tagIncest/TabooTim's Going Away Present

Tim's Going Away Present


Many thanks to Ardor for editing and improving this

Let me tell you what we did last August.

Our son, who has CP, was heading to college in a month. I had an idea. I wanted too do something really special for him. So I talked to my wife about it.

After some cajoling she agreed. That Saturday night the three of us dressed up nice and went out to a fancy steakhouse for dinner. She had to feed him so it took longer for us to eat.

At the end of the meal we told him about our surprise. He was really excited and obviously couldn't wait for the fun to begin. Dorothy blushed a little at his excitement. I could tell by the way her hard nipples poked through her blouse that she too was eager for the fun to begin.

Our surprise was pretty simple. When we got back home that night we were going to let our son Tim watch us have sex. Tim immediately got a huge grin on his face. After that, he couldn't stop staring at his mothers 38D chest.

We went straight to the bedroom once we got to the house. Dorothy went into the bathroom to change while I parked Tim's wheelchair by the bed. Then I stripped him nude. After that I stripped, got into bed and laid on my back.

The plan was for me to remain on my back and have Dorothy ride me. We wanted to simulate what Tim might experience if he was the one having sex.

Me and Dorothy were exhibitionists from the start. On our honeymoon we had sex in front of 20 strangers on a beach in Greece

But this was different,,.

Dorothy came out wearing a black garter belt and a see-through teddy.

"Wow." Tim said in a barely audible whisper.

He was in awe at the sight of his nearly naked Mother.

Dorothy slinked to the bed. She looked over at Tim's nude body and said, "Well, that's a surprise."

"I didn't want him to be uncomfortable." I said in an effort to explain his nudity.

She just giggled and straddled me. Then Dorothy kissed my lips gently. I lowered the straps on her teddy and exposed her breasts. She kissed my neck and moved slowly down my chest.

I looked over at Tim. He was fully boned, his erection was half an inch longer than mine. I saw his hand move toward his Mother's ass but he stopped halfway not sure if he should.

I mouthed at him, "It's OK, do it."

He slowly placed his hand on her butt. Dorothy pulled her panties down and put Tim's hand on her bare ass. Dorothy slid up and let my cock enter her as Tim's hand rested on his Mom's ass.

Dorothy looked at Tim, then she looked at me like she was looking for my permission. I knew that look from our swinging days. That, should I, look tinged with just a hint of mischief and a little eagerness. I could never refuse Dorothy when she had that look in her eye.

She got off me and stood at the side of Tim's wheelchair. She gave him a loving look and then guided Tim's mouth to her nipple as her hand went to his hard cock.

Tim hungrily sucked on his mothers nipple. I thought back to the night of Tim's senior prom; I drove him there as he went stag; I/ remember his eyes darted to girls with large breasts. Ihad a revelation. my son was a typical man. Sure he got hard when Dorothy bathed him; but that was just reflex, right?

But now here he was, getting a handjob from my wife, his mom; looking like many men before him. In ecstasy;.

suddenly tim gasped. a huge jet of cum erupted from his cock. and another,'

He looked up at his mom in total love, Dorothy kissed him on the forehead

"My man' she whispered

Later that night while Dorothy and I laid in bed.

"Honey?" Dorothy asked.

"Yes dear?"

"I'm glad you talked me into that." She said as she nuzzled up to me.

"I'm glad you agreed to do it." I said with a happy smile and a pat on her behind.

"You don't think I went to far with Tim though do you?" She asked with some concern in her voice.

"Nah, I halfway figured something like that would happen."

"Do you still have the number of that swing club downtown?"

"Yes, but I thought you said-"

"It's been 13 years. I miss it, Seth."

"I'll call them on Monday."

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by Anonymous08/13/17

CP? You think everyone instantly knows what that means?

This is awful and not just for the distasteful subject matter. Your punctuation is really bad and your grammar is poor. "Me and Dorothy were" Thatmore...

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