Tractor Sales Lady


The both fell softly to the floor where they continued to kiss and stroke each other. It seemed like they did that for hours, but it was only about fifteen minutes before his cock had risen to full strength again.

He finger fucked her as she stroked his cock until finally she whispered that she wanted him inside her. She rose to her hands and knees, turning so that her firm ass was facing him. He reached up between her legs and again prepared her with his fingers. She moved with what seemed to be impatience, so he rose to kneel behind her and as he moved forward, she reached back and directed his cock between her pussy lips. He slowly began penetrating her. As wet as she was, he might easily have slipped his entire length into her in one movement, but he moved teasingly slow, only going slightly deeper with each stroke. His hands reached under her and tugged at each nipple and she began moving with him, attempting to induce him to harder and faster strokes. Soon they were moving rapidly and both panted heavily with each stroke. She came before he did, but for that he was glad, for he wanted to be sure she did cum at least once before he blew his own load.

He was gratified when it turned out that she cam twice before he did and her third came just as he was finishing filling her cunt with his load. Sensing she was on the verge as he was being drained, he fucked hard and faster while he still remained hard, and she responded with cries of delight as her third and final orgasm exceed both the earlier ones.

Exhausted they fell to the floor and soon both were asleep. Hours later she woke to find that he had covered her with a blanket but he was nowhere to be seen. She rose and felt the clothes hanging on the rack. They had by now dried and she soon was dressed. Just as she was finishing, she heard him in the kitchen.

"Good morning," he greeted her as she entered the kitchen.

"How long have you been up?" she inquired.

"A couple hours," he laughed. "Coffee's hot on the stove and this toast is still warm. I've been down to check your car, and the good news is, it seems to be okay. Something must have got soaked when you were driving in the storm last nigh and the ignition system failed. But it's all dried out now."

She drank the coffee and discussed how severe the storm had been.

"Did your mother get home?" She asked.

"Nope, and it's a good thing too. We were both zonked on the floor naked. Not sure how I would have explained that."

They chatted a brief while longer before she looked at the clock and decided she had get back to the city and her apartment, so she could shower and change clothes before going to the office.

Mike walked her out to the car, and as he predicted it started immediately. After a long deep kiss, she drove off down the road, watching him get smaller and smaller in her rear view mirror. After a few miles she began to reminisce over the night's love making, when suddenly, she sat bolt upright and gripped the steering wheel tight.

"Fuck," she cried out, "I never sold him one god damned piece of equipment!"

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