Too Good to be True Ch. 06

bySilver Dust©

Right before Greta pulls the trigger she hears from Julia "rub her clit as you do it."

Greta reaches down and slowly rubs her very moist pussy. She starts to stimulate the clitoris very slowly then presses down on it. Kim starts to moan loudly then BANG!

She screams again but not as bad as before. Greta walks over to Julia handing her the piercing gun. Julia reattaches it to her belt and spreads her legs. "Once the pain has subsided we will continue with her punishment. Please eat my pussy while we wait."

Julia pulls the zipper down letting her bald pussy emerge. Greta drops to her knees and slowly starts to lick her pussy. Nice long strokes. Kim looks up hearing the moans from Julia, "Good little pet, make your mistress happy, mmmmmmmmmm."

"But I thought I have been punished Mistress Raven. Greta was much worse them me." Kim asks between escaping breaths her tears finally stopping.

"mmmmmmmmmm, good girl, No she was not my little whore. Greta is a sub that was badly trained Oh. She was too tempted by controlling men. It's understandable, while you are a dom and should have known the consequences of your actions. You will remain her dom after this but your punishment is not over. Ohhhhhhhh you are great at eating pussy my pet."

Kim shutters at the thought. Julia's hand extends down and takes a handful of Greta's hair lightly tugging on it as she keeps eating. "OH OH OH OH!!"

Julia throws her head back and starts to hump Greta's face. She then thrusts up when she cums her fluids gushing from her inners. She looks down at Greta "Good girl. Zip me up and I have a treat for you."

Greta takes her teeth and zips her up. Then she stands as Julia stands also. "Did you ever want a pony Greta?"

Greta nods. Julia smiles "I cannot give you a pony. But I can let you have a pony girl for a while."

Julia glances over at Kim, "Let the pony down."

Greta walks over and lets Kim down from the X. Kim remains on all fours looking at the two of them. Julia walks over to the bag and pulls out a pair of 8 inch black pvc boots with horse hove shaped feet. Then Julia pulls out a matching horse hove shaped 8 inch black opera gloves. Greta grabs them, then putting them on Kim.

Julia then walks over attaching a bridal and bit with a large feather from the top of Kim's head. Julia then hands her a butt plug with the other end being a fake horse tail. Greta walks over and without mercy rams it in. Kim screams across the bit. Julia then kisses Greta as she walks over "One more think for our little pony, some special reins."

Julia pulls out a long little chain and attaches them to Kim's new nipple rings. They stand back and admire Kim, her soaking pussy running down her legs. Julia slaps Greta on the ass "Ride your pony Greta."

Greta runs over and jumps on Kim's back she pulls on the reins and Kim squeals. But she starts to walk forward and around the room. Greta pulls again and she walks faster her tail swinging back and fourth. Julia reaches into her bag and puts her hands behind her back. "Greta you know what I think that pony needs?"

Greta gets off of Kim and walks over to Julia. "What is that Mistress Raven?"

"She needs a good fucking." Kim hands her a 14 inch strap on. Kim's eyes open wide in terror. She starts to mumble across the bit. Greta walks over and pulls the strap on, her skirt resting on of the top of it, her bare ass completely exposed in the back. She walks behind Kim placing the tip of the strap on at her pussy and then grabbing the reins.

"Does pony need a good fucking?" Kim nods knowing her fate. Greta then just plunges the large fake cock into her. She screams but thrusts back, her pussy bring it all in. The two of them start to fuck hard as Greta screams "Hope you enjoy this bitch because I am not going to get a fucking in my cunt for a month!"

Greta pulls on the reins and Kim pushes back as her eyes open again and she screams. She starts to buck harder and harder. Her screams of pleasure misshapen by the bit in her mouth, her screams growing loader and loader, bucking back wanting more of the massive strap on. Her teeth bite down on the bit and her eyes close as she lets out a final wail.

Then she falls over as she cums bringing Greta to the ground with her. But Greta continues to thrust into her until Kim is finally spent. Greta stands up the fluid covered phallus sticking into the air. Julia walks over clapping and smiling.

"Greta remove her garments and the collar." Greta leans over and undresses the exhausted Kim. As Greta removes the collar Kim looks over at Julia.

"Thank you Mistress Raven, thank you." She smiles as Greta helps her stand up on her bare feet.

"You two have learned your lesson. Tomorrow you will tell all the men to meet you in your apt where your master will give them treatment. He will then explain to you what the deal is. Understand ladies?"

"Yes, Mistress Raven." They say in unison.

"You may dress and leave now. When we meet in the future it will be for fun." The two girls put there cloths on except for Greta who removes her fun wear and slides into her trench coat, tying up every button and the putting her shoes on. The two of them run upstairs and out the door.

Julia sits down and pulls a cigarette out slowly lighting it. Eric walks in a few minutes later in a bathrobe. He smiles at her "Great job! Wow that was hot; I was hoping you might have told them to wait for me. I really need to get my balls off now."

Julia smiles "Yeah it was fun, I would love to play with them in the future."

"Are you sure you don't want to make some extra money Julia or Mistress Raven."

"No thanks Eric, I make enough money and this is just a hobby." She takes another drag on the cigarette. "Dam this filthy habit."

"I could help you with that."


"Hypnosis, bang your addiction will be gone."

Julia drags on it again, she scratches her chin. "Why the hell not, It can't hurt and I would love to quit smoking."

She takes one last drag then puts it out in the ashtray. "Let's begin."

They walk upstairs and into a room next to Eric's office. She sees a computer and a sofa and little light. He asks "Age, weight, height?"

"29, 143 pounds, 5 foot 10 inches," She smiles, "My mom will be so impressed that I don't smoke anymore"

"Just look at the light," Eric states. She looks into the light and it starts to flash, brighter and faster then all there is in the world is whiteness.

"Wake up Julia, its over." She shakes her head and looks at Eric sitting on the sofa next to her. "Want a smoke?"

He holds up her pack and she smiles as she stand up, "wow not at all. You could make some money doing that."

"Yeah I know, just a side perk I guess. Hey are you sure you don't want to make extra money? Does it get your hot to think of all those people getting off at your hot body? I could press one key on that computer and the world could see you playing with Greta and Kim."

She stops and licks her lips "mmmmmmmmmm that does found delicious. You asshole!"

He walks over to her closing the door. She feels the wetness building up in her pussy as he steps inches from her. His hands run over the crack on her ass and lightly grab it. "But it gets you hot to think about now."

"yessssssssssss" She purrs bringing her face right under his. He leans over and slowly kisses her reaching to her front undoing the zipper over her pussy and asshole. He starts to rub the outside of her wet pussy. "Please let me see your cock."

"And you will do anything to make it happy won't you?"

"Yes!" She begs running her hands down the inside of his robe. Untying it as his cock springs out.

"That's because you love me, and will do what ever I say. Because I am also the best lay you will ever have." He grabs her pushing her against the wall and slams his cock into her soaking pussy.

"ARRRRRRRRRRRR Yes I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!" She screams as his cock pounds into her pussy harder and harder. She rams down on him. She jumps up and raps her legs around him as he balances her against the wall. He continues to pound her as the pictures falls off the wall and there grunts grow louder!

"UGH I am about to cum you little slut!" He screams and pulls her away from the wall she lets her legs down and she gets to her knees. Eric grunts "Its time for me to claim my territory."

"Claim me as yours, you little asshole!" She screams as she starts to jack off his cock he grabs a fistful of her hair and removes her eyes mask. He then Erupts all over her face, she just accepts it, her mouth wide open and eyes closed. Then out of the blue a second eruption occurs all over her hair. She smiles knowing that this was now her fate. "I love you my master."

He smiles "no, you are still Mistress Raven. We are partners, but you will always love me and follow my commands."

She looks up again the cum now dripping over her right eye forcing her to keep it closed. "I love you Eric, I will always love you."

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