tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTorrie Wilson Gets A Ride

Torrie Wilson Gets A Ride


Author's note:
This is a work of erotic fiction. I am well aware that Torrie Wilson probably doesn't act this way in real life, but hey, I can dream, can't I?

John got in his car and hoped for the best as he drove to Detroit, Michigan to hopefully get a job with the WWF. He didn't want to be a wrestler, he just wanted to be a truck driver, like he had been before he got fired after going to Trish Stratus' hotel room. As he drove, he thought, "What if she can't get me a job? Then what?" As he neared where he needed to be, he changed highways to get to the arena. Being a truck driver in the northern part of the country, he knew his way around. As he sped down the highway, he saw a broken down car on the side of the road. The hood was open, and smoke was coming out. He debated helping, but thought "Ah, fuck it."

As he passed the car, he saw a gorgeous blonde girl leaning into the hood. His eyes nearly popped out of the socket, "I'd like to fuck it!" John thought to himself. He pulled over and saw that traffic wasn't bad, so he did the impossible, he backed up on the freeway. People were honking at him, but he didn't care. He got to within ten feet of the car, and she hadn't heard him pull up. Now, he got a good look at her. She was wearing a pair of tight black pants, with a black top. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she was leaning into the engine for some reason, affording John to get a great view of her scrumptious ass. "Hey, you need help?" John asked, getting her to turn around. Startled, she whirled around, very quickly, wielding what looked to be a tire iron.

"What do you want?" She screamed. It was obvious to John that she'd been crying. Her mascara was running, leaving small black trails on her cheeks. She drew the tire iron back, before she noticed that John had his hands up, showing her that he meant no harm. She dropped the tire iron, sobbed, and ran towards John, wrapping him in a hug. John, surprised by the incident, paused for a second, before consoling her. He finally got her to talk without sobbing loudly. "I'm Torrie Wilson," she said, still shuddering from all of her crying, "I work for the WWF and I, my car, it broke down, I'm having a bad day, I'm going to be late…" She continued before John cut her off.

"Listen, Torrie, do you want me to fix your car?" Torrie shook her head, "You can't, one of the belts is snapped, it won't move." John looked for himself, indeed, the car needed to be towed. "Are you on your way to the arena in Detroit for the WWF?" John softly asked her. She shook her head yes. John told her that he was going as well and he face lit up. "Really?! Can you give me a ride?" John told her to get her bags. Torrie began jumping up and down in excitement, as John watched her rather large breasts jump with her. She ran to her car, grabbed her bag from the trunk, and ran back to John, again wrapping him a hug. John smiled and watched, as she ran to his car. He followed, they made a call to a towing company, then to the company that she rented the car from, yada yada yada.

They pulled into the arena parking lot, John was amazed at the bubbly girl he had talked to, was far different than the psycho he had met when he asked if she needed help. She was funny, smart and an absolutely astonishingly beautiful woman. As they got out of the car, John realized that he had no way of getting in to see Stephanie. Torrie told him that she'd get him in, it was the least she could do. John, somewhat embarrassed, walked behind Torrie, watching her tight, firm ass sway from side to side. John got in the building, with Torrie. She said that she had to go check in. John walked around, looking for Stephanie. Steph came up behind him, and in her screeching voice, asked what he was doing there. John jumped a bit, but turned and saw her.

She hugged him, and told him the good news. She had put in a good word for him and her dad wanted to talk to him. John thanked her, and Steph walked him down to where Vince McMahon was. Steph was wearing a low cut, black, sleeveless shirt, giving John an excellent view of her breasts. As the conversation was getting into sex, they arrived at Vince's small office-like room. Steph introduced the two men, and they got down to business. "Now, John, Steph tells me that you need a job, and you're a very good friend of hers. She told me about how you were fired, and I think that it's wrong. I would like to offer you a position at driving the ring truck, filled with the ring gear, to each town everynight." He continued, but John was on cloud nine. John accepted, and Vince went over the money thing with him.

John's pay was almost going to double! He was excited as he left the office room. He was now employed by the WWF. He walked into a small room where there was food, and saw Torrie Wilson. He walked up and began talking to her. She asked him for another favor. She had forgotten her bag with her clothes in it, and she needed clothes for TV tonight. Since she didn't have a car, she needed him to bring her somewhere to buy new clothes. John agreed, and they were off to his car. On the way out, he saw Vince talking to the security guy. Vince asked where they were going, they told him, and he authorized it. He also added John to the list of people to get in the building, since he worked there now.

John and Torrie drove to the nearest high fashion clothing store, as John told her all the details. They got out of the car and went into a mall, where Torrie looked around, finding nothing really, until they went into a store at the end of one of the floors. The attendant recognized Torrie, and Torrie asked if her and John could have the store closed, so that she could try some clothes on with privacy, without getting hounded for autographs. The attendant agreed, he wanted to go on his break. John glanced at the clock. It read 3:30 PM. The show started at 9:00. Vince wanted them back to the arena by 8:00 PM. John couldn't believe how trusting this guy was, letting them stay in the store, with the cash register, but apparently, Torrie had been there once, she said, and didn't do anything wrong. The guy left for his two-hour lunch, leaving John with this spectacular looking woman. She started looking around, then stopped, looking at John. Suddenly, she spoke. "You know what, John, I owe you, big time." John agreed in his mind, but stupidly answered, "What do you mean?"

"You know," Torrie said, "First, I held a metal weapon to you, threatening you. Then, you gave me a ride to the arena, now your shopping for clothes with me." John hoped that the vision of him taking her clothes off was what she had in mind. Seductively, Torrie stood next to John and began tracing circles in his shirt with her finger. "Now, I think that I know a good way to repay you," she said, as she started to kiss his neck.

"Oh really?" John asked, caressing her shoulders and back, "What did you have in mind?"

"This." Torrie replied, standing back and pulling her shirt over her head, revealing to John her enormous, shapely breasts, enclosed in a lacy, white bra. John's eyes nearly popped out of his head, as he gazed at her cleavage and her gorgeous, huge breasts. Torrie threw herself back into John's arms, kissing him deeply, and feeling his hands go around to her back, unclasping her bra. She allowed him to push her gently backwards, and slide the straps from her shoulders. As he peeled the bra from her body, John felt like he was unwrapping a Christmas gift. He finally removed the bra and he was staring at her breasts. They were rotund, heaving, gigantic extensions of her equally wonderful body. She had large, perky nipples, which where rock hard. John leaned his head down, and gently took her right nipple in his mouth. Torrie moaned softly, as she put her hands on the back of his head, pushing him even more onto her breast. John softly sucked her breast, enjoying every second of it, flicking the nipple with his tongue, feeling it grow harder. He snaked his right arm up her leg, squeezing her ass, hearing her moan louder. John switched sides, taking her left nipple in his hungry mouth, feeling her nipple get hard again. John broke his kiss with her breast, kissing a trail up to her face, and began to kiss her passionately. Torrie responded in kind, and soon, they were tongue swabbing while John snuck his hand down her back.

John gripped her ass with his hands, and hearing her moan into his mouth, knew that she wanted him to continue. He found the zipper on the back of the pants, right below her tailbone, and started to unzip her pants. Torrie, who's arms had been tickling John's chest, and feeling his muscular mid section, reached her hands around, and finished the job for John. She pulled the waistband of her pants down a little ways, before John broke their kiss, and headed back down towards her heaving breasts. John gently licked between her enormous mounds, hearing Torrie's breath beginning to become sporadic. Torrie slid her pants down her smooth legs, revealing her sparkling white thong. John pulled his head away from her breasts to gaze down at her silken legs, now exposed.

Torrie led John's hand to the waistband of her thong, encouraging him to pull it down. John did just that, slightly pulling her thong down, enough to reveal her gorgeous blonde hair. John gently curled her pubic hair around his finger, kneeling down, as he placed soft kisses around her stomach. Torrie moaned, urging him to continue, as she squeezed her breasts together and continuously flicked her nipples. John slowly slid his tongue along Torrie's pussy lips, hearing her gasp. Suddenly, Torrie pulled John away from her lower region.

"Don't forget, John, I owe you!" Torrie said, pulling his shirt over his head. As she unbuckled his belt, John pushed Torrie back, leaning her backwards, accessing him to her breasts. Torrie pulled his head away and finished unbuckling his belt. She undid the rest of his pants, leaving him standing in only his white boxer briefs. Torrie gasped when she saw John's body. "He's not the most jacked guy I've ever seen," Torrie thought, eyeing his chiseled physique, "But he's right up there." Looking John in the eyes, Torrie lowered herself to her knees, becoming face to face with John's cock.

John moaned as Torrie lowered the waistband of his boxer briefs, exposing his hard, throbbing cock. Torrie gasped at the size, around eight inches, and right in her face. Slowly, Torrie slid his cock into her mouth feeling the head poke near her throat. Torrie figured that she was already halfway there, so she fed the cock into her throat, and began sliding it in and out of her throat. John couldn't believe what was happening. "Just a few hours ago," he thought, "she was holding a tire iron, threatening me, and now she's sucking my cock!" He looked down at her, and what a site it was. Her pretty blonde head was bobbing on his cock, sending pleasure waves through his body.

Torrie pulled his cock from her throat and began to lick the sensitive underside of his cock, causing John to elicit a groan and grab the back of Torrie's head, sending her further onto his prick. John felt his insides begin to burn, and he pulled his cock away from Torrie's mouth, startling her. She looked at him quizzically, until she realized why he had done that. John began to shoot cum all over Torrie's face, even some in her hair. John couldn't believe that he'd cum that quickly, he was somewhat disappointed in himself, but then he looked down at Torrie licking the cum off of herself and was eager to fuck. She sat back, her fingers grabbing the cum from her hair, and feeding it hungrily into her mouth. She stood up, her face now clean of John's cum, a big smile on her face. John again lowered his head to her breasts, as he lowered her body to the floor.

Torrie gasped as she felt John's mouth on her sternum, the top of her breasts, and finally on her nipples again. John made love to her breasts again, as he worked his cock towards Torrie's entrance. He began to kiss his way up to her face and neck, feeling the heat of Torrie's pussy get close to his cock. As soon as their lips met, John felt his cock slide into Torrie's pussy. Torrie moaned into his mouth, and wrapped her legs around his back, burying him even further into her. She moaned loudly, as John slid out about an inch, and stuffed his cock back into her. He repeated this until he got a good rhythm going. Torrie loved every second of it, as she felt herself getting close to cumming.

Torrie began to feel her body get weak, and she grabbed John's head, bringing his lips to her mouth. She shoved her tongue in his mouth just as she came. Loudly, Torrie moaned into John's mouth, as she wrestled her tongue with his. John reached his hand up to grab her left nipple, sending Torrie even further into bliss, causing her to wrap her legs around him tighter. John's cock drove even further into Torrie's pussy, sending him over the edge. He groaned into her mouth, sending his load of cum deep into Torrie's cunt. He knew that Torrie felt it happen, as her body clenched up, and she broke the kiss to whisper, "Yes." John felt his cock begin to get flaccid, and he slid his hips away from her body, pulling his limp prick from her pussy. He looked at her and felt his cock begin to stir again. She was drenched with sweat, despite the store having air conditioning, her breasts were heaving with her nipples now not pointing. Then John remembered that they were in the store, startled that anyone could come in now and see them, he got to his feet, helping Torrie up.

They grabbed their clothes from the floor and ran to the fitting room in the back of the store. Gasping for breath, John sat on the bench in the fitting room, seeing Torrie standing in front of him, nude. He felt the familiar stirring of his cock. He looked at his cock, seeing it begin to stand at attention again. He then eyed Torrie, who was wide-eyed with excitement, as she seductively sauntered towards him. She leaned in to kiss him again, her breasts slapping into his chest as she lowered her pussy down to his lap.

John felt his cock begin to get wrapped in velvet, closing his eyes, as Torrie slid him into her pussy. John opened his eyes to see Torrie's spherical breasts in his face. Instinctively, he leaned his head forward, again taking her nipple in his mouth. Torrie moaned, as she now began gleefully riding John's cock, allowing him to focus his attention on her breasts. John was in heaven. He was licking an alluring woman's tits while she rode his cock with reckless abandon. As Torrie started increasing the tempo, it got tougher for John to suck and lick her breasts.

Glumly, he pulled his head from her breasts, but then got happier. Torrie cussed and began to cum, her pussy tightening around John's cock, John watched as she kept happily bouncing on his prick, he watched her breasts bounce and jiggle with each thrust. As he watched this, he could only begin to cum. Torrie felt his cock start pulsating, before shooting another load of jism into her pussy. Tiredly, Torrie got off of John, sliding her clothes back on, saying that she really did need clothes for that evening's TV taping. She instructed John to get dressed, but to stay in the fitting room. She exited the fitting room, returning ten minutes later with her arms filled with clothes. Torrie stripped naked again, slipping on tube tops, mini-skirts, low cut tanktops, and any other piece of revealing clothing out there, for a private, naked fashion show for John. They didn't have sex again, but Torrie lowered her shirt, and sat on his lap, allowing him access to her wonderful breasts.

After an hour or so, the store attendant returned. Torrie paid for her purchases, and the two left the mall at about 5 PM. Walking to John's car, John slid his arm around Torrie's shoulders, hugging her against his side. He leaned his face to her cheek, placed a small kiss there, and whispered, "Thank you." Torrie turned her head, looking John in the eye, and said, "It's not over yet, silly." John was puzzled, but he was anxious to find out what she meant. He didn't wait to long. John opened Torrie's door for her, allowing her to get in first. He put her few bags in the trunk, and walked to the driver's side. He opened the door and was surprised, and very happy with what he saw. Torrie had, in the mall, put on a new blouse that she had bought. As John looked at her, he saw that she had unbuttoned it, her breasts free in the air. Gasping, John got in the car with the nearly nude Torrie.

As he put the key in the ignition, Torrie bent over, her face in his lap, and unbuttoned his pants. She looked up at him, and said, "I know I've already blown you, but, I want to swallow this time." John almost came right there. She unzipped his pants, as he pulled out of the mall parking lot. Torrie eased John's cock from his boxer-briefs, his cock somewhat stiff, but still inert. Torrie slowly sucked John's cock into her mouth, her tongue tracing the head, and sometimes licking his piss hole. John was driving with a huge smile on his face, as Torrie started to take him down her throat. John gripped the wheel with his left hand, his right hand darting over to her ass. Grabbing her right ass cheek, he squeezed hard, causing Torrie to moan, thus sliding John's cock the rest of the way down her throat. This in turn caused John to let out a loud, sharp moan. Torrie happily slid his cock out of her throat, before slipping it back down, basically thrusting his cock into her throat. John was in paradise, until Torrie slipped his prick from out of her throat, settling on licking and sucking his throbbing cock.

John again moaned loudly, instinctively grabbing Torrie's ass again. Groaning, Torrie began to lick circles around John's cockhead, whilst she jacked him off. This was too much for John, he grunted, "I'm gonna cum," and he began to, just as he pulled up to a red light. Torrie lowered her head to the middle of his wet shaft, enclosing her lips. John's cock began to throb before he shuddered, his cock eliciting his cum. Torrie felt the first spurt hit the back of her mouth, causing her to swallow it. The next few spurts weren't spurts, they were literally pouring into her mouth. After a short time, Torrie's mouth was almost full of John's jism. Finally, John moaned again, signaling his conclusion. Torrie swallowed three times before her mouth was empty. Greedily, she sucked her mouth and tongue along his shaft and head, attempting to garner more cum. Contentedly, Torrie slid John's lifeless cock back into his boxer-briefs, zipped his pants back up, and buttoned them. John was still driving, his face coated with sweat. Torrie leaned towards his face, kissing his cheek. She whispered in his ear, "I hope that pays you back." Quickly, John nodded as they pulled into the arena parking lot. Pulling into a parking spot, he leaned over and kissed Torrie on the lips, his taste still evident on her breath. He leaned back to the driver's seat, eyeing what he had before him. She still had her blouse unbuttoned, her nipples hard.

Torrie began to button her blouse back up again. John wanted to fuck her, right there, in the backseat of his car, but realized that that was unrealistic. Torrie opened her door, exiting the car. John did the same, walking to the trunk, where Torrie was standing. He opened the trunk, taking her bags out, insisting on carrying them. As they neared the building, John pulled Torrie close to him, and said, "Thank you, Torrie, that was the best blowjob of my life."

"No problem," Torrie replied, "thanks for giving me a ride, in many more ways than one."

They walked in together, Stephanie finding John and pulling him away from Torrie. John handed Torrie her bags, and she skipped off to get dressed. Stephanie walked John towards a dressing room and said, rather urgently, "I've been looking everywhere for you, you have to meet somebody." She opened the dressing room door, instructing him to close his eyes. She stood him in the room, he heard her click the lock on the door. "Hey Steph, is this the guy you're talking about all the time?" A pretty sounding voice asked. "Yeah, this is John, he's been kind of like the WWF women's fuck toy." Steph said playfully.

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