Too Hot!

bySean Renaud©

This certainly wasn't going quite according to plan. She'd expected Ben to still be the same rabid animal who did what he wanted and who'd never even consider submitting to any woman let alone her. Now here she was standing over him with her foot resting on his cock. It made sense why he enjoyed having her at his feet now. The rush was definitely a bit intoxicating. He was helpless beneath her. "Are you my bitch?" Ben nodded quickly. Stephanie wondered if he could see how her head was starting to swim. "That's a good little puppy." She started working a little faster against his dick. He was starting to squirm beneath her now. She remembered that look on his face, the one that showed he was starting to get close. "No, you don't get to cum yet." Stephanie stopped. The look of frustration on his face was absolutely delicious. Watching his cock twitching at the very edge of orgasm was just as enjoyable.

"Hold still." Stephanie ordered. She needn't have bothered. Her foot pressed against his manhood was more than adequate at deterring Ben from doing anything he wasn't explicitly instructed to do. "Hand me the ice cream." He didn't take his eyes off hers when he reached for the carton and offered it up to her. He wasn't really sure if he couldn't or didn't want to take his eyes off he felt like he was locked into place. Stephanie took the carton and poured the melted ice cream down her foot and onto his crotch. Even melted it was still cold enough to send a shiver through his body. Now that he was slick with the ice cream she went back to work faster this time. "Now you can cum puppy." Even if she hadn't given him permission he likely wouldn't have lasted much longer underfoot. His hips bucked against her toes. Ben's face contorted into a familiar look of pleasure when his warm cum mixed with the Cookies n' Cream ice cream already coating her toes and his groin.

Stephanie didn't stop kneading his cock until Ben relaxed beneath her staring up at her. "That's a good lil' puppy. But you're not done yet. Clean me." Stephanie clenched her jaw. One of two things were about to happen. He was either going to throw her down and ravage her like the like the savage beast he used to be or he was going to submit and lick his cum from her toes. There was no way of knowing which he was going to do before he did it. Stephanie's heart was racing in her chest. Careful to keep her eyes locked on his she dangled her foot just a few inches over his face.

Ben recoiled initially as glob splattered down on his lips. She had to be joking. She couldn't possible expect him to lick her feet or eat semen. There was just no way he was going to do something as disgusting and degrading as that. "What? This isn't half as gross as the things you used to make me do every night." Ben had never heard her snarl before. It was surprisingly sexy. She wasn't lying either, this hardly registered compared to what he'd done to her in the past.

Stephanie nearly fainted at the sight of Ben's tongue slipping past his lips and straining towards her foot. Her entire body went stiff, she was certain when he started slowing down that she'd pushed too far and he was about to remind her who he really was. His tongue tickled the sole of her foot for a moment before it was replaced with pleasant warmth. "That's good. Now my toes." One by one Ben wrapped his lips around her toes suckling the mixture of fluids away. "Oh God." She gasped reaching out to grab the bookcase for balance.

It was turning into a day of firsts for Ben, first time submitting to a woman, first time getting a foot job and now his first time eating semen. It might have been the mixture of his favorite ice cream or the slight buzz he had from his drinks. Whatever it was it wasn't half as big a deal as his female friends had led him to believe. It was just a little thick, like medicine and even with the distinctly salty flavor of Stephanie's toes Cookies n' Cream was still great ice cream. When he was finished he just sank back to the floor looking up at Stephanie. He was to busy winding down to notice that she was just as far gone as he was.

Stephanie managed to make the fact that her legs went from beneath her look like she'd intended to kneel beside him resting her head on his chest enjoying the sound of his heart in his chest. "So that's what it feels like? No wonder you're not sorry." She lightly kissed his chest tasting the fresh sweat there.

"That's what it feels like to be me. At least it used to." He brought up one hand to rest on her head gently stroking her short hair. Ben chuckled slightly. "It's every bit as bad as any drug and sooner or later you'll want more. Not that I really care at the moment since I can totally claim it wasn't my fault but don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Fiancée actually." Another soft kiss was laid on his chest.

"Oh. Congratulations." Anne slapped him hard on the chest. "What? Aren't I supposed to be happy for you?"

"No. You're supposed to . . . you know what forget it." Anne frowned slightly. "Why'd you let me go?"

"What was I supposed to do? Throw you in my trunk and not let you out until you agreed that you were better off with a man who had no problem using you as a piss mop when a perfect gentleman was courting you?" Ben exhaled then inhaled deeply.

"You did worse just for fun." She responded slapping him again a little harder now. Stephanie knew there wasn't anything he could have done then to change her mind at the time. She hadn't expected to miss the feeling of his fingers in her hair yanking her about or being told what to do.

"That was different. I never-"

"Oh shut your mouth. You did mean to hurt me. You did mean to break me and see just how far you could push me." She didn't sound upset to Ben. Stephanie never seemed upset about the things he'd done. He knew she should hate him but she never seemed to hate him. "Just like I fully meant to humiliate you just now." Stephanie wrapped her leg around one of his. "I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"That's all you get." This time Stephanie nipped him. "Oh and you're invited to the wedding." Ben's eyes widened. "Don't look so surprised."

"I guess reminding you that I don't do weddings isn't gonna fly here?" Ben sighed.

"Well that depends on if you ever want to see me again. If you miss my wedding we're done." Ben couldn't tell if she was joking or not. "It'll be fun I promise." Ben swore he saw her eyes flicker slightly but he knew that wasn't possible.

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