Too Great a Temptation Ch. 04


I don't remember much about the conversation, except that I wished him a Happy New Year and that I felt incredibly guilty when I hung up. Of course, a committed adulteress deals with guilt by submerging it in illicit lust, and that's what I did.

Once we got back in the limo, Howard was the last thing on my mind. This time, I didn't waste any time. As soon as we took off for my hotel, I slid to the floor, on my knees between Jim and Sid.

I reached to my right and fished Sid's cock from his pants, then to my left and hauled Jim's meat into the open. I took both cocks in my hand and just gazed at them for a moment in wonder. I pulled the foreskin back from Sid's cock and inhaled his funky aroma. It was incredibly intoxicating.

I slid my tongue up the length of him, then opened my mouth and sucked him in. I worked him deeper and deeper into my throat until I took him all. I couldn't take it for very long, but I wanted him to know what he was dealing with, and that was a really good cocksucker.

I couldn't get nearly that much of Jim's cock in, but I made up for it by really working my lips over his angry red meat. I worked his shaft between my lips, licking the fat length all the way up and down, then pushed his bulbous cock head back into my mouth.

I think they both wanted to come right then, but I backed off every time I felt them get close. They laughed because they knew I was enjoying a little turnabout for the way they had teased me earlier.

At length, we arrived at my hotel, and I was ready. I was as horny as I had been in quite some time, well, since my last business trip, which had been to Chicago. And I honestly don't think I was nearly as horny that time.

When we got up to my room, I slipped into the bathroom, where I pulled off my dress and fixed my makeup. When I emerged, I was greeted by an awesome sight. Jim and Sid were both standing by the bar naked, having a drink.

As I drank in the sight of their almost-hard cocks sticking out in front of them, their eyes lit up in lust as they saw me sashay toward them, naked except for my heels, my stockings and the garter belt. I looked – and felt – like a hundred-dollar hooker, and bless me, they treated me like one.

I wrapped an arm around each one and offered them my mouth. I kissed each of them with a smoldering passion as I ran my hands over their bodies and they ran their hands over mine.

Quickly, though, my hands gravitated like magnets to their big, beautiful cocks, and I stroked them into immediate iron hardness. I knew what I wanted right then more than anything. I wanted to taste them, to taste their hardness and taste their cum. And I told them just that.

"I think that's a splendid idea," Jim said jovially.

I dropped to my knees, and came face-to-face with their stiff rods. I inhaled Jim's cock first and took a little over half of him in before I started working him back and forth in my mouth. I was lightly fisting Sid's gleaming cock as I sucked on Jim's magnificent meat.

Then it was Sid's turn, and once again I swallowed every bit of his more modest cock. I've always been good at sucking a dick, although Howard quit asking for it some time previously. Why, I don't know. But over these past seven years, I've honed my oral technique to the point where I think I'm the best around.

I worked both of those throbbing dicks back and forth, and even together at one point, as my arousal began to spike like crazy. I wanted so bad to take a hand and give myself the orgasm I'd been needing all day, but that would have required that I turn one of their cocks loose, and I wasn't about to do that.

I sucked faster and harder, and I could feel them start to strain, their hands working my head to quicken the pace. I had Sid's cock buried in my throat when I heard him gasp and I felt his cock spew a tremendous cumload into my throat.

Most of the time I can swallow all of a man's cum when he shoots, but Sid shot so much cum so quickly that I couldn't begin to keep up, and a good bit of it flowed out from around my lips and down my chin.

As I worked on swallowing Sid's cum, I could see out of the corner of my eye that Jim was jacking his spit-slick cock furiously. Just at the moment that Sid finally quit coming, I pulled my mouth off Sid's dick, and turned my head toward Jim just in time to watch a truly prodigious load explode out of his cock.

It was almost like one of those cum movies, where the stud covers the woman's face with his semen. Jim shot about a half-dozen thick hot ropes of cream all over my face – over my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, my hair and then my lips as I drew his cock to my mouth so I could get the last dregs of his climax.

I laughed dementedly as I felt the cum congeal on my face. I was way beyond horny by then, and fortunately, they quickly took care of me.

Jim pulled me up from the floor, and maneuvered me to the bed on my back. He got on the bed with me, on his knees, and he simply reached down, picked me up by the waist and hauled me up until my dripping pussy was at face level, then he dove in.

He started out by sucking my whole sex into his mouth, and I screamed in ecstasy at that, then gasped loudly as he parted my labia with his tongue. God, his tongue was like the rest of him, bigger than life, and I was quickly soaring to a catastrophic climax.

I sensed, rather than saw, Sid move in behind me, as I was perched up in the air with just my head and shoulders on the mattress. But I quickly felt him as he pulled open my butt cheeks and slashed his tongue over my asshole.

He pressed his assault by working his lips and tongue vigorously all over my anus, while Jim gave my pussy a thorough tongue-lashing.

It was too much. I saw stars as my long-awaited orgasm boiled over. My body shuddered from head to toe and I cried out rhythmically as I came hard on their active mouths. It seemed like I was turned inside out as the climax roared through me.

But I was given little respite. Even as I started to come down from my orgasmic peak, I looked up to see that Jim's cock was already getting stiffer. And as they lowered me to the bed, I noticed that Sid was sporting a renewed hard-on as well.

I looked out through lust-lidded, cum-crusted eyes, first at Sid then at Jim and just whispered, "fuck me, please."

Sid licked his fingers a couple of times then stroked his cock once or twice before he pushed the head of his dick at my aching hole. I groaned almost in relief as he sank his meat into my pussy.

As Sid quickly got up to speed in my cunt, I looked up to see Jim slowly working his cock in his fist. I shooed his hand away, replaced it with mine and drew the leaking head to my mouth. I let him sink as much of his cock in my mouth as he wanted, which was a pretty good bit at that angle.

I was like one of those push-me, pull-you machines, every time Sid filled me with his rock-hard cock, it pushed my mouth further onto Jim equally hard dick.

I was amazed that they could be so hard so quickly after I'd just drained them with my mouth. It was only later that I learned that they had each dropped a Viagra pill at the second party we'd attended. It really didn't matter how they did it, just that they were able to send me into orbit as they fucked me at both ends.

And I was starting to learn that while Jim had the impressive meat, it was Sid who was the more impressive fucker. He was like a piston as he smoothly pumped his cock back and forth in my steaming pussy, while I slurped and slobbered all over Jim's dick in my mouth.

I could have stayed like that forever, except that I wanted to feel Jim's big fat dong in my pussy, where it belonged, and I finally pulled Jim out of my mouth and begged – and I do mean begged – to get my cunt around his awesome dick.

I'm not sure what I expected; probably that Jim and Sid would simply switch places. But that's not what I got.

I was in a semi-orgasmic daze as Jim rolled onto his back, his huge cock aimed for the ceiling, then he deftly maneuvered me until I was on my knees, straddling his hips. I was on autopilot as I fit the fat head of his dick at my dripping hole and impaled myself on his long, fat pole.

I howled in delight as Jim thrust his cock into the deepest recesses of my pussy. It was a cathartic experience to be so filled. I was concentrating so much on the extreme pleasure I was getting from Jim's cock in my pussy and how close I was to another crashing climax, that I momentarily forgot about Sid.

But I quickly remembered him when I felt a pair of hands on my butt, pulling open my cheeks and smearing lubricant jelly all around my ass. Just the thought of what he was going to do sent my arousal spiking to a peak, and I worked my cunt up and down furiously on Jim's cock in a frenzy of anticipation.

Sid worked two fingers back and forth in my ass while I rode Jim, getting the lube all up and in me real good. It seemed like I was out of my body as I reached back, pulled my butt cheeks open and begged for Sid fuck my ass.

I heard Sid chuckle as he aimed his cock at my back opening. Jim pulled my hips up until just the head of his cock was embedded in my pussy, while Sid's cock poked at my anus.

Suddenly, I felt Sid's cock push past my sphincter, and right on cue, Jim slammed me down hard, driving both cocks deep in me at the same time.

I screamed bloody murder at the exquisite feeling of being double penetrated. It was a scream of ecstasy, as my whole body was consumed by an orgasm of massive proportions. I was drunk on sex as the climax exploded through my body.

Incoherent sobs, cries, whimpers, moans and gasps filled the hotel room as Jim and Sid fucked my spastic holes relentlessly. I had never felt anything like it in all of my life – and by then, I was getting some seriously good sex from several places.

But this – this – was what I had been looking for, the kind of totally mind-blowing, body-wracking sex I think deep down that I had always wanted, and had never gotten with Howard.

I floated like a raft on a raging river from one huge orgasm right into another. My body was covered with sweat as these two men made a fuck sandwich out of me, abusing my pussy and my ass with their ruthless assault.

And was I ever loving it!

Even at that, Jim and Sid lasted a good long while, working me between them. But finally, through the white haze of my overflowing lust, I felt them quicken the pace, and fuck me harder, if that was possible.

It was Jim who cracked first, driving his cock up one final time before spewing a volcano of creamy hot cum deep in my pussy. Seconds later, Sid pushed forward with three supremely deep thrusts and fired an equally hot, equally thick load of cum deep in my bowels.

We writhed on the bed like a three-backed beast as they filled my holes to overflowing and I finally crashed down to earth. Even as we drove over the top, we could hear the shouts of merriment outside as the clock struck midnight, signaling the arrival of the new year. But we were oblivious to anything except our own well-sated lust.

For a long time, they just kept humping and firing off little mini-spurts of cum, and I drifted into unconsciousness.

I vaguely recall them rolling me onto the bed, dimly remember them telling me what time they'd be by in the morning to pick me up for the parade, only half realized it as they dressed and left me asleep in sweat-soaked, cum-filled satisfaction.

I was still asleep the next morning when they arrived to pick me up, and we never did make it to the parade. Jim and Sid took one look at my fuck-ravaged body, stripped off their clothes and fucked me again, this time one after the other. Then we all three took a shower and headed off to the football game.

After the game, as we sat in the back of the limousine, Jim lifted my skirt, slid my panties aside, and licked my gushing pussy, before moving down to my ass, while Sid sat up on his knees on the seat and fed me his cock.

When Jim had my ass spit-slick enough, he sat back on the seat, maneuvered me on his lap and I howled in utter delight as he thrust his huge cock up my ass, followed closely by Sid's cock scudding up my pussy.

They double-fucked me in the back of that limo all the way until we stopped. Then, as their cum oozed out of both my holes, the door opened, and I realized that we were in a secluded park and that the limo driver wanted a blowjob, which I eagerly gave him.

That was the first indication that these two guys could get me to do anything they wanted, with anyone they wanted.

And after the 9-11 disaster, after I started getting wilder and crazier, I fucked at least one of their friends or business clients – sometimes more – every time I traveled to L.A., in addition to fucking them both, either separately or at the same time.

Jim Pearson and Sid Huguet found the key that unlocked the slut in my soul, and there was no better example of that than the pool party they had at Sid's mansion high in the hills overlooking Los Angeles.

This happened about a year ago, and it was the first time I really started to question what I was doing to myself, and it was the first hint as to the blackness of Sid's soul.

Sometime around the end of 2002, Jim and Sid started taking me to Sid's house for our trysts. I was always a little leery of it, for good reason, as it turned out.

The pool party was the undeniable highlight – or lowlight, depending on how you look at it – of my adulterous career.

It started out like it was just going to be the three of us, spending the day like we often did, having a few drinks, swimming, getting a tan, then going in and fucking like rabbits.

I had a really skimpy bikini that I always wore when I went to Sid's, a black number that only just covered the lower portion of my tits and only just covered my pussy, and left my butt exposed. I always felt so deliciously wicked wearing it that I inevitably came like a rocket when I finally got Jim or Sid's cock – or both of them – up me.

I had had a couple of drinks, taken a swim, dried myself, gotten good and oiled up for some tanning, lain back on a lounge chair, and sunned for a little bit, when I heard the patio door open. I looked through my shades as Jim and Sid sauntered out to the pool totally naked, their cocks swinging freely in front of them.

I felt my pussy swell and start to drool, especially when they knelt on either side of me and began to run their hands all over my oily body. I just laid back and groaned lustfully as their fingers found my tits and my pussy and my ass, not necessarily in that order.

I was on fire with passion as they worked their magic hands all over my hot body, flipping my tits out of the confines of my bikini top and pulling the thong away from my cunt, and I reached down with both of my hands and grasped their burgeoning cocks.

They didn't fool around. Jim lay back on the lounge next to me, rolled me onto my left side, put the head of his cock to my open pussy and slid right on in. He quickly got up to speed in my smoking cunt, while Sid stood up, then knelt slightly on the chair to offer me his cock to suck.

I was on the expressway to a really hard orgasm, when I heard the patio door open again, followed by the gleeful sounds of two other men.

"Wow, will you look at that," one voice said. "Jim said she was a fucking machine, but this..."

I began to smell a set-up, but with Jim's cock hammering my pussy and Sid's cock packing my throat, I was in no position to object.

Still, I was a little mortified when Jim looked over at them and said through clenched teeth, "you guys can have a crack at her when we're done."

But whatever mortification I might have felt was washed away by the orgasm that was building to a crescendo in my pussy. Jim's cock was working faster and harder in my cunt, Sid's cock was fucking my throat relentlessly and my fingers were strumming my clit as I careened toward a huge climax.

At almost the same time, I felt Jim thrust forward as he shot a thick, wet load of cum deep in my pussy. That did it for me. I crashed over the top with a spine-tingling orgasm, and I cried out lustily as Sid jerked his cock from my mouth and spewed a huge load of cum all over my face.

I was in a little bit of a daze, but I had no time to rest. As Jim and Sid staggered away, I was confronted by two large, athletic-looking men I'd never seen before. But they had nice big hard cocks, and that overrode any worry I might have had about them.

In some part of my mind, I realized that I'd been had, that Sid had set me up for a gangbang, but my body was saying, 'bring'em on."

And that's what they did.

I laid on my back, cum flowing from my pussy as one man knelt between my legs and slid his big cock up my flooded cunt, while his friend straddled my head and dangled his dong to my mouth. I reached up, grabbed the hard meat, guided it to my mouth, and together they worked my horny, slut body like maestros.

When they finished, I looked up and was stunned to see six more men standing around watching and stroking their hard, naked cocks. They looked like athletes, and I learned later that some of them were old teammates of Jim's and the rest were current members of his former team.

I honestly lost count of how many men fucked me on that hot afternoon by the pool. The first guy in that first group of six rolled me onto my knees and sank a very big cock right up my ass, and I howled in orgasmic delight. Or I did until two more of them pressed their cocks to my mouth.

I sucked their cocks until they shot on my face, and the other guy came up my ass. Then one of the others who had been waiting slid under me, rolled me onto my back – onto his throbbing hard cock, which he thrust up my ass – followed closely by another of the group, who stuffed his big hard meat into my cunt.

While those two double-fucked me into orgasmic oblivion, two more men took up position at my face, taking turns fucking my mouth, while two more placed their dicks in my hand and let me jack them off until they covered my hand and my arm with creamy spunk.

Of course, my bikini had long been tossed aside, and I rolled on that chair naked as waves of men took turns fucking every opening I had, along with my tits and my hands.

For a long time, I came and came and came, until I just couldn't come any more, and still men kept on showing up with hard cocks to fuck me with.

The orgy went on like that until late in the afternoon, when I finally passed out. By then, my pussy and my asshole had been fucked so open you could have driven a train up either one.

My throat was shredded, my lips were chapped, and I would subsequently have bruises and hickeys come up all over me from being so thoroughly manhandled.

And I was just about completely covered with cum. My face was dripping with great globs of thick cum, my hair was saturated with cum, I had cum streaks all over my chest, and, of course, I had rivers of cum pouring out of my pussy and my ass.

When I came to, I was alone on the lounge and the summer sun was beginning to sink toward the west. I managed to stagger in to the den, where Jim and Sid looked like the picture of innocence, like nothing had happened.

I just glared at them as I stumbled toward the shower, and I dressed in silence, lost in my thoughts. That day was the first time in my life that I had carried a sexual experience too far. It had gone way beyond the pleasure stage, bordering on abuse.

I felt like I had been run over, literally and figuratively, and as Jim stood outside Sid's house with me, awaiting the arrival of the limo that would take me back to my hotel, I looked over at him with tears welling in my eyes. I felt so used.

"Jim, don't ever do that to me again," I said.

He just nodded his head, then kissed me like he really cared, before sending me on my way.

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