Time Stops in the Mediterranean Day 12


Off came the bikini bottoms revealing a very spankable bottom and her naked sex unadorned, just as I remembered it, by even a hint of hair. It was such a little girl look that it just accentuated the need for spanking - a proper chastisement for the young and naughty.

Of course the spanking could have been out of time - she would still have felt it when time started - but that had not been my purpose in bringing her to the deserted countryside. I could have done that on the beach – and had certainly contemplated doing just that. Carefully I tied her hands with my belt - I did not want her to lash out - before sitting down near her and restarting time.

"Time for your spanking," I said. It was amusing to see her looking wildly around completely disorientated and then realising she was naked.

"Come and bend over my knee like a good girl – which you are not. I shall expect an apology as well - we need to get this over with."

"Fuck off!" she said and started running despite having her hands tied.

Well, how about that for a male fantasy: chasing after an attractive and naughty naked girl running away from you in the sunshine with her hands bound behind her back! What a fun game for athletes to play on a private beach or in a private estate. The girls given a head start in their running shoes but, of course, nothing else and then the young male athletes chasing after them - fine young bodies working in the sunshine. All a bit like a relay race but obvious where the men would be trying to put their batons!

I let her run a few steps before stopping time. Like the male athletes in my sudden imagined chase game it would be more amusing to run after her naked than clothed. My shorts dropped to my ankles and my shirt was discarded. I walked up to her in full flight. A picture of female grace, to be fair to her, and moreover she was not even touching the ground. I could probably have turned her around in mid air, gone back to where I had been and when I restarted time she would have found herself running back into me. On reflection perhaps not; as her momentum would have been in completely the other direction.

Rather than even touch her, and risk her stumbling and grazing herself, I walked back and restarted time before running after her. I really enjoyed that. Just the two of us running naked and inevitably me catching up and stopping her. She fought but having her hands tied did not help her at all. It was a completely unequal contest with my ability to stop time and deal with her. All the bodily contact and thrill of the wrestling got me quite hard. Fighting can do that. Even two male wrestlers can find erections coming unexpectedly during a bout despite avowed heterosexuality. I am sure the strong female fan base of wrestling would enjoy naked male wrestling and even more so when an erection ensued. There would be a lot of slightly nervous laughter to hide the thrill.

Eventually I had her in position. Slippery with sweat, squirming against my erection but with her bottom cheeks uppermost and vulnerable. Down my hand descended, once, twice, thrice.

"You are a naughty and rude girl. I warned you of punishment and I am delivering it. It is no good screaming. We are alone."

"How have you done this: why am I not on the beach; who are you?"

"How? Let's say magic; Why? Because you were rude to me and needed punishing. Who am I? The man you were rude to and who does not like unprovoked rudeness."

Of course she could feel my erection - it was poking at her tummy button as I had her across my knee.

"I'll keep doing this until you apologise and say you're sorry. You've hurt my pride and," I chuckled, "need to kiss it better."

Through gritted teeth she said 'sorry.' My hand ceased to fall and I let her go. Her bottom cheeks had an attractive redness to them - attractive in a sexual way. It would have been very pleasing to have bent her at the waist and pushed my penis between the cheeks.

She stood staring at me with undisguised hatred. But it had been her own fault.

I stood, "Well," I said, "here is my male pride and are you now going to kiss it better?" I indicated my erection standing, yes, proud. "You have caused the tumescence and you need to deal with the consequences of your actions. Kneel and kiss. And don't you dare bite or you can imagine, I am sure, where my pride will go next and what will be deposited there."

She looked around wildly but there was nobody there to help her.

"I don't do that. I don't like men. I don't understand..."

"You don't have to like it - you are making amends for your rudeness to me. Hurry up and then you can go back to the beach and have your ice cream."

I pushed her to her knees and there she was with my erection right in front of her face. Up close and personal. A risky thing for me to do putting my cock close to her jaws but I judged at the first hint she was going to bite I could stop time and remove myself. It was not as if I was going to risk her fellating me which really, I suppose, she should have done.

Probably this was first time she had been so close to a cock; probably the first time she had really realised just how big such a thing would be in the flesh. Yes, dildos are as big - bigger even - but the fleshly reality with the smooth bulbous head would have been so very different for her.

How pleasant to stand naked in the Mediterranean sunshine as a girl kneels before you in the submissive position and how pleasant it would have been if she had actually sucked on your cock until it flowed. I was not taking the risk.

Almost certainly this was the first time she had kissed a cock; the first time her soft lips had brushed against the smooth skin of the head; a cursory kiss no more.. Perhaps she and her friend had sucked on dildos - dildos probably delightfully warmed and coated from being in each other's vaginas - but had missed the true pleasure.

She leant back on her knees, "Satisfied? Can I go now?"

"Nearly. It is nearly time for you to go but I need to come first."

I began wanking. I began sliding the wrinkled foreskin back and forth across my shiny cock head just inches from her face. My intention obvious.

"No, no, not all over me, not over my face." She was panicking.

"Of course not, silly girl. Just open wide and take your medicine. An ejaculation a day keeps the doctor away. It'll make you - or me feel much better!"

I was not surprised to see her reaction was to clamp her lips tight shut but it was pleasing seeing her eyes staring at the end of my penis, staring at the little eye; clearly very worried about what might come from it and splash all over her face.

With a deep and audible sigh I almost came; she winced but all that appeared was a small drop of pre-cum.

"Is that it?" she said disparagingly. Another unwise comment.

"Hardly. Open wide and all will become perfectly clear and you will see."

A muffled, "No."

"Well later then," I replied quite casually.

And all at once she found herself dressed in her bikini and on her towel on the beach. It was 'all at once' for her but a lot of effort for me carrying her back out of time. I hoped no one had spotted her temporary absence or reappearance.

Up the beach came her friend carrying two already melting ice creams. The scowling girl had shot to her feet and was looking wildly about her no doubt totally confused by what had happened. Had she been dreaming? But I bet her bottom did not feel like that!

It seemed the ice cream somewhat mollified her and she sat with her friend enjoying it. Once again I stopped time and walked towards them and caught her with tongue extended to lick and her mouth not exactly shut. A mistake on her part.

Of course it would have been pleasant to have had her suck me to a happy conclusion out in the countryside but, frankly, the idea of putting my cock in the lion, or rather lioness's, mouth did just not appeal. Her jaw could have very suddenly come down before I could stop time and it might have been some weeks for the damage from teeth to have healed. Do you realise the force of the human bite? Not a prospect to relish.

Out of time there was no risk of such damage. There she was, right in front of me; warm, inviting and pliably frozen for me to amuse myself. In the silence of the beach I once more dropped my shorts letting my cock spring happily free; the sun warming it as it turned to the girl - a girl no longer scowling but with an open mouth and extended tongue seeking refreshment.

And of course it was the extended wet tongue I concentrated upon, letting the very end of my cock brush against it, allowing it to tease the tiny orifice as I gently wanked away in the sunshine. The creaminess of the ice cream, already present, was about to be added to by the ejaculation; the pleasing contrasts of cold and hot and sweet and salty about to appear in her mouth.

Yes, it would have been more enjoyable had her friend been working my cock, assuring the girl that she was 'going to enjoy this' but that was hardly likely to happen and, in any case, would not at all have done even though the beach was comparatively empty. My hand worked, my balls swung lazily in the heat and once again, on my delicious holiday, the semen flowed.

How lovely to watch the ejaculation shooting into her mouth and splashing onto her tongue. To be fair, given I had already come once in the virgin bride that morning, there was not exactly 'oodles' of the stuff but quite sufficient and the electric feeling made me gasp in pleasure.

As my cock subsided, dripping onto the hot sand, I admired my 'penis work' - the swirly creaminess on her tongue and even a few drops on her lips.

I sat a little opposite her, legs drawn up and my dripping half erect cock hanging between. There was movement again. Her tongue licked the ice cream and a look of surprise came over her face and then she saw me - saw me sitting there naked and with a cock so obviously recently in use - and made the connection. Her friend was looking in quite the opposite direction and did not see me. I smiled and disappeared.

Refreshed from a swim, an ice cream and a rather surprising play with the scowling girl I carried on with my walk carrying a fresh water bottle. It is essential to maintain fluid levels especially when you are as generous with your fluids as I am!

Tired I returned to my hotel for a nap before wandering out for dinner at a local restaurant. I have to report the grilled prawns and the Scorpion fish were excellent. Reinforced with a cup of coffee I returned to the hotel with the prospect of retiring early: and that was my intention only who should I meet in the lift but the honeymoon couple flushed and happy after what had obviously been a good day. It was pleasant to exchange a few words with them in the lift; not least because they had absolutely no idea I had seen them both naked, no idea at all that I had seen them making love and the girl, in particular, being completely unaware that I had enjoyed sexual intercourse with her and, moreover, had come within her before her husband had done (or at least at the same moment depending on your understanding of time!).

It was not something I could resist and it had, after all, been a good eight or nine hours since I last enjoyed sexual activity. I could have stopped time in the lift and played with her there; I could have stripped both naked and seen their reaction but it seemed a lot easier to just let them go back to their room.

I gave them a few minutes and was delighted to find them in the shower together; the pleasing soapy grasp of a female hand around an engorged penis happily indicating that they had every intention of fucking before going to sleep. It was enjoyable getting into the shower with them and feel the pleasant press of bodies together but of course it was not like being with Tania and Peter back at the start of the holiday - the water did not pour and there was no movement. I did not have the pleasure of the bride washing me though I did have the pleasure of running my hands over her soapy body and to some very intimate places. A shame for all. It must be lovely for a girl to be escorted into a shower by two men and having two handles to hold onto whilst they make sure she is squeaky clean.

A few more minutes outside their door and then the light went off. Inside I felt around out of time to make sure they were safely in bed before settling myself in an armchair. Kissing, giggling and moaning they had no idea that there was a third naked person in the darkness of their room; no idea there intimate activity was being aurally spied upon and of course no idea about what would happen when their lovemaking was over.

The excited noises reached the expected conclusion. The happy gasps, the whispered endearments and soon the sound of steady breathing. I stirred myself: it was time for some more feeling around in the dark out of time.

Pleasant feeling the sweaty bodies under their sheet, pleasant working out which limb, bottom or hip belonged to whom. Not always as easy as you might think particularly when, as was the case here, they were still so intimately connected despite being, presumably, fast asleep.

The lay of the land established, so to speak, I slipped into bed behind the bride, her warm and soft bottom towards me and my warm and hard penis nosing in to rest expectantly. My hands curled around her breasts and I pushed against her, my penis head sliding against her slippery vaginal opening - slippery no doubt both from her own wetness and the spendings of her husband's now flaccid cock; a cock still lodged within.

Double vaginal penetration is not an easy task, not for two erect men - and it takes a very relaxed and experienced woman with the experience of childbirth behind her to accept - but I thought with him flaccid and squashable it might be possible and I was right! It was a squeeze, yet slowly but surely I made progress, my head easing past the soft obstruction leaving it wedged, and no doubt rather flattened against my shaft, as for the second time that day I entered the new bride.

Of course once I got into my stride and I was happily humping her, the motion dislodged him: but the fun was in making the penetration and, I suppose, in ejecting him in such a manner. It was lovely lying there in the darkness gently fucking the girl as I played with her breasts. No hurry for me at all. Sweet contentment. I could pause and think back on the day, pause and think about anything I liked. I could have got up, opened the door and walked down the corridor to the German girl's room and seen what she was up to. Perhaps found herself with her dildo at work again and fucked her a bit before returning to the bride. I could have gone downstairs to the Reception, removed the pretty girl on duty's panties and fucked her whilst she stood frozen in time talking to a guest across the counter. What I could not do was allow myself to go to sleep.

And I almost did! Clearly I was tired. A pause for rest and letting my mind flow almost saw me dozing off despite being lodged within the pretty bride. I found my rigidity going to boot! Clearly it was time to finish and go to bed after a long day. The warm, squelchy motion soon had me rigid again and I carried through, feeling my balls lift close to me as, once more, I spurted into the young bride.

I didn't hang around. I popped the husband back into position, kissed the girl on the cheek and, picking up my clothes, padded back to my room and reached oblivion as soon as my head touched my pillow.

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