tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd


Tabby was laughing at Charlie's joke, while Ellie mixed another drink at the small bar in his loft. It was a lush, comfortable place with large, cushy chairs and a great soft monster of a sofa. The fireplace crackled in the background, nearly drowned out by the music of the Indigo Girls, who strummed and sang from the stereo. Ellie looked Charlie over, and smiled as she felt her cheeks grow warm. He was handsome, pale blond, and had the most amazing blue eyes. His face was animated as he spoke, and she felt her eyes closing in on his lips, leading her to wonder how they would feel on her own lips, neck, and other wonderful places. She shuddered, smiling as hot tingles went through her lean body.

Okay, how about a game of Truth or Dare?" Charlie asked the two ladies, winking and sipping his drink. The suggestion was greeted with enthusiastic cheers.

"I'll go first." Tabby said. The buxom blonde stroked her full lips with one finger as she thought for a moment. "Charlie, truth or dare?"

"Truth." he replied.

"What is the most public place you've ever had sex?" she asked, a wicked smile on her face. Ellie crowed laughter. Tabby always got like this after a couple of drinks. When she was stone cold sober, she could be a preacher's daughter, but within the span of four drinks, she could change into such a nymph!

"Does that include oral sex?" Charlie asked after a brief pause.


"A library parking lot. An old girlfriend gave me head there in my car once." he said, smiling. "Ellie, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever kissed another girl?" Charlie asked.

"Only my mother!" Ellie exclaimed, laughing.

"But not in a sexual way, ever?" he queried, raising his eyebrows at her.

"Nope, not yet. Maybe I would sometime, I dunno." she said with a casual shrug. "Tabby, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Tabby replied, dropping her voice to a sexy purr and batting her lashes at Charlie, who winked at her.

"Hmm...I don't know what to dare you!" she said, giggling. It was true, though, because Tabby was so uninhibited that almost no dare could make her blush. The others laughed with her, and she found some of her composure again after a moment of mirth. "Okay, Tabby! I dare you to do a lapdance for Charlie for one full minute."

"Oh, twist my arm while you're at it!" Tabby said with a lusty laugh, and stood up, walking closer to Charlie. Parting his knees with her hands, she began to sway in front of him, her hands drifting gently up her hips and belly, then up her ribs and spiralling slowly over her full breasts, which her white peasant blouse barely hid.

Charlie felt the heat coming off her in waves, and it excited him too, in spite of the soothing effect of the drinks he'd already put away. As she turned around and ground her soft ass against his crotch, he felt himself spring to full mast. She just looked over her shoulder at him and pursed her lips in a kissing gesture. He tilted his head back and sighed loudly.

Ellie watched, fascinated by how fluidly Tabby moved, and how easily she had gotten Charlie aroused. She could feel the chemistry in the room, almost like an electric tingle along the nape of her neck. She wet her dry lips with her tongue, and swept her long black hair from her face, so it would stop getting in her eyes. This sight turned her on too much to miss.

"Hey, Ellie. I dare you to come over here and try this." Tabby said, smirking in challenge. Ellie's heart thumped, and she found herself on her feet and moving before she knew it. Tabby stepped out of the way, and Ellie moved to where her friend had stood. Wiggling her ass in front of Charlie, she swayed it from side to side, lowering it until it brushed his hard cock from the left, then the right, then the left again. Turning around, she braced her hands on the arms of the chair he sat on, and lowered her head down to his crotch. In a slow circle, she rubbed the crown of her head against the hard member that strained to escape his pants. Charlie groaned deeply at the friction, feeling wild pulses shooting through his whole body. Reaching out, he lifted her head up, and drew her slowly up his body. The kiss was amazing, their tongues twisting like serpents in the heated caves of their mouths.

As Ellie gave herself to the kiss, she felt Tabby close in from behind her, arms wrapping around her waist. One hand gently squeezed one of her modestly sized, but sensitive breasts, while the other massaged her inner thigh. Ellie moaned into Charlie's mouth from the pileup of sensations. He drew out of the kiss for a moment to see what had happened, and smiled hungrily at the sight of two women entwined right before his own eyes.

Tabby moved first, in drawing her two friends to the huge sofa, where she pushed Charlie down onto his back. He looked up at her as she slipped the peasant blouse off her shoulders, revealing even more of her amazing alabaster bosom to him. She knelt above him and lowered her swaying breasts down to his mouth. He pulled the thin cloth of the shirt out of his way, and started kissing and licking her braless breasts and the flesh in between them fervently. At the same time, Ellie was busying herself in undoing Charlie's jeans. When she pulled them off him, his rock hard cock sprang out at her. She gasped at the sight of it, seven inches long if it was one, and thick. She reached for it, wrapping one dainty hand around it, and heard him moan into Tabby's chest. Smiling, she began to stroke the shaft while teasing the head with her soft lips and wet tongue.

Ellie turned Tabby around and pushed her gently backwards, so that she was now kneeling over Charlie's face, with her face towards his feet. Ellie shed her own faded denim jeans and knelt over his cock, guiding it to her own hot sex with her hand. Tabby quickly took her cue and rose, undoing and then shedding her pants as well. She knelt down again, to feel Ellie pushing down firmly on her shoulder, so that her hot nether lips made electrifying contact with Charlie's mouth. She moaned as he began kissing and licking her wet pussy. In passion's heat, Tabby reached out for Ellie, pulling her close for a deep kiss. There was surprise in Ellie's eyes at first, both from the heated kiss and the stretching that Charlie's cock was giving her pussy as she kept dropping her hips onto him, filling herself with his hot, hard meat. The shock gave way to bliss as Tabby's hands lifted her blouse and caressed her breasts, rubbing her stiffening nipples gently.

The three of them rocked like that, the two girls kissing and stroking each others' bodies, Tabby being treated by Charlie's skilled tongue, and Ellie impaling herself deeply on his swollen cock. Charlie began to moan into Tabby's pussy, and he slapped one hand against the sofa cushion. They both knew what he was signalling, and nodded to each other. They both dismounted him and curled up at his crotch, each of them wrapping a hand around his pulsing organ. As their slick hands stroked him, they drew their faces in close, mouths open, tongues flicking hungrily at his member.

He couldn't stand it any longer, and a huge surge of pleasure shook his body as his cum erupted, spraying in thick white streams into first Tabby's mouth, then Ellie's. A few errant droplets landed on their cheeks and chins, but they only smiled at each other and lapped them off each others' faces, sharing every ounce of his hot offering. He trembled, reaching down to smooth the hair of these two sexy, wild girls, and his eyes drifted slowly closed. He relaxed into sleep, while Tabby and Ellie got up to their feet.

"That love potion I spiked his drink with really worked! I wasn't sure it would, you know?" Ellie said, excited. Reaching for her jacket, she drew their pentacle necklaces out of the inside pocket. She put Tabby's necklace on for her, and then Tabby moved to return the favor.

"Well, now we really have shared everything, Ellie, and you've come into more of your own gifts. Do you regret this at all?" Tabby asked, the sex-crazed nymphet now gone, replaced by a more serious young lady.

"No, it was wild, and fun! Maybe he'd like to do it again sometime?" Ellie asked brightly.

"I wouldn't doubt it! It's every guy's fantasy, you know. I'll leave my number for him, I know he'll use it in the next couple of days." she replied, laughing softly. They dressed quietly, and Tabby blew the sleeping form on the sofa a kiss. Ellie smiled, and did likewise before turning to Tabby and catching her hazel eyes in her own blue ones.

"No matter who else we're with, or what happens, I love you. Only you." Ellie said seriously.

"And I love you too, Ellie. Next time, I get to fuck him, but I only love you." Tabby replied, her eyes shining happily. After one more lingering kiss, the two young witches let the door close softly after them, and went back to tell their coven about the whole experience. But that is, of course, another story.


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