tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTormented by the Babysitter Ch. 04

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 04


Karen sat naked in her living room, the conflicting emotions wrestling inside her head. She was so horny that she could barely think straight. This was the third day in a row that Nikki had told her to strip and wait around the house, masturbating constantly. The college girl had babysat a few nights ago, and Karen had done her best to avoid her. She and Tim left as soon as Nikki arrived, and then Tim paid her while Karen hid in the bedroom. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but it had backfired in a major way. Nikki had texted her the next morning, telling her to strip as soon as she got back from dropping the kids off, and to stay naked and fingering herself until Tim and the kids return at the end of the day. Nikki warned Karen that she could drop by at any time, and that she'd be checking to see that Karen was naked and that her cunt was swollen and wet. Nikki warned that if she suspected at all that the older woman was not doing exactly as told, Tim would be getting some very interesting pictures. The idea of Tim getting pictures of his wife giving blowjobs to strangers, or worse of cum dribbling from her pussy was terrifying to Karen. Even though she knew that the cum dribbling from her cunt was from a bottle, not from being fucked, she knew Tim would never understand. She had to do whatever it took to keep him from seeing those pictures.

But it was soooo difficult. Spending the whole day naked scared the hell out of her, with the ever present worry that her neighbors would see. Plus all the diddling of her clit while not being allowed to cum had made her very tender and sensitive. She was continuously pinching her clit or nipples, sometimes hard enough to make her eyes water, just to make sure she didn't cum. She thought a couple times about sneaking an orgasm in, just to get some relief, but she couldn't risk the possibility that Nikki would show up right afterwards, and she would know for sure. So for two full days she had kept herself on edge, and she was now starting her third.

To make things worse, Tim had been even hornier than usual the last two nights, molesting her from the moment he got home. He had groped her tits as he hugged her when he got home, her sore nipples making her moan, which just encouraged him more. She had given him a blowjob the first night, hoping to put him off. Unfortunately that only got him more excited, and he had started fucking her almost immediately after cumming in her mouth. Karen knew it wouldn't take her much to cum, so she had tempted him by asking him to fuck her ass again. It had been just over a week since she had asked him last time, and Tim couldn't believe his good luck. Karen knew that he was well aware she didn't like anal, but this time he didn't make her beg. He quickly had grabbed some lube, put her ankles over his shoulders, and worked his way into her ass. Even though it was for her husband, and even though he had no idea why she was allowing this, the mere act of this submission had almost pushed Karen into orgasm. She couldn't believe what she was turning into, where an act of submission by itself could almost make her cum. Fortunately she had managed to hold out, mostly by discreetly digging her thumbnail into her clit while she appeared to be playing with it, and soon Tim was totally spent. He had cum twice in one night, which for a guy in his forties was pretty good for a weeknight.

Last night he had come home horny again, whispering in his ear how much he had enjoyed the night before. He had rubbed her tits, and then run a hand up under her skirt. He had grinned at her when he found her wet pussy with no panties on. She couldn't tell him that she was bare down there because her clit was too tender and sore to even think about wearing panties, so instead she had made like she was turned on from the anal sex the night before. She had whispered in his ear how it had turned her own, and how she was hoping that he'd take her that way again tonight. No surprise, he had obliged her, this time doing doggie style, pounding her ass so long and so hard that she was still sore this morning. For the 100th time she prayed that Nikki wouldn't make her do this another day, she didn't think she could keep this up.

Karen jumped as her front door opened and Nikki walked into the living room. The younger woman took one look at the naked housewife, playing with her red and swollen clit and started laughing hysterically. Soon Celia was in the living room as well, both of them laughing at Karen's condition. Karen knew better than to stop though, and she kept her legs spread wide and rubbed her pussy as the girls made fun of her.

"Oh my God, cow," Nikki said cruelly, "look at how red your cunt is. You look like some red-assed monkey in heat."

Celia laughed hysterically at Nikki's comment, and they continued to torment her for a few moments, before Nikki instructed the older woman to lay on her back on the coffee table as Celia stripped off her shorts and panties. Before Karen could register what was happening, she found herself licking Celia's pussy and asshole as the college girl twisted and pulled her sore nipples to instruct her on exactly how to lick. Just like last time, Karen's jaw felt like it was going to cramp permanently open before Celia would actually cum. On top of that, Karen was getting more and more worried about what Nikki could be up to. She picked up the pace of the licking, thrusting her tongue forcefully into the younger woman's rectum, before zeroing back in on her clit, praying that she would cum so this would be over with. Celia finally complied, clamping her thighs around Karen's head and pressing her pussy into the older woman's face. Karen felt like she might suffocate before the college student finished her orgasm.

Karen was grateful that Celia climbed off her before she passed out from lack of oxygen. Karen stood up shakily, rubbing her jaw. Celia flopped on the couch with a satiated grin on her face. Karen had only been standing there a few seconds when Nikki came in and announced that it was time to go. She told Karen to go get in the back of the van.

"Shouldn't I get dressed?"

"No, I like the idea of driving you around naked. If you're lucky I might give you something to wear later."

Karen was terrified about what her cruel babysitter might do to her, but she knew that she had no chance of resisting. The combination of Nikki have incriminating photos of her, and her horny state that clouded her mind, she was in no position to resist. She padded naked to the garage, and climbed in the van. Celia and Nikki got in the front, and Nikki drove them towards campus. As usual, Nikki had Karen spread her legs wide and play with her pussy the whole way there. When they parked in the lot by the athletic center, Nikki reached in her bag, and tossed Karen some sneakers.

"Put your shoes on first, and then climb out of the car," Nikki demanded. Celia laughed out loud at the thought of Karen standing naked in the parking lot.

"No, Nikki, please, don't push me out naked here. Please. I'll get arrested. Tim will find out. I just can't," Karen pleaded.

"I'm not going to leave you out there, you stupid cow," Nikki laughed. "I just want to make sure you hurry when I want you to. Now quick, shoes on, and get out there."

Karen had no will to fight. She pulled on her shoes, took a deep breath, opened the sliding door, and stepped out between the van and the car next to them. She was so self-conscious and humiliated. She looked down at her hard and crinkled nipples, down to her shaved pussy the large lips swollen and deep red. Worst of all was that her clit was so swollen that it was sticking out for everyone to see. The embarrassment was horrible, but in the way that had been happening lately, it made her even hornier.

Nikki stepped out of the van, and handed Karen a piece of black fabric, telling her to put it on quickly, as if Karen needed any encouragement. Karen held up the fabric, and recognized it as one of her one-piece bathing suits. It took her a second to realize what was wrong with it. The suit was actually quite modest, with good coverage, and heavily lined to protect her modesty. Except that the lining was now gone. Even the lining in the crotch was gone. Nikki must have cut it out, leaving the suit a thin layer of black spandex. Karen did not even want to think about what this would look like, but she hurried up and pulled it on. Any coverage would be better than being out here. She had to hurry to follow the girls before she could really look down. To her relief the suit was not as bad as she might have feared, the black fabric making it a little hard to see how her nipples were poking through, or the giant camel-toe at her crotch. Her boobs swung crazily as she jogged to catch up with Nikki, but that was only for a second or so.

"So," Karen asked, "do you have something else? I can't walk around in just a swimsuit."

"Of course you can. Didn't you ever see 'Baywatch'?" Karen laughed loudly. "And you are a way bigger bimbo than those sluts, so you can do this. Just make sure you don't cover anything up, and stick that rack of yours out. I want you showing off all your junk in here."

Karen fell silent as she realized that Nikki was not going to allow any discussion of this. She followed Nikki into the athletic center, blushing deeply as people stared at her in just her suit. She could tell that they were all thinking she was a slut, or an idiot. She wanted to scream at them, that she wasn't, that she was a normal housewife, that she shouldn't be here. But she realized that it wasn't true. She wasn't a normal housewife. The spreading wet spot at her crotch was sure proof of that. Just this small act of humiliation was making her pussy gush. The realization that she was truly a bimbo was not pleasant.

Before Karen could contemplate that for too long, Nikki dragged her off into the locker room. Nikki took Karen's shoes, and then made the older woman wait while the two college girls changed into their suits. They both wore dark one piece suits as well, but their suits were fully lined, and they wrapped towels around their waists as they walked into the pool area. Nikki made Karen go stand under the shower for a minute or two, completely soaking her suit, making her nipples stand out even more. She could only imagine how her pussy lips might show, but she was too scared to look.

Nikki then led Karen over to one of the slow lanes, and the three of them climbed in. Nikki told the older woman to follow after the two of them, doing the breast stroke. The college girl made it clear that Karen should do the breast stroke, spreading her legs as wide as she could on her kicks. Karen felt like her whole body was blushing as she slipped into the pool. She tried to focus on her kick, not wanting to get Nikki mad at her. Soon she forgot how thin this suit was, and just focused on her swimming. After a lap Nikki waited to talk with her.

"There's a guy in goggles following you," she said quietly, "make sure you spread wide as you swim."

Karen looked back to see a guy catching up to her, doing the breast stroke as well, ducking his head underwater each stroke. Karen was sure he could see almost everything. Her pussy throbbed at the realization. She started to swim again, making sure to spread her legs as wide as she could. She could hear the guy behind her closing in, and then staying close behind her.

The next lap, Celia waited for her. She didn't say anything, she just reached down and grabbed Karen's suit near her butt, pulling up hard, giving Karen a wedgie. The college girl giggled and swam off again, leaving Karen to continue to swim with the suit pulled up into the crack of her ass, her bare ass cheeks peeking above the water with each stroke. She noticed some people at the side of the pool staring at her, some with a look of shock, some of them clearly laughing at her. Her humiliation continued to get worse as she looked behind her, and noticed that the guy tailing her was quite close now, and clearly looking between her legs every time his eyes dipped below the water. Karen felt her pussy throb when she thought about what he might be seeing.

Nikki was waiting for her at the end of the pool, and this time she reached straight for Karen's crotch, and the older woman could feel first one, and then the other pussy lip pulled out to the side of the swim suit.

"No," Karen begged in a whisper, "that's too much. There's no way anyone would believe that was accidental."

"Of course not. They'll think you're a stupid slut bimbo, which is of course true." Nikki gave Karen's nipple a cruel tweak, before swimming off. Karen knew better than to try to fix her suit, and she continued to swim. She continued to see people at the side of the pool stare or laugh at her, but now she noticed that her admirer was right behind her, making no effort to hide that he was looking at he exposed pussy. After a couple laps, he ended up at the end of the pool with her.

"So, do you swim here very often," he started with a very lame opener.

"No," Karen answered shyly, feeling completely humiliated, "this is my first time here."

The guy seemed to be in his mid thirties, and was wearing a wedding ring. Karen guessed that he was nervous, because he just stared at her, but seemed to be at a loss for what to say. Suddenly Karen heard Nikki's voice above her.

"Karen," Nikki called, "time to get out. Why don't you invite your new friend to come over and sit with us for a bit?"

Karen asked him if he wanted to join them. He seemed barely managed to stumble out a reply, saying he needed to keep swimming, but maybe in a bit. Karen tries to give him a smile, and she climbed out of the pool. She felt like she could feel all the eyes in the area on her rear end as she climbed out of the pool. It took all of her will power to not reach back and pull the suit out of her ass. Nikki and Celia led her over to some bleachers, and made her sit one row up, facing the pool, while they sat a row below her on either side, turned so they could look at her, and touch her legs. They pulled her thighs apart, clearly exposing her lips to anyone walking by.

"God, look at how huge those lips are," Nikki was amazed, "and with the suit wet, I can even see that fucking giant clit of yours."

Karen looked down, and was mortified at the sight. Her pussy lips were swollen and red, and in plain sight. Her clit was definitely poking up, clearly visible through the unlined fabric. Her nipples were also poking up stiffly from her chest, the wet fabric clinging so closely that it might as well not even been there.

Nikki and Celia kept her spread like that for several minutes. Karen felt so humiliated. She wanted to crawl under the benches and die. She also got horribly turned on. The part of her that did not want to crawl in a hole wanted to pull the crotch of her suit aside and diddle her clit until she climaxed, no matter who saw her. Thankfully, she was able to hold that urge back, but the tension was driving her crazy.

A few minutes later the guy who had followed her in the pool walked up. He managed to stumble out an awkward hello, but all he could mostly do was stare at Karen's tits and exposed pussy lips.

"Why slut, it looks like you have an admirer. Do you like how our slut looks?" Nikki addressed the man.

"Huh? Slut?" the guy seemed puzzled.

"Yeah, she's a total slut. She'd give you a blowjob if you'd like. She's kinda skanky, but I hear she's a pretty good cocksucker. Offer to suck your new friend's cock, slut"

Karen was beyond humiliated, but she knew what Nikki wanted from her.

"Please sir, can I take you one of the family changing rooms? I'll suck your cock real good!" Karen put on her best total whore smile.

"Ahhh... sure?" The guy said it more like a question than an answer.

Karen didn't wait, she took the guy by the hand and walked the hallway between the women's and men's locker room, and found an empty changing room. She pulled the guy into the room, and without thinking got in her knees as soon as the door was closed. She pulled his suit down a little, freeing his semi-rigid cock.

"No wait," the guy suddenly found his voice, "I want to see you. Can you take the suit off?"

Karen shrugged, and shucked the suit down over her shoulders, and then slid it down her below her knees, leaving herself totally exposed. She raised her head, and pulled his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his cockhead. Soon his cock was fully erect and she was bobbing her head up and down on his penis.

"Wait," he grunted, "Stop. I really love your tits. Can I play with them?"

"Uhh.. I guess... okay."

The guy reached down with both hands and began squeezing her breasts, mashing them together. Karen tried to start sucking him off, but she couldn't get at his cock. He kept squeezing and kneading them.

"I've always wanted to fuck a girl's tits. My wife's aren't big enough. Can I fuck your tits now."

Now it was Karen's turn to be speechless. Tim had done this a number of times, but she'd never thought of doing it with anyone else. But with everything else she had done lately, it seemed like a small thing. She nodded her head.

They guy used some soap and water from the sink to suds up his cock. He motioned for her to do the same to her breasts. Soon she was kneeling again, with him standing close to her, his cock positioned between her boobs. He began sliding his cock up and down as Karen lifted her tits and pushed them together. He held her shoulders as he thrust his penis head up and down between her slippery tits. He used his left down to reach down and pinch Karen's nipple, pinching harder and harder when he realized that she wasn't protesting. He started to talk.

"Oh yeah," he grunted, "I'm fucking your tits. What a whore you are... tit fucking me in the bathroom here. Your such a dirty slut... yeah."

Even worse to Karen than the way he was humiliating her, was the awareness that the more crude names he called her, the worse he treated her, the more it turned her on. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to stimulate her clit as the guy continued to fuck her tits. His grunting let her know that he was getting close, and suddenly he was shooting his jism at her face. She realized too late that Nikki hadn't given her the bottle for collecting sperm, the bottle she needed to fill before she would be allowed too cum. The thought that she had let this guy fuck her boobs and cum on her face, but that it wouldn't get her closer to her own orgasm almost made her want to cry. Nonetheless she opened her mouth, and tried to catch the last few spurts.

As soon as the guy was done, he looked at Karen sheepishly, pulled up his swimming trunks, grabbed his towel, and left. It made Karen feel like even more of a whore, the way he didn't even talk to her. Actually, if she'd been a whore, he would have at least paid her. The thought of being even lower than a whore made her pussy gush even more. She used a couple paper towels to wipe as much of the cum off of her as she could, and then pulled her suit back on. At least now she could arrange her suit so it covered her pussy lips again. Once she felt mostly in order, she walked out to where Nikki and Celia were.

"Wow, slut," Celia laughed at her, "he didn't last long did he. Hey, didn't you swallow? It looks like you got cum in you hair."

Karen was totally mortified to have to explain to them that he a fucked her tits rather than get a blowjob. The two college girls laughed at her hysterically as she told the story. Once they were done making fun of her, they picked up their stuff, and went to the locker room. Nikki made Karen shower with her suit on, getting the suit soaked again, and plastered to her body. As Karen stepped out of the shower, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and gasped. The view of her pussy lips was worse than anything she could have imagined. The suit clung to them tightly, letting everyone who looked see how huge they were, and her giant clit poking up between them. She noticed women looking in her in disapproval, and then shock as they noticed how Karen's cunt was displayed.

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