tagNonHumanTormented Ch. 11

Tormented Ch. 11


Lily shook her head and stood from the sofa, pacing in front of her mother she twisted her hands together.

"You're lying." She stopped and turned to face Tayana. "You're lying."

"I'm not, your father was an Angel."

"If he was descended from the One that is Good and True then that makes him a Eariea. An Eariea would never mate with a Demon." Her eyes widened and she took a step closer. "Are you an Angel too?"

"No baby, I am Fallen."

"Then explain to me why an Eariea would mate with a Demon?! And why you would keep it from me?! What am I?"

"I should have told you all of this before." Tayana refused to look at her daughter. "You're special Lilith, you are born of the two great families."


Tayana finally looked into her daughters dark eyes and held out her hand, Lily crossed her arms and waited for her mother to continue. With a sigh Tayana held her hands in her lap and seemed to prepare herself for what she was going to say.

"Your father is the great grandson of the One that is Good and True, that's why he could never be with us. My great grandfather is the Condemned One."



"So my father was an Eariea and you're a Saier." Tayana nodded. "So what does that make me? I have Angel and Demon blood."

"Lilith I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner. It is written in the sanctuary that a child born of both families will bring peace between the Angel's and the Fallen."

Lily scoffed loudly. "What there's a fucking prophecy now?! What I will help to unite Angel's and Demon's and bring peace to the world."

"Lily please." Tayana's voice was desperate and she stood trying to take her daughters hands. Lily pushed her away and took a step towards the door.

"No, you disappear for a hundred years without a word. And now you come back with this bullshit story about my ancestors and expect me to up and leave my mate on your word. I love him mum and no story about a prophecy is going to make me leave him again." She dropped her head and fought back tears. "I think you should go."

"Lilith please you have to believe me."

"Why should I? When have you ever given me reason to trust you? You have lied to me my whole life and now come here with some fucking fairy-tale about me being half pure and expect me to leave my mate and go with. And while we're on the subject, if I am not supposed to be with Ryan who am I destined to be with? Oh yeah the man who fucking kidnapped me and raped me, kept me in a cell in gold chains so I was in constant pain and suddenly I'm meant to be madly in love with him?!" she slumped into a chair facing the sofa and held her head in her hands. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?"

"I was trying to protect you, if an Angel knew what you were I don't know what they would do."

"Does Abdiel know?"

"He knows you are different," Tayana's voice was filled with sadness. "I don't know how much he knows but he would never do anything to truly hurt you."

"You have no idea what he has done to me," Lily's voice was quiet yet trembled with rage. "He has hurt me more than I can say and I will never be his." She looked at her mother with something close to hatred in her eyes. "You need to get out."


"GET OUT!" her voice rose to a scream and Tayana stood slowly.

"I'm sorry baby."

Lily stayed in the chair until she heard the door shut then slid to the floor the tears falling from her dark eyes, she hugged her knees to her chest and curled in on herself. Ryan stood at the bottom of the stairs watching the despair of his mate, without a word he moved to sit next to her and pulled her onto his lap, she rested her head on his chest and her whole body shook as she tried to contain her sobs.

He held her through the night never asking her what her mother had said to her.


Lucy woke the next morning with her head pounding and her throat raw, she groaned as she turned onto her side and smiled. Aaron lay beside her his head cushioned on one arm still fully dressed. She reached out and gently stroked his face, as their skin touched it was as though an electric jolt went through her and she gasped.

Abdiel had been in her room. His magic strong he had overpowered her, he had filled her with his hate and focused it on Lily.

"Oh god Lily."

"She's fine." Aaron had woken and now watched her. "She's fine you didn't hurt her."

"I didn't mean to do anything, it was Abdiel. He tricked me when we went to help Ryan, he must have done something to me when it was just me and him." She looked at Aaron worry on her pretty face. "Is everyone ok?"

"They're fine, Lily's mom showed up. She helped you."

"Magic was the one thing I had, if his is more powerful than mine then I can't do anything to protect any of you."

He sat up and pulled her to him, kissing her hair he shushed her gently. "Don't worry about protecting us Elf just tell me that you're ok."

"I'm fine." She looked up and saw a question in his dark eyes. "What?"

"You said something last night."

"I did?"

"Yeah, you said the two men you had ever loved would never look twice at you. You were speaking about me and Ryan." She blushed and pulled away. "Do you love me?"

"I wasn't myself last night."

"You sounded pretty sure of that part." His face turned angry but he kept on.

"Maybe I thought I was at the time."

"You're telling me an Angel made you feel that."

"I'm telling you that I probably wouldn't have told you that way if I was myself."

"So you do love me?"

She knelt facing him. "Yes, ok yes I do."


"Have you embarrassed me enough or do you want to tell me that I snore as well?"

"Well for one you do snore and two I want to tell you that I love you too." She sank back to the bed her eyes growing wide and a small smile curving her lips.

"Well good."

He grinned and flipped her onto her back laying between her legs. "Good." He kissed her and rolled his hips against her.

"And I don't snore." Her tone was sulky and he laughed, her dainty fingers quickly undid the buttons on his shirt and she pushed it off his shoulders along with his jacket, he ripped the dress from her body tearing the fabric and she gasped. "Hey I liked that dress."

"I'll buy you a new one." He kissed her again and stripped her underwear away, he slid a hand between her body and cupped the mound of her smooth pussy, she bit her lip and pushed her hips up against him, he pushed a finger into her tight heat and she gripped the pillow beneath her head and arched her back. He moved his finger slowly inside her until her breath was short pants against his neck. He added a second finger and curled them upwards hitting the sweet spot inside her, she moaned and arched her back. Her eyes slid closed and she bit her lip muffling her whimpered moans, he leant his head down and sucked one small, pink nipple into his mouth, his warm tongue flicked over the sensitive skin and he bit gently. She cried out her voice husky and relaxed back against the bed , her eyes opened slowly and she smiled at him.

He kissed her and wriggled out of his suit trousers and tight boxers and lay back atop her, her long legs wrapped around his waist and he thrust into her. He groaned at her tight heat and planted his fists on the bed holding his weight on his muscled arms, he began to thrust his hips slowly gritting his teeth at the feeling of his long cock sliding in and out of her.

He went slow, the last time had been fast, hard and now he needed to feel her pleasure rise as he fucked her, he wanted to drive her crazy. She moaned at the feeling of him inside her, he pressed deep before pulling out until just the tip was inside her before slowly pushing back into her, her fingers dug back into the pillow beneath her head, tearing into the soft feathers and ripping the silk covers. He changed to move his hips in a circular motion and she gasped at the sharp hit of pleasure, he hooked one hand under her knee pulling her leg to rest on his shoulder allowing him to press deeper inside her. She arched her back and cried out softly, he leant down to kissed her neck sucking at the skin and marking her.

He still kept up his torturous rhythm driving them both to the edge, making them crazy. Finally her blue eyes flew open burning with desire.

"Aaron please, let me cum."

He groaned at the pleading tone of her voice but didn't speed up. "You don't cum until I tell you to."

She whimpered at his authoritative command. "Please Aaron."

"Not. Until. I. Say." She bit her lip and threw her head back, her teeth sunk down until they broke the skin as she fought against the exquisite torture running through her body. "Please, please can I cum?"

"Not yet Elf, not until I say you can."

He sped his thrusts up slightly, she bit back a scream and her eyes pleaded with him silently. He leant down until his lips were less than a centimetre from her ear and whispered breathily.

"Cum for me Luce, let me feel you."

Her mouth fell open in a silent scream and the walls of her silken pussy gripped the length of his cock as wave after wave of pleasure gripped her body, he growled low in his throat and let go allowing his hot cum to jet into her. He still held his weight off her slightly but lowered himself to kiss her softly. She smiled sleepily and stoked his cheek.

"Wow, it's never been like that before."

He laughed softly. "Well you never told me you loved me before."

She blushed and her eyes flashed at him. "Well you never mentioned that you feel the same."

He kissed her again tasting her blood that was still on her lip. "How do you feel about spending the whole day in bed Elf?"

"Sounds perfect to me Follower."


"You're an Angel?"

Ryan looked at his mate, both still wore the clothed from the previous night and they were both exhausted. Lily shrugged in exasperation.

"I don't know what I am. I don't even know if she was telling the truth, she hasn't exactly been reliable," she ran her hands through her long hair and tugged on the ends. "I don't know what to believe."

They stood at opposite sides of the room staring at each other, Ryan wanted to take her in his arms, to help her understand but he couldn't. What if she was an Angel? What if she wasn't his mate? What if she was going to be taken away from him again? Lily watched the internal struggle of her mate and felt the grief fighting to burst from her chest, suddenly his face seemed to light up.

"Lucy." She frowned and waited for him to continue. "When she first touched me she could see my true face, she must have seen yours as well."

"So she'll know what I am?"

"She'll have a better idea than we do." He held his hand out to her, she walked to him and he took her face gently in his hands, he kissed her then rested his forehead on hers, she held onto his wrists and swallowed.

"What happens if I am an Angel? What happens then?"

"Shh, nothing will change."

Downstairs they knocked on the door of Lucy's room. A muffled shout came from inside and after a few minutes they emerged. Lucy wore a long t-shirt and Aaron a pair of grey sweats. Lucy pulled Lily into a tight hug and leant down to whisper in her ear.

"I'm so sorry, I never wanted to do anything to hurt you." Lily hugged back.

"You didn't, I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner I would have helped."

They broke apart and Lucy looked to Ryan. "What's happened? You guys look terrible."

"Cheers kid," Ryan couldn't help but smile. "We need your help."

"Sure what you need?"

"When you touch me you can see what I am, what do you see when you touch Lily."

Lucy shrugged. "I see Lily, over the years I've built a wall that stops me seeing you truly, both of you. But I can try."

"Please." Lily's voice was nervous and Lucy felt her own nerves rise.

"Course," the four of them moved through to the living room, Lily and Lucy stood in the middle of the room while Ryan and his Follower looked on. Lucy took the Demon's hands in her own and took a deep breath.

"This might feel weird."

Lily nodded and waited in silence, Lucy breathed out a deep sigh and shut her eyes, her shoulders relaxed and her face become devoid of all emotion. When her eyes opened again they searched Lily's face with a small frown creasing her forehead. The creature now stood in front of her was breath-taking. Her eyes were jet black pools in her unearthly face, her hair had grown, looking to reach to below her knees and changed to a pure white and lifted in an unfelt wind, her ears were tapered and her perfect teeth had elongated into curved fangs. She was naked, her skin shone with an otherworldly glow and was cool under Lucy's fingers, the wings that had burst from her shoulder blades were glassy black feathers except from a single white one on the underside of her left wing.

Lucy dropped her hands a took a step back.

"What did you see?" Lily looked back desperately at Ryan.

"I've never seen anything like you before, you're not a Demon, at least not fully."

Lily sank into a chair her hand over her mouth, Ryan was by her side in a second pulling her close and kissing her hair. "Shh it's ok baby we'll do something."

"What's going on?" Aaron and Lucy looked at the two mates with confusion and worry on their faces.

"Maybe you should sit down." They took a seat on the sofa opposite them and waited. "Lucifer found his mate in Lilith, before she was killed they had a child, anyone descended from that bloodline is Demon royalty known as the Saier. In the same way anyone descended from the One that is Good and True is known as an Eariea."

"Two royal families." Aaron spoke quietly and Ryan nodded.

"My mother," Lily took over the story her voice shaking. "My mother is descended from Lucifer meaning I was named for my great-great grandmother."

"Lilith?" Lucy now spoke trying to keep track of the story.

"Yes. My father is a Eariea, he's Angel royalty making me...I don't really know what that makes me. My mother came here yesterday to tell me and to tell me that Ryan is not my true mate, Abdiel is. And my mating with him will end the war between the Angel's and the Fallen."

Lucy's mouth hung open and she worked on what to say. "What about Ryan though, Ryan surely you must be able to see what she is."

"No, Demon's cannot see their mate truly until after the Kundii, or mating ritual where we bond ourselves to each other for good. Until then I see her as you do."

"Lily," Aaron spoke up. "Does your mother know what Abdiel did to you?" Lily nodded. "Then how could she ask you to mate with him."

"I don't know. I didn't even know if she was telling the truth until now." She stood and stared around. "I need to go and speak to her."

"I'll go with you," Ryan stood but she shrank away from his touch.

"No, stay here. I don't know what she might say and I don't want you getting hurt." She didn't wait for an answer before running from the room leaving them in an eerie silence behind her.


"Abi?" The Angel hung his head at the name and felt a deep sadness within him.

"I haven't been called that since I was a child." He turned and looked at the small girl stood in the doorway, her eyes were bright shining with unshed tears and her hands constantly bunched and relaxed into fists. "Why are you here Lilith?"

"I need you to tell me the truth. Putting aside everything that has happened, let's pretend we're kids and I need you to be my friend again for just a minute." He nodded. "Did you know about my father?"


"So you know what I am?"


"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"Your father told me not to."

"You know him?" He nodded. "If you knew all of this then you knew that according to what is written that you should have been my mate."


"Then why didn't you tell me?!" Her voice rose to a shout and she took a step towards him. "Why didn't you tell me? Before I came here, before I met Ryan, before all of this? Why didn't you just tell me?"

He grabbed her upper arms and pulled her to him, she struggled for a minute fighting the urge inside her before she allowed him to embrace her, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest enjoying the familiarity of him, his scent, his touch. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed her hair breathing her in.

"I'm sorry Lily. I never wanted to hurt you."

It was almost as though a piece fell into place in her mind and she pushed him back. "So when you brought me here, chained me and raped me, you didn't want to hurt me?!" she ran her fingers through her hair her eyes turning wild. "What the fuck is wrong with everyone?! My whole life has been turned upside down and all of you are acting like nothing has changed. My own mother doesn't give a shit about my happiness, she didn't even tell me what I was until I was already bound to Ryan."

"Bound? You two have completed the Kundii?"

"Not yet, but we will." She took a step towards him and spoke with a sense of pride in her soft voice. "And next time you see me I will be carrying our child and then you will never have me."

She turned walked from the room, he called after her but she didn't even turn around. With desolate shout he slammed his fist into the wall, Lily heard his anguished cry and took a deep breath, pushing down the urge to go to him. She walked through the deserted streets of limbo, her bare feet making no sound on the stone, her head down and her mind seething.

Entering the mortal world again she sank to the grass and dropped her head into her hands.

"What do I do?" She spoke aloud, to who she did not know but it felt good to finally voice the question that had plagued her. One name remained at the forefront of her mind and she stood, her mind focused on nothing but her mate.


"What is a Kundii?" Lucy sat on the sofa beside Aaron, she leant against him and he absentmindedly stroked a lock of her red hair, Ryan sat in the armchair opposite twisting his hands in his lap, he smiled at the attempt to take his mind off worrying about Lily and leant back.

"It's the Demon mating ritual. Mates do it to prove that they are not afraid of the death that comes after because they know they will be with together and once it is done, the pair can have a child." Lucy's eyes widened and she sat forward urging him to continue. "We are both in our true forms and we exchange blood, this binds us to one another completely, it not only changes us but the Angels can feel the change in us. They then hunt us down. After we are bound in the Kundii we can conceive a child, that really makes us stand out to the Angels."

"Wait they would try and find you even if she was pregnant?"

"During pregnancy and for the first sixteen years of our child's life we would live in Purgatory, we are safe there, once our child has grown and left however we cannot stay. Lily's mom left before the sixteen years as without her mate with her she cannot be harmed by an Angel. If I were to leave Lily, permanently, she and our child would be safe. That's what her father did to keep her and her mother safe. Or at least that's what Tayana told her."

"Poor Lily, I cant imagine what she's going through."

"She's a strong kid, she'll be fine."

Lucy nodded, standing she bent and gently kissed Ryan's cheek. "We'll be right here if you need us."

Ryan nodded and settled himself to wait for his mate. He did not have to wait long.

"Raim?" Her voice was quiet, worry tinging the edges. "Raim? Are you here?"

He stood from the chair and stared into her face pale with worry and wet with tears, her hair hung down her back in messy tangles and her clothes were torn and bloody. She was beautiful. Slowly she took a step towards him before she faltered.

"I didn't think you would still be here."

He held out hi hand and she walked into his arms without hesitation. "Where else would I be poppet?"

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