To the Citadel Ch. 03


All three continued in surreal silence for a few more minutes. Twice Yeth tensed to pull out; twice Katryn responded by grabbing his hips, opening her throat and swallowing his entire cock, desperate to keep him in her mouth.

However on the third occasion she tried this Yeth snarled something, slapped her hard across her face and turned her over to force himself painfully up her bottom once more. Katryn felt rather than heard her own scream of pain and despair. She frenziedly tried to escape him but his hold on her was too secure. He slammed in and out of her poor tight bum determinedly, pushing his entire titanic length in and out of her.

Her hearing was gradually returning and she could now hear him almost chanting, "Dirty whore. Filthy slut. Wicked tart. Tight hot cunt." She could now also hear her own groans and cries at each agonizing thrust into her tiny violated butthole.

Thinking that maybe she could make herself come again she pushed her right hand down between her legs to play with her fat clit but Yeth, seeing what she was doing and very aware of the consequences of her last climax, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up, forcing her to let go.

Katryn looked up in anguish only to see Levan stirring in the straw. Yeth obviously hadn't seen him as he had now reached around to her to grab her by her breasts. She began to push back with her hips, trying to balance the need to keep him distracted with the need to not let him come.

Suddenly he let go of her tits so that she fell to the floor. She sensed a flash of green light ahead of her and she saw Levan's body lurch and fall still once more.

"Do you think I'm stupid, slut?" Yeth hissed in her ear as he redoubled his efforts up her butt. "Oh yes, I'm going to fill you with my seed and I'm going to turn you into my whore. I'm going to allow anyone who wants to fuck you in any hole they want. I'm going to make you fuck old men and animals. I'm going to-"

There was a thud and Yeth slumped over her, pinning her to the floor. She tried to roll out from under him but his oversized penis was buried in her to the hilt and she couldn't move his heavy form.

"Oh, Katryn. Are you OK?"

"Garth?" she answered. "Is that you?" She felt Yeth heaved off her and she cried out as his cock was agonizingly dragged out of her anus. It really was Garth. Yeth was out cold, an ugly bruise on his forehead from where Garth had hit him with, she assumed, his sword's hilt.

"Oh, Katryn. I'm so sorry!" Garth pulled her up and held her in his arms.

Katryn sobbed into Garth's shoulder. "Oh, Garth. They made me do so many dirty things."

"Shhh," he comforted her, stroking her hair. "It's OK now. Where's Levan?"

"Oh, no! Levan!" Katryn turned and gingerly hobbled over to Levan's body. "That bastard burned him," she wailed just as Lena came running into the barn with a stunning lithe dark woman.

"Levan!" Lena cried. The dark woman bent down, putting both hands on Levan's body before knitting a series of complex healing threads of the Craft into him. Levan convulsed, before coughing and trying to sit up.

"Fuck me, what happened?" he croaked. The dark woman looked up at Lena and smiled.

Lena bent over him to kiss him tenderly. "Looks like we got here just in time, my darling."

A large blond man loped in, giving Katryn's perfect naked figure a leisurely and appreciative inspection. "Come on, Levan; no time for a nap. We've taken out a few of the tossers but there may be more out there." He grinned as Levan swore and pulled himself up with Lena and the other woman's support.

After hasty introductions and a quick rummage for some clothing for Katryn, they tied up Yeth and Kathbert despite Katryn wanting to execute them.

"They're evil. I'm glad I fucked Thatchiff to death. They deserve to die too!"

"Girl, we are not animals like the Reapers," Lena told her. "Anyway, while they're both unconscious, we can do something more punishing." Lena and Deera joined forces to weave the Craft over their heads, subtly altering their minds.

"They'll find themselves unable to quite reach the Force. It will drive them mad and only the two of us specifically can reverse it so they'll be stuck like this forever!"

Tringa had remained silently kneeling on the floor, trembling in fear. Every time either of the Craftswomen came close to her she began to cry in shame.

Deera approached her, "Sister, you must not fear us or be ashamed. What has happened to you is not your fault. Let me help you." With a quick touch on the brow she rendered her unconscious. Simlek caught her up in his strong arms and tied her across his saddle.

"We'll be able to help her back at the Citadel," Deera confirmed.

They rode away from the barn which, Katryn was told, was only a few miles from Raspberry Magna. She rode in front of Garth, cautiously trying to keep her sore bum out of the saddle.

Garth explained how he and Lena had met up with Deera and Simlek and then how the Craftswomen had sensed her cry. They had arrived as quickly as they could coming across a patrol of Reapers only half a mile away. While the others had dealt with them, he had raced ahead to the barn to find Katryn being violently buggered by Yeth. He had been too scared to stab him so he'd used his sword hilt to knock him out.

"Oh, Garth. Just another minute and I'd have become his slave. Thank you so much. I've really missed you. And your dick!" she added.

"And me you, Katryn," he replied warmly.

"And I'll never get jealous again. Although I can't wait to get your cock in my mouth, you must always try as many other women as you want." She explained about her experiences with Levan, the farmers and the Mannish Reapers.

"Wow. I can't say that doesn't make me feel envious but as you can imagine I've been doing it with Lena loads. I've even had Deera too so I'm in no position to complain."

After a comfortable pause in their conversation, Garth said, "We'll be at the Citadel in two days Lena says. I'll always look after you, Katryn. No matter what happens."

Katryn smiled up at him and kissed him lovingly. "And I will you, Garth. Forever."

They rode onwards to the Citadel.

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