town talks about you and your husband."

At that Vic stuck a finger down his neck to loosen sudden pressure on his collar.

"Yes, I'm Nina, Mrs Twill. I'm hoping to be your very good neighbor. I'm sorry about this get-up but Kate insisted and she can be very persuasive."

"Don't we know, don't we all know. Alan, champagne for the ladies, the men if they wish otherwise the drink of their choice. Shaun, please assist Alan."

"Certainly, Trinity. I do like that beautiful dress."

"Flattery will get you everything, Shaun."

With the men out on the porch drinking, Kate said to Trinity, "I had Kate dressed up to show you her potential."

"Potential for what?"

Kate remained mute.

"Answer me Kate...Ohmigod, you think you've found my successor? You clever girl."

"Chat to her Trinity while I organize lunch. If you don't see and hear class I'll go out to the car and fetch your glasses and hearing aid."

"Cheeky bitch," Trinity snorted quietly, and the three women laughed.

Half an hour later, with the liquor working, Nina was seated at the table between Trinity and Alan. Nina had finally decided to be bold.

"Mrs Twill, I mean Trinity?"

"Yes my dear?"

"Kate says you are a registered marriage celebrant."

"Yes my dear, in the powers vested in me I pronounce you wife and man."

The other conversations had halted and everyone laughed.

"Will you kindly officiate at my and Vic's wedding next month."

"Oh gracious, you want me to perform in front of all those people?"

"No, it's just a small wedding in this room?"

"But the plan is to repeat the ceremony in front of everyone in the Dome."

"What crowd, what Dome? I know nothing about this?"

"Darling, I have been advised that our First Citizen Joe Black is coming here for your wedding. So it was necessary to make appropriate arrangements so planning is well under way. You would have been informed in due course, being the bride and so would Kate."

"But I wanted a small wedding, with some of my new neighbors in attendance."

"Oh, this is far better darling. You have your wee wedding here and then you and your bridal party and guests will be whisked into town by a fleet of helicopters. You and Vic will then head the street parade – so I advise a short wedding dress darling. On the chuck wagon at the tail of the parade will be the Mayor and me with Kate and Shaun and a few other distinguished persons surrounding our First Citizen Joe Black who'll be standing on platform in the centre of the open chuck wagon waving to his adoring fans."

"But no-one will know who he is; he's a forgotten legend."

"Who told you that – it's absolute rubbish?"

"It's a rumor."

"Well, our town is awash with rumors, none of them true. If you believe any of them you run the risk of being incarcerated."


"Yes my dear, always remember that," Trinity said, with a grateful Vic hanging on to her every word.

"Then at the Dome your wedding ceremony is repeated simply because everyone loves a wedding and everyone will love seeing Joe Black giving you away. It will be assumed you are one of his illegitimate daughters."

Nina began laughing uncontrollably until finally Kate smacked her face.

"Thanks Kate, I needed that," Nina said weakly. Kate fed her a full glass of champagne.

"Well?" Trinity asked.

"Trinity, you and the town can have its wedding on one condition and that is you and your friends undertake to quell any opposition to Vic and I developing Haig Ranch into an adult only guest ranch, maximum occupancy eighty guests so that the interlopers mingled unnoticed when in town."

"A guest ranch, but no-one wants a guest ranch in this county," Trinity said weakly.

"We do."

"Yes, but I'm talking long settled families who covet the traditional ways."

Nina, now on a roll thanks to the champagne, winked broadly at the startled Kate and said in a very firm voice, "Joe Black has been running a guest ranch; I managed it for almost a year."

"I don't believe it."

Nina pushed her chair back and looking grim said, "Are you calling me a liar Trinity?"

"No, no – of course not. My apologies. Ohmigod, I believe you – why would you lie?"


Nina pulled out her phone and selected a number. "Press 'Go' Trinity and if we have coverage here you'll get straight through to Joe. I want to make sure you believe me."

Trinity pushed the phone back as if it were electrified, saying she believed Nina absolutely.

Conversation lurched until Gabby raised the ante. "Trinity, you and I go a long ways back; we used to have some flings, didn't we?"

"Before my marriage, yes," Trinity managed, face very red.

"Oh, was it?"

"I welcome these two young people into our community, Trinity, and hope you do the same. I also hope they can develop their property without any untoward interference from neighbors. Nina has offered you a deal Trinity – you get your parade and a big show at the Dome in return to eliminating unjustified opposition to their project – by that she means emotional opposition but not legal opposition. Got that?"

"I hear what you say, Gabby."

"What I'm saying Trinity do the deal with her – it has more upside than downside for you personally. But if you agree to deal and later think about reversing that decision be very careful Trinity. That tricky action just could result in me remembering something concerning your two daughters and Joe Black one night when they were snowbound in O'Leary's cabin up there in Blue Vein Gulch."

"H-how did you learn about that?"

"I swore to keep my mouth closed, Trinity, unless I was ever forced into a corner."

"Gabby, I've always liked you – my mom loved you and wished you were the son she never had. Sleep easy, Gabby. I shall honor my commitment to our beautiful Nina."

Everyone lined up on the porch to farewell the guests. Kate went with Trinity and opened the car door for her.

"Your father was a bit rough on me, Kate."

"My apologies but you always admired him for being a sharpshooter."

"Oh so I did, kiss him goodnight for me, darling. I'm not sure if I've ever told you this but it was he who took my virginity."

"No, you only told me he left you three weeks away from the altar."

"Well, he did find me in bed with Harold Walters."

"Oh yes."

Kate waited but no declaration appeared forthcoming. She was so disappointed.

The car glided forward then stopped and the passenger window rolled down.

"Oh Kate, thanks for everything. Most enjoyable time. Yes, she's the one."

Kate was ecstatic. Trinity had a few more years left in her, but she now acknowledged her protégé was in place. Kate went inside and found Nina clearing away, assisted by Gabby of all people.

"Are you all right dad?"

"Yes, fine. I'm attempting to show my best side to the boss."

Kate slid in behind Nina, clasping her arms around Nina, cupping her breasts.

"Nina, is that you," Kate began nervously.

"Rest easy, I just want to feel your power – your spirit I mean. I think you'll find no-one in the county has ever taken Trinity apart like you did here today."

"I was simply been defensive."

"Fuck girl, I'd sure hate to be in your way when you're on attack."

"Stop been silly, Kate. I'm just a sweet, compliant girl."

"Oh really?"

"Stop it – that's my favorite saying."

"Oh really?"

"What's got into you Kate?"

"Madam has just told me you're the one – you're her protégé.

"Oh really. Is the position all that significant?"

"It's placed after law enforcement, city administration and Chamber of Commerce darling, but when the Town Ladies Club rumbles over an issue, its become clear who rules the roost in Clarkesville."

"Clarkesville – is that the name of our town?"

"Yes, but everyone dislikes the name. That's why it's simply called The Town."

"Oh really?"

Kate and Nina changed and went out for another training lesson. Already Nina was learning the difference between the horse being in control and when she had to be in control. She had two more full training days to go, with rests in between when she'd help with the chores.

"How long will you stay with Joe Black?"

"They just said come and stay, giving no time. I guess a week is tops."

"Nina, don't be shy – as soon as you arrive ask Joe Black to look you over on a horse and give you some tips. Tell him you're dedicated to becoming a cowgirl – he'll respond."



"Why does everyone around here call him Joe Black all the time, even after the first mention of his name?"

"I guess it's a combination of things."


"The name Joe Black is a combination that seems to go better than separately, if you get what I mean. Then of course he'd a legend – saying Joe Black in a small localized way is akin to saying Richard the Third, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar or even that wonderful horse, Man O' War."

"You've had too much to drink – God you were holding my breasts before. Are you gay?"

"I don't think so, but I really do like you Nina Raymond, perhaps better than any friend I've ever had. My heart melts when I think of you wanting me to have a baby, the extent you are willing to make that possible, and that you want a baby when I'm having my little girl."

"Oh really? I thought it was I who was to have the little girl."

"Take that as a sign, Nina. We both will have girls."

"Well, first we have to get pregnant," Nina yawned. They laughed.



"I suggest you be very, very kind to Shaun. He will be feeling gutted, despite any denial."

"I know. May I squeeze your tits again?"

"No, get away you animal. Gawd, we're drunk. Goodnight darling."

"Goodnight Mrs President."

"Oh really, you are such a tease Kate."

* * *

Late afternoon on Wednesday the white pick-up pulled up outside the ranch house.

Hannah came out and shielding her eyes against the sun said, "Excuse me, the guest office is over there."

"Oh sorry, I thought we were house guests Hannah?"


"That's me. Good afternoon ma'am," he said, easing his long frame from the vehicle and hugging Hannah who showed no inclination of letting him go.

Hannah asked, "Where's Nina?"

"Right behind you."

"Oh Nina, I'm sorry. It's just that I've really missed this boy. We haven't been having a happy time since the changeover, I'm afraid. Our son-in-law is not a fan of the tradition, the cowboy way. Oh you lovely lady, just look at you. I do declare that you are brimming, ready for pregnancy."

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