tagSci-Fi & FantasyToo Much of a Good Thing?

Too Much of a Good Thing?


(This takes place in the Star Wars galaxy, around the time when Luke Skywalker was still whining around Tattooine. I've never read the Star Wars books, so this will probably contradict official history. This is just my idea of what would happen and why.)

Parjee Moon lay prone on the ground looking into the Storm Trooper barracks. It was night, and luckily only a couple of the dimmer moons were up, helping her to remain undetected. The barracks was L shaped, and near as she could tell, your rank determined what floor you lived in, with lowest being on the bottom, which was almost completely underground. Almost was good, because the top meter was windows that could be clearly observed. In her position at the inside angle of the L, the left windows showed large open bay rooms with dozens of beds, and on the right was a smaller open bay room with showers.

Like many others, she had heard that storm troopers were all clones, but had a hard time believing it. There were millions of them, and it seemed impossible, even for the Empire and the crazy lizard Palpatine. It was also rumored that the Emperor used to be humanoid, but had spliced in bizarre reptilian DNA during multiple self clonings. While she would never (hopefully) get close enough to get a good look at the Emperor, sneaking onto the Stormtrooper base had been relatively simple. Tonight she would be able to confirm or deny the rumors, satisfying her curiosity.

As her eyes adjusted to light from the windows, she saw a platoon of soldiers come into the empty beds room. They instinctively went to the right beds, even though they all looked the same. They appeared to be talking, and while not in unison, performed very similar actions. They stowed their weapons and pushed buttons on the beds, causing a pole to lower where they took off their armor and hung the pieces in a set order. A few would occasionally assist each other, which was interesting, because they didn't seem to have the normal hesitation that males expressed touching each other. It wasn't erotic, it was simply automatic casualness.

As they removed their helmets, Parjee could see faces and outlines of faces. She stared in amazement as she saw the rumor was true, they were clones. Most of the faces were identical, although there were a few different ones, such as a random scar, birthmark, or tattooed rank insignia on a forehead. Their haircuts were also strikingly similar, with slight variations, but still obviously clones. They were all human, with light brown skin, dark hair and dark eyes, and an almost handsome symmetrical face.

Movement caught her eye from the far left of the room. A higher ranking trooper was escorting a grunt in, and the body language and occasional shoves showed that the grunt was obviously in disfavor. They walked over to the grunts' bed, where the sergeant was obviously berating the grunt, which was made up differently than the other beds. This seemed to agitate the sergeant further, causing him to toss the bed contents around and finally butt stroke the grunt upside the head with his weapon before leaving. While all this was going on, the other storm troopers carried on about their business, with the only acknowledgment being a tossed item was moved out of the way if necessary.

After the sergeant left, the grunt was surrounded by the others and obviously being swarmed with questions and scolding. The grunt removed his armor, putting his up in a slightly different configuration, causing a few of the others to roll their eyes and shake their heads. Parjee noticed something slightly different about his face, so she used binocular lenses to get a better look. She saw that his forehead had some sort of odd burn scars, then realized from looking at the others that the grunt had had a rank tattoo removed, probably as a disciplinary measure.

The grunt made a rude gesture at the door, obviously meant for the departed sergeant, then pushed up a sleeve. Parjee focused on that, and saw a tattoo. The other troopers had tattoos, but they were obviously official, for identifying markers, military record, or medical documentation. This grunt had a tattoo of a leaf burning, the leaf being dull and starting to blacken with the flame marks shining and catching the light by embedded enhancement. The tattoo was obviously very unauthorized and the grunt was showing it off with pride. One of the other troopers thumped the new tattoo and the grunts' forehead then pointed to other spots on the grunt. Parjee looked over the exposed flesh of the grunt, and saw other unauthorized tattoos and burn scars, ostensibly from other disciplinary actions. Wow, a troublemaker?

The troopers began getting comfortable, stripping off their lining body suits, and taking turns heading to the showers in orderly fashion. Parjee now focused on the showers having a completely unobstructed view, since the room was devoid of any features except benches and hooks on the walls, and poles where water sprayed to bathe the users, 4 to a pole.

The men were all physically fit, neither slender nor bulky, and once again having minor differences. A few did sport a discreet unauthorized tattoo, and since the shower view was closer than the bed view, Parjee saw more variance in haircuts including shaved heads, and realized that a few were even growing some facial hair in different styles. All in all, still obviously clones and conformists, except for the grunt.

He came in joking and almost rowdy, and had far more tattoos and burn scars, and other scars. Parjee could now see that his hair was starting to grow from a art design cut with dark green accents. This grunt was very different, which seemed so odd for a clone. After the men showered, they went back to the beds room, changing into comfortable clothes. The first soldier who finished showering instead put on most of his armor, not including his helmet, then left. He came back a few minutes later escorting 3 shackled females. They followed him without resistance, until he led them to the section of beds where the platoon was, and pushed them down to their knees. The females held up their shackled hands, and as the restraints were taken off, the troopers moved in.

Parjee was horrified when the trooper in armor groped one of the women and she realized what was about to happen. They were about to be gang-raped by this platoon, and you couldn't stop it or do anything about it later because they were stormtroopers. She began to feel panic and nausea as she prepared to leave, then noticed something.

The females were smiling and fondling the armored soldier back. Then they would reach out and grab another soldier and begin kissing and fondling him. One pulled her breasts out of her shirt and pulled two troopers over, one to suck each nipple. Parjee zoomed in with her lenses, seeing the obvious enjoyment of the women and the soldiers, with hands and tongues probing and pleasuring. The troopers who had not been grabbed began stroking their penises, enjoying but obviously not trying to satisfy themselves yet.

The female with two troopers, probably Zaybrack from the horns, was now laying on her back on a bed, being vigorously fucked by one trooper while sucking off her other. She said something to a 3rd, so he moved in and began to rapidly stroke his penis while she cupped his balls. Another female was now busy sucking off two soldiers while riding a third, and the last female was bent over a bed, spreading her ass cheeks while being fucked hard from behind. As soon as the trooper in her came, she immediately summoned another to resume the rough pistoning.

Parjee was now shocked and delighted. These females had not been brought here to be raped, but pleasured. She worked her hand down to her crotch, rubbing her clit through her clothes. She wondered if she could have an orgasm from the minimal physical stimulation and the carnal display in front of her.

"Enjoying the show?" Parjee nearly jumped out of her skin as she flipped onto her back. A sergeant Stormtrooper was there, his weapon held casually. Parjee was now ready to die of fright and embarrassment. Images of every bizarre and horrible way to die flashed through her mind, and she desperately looked around, trying to find a route of escape. He took off his helmet, and she saw the same clone face (with a large scar running from the corner of his right eye to the right edge of his mouth and down his chin) smiling with amusement. "Don't try running, this base is locked down. We've been tracking you since before you hit the perimeter. When our scans showed you were harmless, we decided to see what you would do."

Parjee's voice trembled as the sergeant pulled her to her feet easily. Being closer to him, she could faintly see that he seemed a little older than the troopers she had been observing, and the look in his eyes was definitely a more experienced person. "I didn't mean any harm. I just wanted to see if the rumors about cloning were true. I won't tell anyone about it. I'm a loyal citizen, I've never been in trouble. Please! Don't hurt me."

The sergeant led her around the building to an office. Inside, two junior troopers barely glanced at them, then resumed work after a nod from the sergeant. The sergeant sat Parjee in a chair, and rather than take his seat at the desk, instead leaned backwards on it so he could look down at her. "You're probably wondering what we are going to do with you." She nodded, tears filling her eyes. "Well, that is entirely up to you. You see, we can't have you telling people what you saw."

"I swear I won't tell anyone about the cloning. I mean, nobody would believe it anyway." The sergeant cut her off by raising his hand.

"We don't care about that, it's a matter of public record that one of the greatest Mandalorian warriors ever brought order to the galaxy by artificially fathering a new race of soldier. We are genetically superior, we have the resources of the Empire at our disposal, and we have taken the best of Mandalorian honor to become an undefeatable force for peace and the greater good. As clones, we are all brothers, and while we mourn the loss of every fallen brother, we take great pride and comfort in knowing that another brother, just as worthy, will step into his spot in a moment. The Emperor and politicians like to make their long speeches, but it is us, the Stormtroopers, who have built the Empire and will sustain it."

He paused and shifted, "No, what we don't want getting out is the part about the females. It would create far too many problems. Those women would have social stigma to endure when they have done nothing wrong, mobs would assume that we drag women onto the base for mass rape, and the politicians and senior military officers seem to think that we are machines instead of men, with no desire for women. There are things that my brothers keep quiet, because we are different, and getting others involved who aren't family would make things bad. So that leaves us with only 2 real options."

Parjee shook with terror, even when the sergeant kneeled down and took her hands. "We are not going to hurt you. We can either give you a quick harmless neural shock that will erase about a days' worth of memory and process you for petty nuisance infractions, then release you in the morning with a warning about not littering, or..." at this point he snapped his fingers. The junior troopers looked up, then departed without a word when he pointed to the door.

"Or, you seemed to enjoy watching us. How would you like to experience that kind of pleasure for yourself? If you do, we will give you a marker, as a loyal citizen who receives special consideration, and we are warriors with honor, not savages. You will never be forced or coerced by any of my brothers, everything will be with your explicit consent." He leaned into her so his mouth was less than an inch from hers. "We won't even kiss you without your permission. We enjoy women, they enjoy us. So which would you rather have?"

Parjee's initial reaction was apprehension, until she caught the smell of the sergeant. It was the smell of earth and metal, with a hint of smoke and leaves. She took a deep breath, and found herself feeling slightly intoxicated, and very aroused. She looked in his eyes, and found herself falling into the endless brown velvety pools. She tried focusing on his other features, his jaw-strong and firm, his lips-full and sensuous, even his forehead-which was high and open showing intelligence. His face was perfect, and the smell, the more she smelled it, the stronger it became. She tried looking away from his face, but her gaze seemed to follow the lines of his body, making her wonder what it would feel like to have that broad chest pressed against hers, and those arms holding her.

She whispered, "yes."

"Yes what?"

She started breathing heavy, and shook her head. "Wait, I don't... that is... I don't think I could handle an entire platoon!"

The sergeant chuckled, the quiet laughter blowing more of his scent into her nose. "As I said, only what you expressly permit. When you do this, it will be exactly how you choose. You'll be family, and the highest order for us is never to harm family."

"So I get to pick who?" He nodded. "And only what I want to do?" He nodded again. "So what if I want you?"

He leaned closer, so close that her mouth could actually feel the heat from his lips, "Then show it."

Parjee leaned in and kissed him, and it consumed her. It was like that kiss was conveying skill, strength, gentleness, passion, and the promise of overwhelming pleasure. When they finally stopped, her clothes were opened and she had started trying to remove his armor. He caught her hands, leaned over and whispered into her ear, "We will get to that, as soon as you meet the family." He gently rubbed his lips over her throat, and her head filled with that amazing smell, making her dizzy.

He led her through a hall, and just before they hit the door to the beds area, she paused. "Wait. I saw something before." The sergeant gave her a patient look. "One of the men I saw seemed... different. He is obviously one of you, but different."

the sergeant smiled wryly. "Whenever you have cloning on this mass scale, you will have aberrations. Technology will never fully overcome nature. Some of these aberrations make a brother a little taller or shorter, maybe weaker or left handed, and in some cases, it changes the personality. I know the one you are talking about. He is a regular discipline problem, but also seems to have natural leadership ability and tactical prowess with it. Many higher ranking soldiers were like him; I was. If he can avoid the Recycler, he will probably be a leader."

Parjee gave him a puzzled look. "Recycler?"

The Sergeant nodded. "When a brother dies, or has committed such gross violations that he needs to be terminated, his body is put into an organic recycling unit where it is broken down into component material that will be used to create other brothers. No brother ever really dies, because he is always reborn."

Parjee thought this over. After a few moments the sergeant leaned over her and whispered, "Are you ready?"

Her heart raced as she anticipated what was about to happen, and again his smell filled her head. It was almost impossible to have a clear thought. She gripped his arm and asked, "What if I want him?"

The sergeant slid his hand over her stomach and cupped her breast. "Then you can have us. I told you, whatever you want." With that, he led her into the barracks into the platoons berthing area.

The soldiers who weren't occupied with the other females, including the grunt, casually surrounded them. Their cocks were all at least semi hard, and there was lust in their eyes. The sergeant held up his hand and spoke in a language Parjee didn't understand. The soldiers gave her kind smiles, while their eyes still glittered with desire. He said something to the grunt which brought a huge grin and nod, then turned to her, "So, are you ready?"

She looked around nervously, "Here, right in front of everyone?"

He kissed again, moving his hands over her, "Yes. You are going to be family. There is no need for shame or fear. Here is the safest place you can be, and where you will be the most loved."

He sat her up on the edge of one of the beds, then they began removing her clothing and his armor. Accepting hands took the items, with soldiers sometimes taking a moment to smell or gently fondle her clothes, then passing them along. As he teased her breasts and stroked her skin, the other soldiers murmured their approval and appreciation of her. The sergeant began kissing her neck, traveled down to one of her nipples, across to the other, then finally down to her pussy. He spread her legs gently, and opened her outer labia so the others could see. Seeing all these men desire her, and they all had a smell like the sergeant, made Parjee nearly insane with lust.

Where the sergeant kissed her was on fire now, and the air over her open pussy seemed to be moving from the breathing of the soldiers, tickling her. She groaned in frustrated heat, and tried pulling the sergeant closer. He easily resisted her struggles, knelt down, and blew into her opening. Parjee gasped and he smiled at her. He began licking around, not on, her clit, nearly driving her insane. She moaned audibly, laid back but propped on her elbows so she could look down at him. His brown eyes stared at her from between her legs, and she would close her eyes in bliss, then open them and see those same brown eyes all around her, wide with desire.

As she moved her hand up to fondle her breast, the grunt leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You know, we'd love to do that for you. Just give the word."

The sergeant snapped to attention and cocked his fist back to punch the grunt, rage on his face. The grunt put his hands up in a surrender motion, "Hey Sarge, I didn't touch her. I just told her we were ready whenever she wanted."

Parjee reached up and kissed the sergeant, and told him, "He didn't touch me yet. Can I have him after you?"

As the sergeant nodded and relaxed the grunt smiled down at her, "After, or during. Whatever you want."

Parjee guided the sergeant back down between her legs and this time he focused on her clit. She moaned again and grabbed the grunt for a kiss. As her kissed her, he massaged her breast and played with the nipple. Her legs began to tremble as the sergeant continued to lick her; as good as he was, there must have been several women who had been pleasured in these barracks. He took her clit in his teeth, and flicked the tip with his tongue, causing her to jerk. "Fuck!" she cried out.

He raised his head to smile at her, "Is that an order?"

She pulled him up and close to her, "Yes!" she hissed.

The sergeant rubbed the tip of his cock at her opening, already soaking wet. She reached down and stroked it, admiring the feel. the skin was velvety soft with pulsing veins, so the texture would be ultra stimulating. It wasn't overly large, but a nice size and thickness that would be ideal for any position, including the deep penetrations. he teased her until she groaned "Now", then began pumping it in. The initial friction had her moments from orgasm. As she reached down to touch her clit, she saw 2 troopers right next to the sergeant, craning their heads to watch her pussy consuming his dick. She grabbed one of their hands and put it to work rubbing her clit. the grunt saw this, and as the other trooper started on her clit, he began biting down and tongue flicking her nipple.

That sent Parjee over the edge. she came moaning and shaking loudly. She had had pussy orgasms and clit orgasms before, but this was a massive combined orgasm that seemed to go on much longer than usual. The sergeant, knowing that Parjee still had many eager lovers waiting, thrust deep-all the way in, and let her orgasm set off his. He grunted and pulled on her shoulder so his cock slammed as far in as it could from the reverse thrust. He stayed in her until the orgasm finally subsided.

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