tagIncest/TabooTruth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare


It was the first big family get-together for a few years. Somehow the rooms had been booked wrongly. Emily, my auburn-haired cousin, and I were left with one double room between us. I was dubious, but my reserved and staid cousin talked me into it. "After all," She said, "It isn't as if we've never slept in the same room before." She was right, but that had been a long time ago, and we'd both changed since then.

Emily is about 14 months younger than me. We had grown up together, only a few miles between our homes, visited each other, gone on holidays together. As we reached our teens though we had grown apart. She had become very prim and proper, while I'd continued to be a scruffy sod. For the past few years we had hardly talked except when we met by accident. We were now 25 and 24 respectively, and Em had filled out. As a teenager she had been a bit gawky, but now...

The party was winding down as we found our way back to our room. We took turns to enter the bathroom to get ready for bed. This was what was worrying me a little. I wasn't sure how I'd react to sleeping in the same bed as such a beauty, even if it was my cousin. We both found that we had had too much to drink to get to sleep so, foolishly, we played our old game of 'Truth or Dare'. After a few innocent questions, and a few more drinks, we slipped into previously forbidden territory.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?" Emily suddenly asked.

My face reddened, but she wasn't beating me that easily.

"Truth. No, not what I'd call a BJ." I smirked as I thought up my next question. "Have you ever given a blowjob?"

She looked away.

"Dare." She said.

I was surprised that she wouldn't answer a question I'd already answered, and then caught the glint in her eye; she wanted to up the ante!

"Take off the Nightie."


"Take it off or lose Em."

"I'm not losing to you now, after all these years." She pulled the Nightdress over her head, shaking her hair free, revealing that although she wore no bra, she still had her panties on, nice pink and black lace ones. I was staring at her body as she asked her next question. "What are you thinking about now?"

Oh hell, I can't answer that. I can't tell her I'm looking at her tits and wondering what it would be like to caress them, suck them, and tease them.

"Dare." I said, almost knowing what it would be.

"Fairs fair, out of the jammies John." I shrugged off the jacket. "And the bottoms." I sighed and slipped them off. "Johnathon, you're not wearing any pants!"

"I usually don't have anything at all on." I took another slug of JD. "My turn now." An evil thought struck me, fairs fair it would be. "What are you thinking of now?" That should be a winner!

"Truth. I'm thinking..." She paused to surprisingly take the JD from me and swallow a mouthful. "I'm thinking 'what a nice cock'." That was two surprises in as many seconds.

"What?" I nearly fell off the bed in shock. Prissy Emily was talking about my dick!

"You have a very nice cock. My question is: Can I touch it?"


"C'mon, Truth or Dare."

"All right, Truth. Yes you can." My mind was reeling, but our long standing rivalry wouldn't let her beat me. She reached out and cupped my balls with her fingers, and then clasped the stem in her hand, pulling back my foreskin to reveal the head. Involuntarily my dick hardened. "My question. Now what are you going to do?" I managed to gasp out.

"Truth. Suck on it." My eyes widened as my demure cousin leant forward and licked the head of my cock, circling it with her tongue. She leant farther forward and swallowed the complete length until my balls were against her chin, my helmet against the back of her throat. I let out a moan as she began to move up and down my knob with her mouth, teasing me with her teeth and her tongue. It was such a sweet feeling, such a forbidden pleasure, that I could feel myself about to come.

"Em, stop! I'm gonna cum!" She just kept going. I tried to pull out of her mouth but she wouldn't let me. I exploded as her teeth clenched close to the base of my cock, my spunk shooting straight down her throat.

Emily sat up, licking some stray spunk from her lips.

"My turn. Did you enjoy that?"

"Truth, yes. Did you?"

"Truth, yes. As I said, it's a very nice cock." She sat back. "Have you ever licked pussy?"

"Truth, not often. Why?"

"Truth. Because it's your turn now." She slipped off her now slightly damp knickers and spread her legs. Now lust took over. I knelt between her legs and moved my head towards the soft down of her cunt, tentatively licking at the slit. "Push your tongue in, lick my clit." She instructed. I obeyed, my sweet cousin becoming my mistress. I lapped at her sex, her legs wrapping themselves around my head, holding me there. My hands strayed up her lithe body to her tits. "Yes, pinch my tits." She breathed. Again I obliged, playing with her nipples. "Yes, yes, just a bit more, a bit more." Emily's body stiffened as she orgasmed. She relaxed again. "You should do that more often, girls like it."

"Thanks for the pointer. What is your next question?" She recovered herself, and then said.

"If I get you stiff again, will you fuck me?"

"Truth!" I laughed. "If you want me too."

It didn't take much to get my cock ready again: A gentle wank and then the touch of her soft lips. Emily lay back and I knelt between her legs once more. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and then after a momentary qualm that we shouldn't be doing this, I slid inside her. Again her lovely legs wrapped themselves around me as I slowly fucked her. Her nails began to scratch my back, urging me on. I intended it to be a long slow fuck, but my formally staid cousin rolled us over and began to ride me! Faster and faster she went. My hands were again pawing at her tits. I was soon close to coming again.

"Question." I managed to breath. "Do you want me to come inside you?"

"Truth." She gasped out. "Come on my tits." We rolled back again and I pulled out of her tightly clenching pussy, kneeling instead over her heaving chest. A few jerks and I was spurting over her breasts. Smiling, she massaged the intermingled cum and sweat into her tits. I bent down and licked them for her. "My turn. How would you like the hat trick?"

"What do you mean?"

"All three holes in one night."

I baulked a bit at this.

"Dare." I said.

She laughed.

"Then I dare you to fuck me in the butt."


"Or concede."

"Never!" I looked down. "But it may take a while."

"HA!" She said and dropped her mouth to my dick once more. A minute or two of skilful ministrations had me hardening again. "Come on then, put up or shut up." Emily flipped onto all fours in front of me and began wiggling her bum.

"All right, you asked for it."

"Yes, I did. Do it." I grasped her hips and put my cock against her puckered starfish.

"You sure Em?"

"Truth, no, but do it anyway." She held the cheeks of her ass apart as I carefully eased into her smallest hole. "That feels so nice." She breathed.

"I've barely got the head in, are you sure?"

"Yes, fill me up. I want your cum in my ass!" I leaned forward and slid in farther until I was balls-deep in my cousin's butt-hole. I began to pull back and then thrust in, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, until I was slamming against the cheeks of her butt. She moaned with pleasure into the bedclothes. Her ass was beautifully tight but I'd already come twice so this was going to take a while, or so I thought. Emmy had orgasmed two or three times and I was beginning to slow. "Switch places." She said. I laid back and she lowered herself onto my slick knob, positioning it in her ass once more. I looked up into her shining face, framed by her sweat-slicked hair. She smiled as she began to bob up and down. "I've wanted to fuck you for ages."

"You have?"

"Not your question John."

"Sorry. What is your question?" My hands were on her tits again.

"Have you wanted to fuck me?"

"Truth. Since I was old enough to want to." She leant back, riding me close to my third orgasm of the night, my hands now steadying her hips. I started to pump spunk up her ass just as she came herself. She slumped forward, her sweaty hair brushing my face and kissed me. "My turn. How was that?"

"Truth." She laughed. "It was one of the best fucks ever." She wrapped herself around me and kissed me again. "Shall we call it a draw?"

"Truth? yea." I smiled at her, kissing her cute nose. "At least till next time..."

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