tagMatureTogether, Forever! Ch. 10

Together, Forever! Ch. 10


The scorching days of summer were now upon them and Victoria was enjoying the leisure of writing children's stories during the day and making love to Colin at night. On the weekends, they got into the habit of going out with friends that they had made through Colin. There were a few who she wasn't too fond of, but there were some she had also grown to really like. Two particular couples hung around them a lot and Victoria really liked their company; Brad Ahlberg and his girlfriend Holly Ireland and Mark Herrington and his girlfriend Erika Denison.

Brad and Mark had been childhood friends and moved to Hollywood together. They were actors but also screenplay writers. In fact, they had just finished a screenplay for an upcoming movie that they both would be starring in as well. They had been nice enough to give some pointers to Victoria about that kind of writing. Since she was so close to Hollywood, she didn't see that it would hurt. Brad was about as crazy as she was and they usually had a lot of fun in the clubs. Colin was a pretty serious dancer when it came to music and Holly only liked to dance when she could get real close to Brad. Brad and Victoria liked to have a lot of fun, so they usually wound up on the dance floor together doing lots of crazy stuff. Colin and Mark just liked to sit back and watch. Mark didn't really like to dance at all but he liked being out with his friends.

One evening, they were all out at Millennium, the same club where she had first met Colin, and Brad and Victoria were out on the dance floor. The club kept playing old 70's and 80's music and they were having a blast being crazy as usual. When who to Victoria's surprise and disgust, but Marisa Stamp - Colin's old girlfriend - walked in alone. Victoria didn't notice her at first until she came off the dance floor along with Brad to take a break and she noticed that Colin's attention was off towards the bar. As she was walking up to him, her eyes followed in the general direction where he was staring and that's when she saw her. It stopped her short, causing Brad to run right into her. "Shit, Vicky! What the hell's holding you up?" She didn't know what to say. Marisa was staring right back at Colin and he couldn't keep his eyes off her. In fact, Victoria couldn't help but notice the same type of look on his face that she had seen him use on her many times, like he wanted to tear her clothes off right then and there. Victoria just stood rigid, looking from his face to hers. There seemed to be an unspoken message traveling from his eyes to hers, and she knew at that moment that it wasn't over for him.

Brad walked around in front of her, watching her closely. "What's wrong with you?" he asked, and then noticed it in her look without having to say another word. He turned and saw what had stopped her short. As he turned back to face Victoria, pity shining in his dark eyes, her hand fluttered up to her mouth as her luminous eyes quickly filled with tears. She quickly glanced at Brad and saw the remorse there and she knew that what she thought she had with Colin was nothing more than a passing thing for him to take his mind off of his one true love, Marisa. This whole time he had been playing games with her heart and she felt it break into a million pieces right there on the floor. "I should've known from the start before I let him into my heart,' were the words that kept spinning through her head.

She glanced at Colin once more, hoping she was wrong and that's when his eyes shifted and met hers, the smile that had been on his face melting away to confusion and then the realization of what she had seen hit him. He stood up straight from his leaning position over the banister that stood between them as he set down his drink. In a barely audible voice, as she stared at Colin, Victoria whispered to Brad, "I've got to get out of here." Before she could turn to go, an unshed tear slid silently down her face. As she turned she also saw Colin move away from his spot and start down the steps to where she and Brad stood. That's when Victoria's feet shifted into forward motion and away from this god-awful scene!

Brad stood for a minute not knowing whether to intercept Colin or to follow her back through the crowded dance floor. As Colin jumped the couple of steps down onto the floor, Mark also noticed that something was up and followed suite. The closer Victoria got to the door, the more her eyes filled up with unshed tears, threatening to engulf her. Blinded, she struggled against the crowd to reach the door before she exploded. As she stumbled in her head-long flight to the safety of the door, Brad was suddenly there to catch her elbow and steer her to the entrance. "It's okay Vicky, I've got you." Leaning against him, she struggled to take the last few steps.

As the cool outside air hit her face, the tears came and she gasped at the realization of what had happened. She had believed in Colin and what they had and now it lay shattered at her feet. She leaned against Brad for support, unsure that she could stand by herself at that point. If it hadn't been for his physical support, Victoria was sure she would've collapsed on the walk. Her whole body felt like the blood had been drained from it and she could tell by the look on Brad's face that she looked it too. She felt like someone had punched her in the gut, taking all her breath. She clung to Brad, gasping for breath, tears streaming down her face. "Oh . . . my god . . . did you . . . see him . . .?"

Mark, Colin, Holly and Erika all reached them at the same time. Mark gave voice to the concern everyone else felt. "What happened? Is she okay?" Colin came around to face her, regret and concern etched in his beautiful forehead. Even in her misery, as she fought back the urge to scream, she loved him. Brad stared at him, not sure himself what to say.

"Victoria . . ." he began, a hand reaching out for her.

Anger and hurt came out of her at him and he stood there and took it. Coming upright, she slapped his hand back and hissed, "Get the hell away from me!" Gasping for a breath, she stared at him in shock. "How could you do that?"

"What did I do?" he asked. "What is it exactly that you thought you saw?" Everyone else but Brad stood confused at her angry onslaught.

"It's not what you did, but what you wanted to do, Colin. I saw the look you gave her, the passion you still feel for her. Why are you with me?!"

"Because I love you." He stepped in closer to her, again trying to reach out.

She took a step back, out of Brad's arms and further away from Colin. "Don't touch me. Please . . ." she choked out, trying to still the tears running down her face.

"Victoria, I won't, but please . . . you're overreacting."

"Overreacting?!" she hissed, her anger building and the hurt dying. "Colin, exactly how the hell should I feel? Huh? Can you tell me that?!"

"I did nothing!" He was amazed at the onslaught. True, he had looked at Marisa but never in his wildest dreams did he ever expect Victoria to be jealous of something as innocent as that. "I didn't want to do anything!" He stepped closer to her again. "I swear to you."

Victoria shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks, but she wasn't even aware of them! She was too caught up in what they had before tonight, before this! "I don't know if I believe you. I saw the look you gave her. It's not over for you, Colin. You may not ever admit it, but you still feel something for her."

Colin took a deep breath and stared at her. How was he going to convince her that she was the only one he loved? Marisa was in his past and she was in his present, in his future. "I'll admit I still have feelings for her." Victoria took a deep breath and closed her eyes at his words. Colin saw his opportunity and took it. Before she could gather the courage to turn and leave, he pulled her into his embrace and held her close. "But, they're not like the feelings I have for you. I'll always care for her," he crooned into her ear. "But I don't love her, Vicky. I don't want her. I want you." Oh, to be held in his arms like this again! She cried into his shirt for a moment and then backed out as quickly as she had let him hold her. As she angrily wiped the tears from her eyes, he continued to try and explain what it was she thought she saw. Victoria wasn't sure she believed him much less wanted to stand here and listen to it.

While Victoria confronted Colin, Brad had herded the rest of the group over to one side and was quietly explaining what had transpired in the club. Everyone was shocked and felt sorry for them, except for Mark. He just stood to one side and watched them arguing and then embracing as she finally let go of the reaction she had to something that he convinced her was harmless. As Colin held her close, she couldn't believe how quickly jealousy had grabbed hold of her and caused her to believe that there was still something between him and Marisa when she wanted so desperately to believe there wasn't. And the whole while, Mark watched them closely, grim determination burning in his gaze.

The day of Colin's latest movie's premier was upon them at last!! He had filmed Starstruck not long after wrapping up his last movie, but it was just now being released at the end of summer. The incident at the club a couple of weeks ago was a forgotten memory and Colin and Victoria were back to their old selves. He was wonderful and she had never known that love could feel like this. Of course, every female within hearing distance was screaming his name over and over and Victoria was overwhelmed again by his popularity and how people reacted to him, and not just women! She was equally shocked to find photographers calling out her own name and wanting to get a picture of her. With Colin's encouragement, she stopped and smiled, waving and was amazed at all the cameras that were clicking away. Colin would later tell her how hard she had a hold of his arm. He was her strength, her rock.

The premier was a smash! Victoria was in awe of all the stars that showed up at the premier ~ superstar celebrities who had long been in the business, Colin's director from his last film and his actress wife. There were even rock stars and other singers. Colin's female co-star Katherine Spencer, from his blockbuster movie, was even there. Kathy really lived in London, but she had an apartment in L.A. where she stayed when she was working in the states. During this past summer, Victoria had gotten to know Kathy some. She and Colin had formed a deep friendship during the filming of their movie and now Victoria had gotten the opportunity to know her through Colin. The women had formed a friendship quickly and now Victoria considered her one of her first friends in Hollywood, even though she wasn't usually here.

At the premier that night, Colin introduced her to another actor/singer by the name of Jason Olds and his new wife, Janet Pinkton. Victoria happened to love Jason's music, but it was Janet who took her in and they instantly formed a friendship. After the premier, Victoria and Colin attended a quick press conference along with the director William Allen and then headed out to a party for the cast and crew celebrating the opening of the movie.

That night, as Colin's limo drove her home, it took all she had not to fall asleep in his arms. It just felt so right to be there with him. He had enfolded her into his arms, her back was against his chest and her head rested on his shoulder. Her hair had been swept up for the premier and some of it had fallen. She felt Colin's hand delve into the tangled mass and pull out the pin that held the rest of it there. As she felt the mass of curls fall gently over her shoulder, he bent his head to her ear, whispering, "God, you're sinfully sexy tonight." Victoria had worn a midnight-blue dress that seemed to float about her in a cloud of chiffon; the short, but full sleeves cast a kind of dreamlike spell about her arms, and the tiny waist exploded into billows of soft flowing fabric that fell to her feet. She looked infinitely delicate and startlingly beautiful as she had stood before him, her eyes as bright as the sapphires and diamonds in her ears. Thinking back to when Colin had picked her up, Victoria remembered how he had reacted to the dress she had worn. . . "I love that dress. It's beautiful." She smiled when she recalled how he had been shocked when she had pivoted to turn her back to him, and in sharp contrast to the full sleeves, high neck, and full skirt, the back of the dress had been cut away, and all that Colin could see before him then was the most devastatingly perfect expanse of creamy flesh. Curling up in his arms now, she smiled at how he had touched her, promising the most delightful things to come later in the evening.

He had cut his hair short right before the premier, something he did out of habit, and Victoria had been disappointed. She loved his hair long, the feel of it as it slipped through her fingers. Now she didn't have anything to grab hold of if she ran her fingers through his hair. Suddenly, she felt his lips on the back of her neck and instinctively, she leaned her head further over to the side, giving him full access to it as her eyes closed, savoring the feel of him. As his lips caressed her neck, she felt his hands moving slowly up her dress, coming to rest just below her breasts. Victoria could feel her pulse quicken as her breath caught in her throat. His lips slowly traveled from her neck to her ear, where he caught her earring in his teeth and gently tugged on it. It was a surprising turn-on!

When she would have turned in his arms, his hands continued on their travel upward, his fingers caressing her through the material of her dress. She felt as though his fingers were fire and she was dry wood. Everywhere he touched was consumed with this raging want. She could feel her breath quicken as her body relaxed. If she didn't watch it, she was going to give in to him right here in this limo.

His fingers gently caressed her breasts as she felt his hot breath on her ear. Her hands couldn't stay still and they traveled slowly up his forearms to his hands, where they stayed atop his as he continued his slow caresses. His lips now left her ear and traveled back down her neck to stop at her collar bone. Summer couldn't help but turn in his arms. Her lips eagerly found his and she felt herself drowning in his kiss. His hands were now on her back, caressing and then coming to a stop at her zipper. Her tongue darted out, touching his. Then he drew her tongue into his mouth, sucking on it as she felt his hands on her zipper and then the rush of cool air on her skin.

Reluctantly, Victoria pulled back and gazed into his eyes. Not here. She didn't want to make love to him in the back of a limo. She couldn't help but wonder how many other girls he had had in this very spot, or if he and Marisa had done this very thing in this very spot. Inwardly, she tried to wipe that image from her mind. "Colin, not here." She backed into the seat facing him and zipped her dress back up. "I . . ." she began, looking around in the car. "This isn't the place." She looked back at him, hoping he wasn't too disappointed.

"I understand, sweetie." Victoria watched him, trying to read him, but found it difficult, even knowing him as well as she did now. She knew she should just take him at his word and not doubt that what he said was true. He followed her over to the other seat and put his arm around her, pulling her back into his embrace, his arm coming from behind and encircling her shoulders, under her chin. She rested her head on his arm and closed her eyes, just enjoying the closeness. "Better?" he asked.

"Mmmm," she whispered, her eyes still closed. Her body still tingled with the want she had for him and she could feel his hardness where she leaned into him. There was no doubt that they were physically attracted to each other. "The premier was great!"

"Yeah," he agreed, kissing the top of her head. "I think it went real well. I just hope this movie does as well as the last one." They stayed embraced in each other's arms throughout the rest of the ride home.

When they reached her apartment, Colin followed Victoria up without a word and in their safe retreat; they finally gave into the passion that was ever threatening to consume them. His lips took on an insistent mastery of hers, making her blood sing in her veins; his hands caressed her body, until they could not resist touching her skin. With steady fingers, he unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the ground and held the warmth of her bared breasts in his hands.

As if beyond her control, Victoria's hands reached out to tug at his shirt front, baring his smooth chest to her touch. With a sense of awe, she ran her fingers down his chest, the smoothness caressing her palms sensuously.

His lips slipped from hers to nibble a path along her neck to her ear where his tongue traced the delicate shell, making her shiver in delight. "Oh, Colin, what are you doing to me?" she sighed in wonder.

Tracing a path of tingling kisses along the sensitive hollow of her shoulder and along her collarbone, he murmured fervently, "Victoria~ honey~ let you love you. Let me taste your sweetness . . ."

Victoria was beyond answering as his warm mouth captured a tender breast, his teeth gently grazing the nipple, his tongue laving it. Half mad with the pleasure coursing through her, she clung to him, her head spinning dizzily, her body turned to flame. Her hands roamed his broad, bare back, then came up to hold his head to her breast, loath to give up the forbidden delight his touch was creating within her.

He carried her over to the bed, laying her down and joined her there, his leg thrown across hers, his arousal branding into her thigh. His hand caressed in long, smooth strokes the sensitive silk of her inner thigh, his thumb tracing hot patterns on her skin there. Victoria had never been so mesmerized by pleasure.

His mouth left her breast to cover her quivering lips, creating havoc as he showered kisses across her quivering belly. With eyes as hot and bright as quicksilver, he surveyed her nude, perfectly-formed body. "You are so beautiful, my love," he said reverently. As his hypnotic gaze met hers, she could not resist. Neither could she move to cover herself or keep from watching him as he rose to dispose of his own clothing.

When he again lowered himself to her side, his hot flesh seemed to sear into hers. With sure hands, she explored the warm, vibrant contours of his body, so different from hers, yet so enticing and beautifully formed to compliment her own. Trembling with quickening desire, Victoria touched her mouth lightly to the salty skin of his neck, his shoulder, his muscled chest, her tongue flicking out to taste the texture and flavor of his male body.

Colin's eyes closed, his hands tangling in the auburn waves of her hair, as he bit back a groan. "Yes, love," he whispered huskily. "Touch me ~ feel what you are doing to me."

A heady feeling of her own feminine power came over her as she felt his heart race beneath her lips, his muscles tremble at her touch. In turn, she quivered beneath him, her breath caught in her throat as his lips and hands brought her body to life as it had never been before ~ as she had never dreamed it could be. His hot, moist mouth was everywhere ~ on her lips, her shoulders; capturing each aching breast in turn; skittering down the soft, sensitive flesh of her stomach, making her muscles tighten in desire; burning her very soul.

His seeking hand slipped up her thigh, finding and cupping her femininity, tenderly caressing as new waves of passion drowned Victoria's senses, urging her to arch into his hand and the wondrous rapture engulfing her. Small, strangled moans escaped her throat, and she was awash in a wild world of sensation. A burning heat flamed through her, making her ache for him, melting her body into his, creating a hollow yearning only he could fulfill.

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