Tony into Tayla


Tony closed his laptop with a thud. He enjoyed talking to Johann. His best friend, he would be joining him tomorrow morning.

Time to get to bed, he thought. He started his new job in the morning at the new Starbucks a few streets down - he was looking forward to meeting new people and meeting new friends.

As he stepped out of the shower and looked into the bathroom mirror, he gave himself a good look over. Not bad looking, not exactly Tom Cruise, not exactly eye-catching, but reasonable none the less. He had a strong jawline which he had been complimented on many times before - but really that's where it stopped - he felt disappointed in his outcome through puberty, both downstairs and up. Perhaps he'd meet some new women that would be interested in him tomorrow. There was always the chance!

He pulled himself into bed and drew his Game of Thrones book from his bedside table into his hands - if it wasn't looks that would get him the girls, it would have to be his small talk, and reading did all that it could to help.

He could not help thinking though - what would it be like to be a woman? He thought back to what he had been watching tonight, all alone. He remembered the girl he had seen earlier. What was her name? Tayla. Tayla something, Tony couldn't remember. But what he could remember was her fair hair falling over her plump pale breasts, of which struggled to be contained in her 36JJ bra. Almost too big to be true.

He agreed to himself that they really were great. And how lucky she was to have them - outside of porn, she could use them for anything - whether it would be getting discounts on items or be treated politely - even if it was for men to get a good look at her round ass.

It was this control that he craved, and how he so wished he was born a beautiful girl and and the beautiful things that go with being that kind of girl.

All this time he had been stroking his cock, for which he had not put into a woman for months - even then it was the Pharmacists girl from Hamra Street, nothing special. Now it pierced the covers and made what he like to call a tent. He had to divert his thoughts to other things to go down again, so he could get some sleep.

Tony dozed lazily. He couldn't remember falling to sleep, but he certainly remembered waking up. His eyes closed, he began to feel a tickled feeling at his nipple. He brushed it off, eyes still closed. The tickle began again, but this time on both, and this time he opened his eyes and looked down his chest.

What he saw was his chest transforming - slowly but surely, both of his nipples started to droop as his chest began to get larger and divide. This is when he realized what was happening. He was dreaming, surely. They kept on getting bigger, now two fully formed breasts with large nipples growing wider apart and fuller. He felt a strain on his chest and they parted, his body not felt to several kilos of weight so high up.

Seizing the moment of what felt like a once in a lifetime dream, Tony threw his hand down under the covers and searched for his cock which would now be hard and ready to burst. He found nothing, except a flat mound of skin. All the time his new breasts growing, his mouth now wide open, he felt a pull at his scalp as blonde locks of gorgeous hair fell down the back of his neck and face. He realized what was happening, and jumped out of bed, stuttering as he felt it now hard to walk with two huge swinging breasts.

He bundled into the bathroom, at first scared to look at the mirror. Holding both heavy tits, he slowly looked up and stopped.

Before him he saw a woman's body - curvy, sexy, but it was still transforming. He put his hand to his face as in the mirror his face was now taking its final change. His eyes which had always been low on his forehead and close together now moved apart and upwards - his crooked nose fixed, lips pursed and big.

His first instinct was to jump up and down in his new body. He tried, but found it hard with the weight of his new chest. He never wanted this to end.

Or did it have to end? Was this a dream? Was it? It had to be. Surely. But in this dream he had so much control. He could move his hands in anyway he desired, everything was perfectly in place, just as it had done in the real world. He jogged back to the bedroom, and picked up his alarm clock - 5:36AM.

So he had slept - and this was under half an hour before he had planned to get up and start getting ready to work. So this was all real. He had changed into a beautiful, sexy curvy woman. He had changed into the blonde Tayla. And he decided then and there he would go to work, he was eager to try out his new body, he would say he was filling in for his brother Tony.

He opened the drawer and pulled out his work clothes, a shirt which was now probably too tight for him, but he didn't care, it only made him want to put it on faster.

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