tagBDSMTopping From The Bottom

Topping From The Bottom


Preface: This is based on an encounter that actually happened to me a couple of years ago. All of the major events and actions happened, and very little has been added to embellish what happened. The details have been changed greatly to maintain the privacy of those concerned. I have spoken to the other person in this story, and have been given consent to publish this in any way I see fit provided there was no way to trace it back to her.

This event was a major realization point in my life; it was when I realized the power that people have just by being, with both their bodies and minds. This whole encounter is a paradox for me; at times it is my greatest fantasy, and at other times it is the realization of all the fears I have of losing myself to the darkness that exists in us all. These things are either dreams or nightmares, and sometimes they can be both.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone out there that drugs/alcohol and edge play do not mix. Any loss of senses, clarity, and intuition when in a position of trust can only lead to bad results, and perhaps serious injury, both mental and physical.

As always, comments are quite welcome. Include your e-mail and I will respond.

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Part One

Every year, at Christmas, I am obligated to go to my family's house out in the woods about a half an hour from Albany. Just as every year, I was sitting back enjoying a drink after a huge turkey dinner, small talking with my all the people in my family I rarely get to see anymore. The phone had been ringing off and on all day, mostly people with merry Christmas wishes for my grandfather, or other well-wishers. I was quite surprised that when around 7PM the phone rang for me. What was more surprising is who had called; an old friend of mine I hadn't spoken to since high school.

Kim had always been a strange girl, but in a good way. I had met her through my friend Dan at high school; his grandmother owned a riding school. Kim was not much of a rider, but loved horses and hung around the stables, eventually becoming a part time groomer for a while. Kim and I had a very explosive chemistry back then. We met at a party at Dan's house by accident, and were naked in probably less than an hour. I had a reputation back then, among Dan's friends anyways, of being a pretty good fuck. A few things get overheard at parties and a few girls talk amongst each other, and suddenly you've got a reputation. Kim, armed with this information, and having been told that I looked a lot like someone famous that she was warm for, hunted me down, and like I said, less than an hour later, we were into it.

Kim and I never dated. It just wouldn't have worked. We had no similar interests or anything else in common. Where we did match perfectly was in sex. Kim and I were both first class freaks, and for some reason when we got together, just fed off each other. Kim was very submissive, but always knew what she wanted. At the time I had only experimented a little with the whole BDSM thing. Face it, when you're 17 or 18, you just take whatever you can get. I hadn't figured out where I liked to be yet, but Kim helped me figure that out in a hurry. For a bout a year we fooled around, always taking things a little bit further, but never getting too deep into the whole sub/Dom thing.

After that, we drifted apart. I went to college down south, and she stayed more or less in Buffalo. Needless to say when she called me at my grandparent's house five years later out of the blue, it was quite a shock. As it turned out, she had run into my mother at a mall on Christmas eve and my mother had mentioned that I was up at my family's place near Albany. Kim was going to a small college in Albany, and sharing a house with four or five other girls just off campus. She had a part time job at a bookstore, and had to go back from Christmas break early to make her shifts. She looked up my grandfather's name in the online guide (it's a very small town, and not many people have my last name.)

We decided to get together for coffee or something, but it turned out that timing was going to be a problem. I had tickets for the train back to NYC on the 28th, and thought that maybe I could get dropped off a few hours early and we could meet in the morning. That was no good since she had to work that day. After trying out a bunch of plans that wouldn't work, we decided that I would get dropped off after her shift on the 27th, and we would have dinner, hang out, and I would crash in one of the empty rooms at her place and still make my train the next day.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we got together; five years is a long time and we were both kids when we'd last seen each other. I figured it would be just a couple of old friends getting together, talking about old times, and laughing at how stupid we were back then. When I got to the restaurant, she wasn't hard to find; she hadn't changed a bit since high school. Kim is a bit of an enigma looks-wise. She's not particularly good looking, but not for the usual reasons. She has all the parts; a nice face, a slim sort of body, just a bit big in the bottom. The reason Kim gets very few second looks is because of how she presents herself. Baggy clothes that hide her figure completely, messy hair, and never a hint of make-up. Where Kim mades up for all this, is in her head. She has a brain and a sharp wit, and isn't afraid to show it. While these things probably weeded out 99% of the men she met, for those of us left, she was an irresistible package. By the time you actually got to see just how beautiful she was behind her mask of hair and under those unflattering clothes, she already had your mind twisted around her. I can't prove this, but I am certain she does this on purpose.

We sat and had a nice dinner, and stayed for quite a while after having drinks and talking on and on about old times. Kim and I rarely ever talked before, having really nothing in common, but now at least we had the memories and that was at least enough to spend an evening on. It was fun going back to those times, finding out the behind the scenes dirt on the people we knew back then and hadn't seen since. By the time we left the restaurant, it was getting late and we were both pretty drunk. We caught a cab and went back to her place.

Not having the benefit of sobriety on our side we decided to open a bottle of wine and talk a little longer. Kim had a video tape of a concert my old band had done that I had never seen, and we watched it while chatting away about all the familiar faces and just how stupid we all looked. When it was finished, Kim asked if I wanted to smoke a joint, and I said sure. I hadn't smoked in a long time, probably only once or twice since I left college. She twisted one up and we smoked it, playing an old game from high school where you try as hard as you can to make the other person laugh while they're inhaling the smoke. As usual, I was a rock, and Kim managed to get through to her last toke before the cracked, chuckling at some comment I made, and then coughing and laughing for about a minute straight curled up on the floor. When she finally got herself composed, she brought her head up and pulled her hair away from her face. Her eyes were the size of saucers and almost spinning.

"You're stoned." I said.

"Yup." She replied and we both had a laugh. "Let's watch a movie." she said, rolling over toward the TV stand and putting a tape in the VCR.

"I'm not sure what's on this tape." She said as she grabbed the remote and joined me on the couch. She fast forwarded through the FBI warning, and the movie turned out to be Trainspotting.

"Awesome!" She said. "I was wondering what tape this was on. You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all." I replied.

We sat quietly and watched the movie for a while. After Renton was finished with his little speech and ended up on the hood of a car, Kim turned to me.

"He is really attractive, I think, more in this movie than in Star Wars." She said.

"Sure, I guess." I said. "He looked a little chubby in Star Wars I thought."

"Exactly. I like his hair here better too." She rubbed her hand across my closely-shaven head. The last time she had seen me I had waist-length rock-star hair. "Kind of like yours."

"Yeah, I guess." I answered. I never was good with questions about my hair. I grew it long so I wouldn't have to cut it, and then shaved it off so I wouldn't have to mess with it.

"Do you ever miss it?" She asked.

"Not really. It was a pain to wash."

"That's too bad." She said. "I really liked it." She paused. "But I think this works too. It's a lot more modern."

"Thanks." I said.

Kim smiled, and shifted herself on the couch, moving to lay down with her head in my lap.

"You don't mind, do you?" She asked just before she actually go there.

"Go right ahead." I said, lifting my arm so she could lay down, then putting my hand on her shoulder.

We sat like that quietly for a while, just watching the movie. After a while I felt her fingers touch mine, but paid little attention to it, as we continued to just watch silently. Soon, her hand was covering mine and stroking it gently. I felt her stretch a little next to me, and slowly she started to pull my hand down, off her shoulder, and towards her breast. She covered her breast with my hand and cooed softly as I started to gently stroke it. Her hand left mine for a moment, and I felt her undo two buttons of her shirt, then her hand returned to mine. Again she pulled my hand lower, this time though the opening of her shirt, and onto her bare breast beneath.

I cupped my hand over her breast, remembering that they were much larger than they looked to be when hidden under a baggy shirt or sweater. I gently caressed her, my head swimming in weed and alcohol. Her breast was so warm, so soft, and seemed to heavy. I slowly ran the palm of my hand over her nipple before taking it between my thumb and finger and rolling it gently between them. As I did this, her hand joined mine, hers over her shirt, and traced a circle on my fingers around her nipple. She then took my fingers, her nipple still between them, and squeezed them together so hard it hurt me. Her nipple was crushed between my fingers. Kim let out a sound that was half scream, half moan, and then twisted around onto her back and tensed her whole body up. She looked up at me from my lap with a strange look on her face.

"That really hurt!" She said, almost accusingly.

"You're the one that did it!" I almost yelled, defending myself. I was rushing to try and figure out what had happened, but clear thoughts were running upstream against the chemicals.

Slowly, a smile spread across Kim's face as she stared up into my eyes.

"I know." She whispered. Her arms came up around my neck and pulled me forcefully down to her, and kissed me long and hard. I was still trying to figure out what exactly was going on when her lips left mine and awkwardly traced a line up my neck until she reached my ear. A shiver ran down my back when I felt her breath, white hot in my ear.

"I liked it." She whispered. "A lot." Her hand was on mine again, pulling to her chest again. "Do it again."

Kim pushed my hand into her shirt, her skin even warmer than before, and I found her nipple again, hard and waiting for me. I took it between my fingers like before and pinched it, as hard as she had done before.

Kim's body went tense, and her back arched up, pushing her breast into my hand. She slowly exhaled against my neck, and I felt a growl come from somewhere deep inside her. I felt the rest of her shirt buttons being undone then her hand joined mine under her shirt, rubbing her breast and my hand.

"Again." She breathed into my ear. "Harder."

I squeezed her nipple again, and she growled, then tilted her head back and inhaled sharply.

"More." She said quietly, and I continued to squeeze. Her body was tensed up, pushing up against my hand at her breast.

"More." She said a little louder than before. I continued to pinch her. "More. More!" She was almost shaking beneath me, her breathing getting louder. I was crushing her nipple so hard the pads of my fingers felt almost numb against it.

Suddenly something seemed to snap in her, and her hand grabbed frantically at mine.

"Harder! Do it hard!" She screamed, her eyes shut tight and her arm around my neck pulling hard against me.

I didn't know what she wanted, this was as hard as I could pinch her and she still wanted more.

Her eyes opened and looked directly into mine. She grabbed my hand tight and squeezed.

"Hard. Just fucking hurt me!" She had a crazed look in her eyes, clear and intense.

I adjusted my hand and took her nipple again and crushed it as hard as I could. As I did, I twisted it viciously, until I could almost feel the skin tear beneath my fingers. Kim stretched out, stiff as a board, her one arm straight out at her side, her other still clinging desperately around my neck. Her eyes closed again, and her head fell back. Her mouth opened, silently at first, then she let out a scream that echoed through the empty house. I did not let her go, and kept on twisting her brutally, until her body started to shake almost violently under me.

After a few more moments of this, I let her go and grabbed her head. Her eyes snapped open and looked into mine, and I pulled her to me and kissed her again, like she had done to me before. I broke our kiss and Kim raced to catch her breath. I twisted my legs out from under her and pulled her up until she was sitting in front of me, her back against my chest. She sat up stiffly, looking straight forward. Running my chin across her shoulder, I brought my lips to her ear.

"Like this?" I asked as I reached around her and took her untouched nipple like I had the other. My fingers crushed it, and then twisted it as hard as I could. She pushed her head back against my shoulder, her face next to mine, and screamed again, as loud as before. She tensed up again, her hands on my legs, digging her fingers into my thighs.

"Like this?" I asked her again, pulling her nipple a little as I twisted it. Her scream shifted to a word.


She started to shake all over again, like she had before. I reached around and twisted her other nipple along with the one I was still mauling. Her screaming grew even louder, then quieted. I did not let up.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." She kept saying over and over again as she shook beneath me. Finally, she started screaming again, climbing in pitch until finally she unlocked her hands from my legs, and pulled my hands away from her chest. She scrambled on shaky legs to the other end of the couch and sat facing me, her head down, face hidden behind her hair, rubbing her abused breasts.

"Oh my god." She said quietly after several moments of silence. She looked up at me and her hair fell from her face. "Thank you." She said. "Thank you."

Kim's nipples were an angry red, and her chest was flushed, as was her face.

"But you should never, ever," She said with a sly grin, "let me get away so easy."

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