Tina Ch. 10


Author's note:

Tina is a very sweet, giggly, athletic girl whom I had the privilege to chat to online a while ago. She is 19, 5'10 tall, with brown curly hair and brown eyes. She has c cup breasts and gets turned on by dirty talk and very rough sex. This series documents my various encounters with Tina and the sexy adventures we had when chatting.

As this little story starts, Tina has just come back from one of her classes. During the class she'd sneaked online and I'd been teasing her with a horny idea I had. I told her I wanted to take her out of her class to the bathroom for five minutes so she could perch on the edge of a wash basin and let me lick her sweet pussy. Luckily she's been let out early so she rushes back to her dorm room to get more comfortable and continue our conversation.

TINA: hey baby, I'm back. Wow we never get let out early from that class

PHIL: haha really? I thought you spend your life coming out early. You always tell me that

TINA: hehe we've never been let out of that class early though... I should still be in it

PHIL: oh anatomy & physiology yeh well he's a knob end isn't he your teacher. Oooh England v France on the TV

TINA: yes he is and what is this rubbish about France vs. England. Are you watching soccer? Hehe

PHIL: well yeh, the football's on but it's only a friendly so I'm not that bothered. When's volleyball? 7:30?

TINA: yep we leave at 7:15 though. We have to get stretched and warm up

PHIL: aww but can't I stretch you and warm you up so you don't need to go then?

TINA: we go over as a team but I can be an over achiever and be stretched and ready to go before everyone else hehe

PHIL: sounds good to me

TINA: hehe

PHIL: hmm and what's your volleyball uniform like?

TINA: I have a dark gray shirt that we decorated. It has our team name in bright blue on the front. My last name and number on the back in lime green and a volleyball on my shoulder. And I wear spandex shorts. Also a black sports bra... And no panties by the way hehe (blush)

PHIL: grr no way. You're just saying that to get me back for teasing you

TINA: well no I really don't... I don't want to have pantie-lines. It is good though to get back at you. Hehe

PHIL: wow, then long socks and trainers?

TINA: we don't have matching socks yet but we will be getting some for basketball season. And what are trainers?

PHIL: what??? Haha what do you call them... sneakers maybe

TINA: o yes sneakers that's a better word. So since you're watching football can I come sit on your lap? I won't distract you hehe

PHIL: haha I've heard that one before

TINA: I'll be good

PHIL: well I think you can be better than good baby

TINA: I'll just sit here and whisper in your ear little things. Like how France is going to win and how hot you get me

PHIL: grrr what effect are you hoping to have? To annoy me or get me going

TINA: hmmm which is it? Hehe if I'm being annoying I can stop and sit on the other side of you hehe

PHIL: I've no idea baby

TINA: nipping on your neck gently in between giggles and whispers hehe

PHIL: are you already jeansless?

TINA: I'll be sitting on your lap in just my gray panties with the blue bows and colts jersey

PHIL: awww grrrr

TINA: but I don't want to be annoying so maybe I'll just sit beside you and keep my hands on my thighs

PHIL: aww well you're never annoying

TINA: ok well I'll just sit here being good then, sitting here nipping at your neck gently

PHIL: hmmmmm

TINA: and giggling of course hehe

PHIL: I love the feel of your butterfly lips on me

TINA: is this too distracting from the game baby heeh

PHIL: never TOO distracting baby. The game or your prettiness, bit of a no-brainer Tina

TINA: hehe straddling your legs and facing you while I bite your neck and nibble on your ear

PHIL: you're so naughty straddling me with no jeans on

TINA: hehe moving my hips gently and whispering still in your ear. How's the game coming along? Hehe

PHIL: grr I can't concentrate. When you rub yourself against me. Can't you feel that obvious bulge?

TINA: hehe mmmmm Phil

PHIL: saying my name now? Is it because you like the sound or because you know your accent makes that bulge even bigger?

TINA: hehe both. Whispering about how long it's been since you properly fucked me Phil

PHIL: teaser Tina

TINA: me? Never hehe

PHIL: always I would say

TINA: is it a distraction if I run my hands up your shirt then?

PHIL: ah wow, that nibbling's just making me want you. After I was desperate for you today in the girl's bathroom and you wouldn't come and let me lick your pussy, you didn't want to come out of class and let me lick deep inside you Tina

TINA: mmm I'm here now. Mmmm kissing your neck then biting it. Then tracing the marks with my tongue. Going back up to your ear and telling you that I want you Phil

PHIL: your soft hair tickling me hmmm. Tina... can I taste your pussy please?

TINA: I want you to taste me Phil please

PHIL: hmm let me show you what I wanted to do to you on the edge of the sink. Lay down next to me on the couch baby and spread wide for me

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: let me pull your panties to one side... catching sight of your gorgeous pussy. This is why you tease me isn't it baby? You try to turn me on so much that I just can't control myself, that I just want you so much I just NEED to taste your pussy and get inside you

TINA: mmm yes I love it. I guess you figured me out hehe

PHIL: it doesn't bother me. There's nothing I'd really rather be doing than making you hot

TINA: mmm Phil

PHIL: you going to say my name as you feel my tongue start to flick up and down your pussy lips Tina

TINA: mmm yes anything you want mmm

PHIL: put your feet on my shoulders and spread your legs wide for me... hmmm I love getting inside you as deep as I can with my warm tongue. I can hear you above me, gasping as you feel me fucking you with it, in and out so nice

TINA: mm

PHIL: pushing your panties as far aside as I can

TINA: gripping your hair in my fists and pushing you deeper

PHIL: I've waited all day to be able to taste your hot pussy again baby. Fuck I love your pussy Tina. She gets so fucking wet and I love giving her what she needs

TINA: mmm I love to watch you taste me

PHIL: yeh look down baby. Look at how I'm licking you

TINA: mmm baby

PHIL: this is better than studying boring a & p isn't it sexy. I might want you around at mine every day if we get to do this

TINA: mmmm I love the way you eat my pussy. go deeper Phil please. How do I taste?

PHIL: so sweet baby. Push my face between your thighs

TINA: mmm yes pushing you deeper, watching as your tongue goes in and out

PHIL: ooh yes... you like the feel of me driving it hard and deep between your petals baby

TINA: mmm hearing me moan your name

PHIL: god yes do it please, in your hottest accent please. Whisper it as I taste your sweet juices

TINA: mmm Phil go as deep as you can

PHIL: let me explore the folds of you hot sex with my mouth baby

TINA: mmmm yes

PHIL: such a nice way to relax after lessons isn't it baby. Having my tongue slipping into your horny pussy

TINA: mmm I love it

PHIL: it turns me on that you love it, that after class you love spreading your legs for me

TINA: the best part of my whole day is when I'm with you

PHIL: awwww sexy wow. And before volleyball the way you let me make you really horny

TINA: mmm god, biting my lower lip as you taste me, twisting my hands in my hair

PHIL: you can scream out if you want baby. No one will hear around here

TINA: mmmm yes!

PHIL: these panties are still in the way. I can't get to all of your gorgeous pussy. Let me slip them off quickly

TINA: mmm I'll lift my hips up off the couch so you can get them off of me

PHIL: wow even semi-naked you're hot as anything. A sex goddess with a pretty pink pussy. And the way you look at me all innocent just makes me want to devour you

TINA: mmm I am innocent hehe

PHIL: grrrr I know you look it. I know you sound it. I know you even act it most of the time. But when you're with me I know you're not always innocent. And that makes me crazy

TINA: hehe. It makes me want to devour you... taste you everywhere... just feel every inch of your skin under my touch. You telling me these things gets me so hot

PHIL: I hope so Tina. I want you to feel this hunger too. I want you to be dripping wet and on fire for my touch

TINA: every time whether I'm getting ready for bed in class or just doing homework. Touch me everywhere please. I need you

PHIL: will you let me undress you the rest then baby? And let me see my naked angel again?

TINA: mmm yes

PHIL: let me take your tank top off of you

TINA: mmm slip it off over my head as my body arches towards you

PHIL: ah... let me watch you. Will you take your bra off for me? Wow I've got to touch my swollen cock now watching you. Licking my lips, so eager to see your breasts again

TINA: mmm I slowly undo my clasp then slowly slide the straps of my bra down my arms keeping my breasts covered still

PHIL: my eyes fixed on them.... hmm please baby, glancing at your face quickly, pleading with you

TINA: mmmm I love that look

PHIL: my hand now still on my cock. Waiting to see what you will do. Like a man starving in the desert seeing a glass of water just out of reach. I need you

TINA: mmm slowly revealing my breasts inch by inch, until I get to my nipples. Holding it there just a couple extra seconds

PHIL: hmm and then?

TINA: then finally taking it off all the way and smiling innocently at you, watching your face as you look at me with so much desire

PHIL: oh wow... just lay back baby. Throw the bra away and just let me admire you

TINA: feeling my cheeks get a little warm as you look at me completely naked, biting my lower lip

PHIL: I love how your tits are the last part of you to be revealed. One of the prettiest parts making the perfect picture complete

TINA: hehe (blushes)

PHIL: I jerk my hand gradually up and down my shaft... staring at you unapologetically. Can I just stare at you and drink in your naked beauty?

TINA: mmm yes. Watch as I stretch my body in front of you my hands over my head and my toes pointed

PHIL: every inch of your skin exposed to me, open and exposed to my gaze

TINA: hehe I love to watch you, as your eyes look at every inch of my body

PHIL: and see how hard and stiff my dick is? What you've done to me just with your body

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: I'm so lucky

TINA: no I'm the lucky one baby

PHIL: never, you're fucking gorgeous

TINA: (blushes) see how easily you make me blush Phil

PHIL: see how easily you make me hard Tina

TINA: mmm kiss me please

PHIL: hmm can I crawl up your body and start at your nipples? Planting soft wet kisses there making a trail upwards to your mouth

TINA: mmm yes. Hear me moan your name softly with each kiss

PHIL: I love making your nipples wet with my tongue, kissing up the valley between your breasts

TINA: mmm god Phil

PHIL: as soon as you start moaning my name I have to silence you and kiss you hard

TINA: mmmm sliding my tongue in your mouth

PHIL: I love how you glide it forward to meet mine hmmm

TINA: mmm can you feel me pushing my hips up barely touching you? Nipping at your lip every chance I get gripping your hair with my fists

PHIL: hmm wow yes, kissing you over and over again, feeling your soft body underneath me. I love kissing you like this

TINA: when I'm all excited and eager hehe

PHIL: ooh yes, with my cock trying to seek out your wet entrance unaided, our lips locked together, tongues dancing eagerly together

TINA: mmmm baby I've needed you so bad

PHIL: has your pussy been tingling all day baby? Bored of classes, eager for a tongue massaging your clit, or my thick dick at your wet fuckhole ready to penetrate you?

TINA: mmmm both, counting down the minutes until I could be with you

PHIL: can you feel my throbbing cockhead nudging at you now baby? Desperate to slip inside you and fuck you here on my couch?

TINA: mmm yes, please baby

PHIL: everything else in the world forgotten, I just feel the desire to fuck you Tina

TINA: mmm yes Phil I want to feel you deep inside me

PHIL: I reach down and stroke my cockhead up and down your drenched pussy lips, before putting it in place and starting to drive forward

TINA: mmm

PHIL: just slowly, watching your face as you feel my open you up and penetrate your wetness

TINA: mmm watch as my lips part slightly, letting out a quiet moan

PHIL: oh watching you gasp. Transfixed by you as I sink deeper into you

TINA: mmm my breathing coming faster

PHIL: hmmmm wow I just love being inside you Tina and how it feels every time, how your pussy grips me so tight

TINA: mmm pin my arms down and kiss me. It makes me moan louder and makes me want you even more

PHIL: I grip your small wrists and push them down by your shoulders. Then grit my teeth and kiss you hard on the mouth

TINA: mmm god feel me moaning against your mouth

PHIL: ah yes I can feel it. Feel my tongue twist with yours as I start to rhythmically drive deeper inside your pussy

TINA: mmm yes pushing me deeper into the couch. Moaning louder

PHIL: pinning you down to use you, pounding you hard

TINA: biting your lip every chance I can

PHIL: nip it harder if you want to be fucked harder

TINA: mmm now pulling on your lower lip, biting it harder and moaning as I do

PHIL: aahh yes pull it hard. Stretch me baby and feel me squeeze your wrists harder, so hard

TINA: mmmm as you grip harder I bite harder, hearing you say my name as I do

PHIL: and moaning so loud at you, making your hands feel numb with my grip

TINA: mmm then biting your neck when you won't let me have your lips anymore, leaving teeth marks all over you

PHIL: fuck yes, come on, those marks from last time are nearly gone. I need some new ones. Grrrr god you're good... you're so fucking good... so beautiful and such a nasty little biting bitch to me

TINA: mmm

PHIL: keep going I want to feel these marks tomorrow

TINA: hearing you say those things just makes me bite harder

PHIL: it makes my cock so fucking hard when you dig so deep

TINA: moaning your name as I do

PHIL: are you still innocent with your sweet pussy stuffed full of my dick Tina? And whilst digging your teeth into me?

TINA: mmm yes

PHIL: well you still look it, even if it doesn't feel it... oh you've no idea how much I love this

TINA: mmm I think I have a pretty good idea. I'm whispering in your ear that I want you deeper

PHIL: hmm you want that big dick deeper inside you Tina?

TINA: mmm yes Phil! Hear me almost scream your name

PHIL: bite my neck and pull it hard.... hmmm

TINA: mmm pulling it to you yell out in pain, biting harder and harder

PHIL: fuck! Tina ... grrrr!... Hmmm fuck yes

TINA: leaving a bruise on your neck, then kissing it gently and flicking it with my tongue

PHIL: hmmmmm aah wow, feel me speed up when you bite me and fuck you rough and fast... then relaxing a little when you stop and kiss it

TINA: kissing all over your neck and sucking gently where I bit you the hardest mmm

PHIL: can you taste the sore flesh there baby... my lovely bruises

TINA: mmm baby yes, so tender right there

PHIL: oh let me look at you. Smile at me and let me look in your gorgeous innocent eyes

TINA: hehe

PHIL: ahhh wow... now giggling and feeling me slowly making love to you... breathless

TINA: hear the little moans come out of my mouth. You have to listen close to hear them mmm

PHIL: leaving your wrists and stroking your cheek hmmm

TINA: tangling my free hand in my hair, watching your face as you make love to me

PHIL: unable to resist your lips... kissing you once then staring at you again... smiling broadly hmmm such a sex goddess

TINA: mmm hehe

PHIL: do you like being a naughty little innocent girl before volleyball and getting fucked good

TINA: mmm yes

PHIL: hehe you had better say yes

TINA: mmm what if I had said no hehe

PHIL: no more dick for you today

TINA: grrrrr that would not make me very happy. I would be kind of angry at you

PHIL: oh yeh? But what do you do when you're angry? What if I just stay still... don't keep fucking you.. Just leave my dick inside

TINA: I'd try to get you off of me and get on top

PHIL: oh yeh#? You reckon sporty Tina can do that?

TINA: ya I'd distract you with some nipping on you neck

PHIL: I like that. You can do that all you like. I just love watching your beauty.. I don't have to be fucking you like a rabbit

TINA: grrr when you say that stuff I can't be angry with you

PHIL: so would it be fun to say something nasty to make you angry under me

TINA: it could be

PHIL: that you're actually a bit annoying and I just like you for my fucktoy

TINA: grrrr as I try to squirm out from under you

PHIL: you're staying where you are, annoying fucktoy. I can do what I want with you

TINA: grrr I'll bite your neck trying to distract you

PHIL: stop it. Stop fucking biting me. You're here for my dick and nothing else

TINA: then I move my hips slightly just enough to remind you where your dick is, biting harder as you try to pull away

PHIL: hmmmm hey I said stop that. Don't make me fucking angry now!

TINA: moaning your name in your ear, then kissing you hard on the lips

PHIL: hmmmm

TINA: looking in your eyes and telling you how much I need you, then digging my nails into your back

PHIL: aaahhh fuck wow.... god I can't resist you can I Tina

TINA: as you twitch from surprise I'll push off of me and try to pin you to the other end of the couch. Using all the strength I can muster

PHIL: ah... you cunning bitch

TINA: pushing you down and trying desperately to keep you there, biting any part of your body that gets close enough, trying to keep you distracted, twisting your hair in my hands, pulling your head back, biting the bruise on your neck

PHIL: aaah shit! Fuck! It really hurts you bitch

TINA: straddling you as you wrestle with me on the couch

PHIL: fuck ouch! Fuck grrr stop biting me everywhere. Shit, fuck you're quick

TINA: I'm moving my hips against your hard dick, biting your chest neck and arms, dragging my nails down your chest

PHIL: aah grrr! My dick still wet from your pussy... aaah shit! That's deep... fuck

TINA: asking you if you'll fuck me now

PHIL: fuck yes... yes anything grrrr

TINA: mmm placing my hands on your chest to lift my hips up just far enough so you can slip inside my waiting pussy

PHIL: hmm wow.. Looking up at you and feeling that warmth return to my dick as you lower down onto me

TINA: mmm keeping my hands on you while I move my hips slowly with you inside of me

PHIL: ah wow fuck yes... you look amazing. Riding my dick expertly. Your face in concentration and pleasure hmmm your breasts hanging above my chest

TINA: mmm Phil

PHIL: hmm come on fuck yourself with that dick baby. I love having you above me

TINA: mmm moving my hips faster while you thrust upward, lifting my hands to my hair again and gripping it

PHIL: god yes let me watch you, your nipples touching my chest every now and then. Aahhhh fuck you're good... you're so good at fucking me Tina

TINA: mmmm leaning over to kiss you and feel me moan in your mouth

PHIL: aah fuck yes, grabbing your cute ass and helping your rhythm, making sure my cock is buried so fucking deep

TINA: then sitting up straight again and riding faster mmmm

PHIL: looking up at you and whispering to you. Fuck yes... you like that baby. You like that dick filling you up don't you, love being naked on my couch and riding me don't you Tina

TINA: mmm yes, I love when you talk to me like that, moaning louder at every question

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