tagErotic PoetryTrue Lust

True Lust


In complete and total darkness do I bathe,

A mere innocent victim for what you crave,

The ice cold grip of metal chains hold me tight,

There is no hope of escape, try as I might.

Suddenly there is a flash and a bright glow,

Briefly on you did soft light gently bestow,

Without a sound a single candle is lit,

An ominous flame of light it does permit.

I stare at you with uneasy fear and trust,

You glare back at me with pure animal lust,

I close my eyes and begin to violently shake,

From this terrible dream I must try to wake.

As I slowly open my eyes wide to see,

You are still there, with your depraved stare on me,

I cannot wake from this horrifying dream,

In your evil plan I am stuck, it would seem.

You watch as I violently struggle and squirm,

But it's of no use, the thick chains hold me firm,

A smile begins to creep upon your face,

All over my body, your hands begin to trace.

Your fingers slowly slide down my trembling skin,

Your smile now turning to a sinister grin,

A chill shiver tingles up and down my spine,

As you softly whisper "and now your all mine".

You lean down and kiss my lips so very tender,

In your mouth I give my total surrender,

Your intense and heated passion makes me weak,

Skillfully using your tongue to hush my shriek.

For already the wax has begun to pour,

My body, its fiery heat does explore,

And as you steal by breath to silence my scream,

The melting wax burns me in a steady stream.

With desperate eyes I shed a single tear,

You can see it in my face, genuine fear,

As you gaze upon me, inhaling my pain,

All of your tenderness rapidly does drain.

For deep inside you lay the ravenous beast,

Anxiously ready, waiting to be released,

Finally you have at long last set him free,

And let him sink his sharpened claws in to me.

As the blood thirsty beast animates to life,

A quick glimpse I catch of a large butcher knife,

Sharp cold steel runs slow across my heaving chest,

Pushed to my throat it finally comes to rest.

I let out several helpless and meek cries,

And search desperately for concern in your eyes,

With terror I see, only sheer raw power,

And menacing teeth ready to devour.

With the tip of the blade you caress my skin,

You feel my shiver vibrate from deep within,

As you slowly trace the train of burning wax,

Desperate and fearful, I try to relax.

I struggle hard to breath, my airless lungs burn,

Creeping up to my neck the knife does return,

Your tongue protrudes my mouth, seeking mine again,

My constant struggle to fight you is in vain.

From the knife, my throat is finally released,

But your not even close to done, not in the least,

Into my soft tender flesh, your teeth do bite,

Filling me with intense pain and sheer delight.

Roughly my body you begin to suck and lick,

Listening to my moans come ever so quick,

Slowly my own fears begin to fade and slip,

Until I hear the alarming crack of a whip.

Without hesitation your wrist does snap,

And swiftly the leather burns in a vicious slap,

Again I am screaming and gasping for air,

The pain is too much, it's more than I can bear.

Hot and red my skin is on fire and burning,

Now you finally get what you've been yearning,

My screams of pain are ghastly and full of fright,

As my tender flesh the straps do fiercely bite.

I watch your face carefully study my pain,

This trust I so quickly gave, I am insane,

With maddening anger and fury I scream,

My eyes glazed over with a furious gleam.

Full of rage and hate, my anger I released,

I never even noticed the pain had ceased,

My heart beating fast, so painfully throbbing,

I lay there violently shaking and sobbing.

You carefully kiss away my salty tears,

And taste in them all my anger, pain and fears,

As you release their hold, the chains fall away,

You hold me tightly and whisper "it's ok".

I clutch at you hard, my knuckles all gone white,

Holding you urgently, with all of my might,

My tears once again begin their steady flow,

Never before in my life had I let go.

As my tears finally begin to subside,

I already can feel you so deep inside,

I fade away in that sweet euphoric bliss,

But I know in my mind, something is amiss.

As I wake alone in my own cold bed,

I should have known it was all just in my head,

It was in my dreams that you came to see me,

Only there can I ever act so freely.

In my dreams I give to you my complete trust,

In my dreams I give in to my own true lust.

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