Toys for Two


"C'mon Kim.....ride those fuckin toys!" I spoke through clenched teeth "Yeah! Uh huh ...Feel my cock in your ass?!! I'd love to shoot my cum inside your ass ... do you want to feel my cock twitch in your ass as I cum?!!

"Oh yeah Brent!"

I was totally beyond control now and so was Kim. We were each sliding our toys in deep in our asses and as I stroked my slippery cock staring intently at Kim's ass and pussy, she was as attentively gazing at my play as she squeezed the toy in her pussy hard against her clit and as far as it would go inside her.

"Oh god Brent ..... I'm close!" she squealed "I want to see your cum!!!"

"Ungg ... Soon! I'm close too!!" I managed "I'm gunna CUM!!" I groaned "Here it comes ... "

"Let it go!! Shoot your cum for me ... shoot it on me!! I want to see it! .... I want to feel it!!!"

I felt cum explode through my grip as my cock pulsed violently. Cum sprayed out of my cock and over my chest.

"Oh my god!!!! YES!!!" Kim screamed as I shot my cum "I'm cumming Brent!!! I'm cumming h-hard!! I want to feel your cum!!"

I moved my boiling cock as best as I could and while continuing to stroke it directed streams of cum toward Kim. It sprayed onto her leg and tummy.

"Oh YESSSS!!!!" Kim responded "Unhh oh here it cums again ....uh uh UNGHH!!!! She grunted as another wave of orgasm took over her. She held the toy deep in her ass and bore down hard on it while pulling the one in her pussy out slightly away from her sensitive clit. She sat with through both toys doing their work and with small movements of her own she rode her second orgasm.

We slowed our bucking and grunting as the orgasms subsided. My cock was finally relieved from the pressure it had been under the whole evening, and I twisted the knob on the toy still deep in my ass.

Kim's breathing finally relaxed some and she too turned off the toys in her pussy and ass.

"Oh my god that was the best cum I've had in YEARS!" Kim said. "I loved watching you cum ... and when your cum landed on me it made me cum again!"

"It was my best for years too" I told her "You are so fuckin sexy!! Can we do this again .. and again?"

She smiled "You think we should? What if Dave and Pam find out?"

"They won't ... if we're careful. Maybe next time you'll let me clean up your juices with my tongue – you taste SO good ..."

"Would you like to now?"

"Oh you can't imagine how much I'd love to! You turn me on so much – I just had the biggest orgasm in years, likely my whole life, and look, it is still hard"

"Well .... After my little clit becomes a little less sensitive .... I might let you"

"REALLY!!" I answered

"Uh huh .... Oh fuck it ... just be a little careful around my clit" she said as she slipped the toys out of her ".....come over here ... I want to cum on your face........"

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