tagSci-Fi & FantasyTo the Citadel Ch. 03

To the Citadel Ch. 03


Katryn woke to rain dripping on her face. It was daylight and she was lying in undergrowth in a damp but warm wood, her clothes sodden. She sat up slowly as she remembered what had happened. Where was everyone? How, by Belal's teeth, had she survived?

She thought back to how she had gotten into these circumstances.

She had left home three months ago to become a Craftswoman, a sorceress who could manipulate the natural world. She had realised something was different about her when strange phenomena had manifested themselves around her after she achieved her first ever orgasm. She has been terrified but her father had sent for some appropriate help.

Lena, an experienced Craftswoman, had come to fetch her with her Custodian, an enormous dark veteran called Levan. The plan was to take her to Fanu Bataru, the citadel that was the home of the Craft to learn how to control and master it. And, bizarrely, they had also taken with them the stableboy, Garth.

Katryn hadn't thought much about Garth for years. They had played together as small children but the differences in their births, she a noblewoman and he an orphan servant, had meant they hadn't had much contact for ages. She had noticed him around Fenceley Manor, and had felt his hungry eyes on her body on occasion but then this was no different to many of the other men around the estate. Garth, with his hulking overweight frame and his misshapen features, just didn't feature highly in her thoughts.

She had found out on their journey, however, that Garth had worshipped her from afar ever since their childhood. At first she had felt hatred for him. What right had he to come with her on her grand adventure? The prickly sensation of his perpetual gaze on her curves had felt sinister and disturbing.

But then she realised why Lena has insisted he come along. First he was a faithful and loyal friend. Although he lusted after Katryn, he also cared for her and this had become an important reassurance in times of stress as well a link to their shared home.

However the most important reason for his participation in their journey was more unusual. Lena had shown her how Craftswomen obtained their magical energy when she had, right in front of Katryn, gleefully fellated Levan so that she could swallow his sperm. And then she had told her that she, Katryn, a noblewoman of the land, would have to do exactly the same thing to Garth, the dirty and ugly stablehand.

The thought of putting Garth's grubby penis in her mouth had made her retch but she had forced herself knowing it was the only way she could learn to become a Craftswoman. And after the very first rush of his thick salty jism down the back of her throat, she knew she'd made the right decision. The sensation she had felt as she'd ingested his spunk could only be equated to an orgasm, although even more deeply satisfying.

From almost that moment on, she had been desperate to suck on Garth's cock at every opportunity. Even now, she could feel the near overwhelming need to feel his firm hardness in her mouth.

And it really had to be Garth too. Every time she swallowed his cum, she became a little stronger in the Craft and, in parallel, his sperm increased in power. In fact it was dangerous for her to taste the sperm of an experienced Custodian such as Levan who had come in the mouths of Craftswomen such as Lena many hundreds of times. And she would require vast quantities of the sperm of ordinary men to satisfy her needs. So Garth was her partner in learning; no-one else would really do.

As time went on she relied more and more on Garth, both physically and emotionally. She had been surprised at the stab of jealousy she had felt watching Lena lick and suck Garth's member. He was hers! But she had swallowed her pride (if not his cum) understanding the need for Lena to gauge how his semen was maturing.

Her breath caught in her throat as memories of how she had got into her current situation played themselves cruelly across her mind.

They had been in the town of Breed's Crossing. Somewhat incautiously and fuelled by too much strong ale, she had persuaded Garth that a fuck would be a nice preface to their normal blowjob. She couldn't really blame him for succumbing to her seduction: she had acted as a shameless tart. She had been convinced that she would be able to control the explosion of magic that normally accompanied a Craftswoman's orgasm. Unfortunately she'd not been as restrained as she'd hoped. The magical scream that had escaped her as Garth's cock powered in and out of her pussy had resounded through the town. Lena had been furious.

They had fled in the middle of the night, worried that they would attract hostile attention. Even as they crossed the river bridge out of town, disaster had struck.

Five hooded men had jumped out and surrounded the four of them, their hands glowing green with a nausea-inducing power. Lena had immediately released a concentrated burst of blue fire at two of them but one of the others had grabbed Katryn's reins and pulled her from her mount shouting obscenities at her and ripping open her clothes.

She had screamed in agony as he had thrust his hand against her chest and the green energy he was wielding had wracked her body in pain as it burnt her bosom. The agony seemed to last for an age until, just as she thought she would surely die, the man's head had flown from his shoulders. Just before she passed out she saw Levan on his immense charger flying past her with his broadsword in his hand.

And then she had woken here, underneath a bush in a damp wood.

She spun as she heard a rustling behind her. Levan wearily acknowledged her. "So you're all right then."

Katryn looked down at her chest, ripping open the rags of her blouse to expose her full wet bosom. It was unblemished. "But I was burnt by that man. I felt my chest on fire. What happened?"

She looked up at Levan who black eyes were fixed on her large creamy red-tipped breasts. He licked his lips and raised his gaze from her big firm lightly-freckled boobs.

"It wasn't real fire, girl. The Reaper was making you think you were in pain. It was an illusion but still one that could kill you. Mind you, they wanted you alive; they love to Turn a Craftswoman, to make her a slave."

Katryn, acutely aware of Levan's colossal manliness, ineffectually attempted to arrange the remains of her wet ragged blouse to at least cover her rock-hard nipples. Realising it was fruitless, she crossed her arms over her bosom.

"How did we escape? I don't remember. Where're Garth and Lena?"

"Lena fried two of the bastards. I cut down the fucker who was hurting you. When one of the others tried to throw lighting at Lena and Garth, he hit a bridge support and the whole thing collapsed with them safe on the other side. I pulled you across my saddle and we got away after a bit of a chase. We'll head towards the next crossing at Raspberry Magna. Trouble is the fucking Reapers will know that's what we'll do. That's why we're hiding in this wood until things die down."

Katryn was amazed. This was the most Levan had ever said to her. She had always been scared by his taciturnity and had thought he didn't like her much.

"Oh, Levan. This is my fault. I shouldn't have fucked Garth," she moaned.

"No point in thinking about it, girl. We all want to have a shag every now and again."

Her curiosity piqued, she asked, "Do you fuck Lena much? Or does she just suck you off?"

Levan barked a laugh, his dark, gnarled face wrinkling in amusement. "Don't worry about me and Lena! She opens her legs to me freely, although I prefer her mouth. Why, are you offering that tight little pussy of yours up for me?"

Despite her recently increased sexual experience, Katryn blushed.

Ignoring his comment, she asked, "What do we do now?"

"We wait for until tonight and we then we slip away. We stay near the river but off the road. When we get to Raspberry Magna, we sit tight and wait for Lena," he gruffly replied.

"Oh. Have you got something I can wear? You know to cover my...," she nodded her chin down to her semi-naked wet breasts.

Levan shook his head. "No darling, I've only got my chain mail. We lost our packs on the bridge. Don't worry. I've seen plenty of your pretty tits before and we'll be travelling by night so no-one else gets to have a look at those beauties," he laughed as he walked away to check his horse.

Lena spent the next few hours in growing discomfort in the warm rain as her need for Garth's spunk became stronger.

Eventually she could hold back no more.

"Levan?" she asked. "I was wondering, with Garth not being here, well..."

He interrupted her. "I know what you want and as much as I'd like to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours, a mouthful of my come would blow your fucking head off."

"Please, Levan. You must need to come and I've got really good at sucking cock," she whined.

"I can have a wank just like anyone else. You're going to have to control your cravings until we can find a farmer or two. I'm sure you'll be popular in any villages we pass through!"

Katryn decided to try a different tactic. She ripped open what was left of her blouse and stepped forward close to Levan.

"Well at least let me toss it for you. And wouldn't you like to touch my breasts? They're big aren't they? I think they might be even bigger than Lena's. They're certainly very firm."

Katryn flinched as Levan's self-control vanished and his vast hands suddenly closed over her huge breasts. Her hard nipples drilled into his big palms as he squeezed them forcefully.

"They're definitely a good size," he acknowledged brusquely.

"Please just let me have a feel of your cock. I promise I won't taste any of your come. It just seems silly for me not give you some relief when you need it and I'm so willing. What harm can it do for me to give you a handjob?" At his unspoken assent, she pulled his semi-erect cock from his breeches and gasped at his size.

"Oh, Levan. You're so big," she breathed in wonder. His immense manhood felt hot and heavy in her delicate hands. She could hardly encircle its girth even with both of them as he inevitably hardened at her touch. His cock was hairy and wrinkled with the colour and solidity of aged wood.

"It's so stiff," she enthused as she began to move both of her hands up and down his massive length.

Levan just grunted as he cruelly twisted her stiff nipples with his rough fingers.

After a few minutes of firm tossing, Katryn knelt in front of him, pointing his substantial penis at her face.

"Girl," Levan growled a warning.

"Please Levan, I just want to give it a little kiss, like this. And maybe a little lick, like this. And perhaps just to suck on the end, like this..."

Levan groaned as Katryn opened her mouth as wide as it could go and took the whole of his glans into her hot sucking mouth. He seemed to make a decision and started to buck his hips back and forth to the rhythm of her bobbing head.

Katryn, heedless of any danger, moaned in anticipation and for the next twenty minutes maintained a furious tempo, desperate for spunk.

Just as she felt him begin to lose control, he pushed her back on the forest floor, pinning her arms on the ground above her head with one huge hand.

"No!" she screamed as he straddled her chest and began exploding over her big tits. "Please," she begged, knowing that the enormous quantity of cum being pumped onto her boobs was being wasted, immediately losing its potency on contact with air. She stuck her tongue out unsuccessfully to capture any stray splashes.

Levan held her firm and kept draining himself over her before allowing her sit up. "Here," he said as her offered his cock.

One thick drop of sperm oozed out of his cock and Lena frantically enclosed it with her mouth before swiping the salty globule with her tongue.

Immediately her body convulsed in unimaginable pleasure before she blacked out.

She woke to a slap on her face. It took a few seconds to realise that Levan was swinging his cock against her cheek.

"Get up, lass. Now do you understand what too much of my cum would do to you?"

"Belal's cock, that was fucking amazing. How long was I out for?"

"Maybe thirty seconds."

"Wow. All right. I'll be careful. Maybe if I have a drop just once a day?"

"You little slut! Fine - once a day. Come on, clean up your tits and let's ride."

Katryn and Levan made slow time over the next week, travelling furtively by night, fearing pursuit. They saw no people and only a few remote farmsteads from one of which Levan stole some clothing to conceal Katryn's ample breasts.

Katryn's need for sperm was thoroughly satisfied every evening before they set out when she spent a good half an hour sucking on Levan's mighty penis. However, he was always very careful not to allow her more than a drop of cum and so her breasts ended up liberally coated in thick white spunk every night. She was very proud that she only lost consciousness once more as she gained strength from every blowjob she gave.

Levan seemed satisfied with coming just the once a day, although Katryn begged him to let her satisfy him more often; on a couple of mornings she even stripped naked and tried to join in him in his bedding but he laughingly refused her telling her that his cock wouldn't fit in her tiny pussy.

Katryn's other frustration lay in her lack of understanding of the Craft. Lena had taught her several exercises of control but nothing of any practical use. She couldn't start a fire or protect herself or move objects using the Craft. Her dissatisfaction grew and she became more edgy and restless.

And it was this frustration that led her into trouble once again.

One afternoon, Levan had left her camped in a remote clearing a mile south of the river to scout out options for their night's travel. After an hour he had failed to return and Katryn was becoming irritable as she hadn't yet had her fix of cum. She heard some voices approaching the clearing and immediately concealed herself behind a tree, fearful that the Reapers had found her at last.

So she was immensely relieved to see two young peasant men, little more than boys, ambling through the clearing with sacks of beets or turnips over their shoulders.

Without thinking, she stepped forward.

"Selka's tits!" the taller of the two lads exclaimed. "Where the fuck did you come from?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I hid because I didn't know who you were. But you looked, well, honest, so I..." her words faded away as she realised how stupid she'd been revealing herself like this. Levan would have a fit if he were to find out.

"You talk like a noblewoman but you don't dress like one. Where did you come from?" said one of the men, squat and dark.

"I'm just travelling through," she answered clumsily.

"On your own? Surely it's not safe. I mean..." he looked her up and down pointedly his eyes resting lingeringly on her breasts.

Katryn was also aware that the other man, a gangly blond with a wide-eyed open-mouthed face, was also examining her slender yet full-chested figure assiduously. Despite the risk, her thoughts turned to their no doubt spunk-filled balls.

"Please, don't tell anyone else I'm here. If you like I could do something nice for you both in return for your silence."

The boys, beginning to understand her mood, smiled at each other. "Like what?"

"Well, do you like to have your cocks sucked?" she asked, one part of her horrified at her brazen whorishness.

"Oh fuck," said the tall one.

After a moment of stunned silence, the other said, "I think I can safely speak for both Fash and me in saying neither of us have had our cocks sucked but that we'd love to try."

Katryn breathed a sigh of relief. "Fantastic. Well come on, get them out."

She giggled as the boys immediately fumbled at their breeches before pulling the rough blouse she was wearing over her head, to expose her perfect full bosom.

"Belal's hairy cock! Kint, Look at those beauties," gasped Fash, his small grubby erection now poking almost vertically up from his crotch.

Kint, who had by now also exposed his cock, nodded captivatedly before throwing a pleading look at Katryn. "You can touch them if you want," she laughed.

They almost fought over her boobs as their rough hands squeezed and caressed them, vigorously pulling and tweaking her erect red nipples.

Katryn grasped a cock in each hand and slowly masturbated them aware that, such was their excitement, they were liable to spill their seed at any moment.

She knelt down in front of them, judging that Fash, on her right, was likely to explode first. She leant forward and licked the tip of his filthy cock, ignoring the sour taste and smell in anticipation of the imminent mouthful of cum.

As her mouth closed over him he let out a groan and began squirting onto her tongue.

Katryn's first feeling was of disappointment. The cum she was tasting didn't have the explosive power of Levan's thick jism nor even the deeply satisfying kick of Garth's spunk. It certainly gave her a boost but left her needing so much more. She swallowed the last few drops before she turned to Kint's dick.

Kint, although no cleaner than his colleague, definitely had a larger more attractive penis and was able to hold out for a full thirty seconds before he released into her mouth. Once again the sensation wasn't wholly satisfactory.

She looked up at the boys' faces expecting to see gratified smiles but they were both staring over her head.

"What the fuck's going on here lads? Who's this whore?" a rough voice demanded.

Katryn jumped up and whirled around her hands instinctively holding her exposed breasts. Behind her stood another five peasant men carrying full sacks; they were much older than Fash and Kint but all were approvingly looking her over.

"We just found her here in the clearing, Da. She offered to suck us off so we..."

"Belal! I bet you did. Who are you? Do you blow every man you meet?" a burly dark man with a definite resemblance to Kint asked her.

"I was just... I...," she stuttered before taking a deep breath. She had to take control of the situation. Where the hell was Levan?

She let her arms fall to her side and thrust out her impressive chest. The men collectively gasped at her flawless tits. "I was just thanking the boys for their help. I'm more than happy to give you all head too if you want."

What happened next was confusing for Katryn. She remembered being pushed too her knees and her mouth being filled with cock after unclean cock. She remembered feeling more and more satisfied as she swallowed load after load of sperm. She was certain she must have done them all more than once when she was lifted from the ground and her boots and breeches were peeled off her.

"No!" she screamed but it was to late; she ended up on her hands and knees with a brown cock in her mouth before her legs were pulled apart and someone entered her inexperienced pussy from behind.

She couldn't see which of the men it was but his cock was sizeable and his rhythm was steady and assured. Despite the danger, she felt her body responding as she pushed her hips back against him unconsciously.

The man in her mouth released his loud and, pausing to swallow, she shouted, "Please. You have to stop. It's dangerous for me to come!"

She heard a growl from behind her. "Girl, when I fuck a woman she comes. And you might be saying no but your body's saying yes."

Another erection was thrust into her mouth as the men around her cheered and clapped her rapist along. "Look at her, lads! She's like a roasting woodhen on the spit!" shouted one.

"Oh, fuck. Don't say I didn't warn you," she yelled around her mouthful of dick before an enormous orgasm racked her body. She held the explosion of power within herself before releasing it with a shrill ear-splitting shout augmented by the Craft, throwing the man in her mouth across the clearing.

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