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Tour Bus Incest


Johnny Durham has had quite the roller coaster ride. Just twenty four months ago he was performing comedy in crappy roadhouses, driving all night to get the next less than ideal gig. Now, he sold out theaters and traveled in a $850,000 tour buses and $10,000,000 private jets.

Johnny's manager was his sister, Tess. Tess had a degree in business management, she was well organized and one of his favorite people on earth. They had always been close. In fact, they were sexually involved for nearly four years in their early twenties.

Tess loved working for her brother. The money was good, the traveling was fun and it was relatively easy work. She still had resentment for her brother for calling off their sexual encounters now some six years ago.

One day, when it was just those two and the pilots on Johnny's jet on a flight from Minneapolis to Glen Falls, NY, Tess had to know.

"Johnny, why'd we quit having sex?"

Johnny didn't even look up from his iPad and responded.

"Come on, Tess. Don't bring that up."

"No I'm serious, why? You just stopped. You started shutting me down. Why, Johnny?

Johnny was silent.

"It was me. Wasn't it? It had to be something to do with me."

Again, Johnny said nothing.

That night Johnny performed in front of nearly 5,000 fans in Glens Falls, NY. As he boarded his bus on his way to University Park, PA, he noticed his sister was already asleep in her bunk. He walked passed her and headed to his state room in the rear of the coach. As the bus got underway, he couldn't resist returning to his sister.

She looked perfect laying there in a Minnesota Vikings t-shirt and panties. She was in great shape. Her tits looked marvelous under her shirt. Johnny felt his penis begin to grow. He reached out and rubbed his hand on her stomach. It was firm but soft. He moved his hand under her shirt and massaged her breasts. He slide his other hand into her panties and felt her freshly shaved mound. As he rubbed her clitoris gently, she moaned and bucked towards his finger while still asleep. Johnny was dumbfounded. Here she was, the most beautiful woman he had even been with, and he just walked away from her. For the life of him, he couldn't remember why he had done it. He felt awful for hurting her. He looked at her face and saw her eyes were open. She was awake.

"Oh-Hey. How long have you... I have never done this before."

Her face was blank. She slapped his hands away and rolled over. Johnny was left with a raging hard on. He took a cold shower and went to bed.

When he awoke, he noticed Tess wasn't in her bunk. He found her in the front lounge of the bus eating an orange.

"Good morning, Johnny. You have a 9:30am interview with a radio station, 11:00am lunch with a Comedy Central executive and at 2:00pm, we tour the football stadium.

"Tess, can we talk about last night?"

"Pre-sale for tonight looks great. Same with the rest of the week. Indianapolis and Roanoke are sold out"

Johnny sighed. "Tess!"

"Get dressed Johnny, the limo will be here shortly."

They went through the day without Tess even looking at her brother. Johnny carried on with his show like normal while Tess handled her emotions with a few drinks. When Johnny returned to the bus. Tess was passed out. Tonight, he left her alone, had a bowl of cereal, watched an episode of "Modern Family" and went to bed.

While the bus traveled across Ohio towards Indianapolis, Johnny awoke to his sister climbing into bed with him.

"Johnny, do you want me?"


"Because I want you Johnny. I've always wanted you. I've never stopped wanting to be with you. I just don't want you to hurt me again. But maybe feeling the way you made me feel is worth it"

"Tess, I love you. I loved being with you. It just didn't feel right any more. Didn't you feel it?"

"No. You fucking me has always felt so right."

"Tess, last night-"

"You don't have to explain."

Tess began moving down below the covers. She could feel her brothers half hard dick underneath his boxer shorts. She kissed at it and immediately could feel it begin to grow more rapidly. Her brother didn't say a word. He just raised his ass off the bed to allow his sister to slide his shorts off. Tess could feel the heat coming from her brothers privates. She buried her face into his crotch. The feeling of his cock on her mouth and his pubic hair on her nose was electrifying.

She brought her lips to the end of his now throbbing member. As she kissed him, she felt him relax. She took in the head, sucking it vigorously. She loved his taste. She had missed his taste. She was sucking passionately now moving her mouth up and down his hard cock. He was oozing pre-cum and his hands on his sister's head was reassurance to her that he too had missed these interactions.

Tess could feel her brother was nearing explosion. She removed her lips from his erection and poised herself over him. She was dripping with her own sexual fluids. She squatted over Johnny and guided him into her. She whimpered as Johnny's cock entered her for the first time in nearly six years. Tess knew her brother hadn't had sex in at least six months. She herself hadn't been laid in nearly a year. Johnny grabbed her hips as she moved her body up and down his manhood. He had missed how her tits moved in almost a circular motion as she rode her.

Tess reached down behind her and tenderly caressed her brother's ball sack. Johnny instinctively thumbed her clit. She ground her snatch into him. Suddenly, she began to cum. She shook violently. Their hands met as she whimpered in orgasm. She climbed off her brother's shaft and sat on his thighs. Legs still spread, she began running both hands up and down her brother's member.

"Blow your load on my pussy, Johnny. Do it like old times" she slapped his member against her glistening pussy. She ground her clit into his cock head. Johnny threw his head back in extacy. He covered his sister's mound in gobs of his sweet semen.

Tess climbed off her brother and left into the darkness of the tour bus.

Johnny laid there in awe, trying to process what had happened.

After this incident, they continued to have sex regularly again. No emotions, just good, hot sex.

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