tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTransformation to Julie Ch. 01

Transformation to Julie Ch. 01


It started innocently enough. My new girlfriend, Kallie, was doing a beauty course and needed someone to practice make-up on.

"Keep still while I pluck your eyebrows," Kallie said.

"Ouch, that hurts," I moaned.

Pretty soon my eyebrows were perfectly shaped.

"I'm not sure about this Kallie," I berated.

"You'll look great," Kallie replied.

"That's what I'm worried about."

She applied a mineral foundation, a thick eye liner, dark dark eye shadow, mascara, blusher, cherry red lipstick and lip gloss.

"You look hot," she said. "Let me do your hair."

Using a curling wand she twisted and curled my blond hair until she was satisfied with the result.

"Wow, you look such a slut."

"Great," i said sarcastically.

"I wish you had pierced ears," she said.

"I did have when I was young and stupid."

"Great," said Kallie," I should be able to just open them up."

I tried to protest but Kallie had already located the closed piercing. She managed to force some long dangly ear-rings onto my ears despite my display of pain. She stood and looked lovingly into my eyes.

"This is making me horny. I never told you I was Bi, did I," said Kallie as she played with my hair. "Can I dress you?"

Once I had looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of this great looking slut, I too was getting Horny. My erect cock was reflecting this.

"Yes Please," I said.

Kallie went to get some clothes.

Fortunately we weren't much different in size. I was a little taller and obviously had no breasts. It helped that not only was I naturally hairless (Well almost), but being a cyclist I shaved what little hair there was so my legs were nice and smooth.

Kallie returned with a pile of clothes.

"Take off your clothes and turn around."

I did what I was told, my massive erection now apparent.

"You little slut. You really want to be my little girl don't you? My little slut girl."

I stood with my back to Kallie. She wrapped a black lace Basque around me and did up the hooks. She pulled the lacing tight, pulling in my waist and giving me shape. The six suspenders swung free. She gave me some latex implants to fill out the cups. I put them in shaping them into breasts. How come she had these I thought?

"Pull these on and I'll straighten the seams."

Kallie handed me a pair of black seamed nylon stockings. I carefully pulled them on and began to attach the suspenders. Kallie did the ones at the back and straightened the seams.

"Can you wear my high heels," she said.

"I'll try."

She handed me a pair of 4" black patent stiletto pumps. I stepped into them one at a time, Kallie holding my hand. My calf muscles strained as I stood on tip toe in the gorgeous high heels, straightening my calf muscles. Surprisingly they fitted me perfectly.

"Walk for me," Kallie said.

I took my first steps carefully, gradually gaining in confidence.

"I can't believe you're doing this so easily, you're a natural," said Kallie. "You look SOoo sexy."

My legs did indeed look superb and walking in heels and stockings made me incredibly horny.

"We need to get rid of that before we go any further," Kallie said pointing to my rock hard cock.

She pushed me back against the wall. Kneeling, she took my cock into her lip sticked mouth, slowly forcing all of it down to the back of her throat until there was no more left. Then pulling out quickly and starting again. At the same time her hands were running over my nylon stockings. She pulled my cock out to the front of her mouth, flicking it with her tongue and then just sucking on the glands. She used her long red nails on my balls. My legs strained in my stilettos.

She looked up at me with her big dark eyes.

"Give me that fucking cum, you slut," Kallie said.

Her thumb forced its way into my arse and this was enough to make me blast my load onto her waiting tongue. She held as much of it in her mouth as she could. Then, taking a table spoon spat a string of cum onto the spoon and swallowed the remnants licking her lips.

"Here you are slut. Taste your first load of cum," Kallie said offering it up to my mouth.

I opened wide and Kallie poured the cum directly into my mouth.

"Swallow slut," Kallie said and I swallowed it down.

"You're such an obedient little girl aren't you?"

"Can you call me Julie," I said softly in a new girly voice.

"Sure, Julie," Kallie said "although I'd rather just call you slut."

Kallie handed me a black thong which I pulled up over my heels and stockings, tucking my cock under to keep it out the way. The thong rose into my arse crack and nicely separated my arse cheeks.

"Put on my black mini dress," she said, handing me the garment.

Trying not to mess up my hair, I pulled the dress on and pulled it down, smoothing out the material. It had three quarter arms and a high neck and the length just covered my stocking tops. With the basque giving me that sexy shape and the implants forming great tits, I looked really horny.

Kallie handed me some wrist bangles to put on and a necklace to match my ear-rings.

Finally I put on some black fingerless, lace gloves.

"Your nails aren't great, but you really need some nail polish."

I sat down and crossed by legs like a good girl but showing off my stockings. Kallie finished me off with some red nail polish.

I paraded around for my girlfriend, looking every bit the slut in my black mini dress, seamed stockings, 4" high heels and slut make up. I never knew what a good looking girl I'd make.

I was walking like a pro in the heels, just like the models you see on the television. The heels making that click clack sound on the hard surface.

"I want to take you out and show you off."

Again I tried to protest, but being a slut was beginning to change me.

Kallie went off to change and came back similarly clothed. Black mini dress; very low cut; showing off her braless tits; her hardened nipples showing through the thin material. Black seamed stockings and a black lace suspender belt. The thinness of the dress caused the suspenders to bulge and show through. The dress barely covered her stocking tops. The 6" red patent high heels she wore gave her the sexist legs and walk. She really was walking on tip toe.

"Come on babe, let's go and get fucked," Kallie declared.

I wasn't sure what she meant exactly, but I toddled on behind her trying to catch up. We drove to a little fun pub I had never been to, but Kallie seemed to know. As we walked from the car arm in arm, she whispered to me.

"From now on you'll do exactly as I tell you. You're my little slut, Julie."

I just nodded. I was really nervous as we walked in. Heads turned as these two sluts arrived.

Guys at the pub seemed to know Kallie and acknowledged her. We went and sat in a booth and soon we were joined by one of the guys Kallie seemed to know. He brought drinks, seemingly knowing what we wanted.

"Who's your sexy friend," the guy said.

"Steve, this little slut is Julie," Kallie replied.

I was somewhat shocked by this and was now really nervous about what I was letting myself in for.

"Julie needs to give her first blow job. She may even need to be fucked."

I almost choked on my drink, not being gay.

"Let's go into the room," he replied.

I gulped down the rest of the double gin and tonic.

He got up and led the way into a small adjoining room. There was a cheer from the crowd as we walked by, our stocking tops coming into view as we walked. Kallie confidently led me by the hand into the room. Steve locked the door.

As Steve began removing his clothes he called out.

"Show me how you kiss your little slut friend."

Kallie turned to me and took my hand again.

"You heard what the man said."

She slipped her tongue into my mouth and we began kissing passionately. I could taste her lipstick and I'm sure she could taste mine. Her hand strayed to my stockings tops, running across the sheer nylon to the bare flesh and suspenders, and then back down. My cock was becoming really painful as it strained to get out. She placed my gloved hands on her breasts, feeling them, cupping them. I tweaked her nipples through the thin dress. We kissed again, tongues deep into each other's mouths.

Steve was now naked and displaying his erection.

"Come on girls my cock needs attention."

Kallie took off her mini dress and stood in her stockings, suspenders and red 6" high heels. Kneeling down she licked the end of the cock like it was a lollipop, then taking it between her ample breasts for a little tit work.

"Put on a strap-on a give me a fuck," Kallie directed, pointing to her bag, pretending I needed it.

I turned and pretended to attach the device whilst lifting up my mini dress and releasing my painfully rock hard cock. I knelt, still in my stockings, high heels and basque and proceeded to drive my cock into her cunt. She raised her head.

"That's what I need you slut, fuck me hard, fuck me really hard," she cried out. "Get some fingers up my arse."

I obliged, driving a finger deep into her puckered hole.

She was deep-throating Steve's cock and it was all he was doing to stop himself from cumming. She was so horny it didn't take long for her to reach her first shuddering orgasm. She threw her head back and stopped sucking.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" Kallie shuddered.

"Let the slut have a turn," Steve said.

Kallie agreed and moved to one side.

"Suck it down while I tongue his balls," Kallie directed.

I was apprehensive about my first cock. I tongued it gently, getting used to it. Kallie tongued his balls. I took more of it into my mouth, sucking in my cheeks as I drove it in and out. My lacy gloves wrapped around the base of his cock. My earrings jangling as my head went up and down. Suddenly, Steve took my hands away, reaming it fully down my throat. I was taken aback but Kallie held my head and arms as he began to forcibly fuck my mouth.

"That's it, take it like a slut," Kallie said.

Her hands holding my head and arms tightly, giving me no option.

"Give the fucking slut your cum, come on, fill her fucking mouth," The usually well spoken Kallie spewing even more obscenities.

Steve's balls twitched, the first signs of pre-cum, but I was being fucked too hard to notice and trying not to gag. Kallie sensed he was near and began wrapping her hand around his cock, wanking him until the first powerful spurts sent forth his cum into my waiting mouth and across my made-up face. Spurt after spurt of thick cum. Goblets of cum were hanging from my long mascara eye lashes and my mascara began to run. Not wishing to waste any sperm, Kallie began licking the cum from my face. Scooping it up on her tongue and fingers, and then transferring it to my waiting mouth. I was really getting the taste for cum, my cock rock hard.

I stood up and looked into the wall mirror. I looked such a slut. Fully made up, but with my black eye makeup now running, cum all over my face. Cum on my black mini dress. The Stockings and those high high heels were still making me feel incredibly horny.

Somehow Steve was already erect and Kallie wanted him to give me a fuck. She instructed me to face the wall, bend over and spread my legs. She lubed my arse. I wasn't thinking now, just doing as I was told. My legs strained in those 4" heels, my foot fully arched, pulling the suspenders tight. Kallie pulled my thong away and used her fingers to open me up. One, two, three fingers all the way in. She stretched my hole as she forced them in and out. She made way for Steve to ease his cock into my now stretched arse. Meanwhile, Kallie managed to manoeuvre herself in front of me to suck on my cock. In fact as Steve fucked my hole, my cock fucked Kallie's mouth right to the back of her throat and she loved it. They both used their hands on my stockings and it didn't take long for Steve to shoot his load into my arse. It seemed like bucket loads, the spurts taking me over the edge and I came for the second time in Kallie's mouth. This time she just swallowed it down.

Kallie lay back on the floor with her legs open and knees up, her red high heels flat to the floor.

Steve instructed me to squat over Kallie's face and shit the cum he'd spurted into me out into Kallie's mouth. I did as I was told. I squatted in my stilettos, pulled my arse cheeks apart and began to squeeze out the cum.

I couldn't believe Steve was still hard, but he was and he used this to fuck Kalle's cunt violently. As the first globs of spunk from my arse hit Kalli's mouth she screamed and came loudly, gurgling and swallowing down the cum. Steve's cock was being put to maximum use as Kallie came again. She drove her tongue into my arse to get the final remains of Steve's cum.

Steve was on the verge again and Kallie knew what he wanted.

"Fucking Cum on Julie's shoes and stockings; let the slut have it," Kallie exclaimed.

I laid down and with my feet together, I held up my 4" stilettos. Steve pulled out of Kallies cunt and was wanking hard. I put my stockinged legged, high heeled feet under his balls, letting the black patent shoes rub them. The first spurts hit my nylon stockings the rest came on my high heels.

Kallie again wasted no time on licking the cum from both my shoes and stockings and gave me a final kiss.

We rested.

Finally Kallie spoke.

"You realise from now on you're going to be our slut whore."

Steve added. "To do with whatever we want and with whomever we want."

It was obviously a put up job and I was the patsy. I was hurt and confused. Hurt that I had been duped by Kallie. Hurt that my virgin arse was so sore with the pounding it had just taken. Confused that I had been fucked by a man, taken his cum and loved it. Whilst at the same time knowing that I wasn't gay. Confused that within a few hours, not only had I became a girl and loved it; I was now a slut girl whose transformation was just beginning. I would need answers before I would go any further, but maybe I didn't have any choice...

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