Three's a Charm


I was completely engulfed in sensations. Husband had my skirt slid up enough that I could feel his cock throbbing through his shorts against my ass. He went back to biting deep into my neck as his hands moved up to my breasts to allow Wife to rub my clit with her strong little hands and fingers. I reached back to stroke his cock. All I could think about was having him deep inside of me. I needed him inside of me!

I bent at the waist slightly and rubbed my ass up and down his cock. I was going to get him inside of me and I wanted it right on the dance floor. I wanted to feel the beat of the music in my chest, the energy of the crowd in my head, and Husband's cock deep in my dripping pussy.

I was jerked back hard with his hand on my throat. I straightened up and could feel his cock, out of his shorts, against my ass. Wife was still kissing me from lips to nips, and the three of us danced to the rhythm of whatever was blasting out onto the dance floor. I felt Husband's cock move between my legs and I tried not to bend forward to angle it inside of me. If I moved just enough, his hand tightened on my throat. The anticipation was killing me.

The breeze picked up and it seemed louder on the beach dance floor, maybe it was because my heart was beating in my head. I felt like I was spinning, I was so worked up and horny, buzzing from the alcohol, and picking up adrenalin from the crowd and the fact that I was literally having sex on the dance floor.

Just as my thoughts started to get away from me I gasped as Husband slid his cock into my hot, wet pussy. I was so ready for cock my pussy had lubricated itself and he slid right in. He held me tight from behind and moved in and out of me in fast, hard bursts while Wife got more aggressive biting my lip and drawing a slight trickle of blood as she massaged my tits with her strong grip.

I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard. My whole body was electrified, I felt everything. I felt Husband's cock throbbing inside of me, the sea spray in the breeze, the pounding of the bass, the pulse in Wife's hands. Every cell in my body was happy and alive.

It was then that he whispered in my ear, "You're going to cum for me and you're going to be dripping with our sex the rest of the night. Do you understand?" I shook my head yes. With that my muscles contracted, the head of his cock grew, and we both exploded into an orgasm like no other. He kept pumping into me as I rode out the orgasmic wave. When it was over, he pulled out slowly and I could feel the wetness on my inner thigh. Wife reached down and patted my pussy, rubbing our cum on my lips and clit. She then brought her fingers to her lips and licked our seed from each finger while looking in my eyes. I was breathless.

The songs slowed and we walked from the dance floor. I was presented with more tequila. I just wanted to enjoy yet another sex coma, but this party was going to last all night and into the morning, and I was going to savor every minute of it.

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