Three Fists


After all, I managed to take the full length of my husband’s cock inside my ass, and with Kim being as petite as she was, her forearm wasn’t probably all that much longer than Don’s penis. I was feeling greedy, insanely crazed for profound rectal penetration now. I wanted more, much more!

“I’ll give you more, babe, I’ll give you whatever the fuck you want,” Kim said, licking her lips as we shared at expression of mutually depraved desire. And then she just pushed her fist further into my innards, digging into my hot, humid rectal depths. I reached back to feel her arm, my anal ring obscenely dilated as it gripped that arm. Now it wasn’t her wrist around which my anus was tightly wrapped, but further up her forearm. As she dug in relentlessly, I pushed back against her, inch after inch of her forearm slowly forcing its way inside me.

“Stop! Hold up!” I begged, taking a breath, needing a moment to adjust. I couldn’t believe it. I had a fist plus a couple of inches of forearm buried up my ass. How much more could I take, I wondered?

“Okay, keep going,” I said, looking back at her again as, slowly, she kept driving it in. Inch after inch after inch! I couldn’t believe it; I felt like young Kim was penetrating to the very core of my being. I reached back and grabbed hold of her arm, not to stop her, but to just feel it as she worked it deeper and deeper inside.

“Oh man, you should see yourself, honey, I can’t believe how deep you’re taking it,” my husband said, staring at me, amazed at what he was witnessing. Not that he was any slouch with Kim’s other fist buried in his ass.

The sensation was incredible. It was awesome enough to take a fist up the ass, but to have that fist followed by much of an arm! Damn, I was pretty proud of myself! I could feel Kim’s elbow now, no more than a couple of inches from where the highest part of her forearm was buried inside me. I’d heard some can take it to the elbow, and even deeper. But now I knew I had reached my limits and told Kim so. Slowly she pulled out until only her fist was inside me.

“I think I need a break,” I said, looking back at her. First she pulled her fist out of my ass, then my husband’s. Instinctively we both reached back and spread ‘me wide for her, eager to show off what we had endured.

“Holy fuckin’ shit!” she gasped as she stared at our wide open assholes. Then I turned around and took hold of her arm. It was slick and greased right up to the point where she had it buried inside me.

“Damn, I can’t believe you stuffed all of that up my ass!” I said staring

“Every last fuckin’ inch,” she said, as I ran my hand up and down the hot, slick skin of her arm, wrapping my fingers around the compact fist which had just been driven into the depths of my body

“Hey? You two guys wanna do my ass? They must’ve told you I’m the house Greek freak, didn’t they? My ass can really take it.”

She gave me a lewd, coy, sly look, then smiled.

“Wanna find out?”

I looked at Don. His cock was standing stiff and straight and I was feeling like a turbo-charged bitch, ready and eager for more, more, more!

“Oh yeah, slut, we’ll do your ass, Don and I will, we’ll do it till it’s done!” I promised, reaching around and giving her tight little buns a sexy squeeze.

“But first I need to get flushed out,” she said. “You two got an enema around?”

I looked at Don. He knew I had a special hankering for giving enemas to cute young sluts. We had one feisty playmate that joined us for threesomes last year who craved taking enemas, and I craved giving them to her. But somehow I felt like being one-on-one with young Kim. Don knew that about me, that sometimes I like a little alone girl-girl time when the two of us are playing with a slut.

“I think I’ll run out and get us some beers while you get Kim ready,” Don said, reading me perfectly. He got dressed and I could only think that driving to the liquor store, sitting in the car seat, he’d feel that ass of his, hot and raw from Kim’s savage fisting. I knew my own felt deliciously raw.

After he’d gone I gave Kim a sexy wink.

“Come with me,” I said as I led her to our lavish bathroom suite. There I opened a closet and took out a big enema bag with hose attached as Kim watched closely with keen and curious eyes. I went to a shelf and found a nozzle, a big, black one Don and I had ordered from a German company that specializes in enema equipment.

“That is one big nozzle,” Kim said with the tone of one who’s had a few planted between her cheeks.

“As you know by now, Don and I like to feel it back there,”

I checked the temperature of the water, then started to fill the bag, a little more than halfway, then turned the water off.

“More, fill it up all the way,” Kim said, pure, raw lust in her eyes.

“Anything you say,” I concurred, filling up the bag. I knew it held a capacity of more than two quarts. The thought of giving this delicately-framed, petite beauty such a copious enema made me swoon. Then I hung the heavy, bloated bag from a hook.

“Okay, now it’s your turn. Bend over and spread ‘em... slut!

She had such cute and firm buns, perfectly smooth and springy. And now, between them, I finally had a view of her perfect rosebud of an asshole.

“Look at that, how pretty,” I said, dropping down and pressing my face between her cheeks, lapping away at the rubbery ridge of her sphincter with an almost delirious hunger. But then again I must confess I’ve always had something of a craving for the taste of young female assholes..

“That’s right, just like that! Lick my fucking ass!” she hissed, reaching around with an arm to press my face firmly between her buns. I loved that dirty mouth of hers, that scorching and utter lack of inhibition or restraint. And that amazing petite firecracker of a body!

I took my sweet time eating out her bottom, then reached for another jar of lube. I scooped some up with a fingertip and brought it down to her crack as she held herself open for me. I rubbed it around, then worked a finger inside. Oh man, did that ever feel good, the warm tightness of her anal passage gripping my finger.

“Ooooh yeah, feel up my ass, feel it up!” she groaned wiggling her bottom sensually against my probing finger.

“Okay, enema time,” I said as I laid a bath towel down on the floor and told her to get on elbows and knees. She stuck it way out, like an alley cat in heat. Her little buns were so trim that her asshole was fully and gloriously exposed in this position. I took hold of the nozzle and worked it into her ass, Kim looking over her shoulder at me with the most eager and utterly lewd look on her face as I inserted it .

“That’s it, flush me out and get me ready!

“Here goes,” I said, releasing the clamp as she moaned softly, feeling the rush of warm water enter and quickly start to fill her bowels. I had brought the strap-on with me and as the enema drained into her I cleaned it off and strapped it to myself. She stared at the rubber cock in awe as she took her enema.

“Wow, it really is big,” she said, now seeing it attached to me and no doubt thinking how she had driven it deep into both our asses.

“How’s the enema?”

“It feels good. It feels fuckin’ good!”

She was a deliciously obscene young thing, I had to say. I looked up at the bag and saw it was more than half-drained. Now I thought I’d have Kim stand for the rest of it, so I took her hand and helped her off the floor. She got up on slightly wobbly knees, and I could see the roundness of her normally flat belly, the enema distending her and making her look slightly pregnant. I love seeing a slut look like that as she retains a big enema.

“Oh shit, I’m really getting filled up,” she gasped.

“Had enough?”

“No, I’ll take it all, the whole thing,” she said as I gently rubbed her belly, soothing her, looking deeply into her liquid eyes, blazing with desire. Now most of the water had drained from the bag, the contents of the enema swelling her bowels and giving her stomach a striking, swollen appearance. Finally the bag was empty and I pulled out the nozzle. She was wincing now, biting her lip as she did her best to retain the big enema as I led her to the toilet.

“Want some privacy?” I asked as she planted her pretty rump down on the toilet seat.

“No, stay here, I’m not shy,” she said with a sexy wink, eyeing my strap-on cock. “And let me suck on that thing.”

So I stepped right over and just as Kim took it in her mouth, straining to wrap her lips around the awesome thickness, looking up at me with those gorgeous, sexy eyes, I could hear her start to expel the enema, the torrent rushing out of her. She took her time lewdly sucking and licking my rubber cock as she emptied herself of the enema. Finally, she pulled her face away.

“Mmmmmmh, feels good, getting ready for you and your husband, your dicks,” she purred, then took my hand in hers and bunched up the fingers, “your fists!”

They had said she was a freak for anal sex at the outcall service and she had admitted that much herself. But was she actually planning to take fists in her ass, as we had? It sure seemed like that was a possibility.

I gave her another big enema to get her completely flushed out and had a big fluffy towel between her cheeks, drying her off, when Don came back.

“She all nice and ready for us?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m ready okay, ready to be your backdoor bitch!” she purred.

We led Kim back to the bedroom where she immediately scampered up on the bed on elbows and knees, sticking it out, looking back at us with a frisky smile as she wiggled her butt provocatively in our faces. Don was pulling down his jeans and I could see his dick was as hard as ever. Me, I’d never put any clothes back on, and my thighs were sticky. My pussy had literally been dripping since the moment we started fooling around with our little plaything.

“Come and get it, guys!” she purred, reaching back to hold those trim buns of hers wide open. Her figure was so petite and she was so sleek and slender, and yet she couldn’t have been any more feminine, though more in the manner of sex-crazed adolescent than a mature woman. She looked like she was twenty going on fifteen.

We sat on the bed behind her, looking at each other and smiling.

“Have a taste, honey, I already have,” I told him as he pressed his face between those silky smooth buns and started lapping away at her hole. Don loves to eat ass almost as much as I do, and this little slut’s bottom was a culinary treat. I pushed back on his head, urging him on.

“That’s it, lick that ass!” I said though he sure didn’t need any encouragement.

I let him have this fill, then I had myself another taste.

“You ass-lickin’ sluts love the taste of my shithole, dontcha?” Kim purred.

“I guess we do,” I said as I now reached for the lube, slapping some between her cheeks, working it around, then quickly driving a finger up her anal passage.

“Check it out, Don, join me,” I said to my husband who slid a finger in alongside mine. We’d done this before, reamed out a slut together, and always loved it.

“Two more,” I said, as each of us added a finger. Now little Kim had four fingers crammed up her asshole.

“Stick it in her pussy, fuck her cunt, Don,” I urged my husband who now knelt behind Kim and slid his cock up her cute little snatch while we left the four fingers buried in rectum.

“Holy shit! That feels so fuckin’ great!” she squealed as Don took his time fucking her while both of us twisted our fingers around inside her smooth, deliciously warm anal passage.

“Fuck her ass now,” I said as I pulled my two fingers out of her bottom, Don doing the same. I held on to his cock and brought the tip an inch higher, pressing the huge knob against her greased hole.

“Slam it up there, baby!” I hissed as Don slowly drove his cock inside. I wondered how much she’d be able to take. I mean, my husband was hung... and then some! Nine massively thick inches. I figured I was one of the few greedy sluts who could manage to take every last one inside my rear hole. But Kim was not to be outdone, looking over her shoulder at us, smiling proudly, as she pressed back against his thrusts, pressed back until she’d managed to take every last one of those inches in her ass, his balls slapping loudly against her cute, springy buttocks.

“Oh shit, man!” Kim groaned, gasped. “You are big, you’re huge! My ass feels so fuckin’ full! So crammed full of cock!”

“Here’s something else that’s big,” I said, tugging at Don, making him pull out of the young slut’s ass. Damn! Her asshole sure looked different now that it had been stretched open by the formidable thickness of Don’s cock.

“Now I get to fuck your little bitch ass,” I said, driving my cock inside her, she all the while looking back at me, gazing deeply into my eyes as I drove my big rubber penis into the humid depths of her rectum.

Yeah, fuck it! Fuck it!” she pleaded, pushing back wildly against my thrusts, almost out of control with wanton passion. I thought she savored my rubber one even more than Don’s real one.

“Let her suck your cock, Don” I said to my husband who brought it up to her face. She wrapped her lips around it greedily, eager to suck the cock that had just been pummeling her ass.

“Ready for something else now?” I teased, pulling out of her slowly after I had taken my sweet time fucking her randy little bottom, now reaching over for the jar of anal grease. I dug in for a big scoop.

“Holy shit!” she panted, realizing what was next.

Right away I slid four fingers up her ass, then the thumb alongside it. I was crazed with arousal. There was the cutest little young slut imaginable on elbows and knees. And here I was, with my hand up her hot, hot ass. I pushed inward slowly but relentlessly, past the first set of knuckles. She was looking back at me, eagerness and anticipation brightening her pretty face.

“I can’t fuckin wait for all of it!” she nearly shrieked.

I looked over at my husband, amazed at the raw wildness of this young slut.

“Here goes,” I said, slowly forcing it in past the second set of knuckles as she started to gasp, twisting her body like an eel, a snake. And then it was inside her, all the way, as I looked at the beautiful and obscene sight of her anal ring wrapped tightly around my wrist. It felt so utterly intimate to feel her rectal walls pressing against my probing hand. Now, buried inside her, I bunched those fingers up into a fist and, slowly, began to pound her as she had pounded me. I was doing all this with my right hand, my left hand was still free. Her pussy was gleaming with its own lubrication and so I brought my other hand down to her slit and drove all five of my fingers up her cunt.

“Yes! Yes!" She urged! "Do ‘em both, fist ‘em both!”

Soon I had my whole hand up her cunt and bunched up my fingers inside, her labia wrapped around my wrist. It was amazing. With my hand in her pussy I could feel the fist churning away in her ass, and vice-versa, her rectum divided from her vagina by only a thin sheath of muscle. Kim had used two fists at once, one in my ass, one in my husband’s, pistoning our holes in a one-two motion. Now I, too, was using both hands, both fists, and they also were buried in two warm holes, though in my case one was a cunt, one an ass, and both belonged to the same kinky cutie pie. I churned away just as she had done, slowly driving my fists deeper and deeper. Finally the one in her cunt hit the barrier of her cervix and couldn’t go any further. But the one buried in her bottom I kept forcing deeper still into her rectum, as she had done to mine. And like me, she took it, looking back at me with a gaze of depraved determination. Now I had my forearm inside her ass halfway to my elbow. And though I’m on the slim side myself, I’m five-seven and my arm was both longer and wider than Kim’s. I couldn’t believe how deep inside her bowels I had slid that arm, had buried my fist. The humid warmth of her innards gripped my probing arm lovingly, the awesome sight of her outrageously dilated anus wrapped tightly around my forearm making my dizzy. Don’s eyes were focused on the obscene sight like a pair of lasers. He was awed, amazed.

“Aw shit, stop, that’s about it,” she said, reaching back to take hold of my arm, having reached her limits. I pulled out an inch or two but kept up the fisting a while longer until, finally, I slowly withdrew.

“Think you can take my husband’s fist up your ass?” I asked, hoping she’d be game.

“I can try,” Kim said, panting, regaining her breath, and eager for yet more.

“Honey?” I said, handing Don the jar of lube. He dipped his hand into it, taking it out covered with grease. I pulled my other fist out of her cunt and spread her cheeks. Man, her hole was wide open from my fisting. How much wider was my husband going to stretch it now?

He slid in four fingers right away, then added the thumb.

“That’s it, baby, slide it in, fist the slut, fist her hot little ass!” I urged him

He pushed in. She gasped, taking deep breaths, relaxing her muscles.

“Okay, do it, shove it all in,” she said, giving Don the go ahead as, slowly, he forced his whole hand, a big male hand, into her rectum. My husband’s wrist was about as thick as my forearm so her asshole was, again, stretched to the limits.

Oh my God! Oh fuck!” she shrieked, but she didn’t ask him to stop. Far from it, her expression was of brazen, demented lust as she actually pushed back against my husband’s thrusts.

“Have you made a fist inside her ass yet?” I asked Don.

“I’m doing it right now,” he said, and I could just picture his five fingers clenching into a fist inside her bowels.

“Fist her, honey, fist her! Fist her ass!” I hissed at him, caressing his arm, running a fingertip around the margin where her anal ring was grabbing hold of his wrist. Then I had an idea. Don had never managed to take my fist in his ass. But today he had taken Kim’s. Maybe that was what he needed. Maybe now he could try to take mine. So I dipped my fingers into the tube of lube, bringing my greased hand between my husband’s buttocks. Quickly I drove all five fingers inside him

“Think you can take it?” I whispered in his ear as he kept fisting Kim.

“Sure, you can, stud,” Kim cackled, overhearing, “If I can take your fist in my ass you ought to be able to take your wife’s.”

“Hear that, baby,” I said, driving my hand inside him. He was tight, but less tight than he’d ever been before, Kim fist having prepped him for me. So now I just forced it inside him as he gasped and groaned. There it was, my fist inside my husband’s ass! I’d wanting to fist him for so long and couldn’t have been happier.

“Come a litttle closer, will you?” Kim said to me. And so now while my husband kept fisting Kim’s ass and I kept fisting his, she reached for the lube, greased up her hand and then worked it between my cheeks, sliding her fist into my ass again.

“Will you look at that? The three of us! Getting fisted in the ass, all at once!” I shouted gleefully as we commenced the three way-fisting. And each one of us had a free hand too. I dropped mine down between my legs and started to strum my swollen clit as I could see Kim doing the same. Don wrapped his around his cock. And now all three of us beat off, bringing two pussies and one stiff cock to an absolute pitch of arousal and release as we kept up the rectal assault with our three FISTS!

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