tagBDSMTraining Tina, Days 01-02

Training Tina, Days 01-02


Day 1.

I had known Mark and Tina for about six months. Now when I say "known", I mean that I had exchanged emails with them. We had never met face to face since I live in the US and they in Croatia. Still, I felt like I knew them better than many of my other casual friends. Maybe it was because of the way we got to know one another. Mark had written me about some of my stories on Literotica and we became friends from there. A major topic, of course, was sex. We had talked about our sex lives and fantasies at considerable length.

So there I was sitting in the airport on a Saturday afternoon nervously waiting for my Croatian friends to arrive. I wasn't nervous because this would be the first time meeting them. No, it was because this was no ordinary visit on their part; there was potentially much more involved. You see, Mark had been attracted to my stories about wives being made into sex slaves by their husbands, and I had revealed to him that I had actually "trained" my wife Sherry to be submissive. Not full time, mind you, but several times a month we played our BSDM games. And while it was a part time activity, so to speak, we played it seriously.

In response Mark complained that he had tried, but had been unable to similarly train Tina. To which I boasted that I could train her in two weeks if I could get her alone without any interference. At the time I never imagined that we'd ever both be in the same room, let alone be able to spend two weeks together. I'd hazard to guess that neither did Mark. However it turns out we were both wrong. A few months later the company Mark worked for was bought by a large corporation based in the US. Shortly after that he was informed that his new bosses were giving him a promotion and sending him to the US for two weeks of training.

As fate would have it the city they were sending him to was only a few hours drive from where I live. Then in a stunning coincidence Mark tells me that Tina has too many vacation hours built up and must use some up before the end of the year. So he informed me that he was taking me up on my offer to train her. I had almost forgotten about that. Now mind you, I wasn't sure at all that I could train Tina at all, let alone in two weeks, but I went along with Mark's plans for two reasons. First, I didn't want to lose face (male pride and all that), and second, from what I'd already seen Tina was a hot MILF. So I saw no real downside to giving it a try.

So while I was nervous, I tried not to show it. Mark and Tina would be nervous enough as it was. I watched for them as the passengers from their flight streamed into the terminal waiting area. We had exchanged pictures so I was pretty sure that I would recognize them. And sure enough as soon as I glimpsed Mark walking out of the gate area I knew it was him immediately. A moment later they both emerged from the crowd and I stepped forward to shake his hand. To show them how comfortable I was with the situation I gave a surprised Tina a hug and a quick kiss.

We talked as we waited for their luggage to be unloaded. At first it was just the friendly stuff like how their flight went, etc. Finally I got serious.

"So do you still want me to train Tina?" I asked Mark.

He looked at his wife before answering, "I think so."

"It's important that you both be sure," I replied. "If we do this you both know what that means, right?"

"Yes," Mark answered.

"Tina? Do you understand the implications?"

"Yes, I think so."

"OK, just let me be clear. The only way I can accomplish this training in two weeks is if I first make Tina MY slave first. By definition that means I will be having sex with her. In every way and probably every day. Are you both ready for that?" I asked.

The both hesitated and looked at each other. This was the critical point for them, the last chance to back out. They turned back to me and at the same time said, "Yes."

I could see some fear in Tina's eyes, but Mark just looked excited. I had already decided to make the first day a light one to let her settle in a little before starting the real training, and now I was glad that I did. The luggage began arriving at that point and ended our conversation. After we fished Mark and Tina's bags out of the carrousel I led them to my car. During the trip to Mark's hotel they sat in the back and talked quietly in Croatian. They were kissing and holding hands, so I guessed they were saying goodbye and wishing each other success with their respective training. When we dropped Mark off, Tina got in the front seat with me. She appeared to getting nervous again, so I popped in a Bon Jovi CD. This is her favorite band, and this seemed to help. We chatted a little on the way to my house, but I kept it light and breezy.

When we arrived and parked in the garage she appeared to be a little apprehensive. Probably just from the uncertainty about what was going to happen next. Inside the house I introduced Tina to my wife Sherry and then brought in her luggage as Sherry showed her around. The only room she didn't show Tina was the one we called the "Play Room", but what I was calling the "Training Room" for the next two weeks. Tina would be very familiar with that room by the time she left.

We gave Tina a little time to unpack her things in the guest room and then we took her out to one of our favorite restaurants for supper. It was way too early for Sherry and I, but for Tina it was quite late due to the time zone change. It was wise of Mark to fly in a day early so that they would have a day to recover from the jet lag.

During supper we didn't talk about anything too serious and kept the mood light. After that we returned home and watched a movie, but Tina kept falling asleep. We tried to keep her awake as much as possible to help her adjust to the new timezone. Finally the movie ended and although it was too early for Sherry and I to retire, I could tell that Tina was spent. So I explained how the rest of the week would go, generally, before sending her to bed.

"Tina, the downstairs bathroom next to your room is for your use in the morning to take care of your personal needs. In there you will also find the clothes I want you to wear to start that day. You are to wear what I leave out for you, nothing more and nothing less. Do you understand?"

"I understand," Tina answered.

"On the weekend, like tomorrow for example, Sherry will assist with your training. During the week it will mostly be just me because she recently started a new job and could not get the time off like I could. Now I see you are tired, so off to bed with you. Please be dressed and upstairs by 8:00 tomorrow morning to start your training."

"Thank you for your hospitality. Good night," Tina said.

"Good night," I answered.

After she was in her bedroom I laid out her outfit for tomorrow. I couldn't wait to see her in it. I had trouble getting to sleep that night; my mind just would not settle down. Eventually though I did fall into a fitful slumber.

Day 2

I woke up at 7:30 and hit the shower like I always do in the morning. Normally on Sunday I sleep in for a few more hours, but this was not a normal Sunday. I came out of the bedroom in my robe at 8:05 to find both women in the living room waiting for me. They were dressed almost identically: A low cut stretchy blouse, a short skirt, three inch heels, and no underwear. This left everything covered, but quickly accessible.

I told Tina, "The rules for being a slave are simple, but like the rules of chess the implications are not. The first rule is that you must obey my every command without hesitation. The second rule is that you must never wear underwear unless I specifically tell you to. The third rule is that you must never allow yourself to orgasm unless I give you permission. The fourth and last rule is that you must always refer to me as 'Master' or 'Sir'. For the next two weeks you will follow these rules. All violations will be met with punishment."

"I understand, Sir," Tina replied.

"Susan, show Tina the position," I ordered.

Sherry got down on her knees, and put her hands behind her back. She kept her shoulders back and her head down. This made her look submissive yet sexy with her breasts thrust out. I told Tina to try it. When she didn't quite get it right I had Sherry get up and correct her. Tina was slouching a little so she pulled her up straight. Then she pushed Tina's shoulders back to get her into the correct posture. I was pleased with the result and I said so.

"So now when I tell you to assume the position, this is what I want you do. And right at my feet. Do you understand, slave Tina?"

"Yes Master."

I was hungry now so I instructed my wife to take Tina into the kitchen, show her around, and make some breakfast.

"What would our master like today?" Sherry asked.

"I think pancakes and fried eggs, sunny side up."

"It will be our pleasure, master."

I logged onto the Internet and checked some news sites. As I browsed the stories that were filed overnight, my nostrils were filled with the wonderful aroma of pancakes and eggs cooking. I was reading an interesting article on one of the science blogs I follow when the women informed me that breakfast was ready.

They served me and waited until I gave them permission to eat as well. After I had a few bites I praised them for the good job they had done, but still I made them wait. I wanted Tina to understand from the beginning that my control was absolute. Not only over what she wore, when she ate, when she slept, but more importantly control over her arousal. This would be the key to bringing out Tina's submissive nature, to the extent that she had one.

I considered the best ways to build up Tina's arousal, and then the optimum time to give her a release. Each time I would try to bring her higher than the last, hopefully resulting in a more and more powerful orgasms. And her pleasure would in turn increase my own. In this way the Slave and the Master enjoy a type of symbiotic relationship in which they both seek to increase their mutual pleasure. At least that's how it works for me.

After I finished eating I gave my slaves permission to eat. I also told them to clean up after they were finished. While they did that I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and shaved. When I returned the women had finished and were waiting for me.

"I have a gift for you slave Tina," I said and handed her a box.

She looked surprised. I told her to open it. Inside she found a delicate fancy pink collar. Attached to the ring on the collar was a small round tag that said "Tina" on one side and "Slave" on the other. I instructed Sherry to place it around Tina's neck and buckle it into place.

"For the next two weeks you will wear this collar at all times. You may only remove it when you go to sleep at night and when you shower. Once you have finished your training, you will receive a gold necklace like slave Sherry has that has your Master's name engraved on the back. Occasionally your master may need to use the collar in the future for refresher training," I informed Tina. "Now turn around slowly and let me get a good look at you."

Tina turned slowly around as I appraised her. When she was facing me I told her to give me a kiss to thank her for the gift. She stepped forward and pressed her lips against mine. She had intended it to be a quick peck, however I had other plans. I quickly slipped my hand behind her head and gave her a long sensuous kiss. I used my other hand to pull her body into mine. At the end of the kiss I gave her sexy ass a nice squeeze and pushed her back away from me. Tina was flushed and breathing a little bit faster than before. A good start, I thought to myself.

I was tempted to go further and sample more of Tina's body, but I wanted to go slow so she wouldn't be overwhelmed and scared away. She was still trying to adjust to being in a foreign country living with unfamiliar people, away from her family and all that she knew.

"Let's go downstairs and see what my new slave brought with her," I announced.

I led my ladies down to the spare bedroom. I went through the clothes that Tins had brought with her and had hung in the closet. I pushed a couple things off to one side that I didn't like and told Tina she would not be wearing them while she was with us. Then I went through her underwear and put most of it back into her luggage. I only kept a tiny thong, a crotchless pair of underwear, and a shelf bra. The last items I checked out were her toys. I has specifically told her to bring them all, but to leave the batteries at home to avoid embarrassing activations at the airport. I looked over at Tina. She was more embarrassed to watch me touching her toys than her underwear. That was understandable, but she would have to get over that.

"I'm looking forward to having you show me how these work," I told her.

Tina looked panicked and I let her stay that way for a few seconds before I said, "Another day."

What Tina did not have was any light single-piece dresses that were easy to take off and put on. I liked them for quick exhibitionism opportunities. So I informed my slaves that we were going shopping. This would also allow me to show off my slaves a little. There was a very large mall less than an hour drive away that would serve both purposes.

I had the women sit in the back on the way there. Normally I would have had Sherry flip up her skirt so that her pussy was showing, but I was concerned that still might be too soon for Tina. Maybe on the way back.

When we arrived at the mall we just walked around at first while I decided which store would best suit our needs. Tina seemed a little dazzled by the size of the place and the number of stores it contained. After an hour I selected a trendy upscale place. We picked out a few dresses that met my requirements and the women seemed to like. Then I told Sherry to take Tina into the changing room and help her try them on.

Each time she tried one on they came out and showed me. I had Tina do a slow turn for me and then I checked to make sure the dress was easy to take off. In needed to be loose enough to pull or push easily off, or it had to have a zipper that opened it up completely. In the end we bought three of them. One was a tight stretchy green number that went to mid thigh and showed plenty of cleavage. It also had a zipper that went from between the breasts all the way down the bottom, splitting the dress completely in two. The other two were loose fitting summer dresses that could quickly be pulled over the head. The front of these dresses fell open nicely when she leaned forward and showed most of her breasts. One was a bold floral print and the other one was bright orange with peach trim.

By then it was about time for lunch so we went to the Rainforest Cafe to get something to eat. This is not my favorite place because the food was only mediocre in quality and expensive. But Tina was fascinated by it the first time we walked by there, so I decided to humor her. After we were done eating she agreed that the food wasn't that great, but she still loved the ambiance. It was hard to argue with her there.

We still had plenty of time, so some window shopping was in order. Women love to shop and since the place wasn't too busy I didn't mind indulging them a bit. When we came upon a shoe store that appeared to specialize in fancy heels and such I couldn't resist stopping in. Tina had only brought a couple of pairs of heels and I decided she needed at least one more. I wanted something in an open toe with ankle straps.

When I told the lone salesman that my friend Tina from Croatia needed another pair of heels he was very attentive. I wonder if her short skirt had anything to do with it? First he measured her feet to get her size. Tina managed to keep her skirt down and I don't think the salesman saw anything except plenty of leg. That's not bad because Tina has nice legs, but I think he was hoping for more.

I picked out five or six styles that I liked and the young salesman went into the back room to fetch them in Tina's size. He returned a few minutes with a stack of boxes. He knelt at Tina's feet and carefully lifted one up. He slipped the shoe on her foot and deftly buckled the strap. I'm sure he tried to get a quick look up her skirt, but I don't know how much he saw. After the second shoe was fitted Tina stood up and walked on them a little. I got up and pretended to check out what they looked like from behind, but really what I wanted to do was sit down in a different chair across from where Tina had been sitting and the salesman was still waiting.

When she sat back down to let the salesman take off the shoes and put the next pair on, I found that I could now get a better idea of what he was seeing. I noticed that Tina was being careful to keep her skirt down and legs together, but by the time we got to the last pair of shoes she was getting sloppy and the salesman more daring. From where I was sitting I could clearly see the bottom of her bald pussy; I was sure the salesman could see much more from his lower perch.

My hunch was confirmed when he finally stood up and had to rearrange his pants to keep his erection from sticking out too much. I selected the pair that I liked the best and paid for them. When I thanked our young salesman he responded, "No, thank you!"

It was getting into the middle part of the afternoon and Tina was obviously worked up, so I told my slaves it was time to go. When we got to the car I had them each give me a hot kiss before I would unlock it. Then I told Sherry to kiss Tina the same way. Tina hesitated, which didn't surprise me. I knew that my wife was not really attracted to women, but she would kiss and "make out" with a girl because she knew it turned me on. That was a major milestone in her training, I can tell you. So I wasn't surprised when Sherry pulled Tina close and planted a very hot lesbian kiss on her. It was difficult to read Tina's expression when they pulled apart, but it wasn't revulsion. Interesting.

I had them sit in the back seat again, only this time I told them as they climbed in to pull their skirts up to their waist. To my delight neither of them objected or hesitated. They looked so hot sitting in my car with their bare pussies on display. As I drove out of the parking ramp I knew there was a chance that someone walking to or from their car might see them, but nobody did. It was still hot driving home in broad daylight with my two slaves sitting in the back seat basically nude from the waist down.

Back at home I had Tina put away her new dresses and shoes. Then I had her help Sherry make a desert for that night's dinner. Actually my wife didn't really need the help since she is a Pastry Chef, but I was hoping that Tina would enjoy learning something new in the process. While they toiled in the kitchen I did some work outside that had been postponed from Saturday. By the time was finished with my outdoor chores the women were done and the cheesecake was cooling. I decided it was time for me to start dinner. I love to grill the grill the protein (meat, fish, etc.) and my wife usually takes care of the rest. That night we also had a bottle of wine with our meal. By the time we were done everybody was pretty relaxed, so I decided to turn up the heat.

"I think I'd like to see some titties," I announced.

Sherry immediately pulled her top up over her head. Tina didn't hesitate so much as was caught off guard, but she recovered quickly and followed my wife's lead. So now I had two nice pair of tits to look at and what goes better with tits than cheesecake? I had my topless slaves serve me up a piece. It was a chiffon type so it wasn't heavy at all. I dabbed a little on one of Sherry's tits and then licked it off. Next I did the same with Tina. I liked the way her nipple stiffened up with just a little stimulation. After that I let them each have a piece as a reward.

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