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Total Woman Excursions 01


Winthrop, but everyone called him Wynn, was attending the New Year's Day special event at the local modern art museum. His Total Woman Excursion host guide, Janice, was accompanying him as they strolled the building. They walked through of the exhibits, from third floor downward. Pictures, paintings, sculptures and other objects d'art were displayed on walls, pedestals, dioramas and easels.

Wynn, Janice and other art patrons promenaded in neat but casual dress. Most were recovering their faculties from last night's midnight festivities and, like Wynn, whatever after party action was could be found. Wynn had certainly found some; Janice had been a truly hospitable host guide in truly intimate ways. Wynn was having a very satisfying vacation getaway from his life of work..work..work.

Wynn and Janice approached the stairway descending to the basement level. A beefy uniformed guard stood station at a velvet rope blocking the top step. Janice handed him an ivory parchment card with gold printing. The guard scanned the bar code, checked his computer screen, raised his eyebrows at Janice's topless online confirmation photo and held the rope aside for them to enter.

Wynn and Janice descended the stairway to a gallery labeled "The Statuary". It consisted of a marble floored and walled room with a granite bench in the center. Four painted mannequins, each on low pedestals stood in the corners. Janice walked Wynn to the bench and they sat down. Wynn looked around at the statues. Each was a life size unclothed, un-wigged mannequin painted a single solid color. There was Red, Blue, White and Black.

They sat silently until Wynn began to fidget. Janice took his hand in hers and gave a squeeze to signal Wynn to be quiet and still. Wynn looked at her and out of the corner of his eye he detected movement. He turned back to see Red with its eyes open. Suddenly the mannequin lifted its arms and took a step off the low pedestal towards Wynn. He jumped in surprise but Janice pulled him gently back onto the bench, resting her other hand on his arm in reassurance. Ms. Red gracefully walked to stand before Wynn and Janice, then began a series of poses.

Ms. Red was completely naked and completely covered in red body paint, except for red cloth slippers and a red shower cap covering her scalp and concealed hair. Her bush was shaved. She turned, twisted, stood, bent and held for long moments while Wynn and Janice appreciated the tone and definition of her fine-looking human form. The different poses displayed different shape and apparent size of her breasts. Wynn noted Ms. Red's nipples were becoming erect, either from her exertions or the thrill of exhibitionism, or both. Ms. Red concluded her routine and remounted her pedestal, assuming a comfortable pose that one might see of a mannequin in a department store.

Ms. White opened her eyes and promenaded to the art lovers. Where Ms. Red had been tall and lithe with proportioned features, Ms. White was shorter with more generous hips and chest. She moved through a similar routine of poses, displaying a flexibility belied by her dimensions. Wynn discovered that the white paint did not extend to her inner lower lips which flashed pink several times. Her large brown eyes intermittently locked on Wynn's eyes when she moved to new positions. She completed her efforts and returned to her pedestal.

Ms. Black was next. She was medium build with larger than average rounded breasts. As part of her poses, she faced Wynn with legs spread and slowly bent backwards into an upward bridge position, exposing her nether openings to full view. Her rounded breasts were more torus-shaped when they flattened a mite on the shelf of her chest. The nubs were prominent, conveying her arousal by the exhibition. Wynn regarded the show and saw that the fleshy vagina lips were moist and glossed. She moved through other poses then returned to her pedestal.

Wynn felt a tickling in his groin and looked to see that Janice had moved her hand there. She softly stroked his erection through his trousers.

Ms. Blue was last, but not least. Certainly her breasts were not least as they jiggled invitingly during her saunter to the floor show space. Rising on tiptoe, she jacked her ankles up and down, working a liquidly ripple rhythm in the blue globes. Wynn smiled and his erection grew harder from the tactile and now visual stimulation. Ms. Blue next revolved her chest, making small circles that wrote virtual O's in the air. She rotated her body slowly giving Wynn a 360 view of the motions. Stopping to face Wynn, she leaned forward until her breasts hung down, then shimmied her shoulders, giving Wynn more samples of her breasts pliable flexibility. Last was a hand stand facing Wynn; legs spread for balance and boobs hanging reversed.

Straightening her legs as she began her dismount, she tottered. Before she could regain balance, she toppled over into Wynn's lap, smearing the body paint across his arms, shirt and pants. Picking herself up from the tangle, her body paint was mottled as well. With a quick nod and a silently lipped "sorry", Ms. Blue turned and tried to walk, not run, to a door at the end of the room where she exited. The other three statues dismounted and followed her out of the room. Janice sat still and looked over the mess on Wynn and herself.

Janice laughed a short burst and said "Let's get you cleaned up." Taking Wynn's hand, she led him to the same door that the statues had exited and stepped through.

Behind the door was a dressing room with makeup tables, mirrors and seats. The occupants were preening with razors and oils; one was tucking the last loose strands of her hair into a shower cap. A couple of women were assisting others, hand applying paint to their nude bodies. Apparently the next round of statues would be yellow, green, brown and turquoise. With little notice of Wynn and Janice, they went about their business.

Janice led Wynn through and out of the dressing room through another rear door into a shower room with accompanying gym lockers and benches. Janice opened Wynn's belt, unzipped the fly and dropped his paint soiled pants to the floor. Wynn slipped off his loafers and kicked his pants aside as Janice unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it. Janice knelt and pulled his boxers down, revealing his tumescent cock.

Standing, Janice doffed her own clothes and folded both sets of clothes on a bench. She gripped Wynn's erection and, walking backward, pulled him into a large shower area. There were several shower heads along the walls.

Janice placed Wynn next to one of the shower heads and adjusted the water temperature. Wynn put his face in the stream and wet down, turning his back to the wall. As he cleared the water from his face, his eyes beheld four painted young ladies lined up in front of him. Ms. Blue's paint was smeared but the other three were still fully covered from head to ankle, their feet pale where the booties had been.

Ms. Red stepped forward, lifted Wynn's hand and placed a dollop of soft soap in his palm. She placed his soaped hand on her torso and swept it across her breasts and abdomen, wiping off the paint. Wynn understood the signal and proceeded to remove all of Ms. Red's body paint. She in turn soaped and rubbed Wynn. They played at the cleaning until all the red was gone, front to back and top to bottom. Removing her cap, Ms. Red exhibited dark black shoulder length waves of hair.

Ms. Red stepped aside and Ms. White stepped into Wynn's body wash arena. Wynn took some initiative and held his hand out to Janice who deposited another dollop of soap. Wynn needed no further invitation and enjoyed a mutual scrub with Ms. White. From under her cap, a bell of straight red hair emerged.

Ms. Black followed with similar cleansing results. Her cap hid blond ringlets that cascaded down her back. She stepped aside and joined her statuary mates in a short line of wet beauty.

Ms. Blue stood expectantly as Wynn beckoned her forward. Her breasts jiggled again as she walked the few steps across the shower floor, stopping in front of Wynn. Wynn used one finger to swirl little figures in the already spoiled paint: O's and figure 8's on her abdomen, broader palm swipes across her ass when she turned and he wrote his name in smudge across the tops of her generous boobs. Whenever she could, Ms. Blue reached out and stroked Wynn's cock. She maintained a steady smile.

Wynn sensed a movement behind him and saw Janice position a plastic stool under him. He sat on it as Ms. Blue knelt before him, still holding his erection. Tilting it towards her as she leaned in, she planted a kiss on its tip, then a tongue lash under the crown before drawing the knob inside her lips for suckling. More moves brought more of his rod inside her warm mouth. Ms. Blue used the underside of her tongue to paint the underside of Wynn's dick. Wynn let out a moan and Ms. Blue employed long probing strokes along with the tonguing.

Wynn's fingers gently detached the cap from Ms. Blue's scalp. A head of full brown hair with blue paint splotches fell out. Apparently, during the mishap, the cap had slipped and blue paint had gotten in her hair. Janice held out a bottle of shampoo and poured some into Wynn's upturned palm. The drizzly shower water wet the locks and Wynn began lathering them. Ms. Blue approved; she continued sucking and added low moaning vibrations to the strokes and tonguing. Wynn felt his pleasure growing. His hands massaged her scalp as he swirled the long strands. The drizzle rinsed away the suds.

The other beauties watched mesmerized as their statue mate gave and took pleasure. One was biting her knuckle in rhapsody. Wynn closed his eyes as his peak approached. He gripped his partner's hair and rammed himself deep as cum exploded from his knob. Four bursts passed through as Ms. Blue's moans turned to choked cries; she struggled to swallow quickly and catch a breath. Wynn understood and loosened his grip. She drew back far enough to breathe through her nose but maintained control and did not let Wynn's cock completely out of her mouth. Wynn slumped forward a little as his peak passed.

Calm restored, the four women attended to Wynn, finalizing his cleansing, but mostly assuring that he was alert and able to walk. Wynn stood just inside the shower room while the four women softly terry-clothed him dry. They left him there and retreated back to the dressing room presumably to acquire different colors for the next act of the special statuary presentation.

Janice was dressed and waiting for him at the bench. Wynn wasn't sure how long the cleaning had gone on but it had been long enough for the staff to clean his blue soiled clothes. His attire was waiting for him, folded on the bench. Janice helped Wynn redress.

As Janice led him to the museum exit, Wynn mused about how this New Year's Day stacked up; better than any past and perhaps a prelude to future ones. He made his one New Year's resolution: book Total Woman Excursion vacations as often as possible.

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