To the Citadel Ch. 03


The men all flinched and grabbed their ears until they were sure she had finished, the echoes of her scream dissipating across the woods.

With cries of "She's a witch!" and "Let's get the fuck away from her," the peasants began running from the glade. The man who had been fucking her pulled out violently and fell back on his arse.

Katryn, always cognizant of potential opportunities for sperm, crawled around and plunged her mouth down on his proud and considerable cock. Despite the fear in his eyes, he allowed her bob her head up and down until he emptied copiously down her throat.

"Thanks," he mumbled before swiftly following his fellows, trying to pull up his breeches as he ran.

"Oh, shit," she exclaimed with feeling.

She dressed quickly and started to pack up the camp, wondering where Levan was. Just as she was beginning to wonder if something serious had happened, she heard hoofbeats.

"Thank the Lady, he's back," she murmured as she stood to greet him. "Levan, where the fuck have you..." she began but her question was cut off as three whooping horsemen came charging into the clearing.

She screamed and turned to run but something hit her hard on the back of the head before she'd taken a dozen steps. Once again she passed out.

When she woke she was tied to a wooden upright in a barn. Her blouse had been opened and her arms were tied behind her back causing her considerable bosom to thrust proudly out. She desperately tried to pull her wrists free from the rough rope but only succeeded in chafing her wrists.

Sunlight was streaming through the barn door and she could hear the sound of several men laughing from outside. She looked across the barn and recognised Levan's supine form; she began to sob, wondering whether he was still alive and what was going to happen to her.

A tall hugely-muscled but lightly armoured man came striding into the barn and smiled to see her awake. She pushed herself to her feet, feeling exposed and afraid.

"Well, I see you're conscious now, whore." He was exceptionally handsome, in his thirties, with blue eyes and blond hair, evidently used to command.

"Who - who are you?" Katryn wept in fear.

The man had taken his gauntlets off and dropped them in the straw. He reached out and put his hand into her blouse and cruelly twisted her left nipple.

"You will address me as sire, bitch." His other hand was now roughly squeezing her right breast. "Do you understand?"

Katryn tried to twist away but the man held her firm by her big boobs.

"I said do you understand, slut?" he shouted.

"Yes, sire," Katryn eventually sobbed.

"Good," he said smoothly. His caresses became more temperate. "They said you had fantastic tits but I didn't imagine they'd be this fine..."

He continued, "My name is Pastor Yeth. I am the Chief Recruiting Officer for the Mannish Reapers."

"Oh, Belal," Katryn swore.

"Don't blaspheme in front of me, girl!" he shouted although his hands remained gentle as they tenderly tweaked her erect nipples. "I can't wait to have you on your knees in front of me begging to suck my cock."

"Never," Katryn spat defiantly.

In reply he smiled menacingly. "Oh, but you will..."

He nodded to Levan. "It was just bad luck for your Custodian that he stumbled into our patrol. We've been looking for you since Breed's Crossing but you had managed to evade us. Of course he wouldn't talk about where you were, at least without some magical intervention. An impressive, if misguided, man. He caused us more than a little trouble for a mundane swordsman."

"What have you done to him?" Yeth's hands tightened on her bosom and she added, "Sire."

"Good," he breathed. "He's still alive. Our, er, persuasions are more psychic than physical, so he'll be fine when he eventually awakens."

He slipped his right hand down the front of her breeches until he found her clit and began playing with it deftly. It betrayed her immediately by filling out to full turgidity at his touch.

"Please, stop," Katryn begged.

Ignoring her he went on, "Of course, if you hadn't made so much Craft-noise, we probably wouldn't have found you either. Why did you scream so loudly?"

Katryn's body was responding strongly to his fondlings, her pussy moistening generously.

"I don't know, sire, it happened in my sleep," she lied.

"Never mind. You'll tell me everything soon, once you're Turned."

"You won't be able to Turn me! Sire."

Yeth smiled again and clicked his fingers with his free hand. Katryn gasped as she a wave of strange beckoning magic leapt from his fingers, radiating outwards.

Almost immediately a woman came running into the barn, throwing herself down to kneel at Yeth's feet, her head bowed.

She was wearing the most revealing clothing Katryn had ever seen in public. A tight white half-corset lifted her olive bosom revealing an enormous amount of cleavage. Her flat belly was bare and her long black hair swept all the way down her back to touch her bottom which was tightly sheathed in tiny stretched white knickers. Her legs were bare apart from long leather riding boots. She looked like a complete tart.

"This is Tringa. Once she was a Craftswoman. Now she is my personal whore."

"No, I don't believe you," said Katryn.

"Tringa, show the slut your skills," he said still expertly manipulating her clit.

Katryn watched in horror as Tringa raised her head and capably weaved more than a few complicated flows of the Craft, lifting several bales of hay around the barn.

"Enough," Yeth ordered. The bales dropped. "Come and see to me while I talk to my new pet."

Tringa crawled to kneel in front of Yeth before pulling out his half-hard penis. It was physically magnificent, as long and thick as Levan's but much more smooth and appealing. She stared up at him with her dusky face and golden almond eyes as she slowly deliberately swallowed almost half of his manhood with one long plunge of her head.

Katryn looked up from Tringa's enthusiastically noisy blowjob to Yeth's cold eyes.

"I understand how desperate the Whores of the Craft are for spunk. I know you need it for your powers. Would you like me to come in your mouth?"

Katryn couldn't help herself. "Yes," she whispered.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said."

"Yes, sire. Please. Just a taste," she implored.

He laughed harshly. "I'm not a fool. No matter how much you want it, you won't be getting any. At least not until your Turning."

"What's that?" Katryn asked brokenly.

"Oh, it simple enough. Later today three Reapers will enter you. Each will simultaneously ejaculate and direct a stream of Force into you. After which you will be as good a slave as Tringa." He patted Tringa's rapidly bobbing head.

"Three? Oh, Belal. Up my arse?"

"Yes. Indeed, I think I'll reserve that pleasure for myself. I'm sure you'll be able to fit me in." He grunted and Tringa slowed down to eagerly swallow what seemed like an enormous amount of sperm. Obviously the spunk of Mannish Reapers was as sustaining as Custodian cum, judging from Tringa's convulsions and satisfied sighs.

Katryn was now very close to coming so she was shaken when Yeth suddenly withdrew his hands. He offered his fingers to Tringa who immediately licked them clean of Katryn's pussy juice.

They were interrupted by another man wearing the same kind of clothing as Yeth and carrying a wooden cup. He eyed Katryn's exposed breasts and the damp patch at her crotch appreciatively.

"Ah, Thatchiff, excellent," Yeth said. He took the cup and turned to Katryn. "You will drink this."

"No! What is it?" she refused.

"Let me rephrase my request. You will drink this or Corporal Thatchiff will thrust his shortsword through your unfortunate Custodian's neck. Do you now understand?"

Katryn began sobbing once more but nodded and drank down the proffered cup of bitter water.

"You're already a wanton tart but the huthe you've just drank will ensure that within the hour you will be desperate for as much cock as possible. Thus we ensure you comply willingly with the Turning," Yeth laughed.

He turned to Tringa. "Use your mouth and fingers on her but don't let her find release. I want her to be ready for us," he added as the two men left the barn.

"Oh, no, please don't do that," Katryn begged as Tringa pulled down her breeches and buried her face in between Katryn's lithe thighs. Her agile tongue took Katryn once more to the brink of climax but held her there skilfully.

Desperately trying to concentrate, Katryn thought about what resources she had at her disposal. Yeth didn't seem to realise that Levan wasn't her Custodian and that she wasn't a full Craftswoman so he was unnecessarily keeping her away from sperm although she couldn't think of a way to use this for her advantage. He also didn't know that if she were to orgasm her inexperience meant she would let out a powerful climactic scream. Maybe if she were to come and she were to really put her all into it she might be able to stun them so that she could escape. If so she really had to control her orgasm carefully.

She could feel a rising heat in her brain which had to be caused by the drug she'd taken. Belal, how could she be any more aroused than she already felt without coming?

"Tringa, please stop or I'll come," she pleaded.

Tringa did slow down a little although Katryn still felt on the brink of an enormous climax.

"Please, Tringa, help me," Katryn beseeched.

Tringa leant back but replaced her tongue with two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. "I must obey my masters. I can't help you."

"But you were a Craftswoman once!"

"I can barely remember who I was. All I know is that I now must obey any Reaper, no matter what he wants me to do."

"Please, Tringa. We're people not pawns. My name is Katryn and that is Levan. Can't you do anything to help us?"

"Katryn, I have had to have the most degrading sex you can imagine with any Reaper who wants me. I've performed the most debased carnal acts with a variety of men, women and other creatures. I've fought my former sisters and I was forced to kill my own Custodian." Glistening tears were running down Tringa's face. "Don't you think if I could do anything, I would? He asked me to pleasure you and that's what I have to do." She bent back to her task.

Katryn groaned in pleasure at the insistent lapping of Tringa's supple tongue. Over the next hour she felt the drug taking greater and greater effect. She became absolutely desperate for release but one part of her mind kept telling herself that she had to have the biggest hardest most powerful orgasm she'd ever had but ju. Tringa held her expertly on the brink of satisfaction.

"Enough, Tringa. Come and get us ready with your mouth to take the whore." Yeth's sudden entrance with Thatchiff and another Reaper startled Katryn.

"Oh, yes, I need your cocks. Please fuck me," she begged, unthinkingly.

"By the Lord she's lovely isn't she?" the third Reaper pompously commented. He was a grossly overweight man with a nobleman's accent. Tringa was already on her knees in front of him, pulling out his ugly wormlike cock so that she could suck on it like a sweetmeat.

Thatchiff moved over to Katryn and had a good grope of her breasts. "Her tits are excellent, Kathbert. I've never felt such firm and large ones before. And on such a slender frame. I bet she'd look good being taken by my stallion!"

"Oh yes, anything, I just need to be fucked," she exclaimed as the fire between her thighs and in her head pushed her to desperation.

The three men laughed as Thatchiff ceased his tweakings and gropings to untie her arms.

"After the three of us have had you, we'll get you to satisfy all of our horses!" Kathbert leered.

"Let's get on with this, "Yeth commanded. "I've sent the rest of the men out on patrol out so we can take our time over her. She's going to make an excellent company slut."

As soon as Katryn was freed she leapt on Thatchiff, sticking her tongue deep down his throat and rubbing his crotch through his breeches.

"I'll take her cunt," Thatchiff after pausing for a few seconds to let her bend over to lick his unfettered erection. He lay back on the floor and Katryn immediately impaled herself on him.

"Oh, Belal, yes! That's so good!" she screamed as his cock slid deep into her tight pussy.

"Well, then I will fuck her face," Kathbert stated, pulling his cock from Tringa's mouth with a loud pop and striding over to offer his unsightly dick to Katryn's hot willing mouth.

Tringa moved her attention to Yeth's monstrous manhood, cleverly and quickly using her tongue to fully harden him.

"Lubricate her," he ordered and Tringa obediently crawled over to Katryn's arse which was bouncing up and down on Thatchiff's cock. She grabbed hold of Katryn's hips and began to tongue her rosebud-like bumhole while Yeth idly masturbated, watching the unfolding scene.

Katryn, not entirely aware that she was about to be anally violated, moaned at the unfamiliar feeling coming from her arsehole while frantically trying to maximise the friction on her clit as she fucked the Reaper lying under her.

"Do the same to me," Yeth commanded; Tringa leant back to allow him access to Katryn's pretty bottom.

Kathbert pulled himself out of her mouth as he and Thatchiff held Katryn still while Yeth carefully positioned the colossal glans of his penis at her sweet red butthole. Tringa immediately slid her tongue up his arse.

All that was in Katryn's mind was that she was very close to coming, only a few hip-thrusts from climax. It was only as Yeth began to force himself up her bum that she realised what was about to happen. With a triumphant thrust, Yeth pushed over half of his substantial cock up into her bum.

Katryn screamed in agony as her tiny fundament was speared by his enormous manhood; however as he commenced to violently bugger her, the libido-increasing stimulant she had been forced to take began to take control of her again. Despite the fiery pain in her backside she unconsciously began to move her hips in time to maximise the pleasurable feeling emanating from her clit and pussy.

However, the soreness in her butt had brought some clarity to her mind; she knew she had to come and channel everything into a supernatural scream which would hurt these bastards. First though she had to swallow some cum to maximise her power. She opened her mouth once more to suck off the third Reaper, knowing she had to make him come before she came herself and before the other two men did or else the Turning ritual would be complete and she would lose her identity.

She forced her attention away from the cocks in her pussy and arse as her tongue flickered hungrily on Kathbert's pale penis before she began to bob her head as fast she could; she looked up imploringly at his lustful face, knowing that deliberate eye contact would turn him on even more.

Even so she was surprised when he almost immediately let out a grunt and exploded in her mouth. Her astonishment increased as he kept coming and coming, squirting profuse amounts of foul-tasting yet tremendously appreciated jism down her throat. As her body shuddered in pleasure at the resultant and welcome boost to her resources, she realised that it wasn't just spunk she could taste but also waves of sorcerous Force. Of course, the Turning! He was directing the magic of the Mannish Reapers into her as he ejaculated. Spent, Kathbert fell back to the straw, only semi-conscious, leaving one final streak of semen smeared over Katryn's pretty freckled face.

Katryn allowed her mind to focus back on the lower half of her body. Her bottom had relaxed enough so that Yeth's mammoth manhood was now causing her nothing more than a sharp discomfort. She tried to relax her anus even more, knowing that she had to come before he did and that the looser her arse was, the less pleasurable it would be for him.

She leant her body forward, allowing the Reaper underneath her to grope her breasts and tweak and pinch her nipples, as well as letting her grind her clit hard against him.

"Oh yes, of fuck me, fuck me hard!" she screamed as she felt herself coming closer and closer to orgasm.

"You're a whore, a dirty little slut!" Thatchiff contemptuously grunted in her face before he grabbed her head and stuck his tongue into her mouth as he bucked his hips up against her frantically. In dismay, Katryn, for the first time in her life, felt ropes of sperm shooting into her pussy as well as the now familiar Force. Yeth was also hammering away at her arsehole, surely very close to climax.

Katryn couldn't yet feel the effect of the two streams of Force that been jetted into her but knew she would turn into another Tringa, another pet whore, another slave unless she managed to escape before Yeth finished in her.

"No!" she shouted. She slammed her hips back and forth on Thatchiff's slightly softened cock, desperately rubbing her clit on him but knowing she was taking the risk that she was also exciting Yeth even more with her thrusting. She held her breath knowing she was only moments away from either abject slavery or potential salvation.

Almost out of nowhere she came. She screamed as loudly as she could, focusing both the magical and sexual aspects of her release into her cry. The noise was absolutely deafening and she looked up to see Kathbert bellowing in agony, his hands covering his bleeding ears until he fell back comatose on the ground. A second orgasm ripped through her as she thrust her hips forward on Thatchiff who was also out cold, although miraculously still near erect.

She felt rather than heard a shout from Yeth as he painfully ripped his cock out of her bottom, mercifully unfulfilled. As her own convulsions ceased she pulled herself off Thatchiff who had stopped breathing. Not wanting to contemplate that she had just finished herself off on a dead man she turned around.

Yeth was standing behind her, his hands cupped over his ears, roaring in agony although she couldn't hear any sound - her own scream had deafened her. Tringa was kneeling beside him, eyes wide in astonishment at Katryn's actions. However she paused only a moment before continuing to follow Yeth's last order and moving behind him to tongue his arsehole once again.

Judging by the surprise on Yeth's face and reading his lips, she judged he was now saying something like, "What the fuck are you doing? Stop that!" However Tringa also appeared to have lost her hearing and ignored him to continue her fervent reaming.

Katryn had to think quickly. She had incapacitated two of the Reapers but what there was of her magic was now spent. There was no way she could fight Yeth physically. Although dazed by her scream he was still formidable and frightening with his large muscular frame and colossal still erect penis. He also had magic at his disposal which she knew could hurt her.

What she did next was instinctive - she wasn't able to articulate why she did it; perhaps it was the aphrodisiac still coursing through her veins; or perhaps the familiar comfort of having a hard cock in her mouth. For whatever reason, she fell to her knees in front of him and opened her mouth as wide as she could. As she enclosed her lips over the massive glans of his erection she felt him gasp and then relax as she began to bob her head. Obviously he felt that allowing the two women to use their mouths on him outweighed any short-term chance of Katryn escaping. He grabbed her by her hair and began to fuck her face; Tringa, her tongue wedged firmly inside him, moved her head in time.

Katryn tried not to vomit as she tasted her own arse on his cock. Her determination was strengthened knowing that she couldn't let him pull out of her mouth. She didn't know if he could still complete the ritual by taking her up the bum again but she didn't want to take the chance. Also she needed more time to think. She considered biting his cock or twisting his balls but didn't feel confident that she could incapacitate him before he could attack her. Instead, she began to suck as hard as she could while flicking her tongue all over his cock.

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