Trick or Trebor


It only took a minute or two of my fist pumping to set Echi off in a frenzied thrashing that dislodged my tongue from its anal excursion. I continued to thump my hand inside of her and even tried lifting her with it. She squawked and squealed and then suddenly disappeared into a cloud of smoke. It all happened so fast that I was left looking at my fist, hanging in mid-air, coated with Echi's juices.

"Two down and one to go..." I told myself as I took a moment to check on Tina. Looking around Seger, who was still steadily riding me, I saw that my wife was now standing. Her arms were being held by the hands, spread wide above her head. A large stone column was rising from the surface of the altar and as it neared Tina's crotch two cocks sprang out of the top. Without stopping, the column continued to push upward, driving the penile extensions into her holes.

Tina groaned as the dicks entered her and, to my chagrin, her expression was one of desire instead of disgust. I knew time, and Tina, were slipping away from me. I needed to make Seger cum, and quickly, or I was going to lose everything. As the shaft below Tina began to piston up and down, I decided to try taking Seger from behind.

I pushed Seger off and while I repositioned myself I heard the whip crack and then Tina screaming again. My head snapped around in time to witness the whip striking home across my wife's tits for a second time. Again she howled in pain as a bright red 'X' highlighted her chest. Before I could think, another lash rained down across Tina's boobs, causing her to stiffen and whine. Then another and another, but after these she seemed to almost purr at their reception.

As the whip was drawn back again, I looked down and realized that one of my feet had broken the light barrier and was hidden in darkness. I yanked it back into the circle and the whip never sounded its connection. I cursed myself for not being more alert and then tried to focus on my task. Just as I was about to drive back into Seger, I heard the voice, taunting me. "She's almost mine, Charles..."

With the voice burning my ears, I slammed my meat into the last viper. Like a machine, I hammered Seger from behind, banging my hips into her ass. Harder and harder I fucked, but with little reaction from the girl. And after a few minutes, it seemed the harder and faster I went, the less she reacted. Finally I had to slow my pace and catch my breath. Lo and behold, the slower I got, the more Seger liked it.

As I continued to slow my rhythm, she began to moan and undulate before me. But Seger didn't appear to be anywhere near climaxing. I slowed to the point of almost stopping and began gently rubbing the soft globes of the creature's butt. A low, "Mmmmmm..." escaped her throat and I gathered my efforts were moving in the right direction. But I wondered if I had enough time. It was quite the dilemma; I needed to hurry, but could only go slow.

I withdrew and carefully repositioned us, rolling Seger over onto her back again. Then I lay down next to her and began to run my hands over her tender skin. I cupped her breasts and gently rolled the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. My lips kissed her shoulder and I nuzzled her neck. Soft moans came from her as I teased her body.

I rolled on top of Seger and did another quick check of Tina. She had been released by the hands and was now willingly riding up and down on the two supernatural dicks atop the post. My beautiful woman was grabbing great handfuls of her own tits and she was whipping her head from side to side, flinging her dark hair all around. My heart sank and I expected that she would accept anything that Trebor offered at that point.

Trying to put it out of my mind, I put my face to Seger's chest and eased my prick into her steamy cunt. I began to make sweet, slow and gentle love to the serpent girl and she responded immediately. Her hips began to move with mine and she groaned her pleasure into my ear. Again I let my tongue slide up her neck and then dance around her earlobe before retreating downward. I did this several times and it was having a wonderful effect.

As I made love to Seger, I became aware of my own body signaling a second orgasm approaching me. Once more, I had to put the distraction out of my head and concentrate on Seger. Making her cum was my only hope. Still, as I thrust my cock into her again and again, I could feel the semen welling up in my testicles and was painfully aware of the fact that I was not only racing against Trebor, but myself as well.

Thankfully, Seger seemed to finally be closing in on her own release. Her body was becoming more and more responsive to my lovemaking and her whimpers had turned into cries of passion. I could feel the significant increase in her vaginal secretions and tension building in her flesh. For the first time, I had a sense of confidence telling me that I could win. A wave of diligence raced through my body and I raised my head, almost triumphantly.

But what I saw tore my heart from me and crushed my soul. Tina was still standing with the two phantom dicks plunged to the hilt in her precious holes, but she was facing away from me. Her glorious, round ass was perfectly displayed and she was looking over her shoulder. She stared at me for a moment and then looked at Trebor. "Take me, my Lord," she said with a wanton lust in her voice.

Trebor's laughter roared in my ears and the whip he was holding transformed into a red hot branding iron. It was shaped like a snake that was curled in a figure eight, with its tail almost touching its open mouth. It looked to be about four or five inches long and about two or three wide. Heat was visibly rising from the tool, the waves distorting the vision of my wife as the hooded figure neared her.

Moving to Tina's left, Trebor brushed his skeletal hand over her plump ass and then drew a figure eight with his finger on her left buttock. "This is where my mark will go," he heckled me. Then he turned his eyes to my spouse and spoke some sort of chant or spell. Her eyes fluttered then locked on me for a moment before she turned her head away and waited for the brand.

As Trebor's hand brought the iron up toward Tina's ass, I dropped my face to Seger's. "Nooo..." I whimpered. Then I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her passionately. Our tongues untied and it was like someone threw a switch. Seger began to thrash and buck beneath me. The orgasm wracked her body for a few moments and then she was gone and I was lying on the cold, stone floor, alone.

The next thing I knew, Tina was shaking my shoulder and scolding me. "Wake up and get changed. We're going to be late," she grumbled.

My eyes opened and I had an immediate sense of relief. I was safe and sound in my recliner. It had all been a bad dream. Probably created by the rough work week and all the hype of Halloween. But as I sat there feeling my heart pounding in my chest, I could swear that I'd heard the sizzle of the branding iron as it scorched my wife's ass. And it was as if I could still hear her screaming from the pain of the marking, or her ultimate orgasmic explosion, I'm not sure which.

I shook myself awake and Tina came in again, already in her 'Lusty Wench' garb. She came to me again and prodded me to get moving, then leaned over and gave me kiss. As she drew back and turned to walk away, I thought I caught a glimpse of flames flickering in her eyes. Before she got away, I grabbed her hand and pulled her back. With my other hand, I flipped up the back of her short skirt and yanked down the left side of her panties.

And there it was, still glowing and seemingly alive. The brand; Trebor's mark adorning my beautiful wife. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed as Tina looked at me over her shoulder, the flames leaping in her pupils.

~~The End

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